The Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC Complaints & Reviews

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC / embassy of bangladesh in usa.

Sep 29, 2018

I am a petitioner for my parents. Since back in [protected] my parents worked in Bangladesh, we need PCC from this country. As I was told by NVC and immigration services of America, I contacted the embassy of Bangladesh in Washington. And my request was rejected, without any explanation. I...

Bangladesh Embassy / Lack of Service


My recent experience with the Bangladesh Embassy in USA (Washington, DC) has been painful, frustrating and disappointing. All we needed to get is an attestation of a cancellation of a Power of Attorney attested by the embassy. A simple document to sign since the original Power of Attorney...

Bangladesh Embassy / Bangladeshi Working Ladies in UAE


I would like 2 draw your attention to the increasing number of bangladeshi working ladies, who come here as a maid, etc but start prostitution as a source of income.They live with their so called husbands although they are already married in their home country.As a bangladeshi I really...