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CB Citizenship and Immigration Services Immigration Department Of Malaysia Officer doesn't allow pregnant lady to use priority lane at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar)(CIQ)
Immigration Department Of Malaysia

Immigration Department Of Malaysia review: Officer doesn't allow pregnant lady to use priority lane at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar)(CIQ)

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Dear officer in charge,

I'm a Malaysian working in Singapore, and currently I'm pregnant and in 6 months now.

I would like to lodge an incident happened on 22 Sept 2023 (Friday) at around 5.30-5.45pm. When I reached at the CIQ together with my husband and heading towards the priority lane (Manual Counter 2). This lady officer who name Fadtilah (as shown on her name tag), does not allow us to go through, and she increases her voice toward us and shout at us and continue to say numerous times "tak larat nak beratur ke". I have explained that I'm currently pregnant and cannot stay for long. She also keeps questioning me when is my due date. which I have already told her that I'm giving birth in next Jan. She also yelled at us and said "Ada issue ke! Ada issue ke!" what kind of attitude is this as an officer in CIQ?

This priority lane introduced should be helping who really in needs as per the notice board for pregnant women, elderly and OKU to pass through. But as a Malaysian, we were treated unfairly. It's already a hard day of work in Singapore, and the officer still giving a difficult time to us.

Desired outcome: I need an apologies and take action against the lady officer. All officer should be given sufficient knowledge on how to helping people in need and should not bring emotional to work and prohibit people in need to use priority lane.

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