Hyundai Corporation2018 hyundai tucson front brakes gone after 27k miles

N Jan 31, 2020

I have owned Chevrolets for the past 40 years since I was gifted my first brand spanking new 1980 Chevy Monza for my 16th birthday. Decided to try Hyundai due to great safety reviews when purchasing a vehicle in July 2019. Ranks up there with one of the biggest mistakes in my life, right up there with my marriage to a psycho. Just spent over $600 to have front brakes replaced at local Hampton Hyundai dealer, an exorbitant price in and of itself (that was after I complained so bitterly that they took off 10%), and I can say I have never had to replaced brakes on any car with less than 50k miles on them. I am certainly not a rough driver and I live in a semi rural/suburban area with not much traffic so not constantly stopping and going. My daily commute r/t is 40 miles but I only commute twice a week and just run errands around town on the other days. Of course the alleged wonderful Hyundai warranty wouldn't cover the new rotors/calipes because it was allegedly my wear and tear on the brakes. On 11/12/19, I had brought the Tucson in to the dealer to have a brake light fixed and at that time, the brake pads were observed (on the dealer's inspection report) to be fine. How could I have thus done so much damage to the brakes less than three months and 1000 miles later?? Looking to offload this lemon of a vehicle--am only going to stick to American or maybe German brands from now on!!!

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