Hyundai Motor Americahyundai accent hyundai elantra and the other cars and kia

M Aug 02, 2018

I was test driving a Hyundai Accent 2014 at Hyundai Garden Grove (Garden Grove CA) and was highly Upset. The car was very dangerous when I was test driving it I almost crashed it was unsafe the technology I was sensitive to unsafe made me delirious sleepy and almost crashed i couldn't see because the window wasn't clear. Car had some malfunctuons. Cars were dirty. Both cars as well as the other cars. The look of the car was ugly nothing exciting about it and the Hyundai Elantra dirty. Car was hurting me I was in pain from the The book manuals you can't read dangerous couldn't see it manufactured blurry hurting me. The paper was sensitive to my skin hurting me. Paper is also vulgar demons starting rubbing on my private areas. Violating. The cars are demonic and dangerous ugly non relaxing can't drive it because of the manufacturing how the car was made. Made for a animal dangerous not for a human being. Glove compartment is cursed nasty dispicable.
The people the employees are nasty and rude. Unprofessional.
Also someone raped me in this car my car I had before as I have bought this car before. At my job. I filed a police report and did an investigation but couldn't find the suspects at Panasonic in Lake Forest, CA. I bought a Hyundai Elantra 2011 Lights is no good the Light on the roof someone changed my light one day my car was even broken into and changed that light Easily; not the day I was raped before. Another day. Two incidents. How do you even change that light? Dispicable Would not recommend.

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