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Hi, good day. I am writing in to complain about an officer that is at that Family lane. It was about 1pm yesterday on 20th August 2023. I was with my husband and my 19 month old son. I gave my passport to the officer (A guy, beside the counter was a lady at the counter). I was trying to give my son his milk because he was crying and the officer in a very rude way asking me to move aside because he wants to see my baby face. I was already unhappy he did that. You kept quiet. After doing that, he told off my husband about not suppose to use phone and was not very nice after asking me to move aside. So I asked him to speed up because firstly he was already very rude and secondly I have a baby that I need to take care of at that point. I’m not sure why is he acting very very unprofessional at work. He was at the family lane and it was suppose to ease the queue but instead it was trouble that he is giving. After chopping my passport, he took my passport away and pass it to another counter, complaining to another officer that I was rude. I had to go all the way to another counter with my son that I have to deal with and they are giving me a very inconvenient time by making me going through all this. The Lady officer by the name of Insa, saw that I was with baby and my baby crying. She saw my baby crying and when I asked how long will all this take because my baby is crying. She replied “Your baby is okay what?” Clearly being very very unreasonable and not understanding at all. There is now a Log number on my passport which I have no clue what is it about. The officers are being protected with rules, shouldn’t we be protected as well? Why can the officers give such a disrespect attitude and if we give the same, they made the story as if we are the one that is rude. There has been so much cases with officers being extremely rude and got away with it by purposely making us wait so long just to get our passport. This has to be address because more and more is happening. Please do something about it and especially the officer is on a priority queue it is meant to ease the queue, not to have irresponsible officers trying to find problem. Please help to resolve this issue because it is very serious especially people with young kids.

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