Hyundai Motor America2017 hyundai santa fe se

A Aug 15, 2018

I purchased a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Se on July 2016, at first there was a hesitation issue I took to dealer and according to the service writer there was a update on the ecu. Yet after update vehicle had same issue, after a few months I returned to dealer this time when I get into vehicle start and put in gear no response would just stay as if car was in park. Explained to service writer what was happening left vehicle at dealership, get a call back stating we can not find issue, I had also complaint about tires wearing out on the inner side in the rear so according to tech and service advisor can not figure out the issue and that the tech will drive vehicle home for the night and teat drive. Next day got call from service advisor and same story no issues found. I see that there is a no win situation for customers. From my understanding is they techs are not paid good enough on warranty assignments so they brush those repairs off, repairs that are not warranties are corrected because technicians are paid well on those type of assignments. 8 months later I'm still dealing with the issue and have decided to let the finance company take vehicle back and take legal issue. I DONT RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO BUY HYUNDAI VEHICLES THEY DONT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS OR WARRANTY. And whoever has a Hyundai be careful where you take your vehicle for service. Tires have lasted less than 10, 000 miles transmissions are horrible suspension is even worst DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

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