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I would like to complain about a immigration officer at 2nd link who Is a corporal and named is hafiz. When I passed by 2nd link yesterday at 14.15 on 2/3/2011. The officer pointed at us and asked us what we discussing about in the car. We were talking about the points of casino in Singapore that offer to us but the officer said I know what you talking about, don't talk Chinese in front of me. I was very angry when I said I want his name to file a complaints. He is holding my passport and pointing me I want your name. He is holding my passport and can see my name directly. But he seem like want to beat me and ask me to park my car aside. I was very angry about his behavior. So I straight go to find a another higher level officer in office to complain it. The hafiz is coming to us and stand very nearly to my friend and talking face to face with holding a fist. He said and maligned us looked like gangster. I was very unhappy about it. After that the higher level officer asked hafiz to go back his booth. Then I insisted to complain about hafiz's attitude and behavior. But the another officer in office said he will talk to hafiz later face to face to get know about it. I hard to file a complaint at CIQ of 2nd link to Singapore. I want to ask the department of immigration of malaysia about that kind of people whether is suit to be a front line of Malaysian to welcome visitors from other country? I can't know the full name from the office, just see the name tag is hafiz, as a corporal and on duty around 2pm on 2/3/2011 at Malaysia immigration booth of 2nd link to Singapore. Please take some action about that to investigate. Thanks.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 23, 2018 9:43 pm EDT
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Dear Malaysian Immigration, good morning.

I am a PR Holder (26 years in Malaysia) working in the local airline industry. I have on Thursday flown to Sabah (BKI) for a holiday to Sabah and Sarawak with my boyfriend whom is a Nigerian with a West Malaysia Student Visa. I have checked with colleagues and online if there is any restriction to bring him with me and none came up. The local immigration at the KLIA2 has also checked our travelling documents prior to leaving or departing from KUL (and i know that if we cannot cross we wont be allowed to depart). The immigration in BKI (at the counter has ridiculed my PR IC as the picture was light. I said it was issued by Putrajaya. He said nampak hantu because Putrajaya KDN are also hantu. They have not allowed my boyfriend to cross citing that we should have "tolding" them in advance and carried a letter from KDN. Why would they say KDN when if its about my boyfriend's legality here, it should be referred to immigration. They said immigration in Semenanjung is not the same as Sabah. They said they are different and have a different authority and they allow only certain kind of Nigerians (what is the way they profile their visitors?). They took our itinerary and our connecting flights ex BKI-KCH and KCH-KUL. All our hotel arrangements were forfeited and cannot be refunded as well.

I feel that they are ignorant and narrow minded. They even told me that even if i am a PR holder, i only hold PR in Semenanjung and must bring my passport to Sabah (which i did) and to my surprise, they even stamped it. It means they do not honor the authority of Immigration and KDN in Semenanjung and i am also appalled by their inconsistencies. One will say we will cross pending the checking and approval of the superior and another wanna show off by asking us school letter to say its school break etc (for a holiday which is within Malaysia?).
We came on AirAsia Flight 5110 on PNR #MK6KKL from KUL- BKI arriving at 8:23 AM.

Appreciate your kind investigation on this matter (BKI immigration officers at BKI Airport). I think that they Immigration should be better educated (very divisive and not recognizing of a One Malaysia) and also not to abuse their authorities.

Thanks and regards.

Aug 19, 2018 2:21 am EDT

I am a singaporean holding a Malaysia PR card. For many years, I had always obediently queued at the ‘All passport’ counters until one day, at KLIA, the immigration officer clearing my passport told me I could actually queue at the ‘Malaysia passport’. And since then, I started doing so with NO problems encountered until today...19 August 2018. At the JB Sentral custom, this female immigration officer whom I should have taken her name...saw my passport and made a ‘tsk’ sound. You can see her face was full of displeasure. And she proceeded to tell me, I had to do the index fingers scanning which cannot be done at her counter. Okay, I don’t mind re-queuing but this is so weird. Just not long ago, I came back from Singapore and queued at the same counter but the immigration officer didn’t even need me to scan my fingers at all! So, I am very confused now. Are there any new immigration rules that we do not know of since the change of a new government? Does it mean I can no longer queue at the ‘Malaysia passport’ anymore? Or does it depend on the immigration officer?

Aug 10, 2018 7:14 am EDT

the immigration office is going beyond limits. if what they want is to restrict everyone from entering their country then ban every one from entering. they are simply wasting the flight ticket money of poor people who suffer a lot to make the cash for their flight tickets. shame on the immigration officers for simply making the lives of the innocent people spoiled

Jul 29, 2018 4:18 pm EDT

Malay is suck, thats why malay cant move on from poverty. Shame on u melayu anjing

Jun 26, 2018 4:36 am EDT
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I Abdul Majeed with a heavy heart, I am writing this complaint letter to you and lodge a complaint against one of your immigration officer, an extremely irritating lady, I want to ask the department of immigration of Malaysia about that kind of people whether is suit to be a front line of Malaysian to welcome visitors from other country? I can't know the name of the officer I understand that the officers are often the victims of spurious complaints, but I have evidence to back up my claim that I was treated inappropriately.

We four business partner travelling together for leisure trip (schedule attached) I was reached to Malaysia (kuala lumpur international airport) we all were in a separate raw for immigration, my show money will be in hand of my partner, I have no idea that this can be an issue to not keep my show money with me, because we make a responsible out of four to one for handling all expenses, we have to visit four countries and it is a long journey, I was in queue and when I reached to the counter the lady immigration officer ask my show money, I informed her that this is kept with my friend hand and just wait I took from him, the lady officer did not listen to me and she stamped for depot. I have all evidence that we have enough money for this trip we also have visa card to all of us four partners

However, I would like to bring to your attention the rude and incompetent behavior of lady officer make me a disappointed, and furthermore the immigration securities treat me as criminal, they keep me in lockup and 2 days I did not eat even a single loaf, On the immigration the security officer took me Pak Rs. 30, 000/- without knowing the reason and no slip they given to me and also charge 90 ringgit

Furthermore, the way I was treated at the airport was a sheer disappointment and caused me great mental torture and fatigue. In addition to this, my further travelling to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Maldives had to be compromised which resulted in the form of a lot of financial loss.

To put it in a nut shell, my ego, self-respect, time and money faced a terrible suffering that has to be compensated.
I request you to take some drastic action against the pathetic behavior of the pertinent authorities and make prompt compensation for my financial loss as well as the mental torture I had to go through.
I am prepared to go to the media if you cannot satisfactorily resolve this issue.


Apr 15, 2013 7:45 am EDT

Call for the query about visa related issue, their reply is "they have a lot of work to do", and no answer given, so disappointed.

Mar 06, 2016 11:02 am EST

I Just came back from JB immigration and it was the first time I encountered a very slow and very rude Malaysian immigration officer at the Counter 16 around 10pm 6th Mar 2016.
It was Sunday (took us 2 hours from a coach to reach immigration from 2km away only) and Que at the immigration was soooooooo long. imagine that.
Then we noticed our Que was moving so slow bec of this officer who keep chatting with his colleague. The lady officer beside him can finish 3 tourists for every tourist he finish. He is taking his time laughing and chatting and imagine how slow he is at a very crowded situation like that.
Then came my turn to his desk, i didn't realize i was lightly tapping my epass on the desk when he suddenly said to me "CAN YOU SHUT UP!" with an angry (ugly) face. I thought i heard it wrongly so i said "im sorry, i didn't get that", then he raise his voice and said "I SAID SHUT UP" . I was shocked and angry at that time and really wanted to complain but since it was late and people want to pass through the immigration already, I simply did not respond anything and kept quiet with poker face. Very rude, very unprofessional and very ugly face.
He and his ugly dirty face with very un-educated manner should never be assigned to face the tourist as they represent their country.

Aug 04, 2018 12:50 pm EDT

Semoga parents nya immigration officer di KLIA2 secepat nya mati dengan tragis. Amin.

Jan 23, 2016 4:01 pm EST
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Please be aware at Putra Jaya immigration expatriate department, the officer at cashier counter (E), he did not wear uniform or name tag, he really rude and impatien. he is not suitable to sit this position and show his arrogance face in front of public,
This attitide will damage all the effort that government been put to enhance the image, I never ever experience this insult in my life.

Jun 07, 2015 1:46 am EDT

Saya ingin melaporkan seorang pembekal pekerja haram duduk di sebuah condominium alamat block C, tingkat 15, no 2, taman kristal, lengkok erskin, pulau pinang, Pembekal tersebut melindungi agak 5 pekerja haram dalam rumah, tiap tiap hari hantar pergi dan pulang mereka, setiap hari agak jam 1130 malam, mereka semua ada dalam rumah, dalam block c, tingkat 15 tersebut ada juga banyak pendatang haram, Sumber pembekal tersebut ada juga dari kawasan rumah kampong di jalan tanjong tokong lama, tak jauh dari tokong cina HEONG SUN SEE, agak dalam linkungan 10rumah kampong dari sama barisan dengan tokong.saya ada bukti dengan passport nombor mereka, A8841831, A8586191,

Jan 04, 2014 12:10 am EST
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Immigration staffs in Putrajaya are totally unprofessional and lack of knowledge. They are not just rude, they are so lazy by 4.45pm the counters were emptied even though it stated operating hours until 5.30pm. In my case I've been running up and down for 1 month just to gather information about the Ikhtisas professional visa application for our company consultant and meet not less than 6 different officers. Each one of them gave me different answer even by their supervisors those who sitting behind the counter, the front line worse. Even the agents also complaining that they are dumb. One that I can recall remember during submission was Anis Fahurusayah Binti Muhammad Sharip, when as about how long the process will take etc. she says 'no point for you to talk to me I cannot give you the answer' and she just throw my application files inside the drawer without even looking at them. With these don't want to know attitude and bad services she should not be hired as the front line, perhaps toilet cleaner or gardener suits her better.
My company got a project from GLC and it suppose commenced on end of December but because of these mislead information and I need to request for delay for until January 2014 as the process of professional visa application took 30 WORKING DAYS (1.5 month). I was warned that they might search for another vendor due to the delay.
One thing that they seems don't understand, whatever we private companies earn the tax will be paid to government which will pay their salary etc. It will be good if there are agents come to check on their services.

Apr 30, 2013 9:07 am EDT

Chris Scott sent a scathing report to Hello Peter and blatantly lied about not receiving the refund and left out more info than he put in.

Apr 15, 2013 7:56 am EDT

So poor attitude.

Mar 06, 2013 11:24 pm EST

Tetapi apa yg berlaku di bahagian penguatkuasa imigresen tersebut amat mengecewakan saya. Pegawai yg bernama AHMAD ASMADI berlagak sombong dan tidak bertimbang rasa langsung. 'Layanan' yg diberinya amat teruk. Cara dia bercakap tidak sopan langsung. Dia tarik muka masam saja.
Saya beratur dari awal pagi dan tunggu lama, tetapi pegawai tersebut tidak panggil saya duduk dalam, sebaliknya dia bertegur seorang perempuan Melayu dan mintanya duduk di depan kuanter. Dia membenarkan perempuan Indon yang membawa anak pergi ke kaunter dulu, tetapi dia tidak pedulikan saya yg membawa seorang anak yg berumur 1 tahun.
Pegawai tersebut juga biadap terhadap pekerja Indonesia saya. Sebagai seorang kakitangan imigresen, dia patut menjaga tingkah-lakunya, kalau tidak, ia hanya akan meninggal tanggapan buruk terhadap kerajaan Malaysia di hati orang luar negara.
Saya ini seorang rakyat Malaysia yg bertangggungjawab, inilah yg saya dapat?
Saya tertanya-tanyalah, apa itu '1 Malaysia, 1 Rakyat'?

Jul 29, 2018 4:28 pm EDT
Replying to comment of shu mei

U expect malay to be kind ? U got to know mostly melayu are stupid, thats why they cant behave like usual human being.. They are something so called " binatang sampah "

Mar 05, 2013 12:52 am EST
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I too faced the same

Nov 04, 2012 11:09 pm EST

please help to remove the post complaint for julieta ganzon torres thats not true.JULIETA GANZON TORRES IS VICTIM OF HACKER.

Nov 04, 2012 10:58 pm EST

lulu guttierez alegre is a spam or fake or kind of hacker.pls dont believe what she said.she hack the email account and facebook account of julieta ganzon torres.please help julieta ganzon torres she is innocent she is victim by hacker.thanks and god bless us all

Oct 16, 2012 5:03 am EDT

THRU:IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT OF MALAYSIA, I inform in your good office and kindly help to find and inform a filipina namely JULIETA GANZON TORRES
address JATI SHOP HOUSE W.P LABUAN MALAYSIA.with mobile no.+[protected] +[protected].regarding his criminal cases in the philippines for falcification of public document, will coordinate and inform in your good office to help bring back to the philippines this filipina women JULIETA GANZON TORRES for facing the cases and she now recommended to the DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS PHILIPPINES to REVOKED his philippine passport.i hope you will action this legal matter.thank you and more power. sincery yours:LULU GUTTIEREZ ALEGRE STAFF;PHILIPPINE OVERSEAS LABOR OFFICE PHILIPPINES

Feb 16, 2012 12:44 pm EST

My complaint, and now the Malaysia Pahang, Kuantan, there have been too many immoral transactions, too many of the Thai-mei, most of the Restoran are sham, and use of all is that there is no permit to pour liquor, in the hope that Kuantan will not become a Thai, then the next. Look forward to your arrival settle this matter

Oct 25, 2011 10:14 am EDT

i have a bad experience with a malaysian immigration officer recently too. I was going into JB and you know you have to stand behind the yellow line before going up to theofficer to get a stamp on our passport? well, i hadnt notice the line because i was following my mother and i stood just behind her. Suddenly, this office shouted at me rudely to back off and stand behind the line. I was shocked! I felt so angry and frightened! Couldnt he have just said to politely to stand back? And when it was my turn, i know i was at fault because i didnt know that at the immigration no phones was allowed(i rarely traveled so i was unaware ). i took it out to switch it off while waiting for him to chop my passport. He saw and he was right to tell me to stop using.However, instead of politely saying, he pointed and kept banged on the poster shouting "NO PHONE! NO PHONE" i was taken aback. and when he returned me my passport, he just flopped it on the desk. How rude! I took the passport feeling upset angry and angry. Such officers SHOULD NOT even be allowed at the front desk to serve people. Why are they treating visitors like criminals? This happened on 23rd Oct at around 3pm+ the booth was no. 9 if i am not wrong. It was a young man. a rude young man.


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