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Hi there,

My name is Nur Hanisah Binti Allkham. I would like to make a complaint regarding your officer who worked on night shift in Tuas checkpoint, Johor.

On 3rd Dec at around 11.45pm to 11.55pm, I arrived at Tuas checkpoint from Singapore with my family (you may check the cctv for confirmation). My son is 8 yrs old Singaporean while I am Malaysian. I went to Malaysian passport counter on the left to check our passport and the officer took my passport and checked then we were told to go to the Singapore counter. I asked the Indian officer why, she said she could not process the passport as my son is Singaporean. I was shocked as this is not my first time we went to Malaysia, and I asked her why before this (many times) we were told and allowed to check in together at Malaysian counter without any issue from any officer? She could not answer and start make a face and said to the other officer (a man) that I am stubborn and do not want to listen in front of me? As I do not want to argue, I asked my son to just queue up at the Singapore counter. After the officer finished checking my passport then she sarcasticly said to the other female officer that "even a 6 year old kid is brave enough to check in alone". Wow, is this how Malaysia Immigration recruit and train their staffs? To be rude and sarcastic with people? To use the uniform and think they have power and tarnished its name? If we were not allowed to check in the passport together then make sure it was never allowed before, not today can then tomorrow cannot. I know that she can actually process our passport but lazy to do so. I am totally disappointed with your officer and deserve an apology from her. If she do not care about her job then please give it to someone else who's willing to work and do their job politely and properly. I have heard so many stories from so many friends that most of Johor Bahru immigration officer is rude but I never once experienced it not until 3rd Dec 2023. Totally dissapointed and unacceptable behaviour.

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Sufana Nijam
, US
Dec 06, 2023 8:47 am EST
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Hi I had a similar experience, I feel like we're talking about the same officer, could you please get in touch with me on. I have a photo of this lady and I want to see if you are dealing with the same person... Please email me on I would love to talk and have a chat with you if you're up for it. :)