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Immigration Department Of Malaysia

Immigration Department Of Malaysia review: Immigration officers at Penang Int’l Airport

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4:35 am EDT
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date: 19th Aug 2023

time: 12.00 pm (approx.)

Hello, respectfully I’d like to file a complaint for two women officers who were disrespecting tourists as they shouted at us. I admit the situation during the time was hectic and chaotic, people were panicking and scared they might miss the flight as some of the people did because

the slow service at check-in counter. I do understand that they, immigration officers, were trying their best to do their job. however, tourists come to your country with intend to spend and enjoy their agendas and willing to pay a lot of money for the services given in Penang. For me and my family, we prefer to go to Penang for Medical checkup down to Facial Treatments, even if we pay twice more expensive than in our country. Honestly, we even invested an apartment there so that we could come back anytime and relax. i’m sure tourists’s contributions matters to the economic of Penang. All I’m asking is to at least provide us with a good attitude. Tourists are hard to control but the guidance from you is needed to.

To whom it may concern, thank you.

I really hope the immigration department is taking this into a consideration.

Desired outcome: Good Attitude

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