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CB Citizenship and Immigration Services Immigration Department Of Malaysia Senior immigration officer "letchumy" on level 2 night shift duty
Immigration Department Of Malaysia

Immigration Department Of Malaysia review: Senior immigration officer "letchumy" on level 2 night shift duty

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Good day Sir/Madam.

We have had a problem that occured yesterday at immigration complex Sultan Abu Bakar(Tuas link) on the 6th of December 2023 at around 5pm to 8pm regarding an Indian female senior immigration officer on Level 2 during her nightshift.

As we entered the immigration, there were some discrepancies on my partners passport who is Sri Lankan ( I am a Malaysian citizen). So we were sent to the Level 2 immigration office at about 5pm. We met with a senior immigration officer that went by the name of Letchumy (couldn't get her full name or badge number) who immediately spoke to us in a rude manner and was very sarcastic and condescending even though she had no idea about our information or circumstance.

She started off her monologue by degrading, insulting and making judgements about me and my partner's legitimacy of our relationship. (We are engaged to be married). Naturally we tried our best to correct her assumptions as it was very insulting and condescending. She then accused us of disrespecting her as she is a senior immigration officer. From the beginning we tried to plead with her politely and genuinely wanted to understand where our own discrepancies and errors were but she spoke over us indicating that she is in authority and from the way we spoke to the way we asked questions must be according to her standards of respect.

She repeatedly threw sarcastic remarks and comments as if we didn't understand a word she was saying. And to further add insult to injury (and in her mind, teach us about respect), she was loudly complaining to her colleagues in the back room about how incompetent, rude and disrespectful we apparently were. Even when we asked her constructive questions in a polite way, she repeated each of the sentences in a way that felt very condescending and was not giving us the proper response to our enquiry. But whenever we understood the question and tried to answer it, she would cut us off and start shouting across the counter without giving us the chance to explain.

She walked off on my partner while she was speaking and was refusing to have a conversation. What she required and demanded for is not a conversation but a monologue, where she spoke and we quietly listened without correcting, clarifying or even agreeing as she required us to have complete silence while she spoke, taking our attempts to request for additional information as blatant disrespect, and then subsequently walking away because we were not maintaining silence and obedience.

From her body language, to raising her voice, making an unpleasant face, complaining about us knowing full well that we can hear her, as well as treating our issue with judgement and malice; we feel she is abusing her authority, explicitly targeting our lack of knowledge on certain visa procedures to undermine, belittle and mock us as well as it being downright unprofessionalism.

We understand that immigration officers deal with plenty of fraudulent scenarios, we understand that we needed to be vetted and checked. Both me and my partner have been using air travel plenty of times and dealt with a vast number of immigration officers throughout our lives, but never have we come across such a situation where we were crucified on the spot for not realizing and attempting to understand our situation. And that too to be unfairly treated without investigating or inquiring our situation.

We would like to make an official complaint on this Immigration officer, as this abuse of authority should not be the way Malaysia represents itself.

If you would like to know more about that details of our case to corroborate with the officer, we are willing to talk about our situation and why the errors/misunderstanding of the visa process occured from our part as well. We do not deny that we had not fully acknowledged immigration laws, and our encounter with the officer was not to demand entry but rather understand why we were being rejected.

Claimed loss: For the time it can be solved within 20 minutes took 3 hours.

Desired outcome: Inquiry, significant and severe disciplinary action against her for abuse of authority and lack of code of conduct.

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