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Complaints & Reviews

terrible experience!

Hyundai Heavy Industries Limited is the Kuwait Oil Company's Contractor for NTF,STF & MAA Crude Export Project at Ahmadi, Kuwait. HHI is a Korian Co., but has many nationalities as their staff at here. They are recruiting staffs from India, Philippines, Thailand, Srilanka like many countries. As the project is going to finish they are harassing the employees a lot by forcing them to work up to 12 hr. (10hr.compulsory with out Overtime-as per their contract + 2hr(with 1.25% OT) (6am to 6pm) to 17hr.(6am-11pm). The food and accommodation providing for the other countries people is very bad than that of Koreans facility. While they are wearing good Jacket in this heavy cold season, due to some managerial interfere they are not ready to provide the same to others who is working in site/field(QCs & Commissioning team), even though already issued and advised to distribute.

They are very much forcing the employees to work 15-17hr per day and also all the seven days of the week. In Holy Ramadan Period also they were disturbed the employees a lot by changing the duty time by noticing and verbal for more than 5 or7 time; and they did not provided the declared & noticed half day(6am to 3pm) (14th October, 2007 Sunday) and forced us to work without OT.

Now they are already informed to KOC, the 1st January and 10th January (National holidays) as working day by their letter no HK-2644 dated 23-12-07, but not yet noticed for the staffs.

Koreans are very much harassing the other country people specially Indians. They are forcefully keeping the passports as soon as receiving their staffs at Kuwait.

Please do for our favor.

  • Ru
    ruwan Mar 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i dis agree to this complaint...because this complaint is an indian origin..which most of them are very lazy// they think only of their work but not the job...hey, wake up lazy heads..lols

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  • Dr
    dreks Mar 10, 2014

    complaint is laziness's why tolerating this indian a work is a work and must be done on time if they don't like the system then resign

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no action taken on my written complaint lodged with you on

I find it rather disturbing to write to you again about the irresponsible attitude you exhibit towards your customers. Earlier I had written to you about the unsatisfactory service at your showroom (vide my letter dated 12/11/2007) I have received an auto generated reply from you that you have received my letter and also a call from your Delhi Office. I have also received a casual enquiry call from your local service centre in this regard but after that I believe the progress on this issue has been stalled from your side deliberately. I am entitled to demand a reply from you as to what action you have taken on my complaint.

Kindly revert back to me at the earliest in this regard or I shall be constrained to take the matter to the relevant consumer forums.

manufacturer's certificate

Dear sir ,
Inorder to get concession in excise duty for the cars ment for disableds, I have applied for manufacturer's certificate from Hyundai Motors India Limited through M/s Kothari Hyundai Pune(Car Dealer). After enclosing the necessarymedical certificate etc(Annexure-II) the same was sent to HMIL through said dealer in June 2007. But uptill now no communication is being made from the dealer or HMIL.They are not even taking my calls.As I have submitted the original documents I am stuck up .
Kindly look in to the matter let me know the satus of my manufacturer's certificate.
Thanking you .
With regards.
Yours sincerely
Sanjay M Pangavhane

  • Dr
    dr.paresh gohel Mar 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i purchased my santro car in june 2006 from sharma hyndai ahmedabad. that time they people forgetten about hypothecation of car loan. after one year they remeber about that thing. after i send my rto book with neceesary documents to mr. mahesh acharya and mrs.kulkarni (sales manager). but after four to five month they not return my book and documents. they misplace my rto book and documents. they not properly reply and properly answer this thing . i also complaint to mr. surendra sharma owner of sharma hyndai but they also not properly answers.

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defective part

On January 28, while driving home from a friends house, I heard a "pop" from the bottom of my car and then lost compression in my engine. The car was struggling to idol. I limped the vehicle home, at high rpm and parked it in the driveway. Later that night, I decided to look at what might be the problem. I started the vehicle and noticed plumes of exhaust pouring out of the passenger's side front door. I raised the car with my floor jack and noticed an approximate 7 inch gash in the side of the exhaust.

I had the car towed to a local garage and they stated the vehicle had two catalyic converters for California exhaust ratings. Go figure, Hyundai shipped the car to the wrong coast! Missed by three entire time zones sport. They could not work on the vehicle because it needed to be set to specifications using Hyundai equipment and IT SHOULD BE COVERED UNDER THE WARRANTY. The vehicle was two years old and had under 40,000 miles. I had it towed to a local dealership and was not getting anywhere. I needed the vehicle fixed and was not getting a response except that they replaced an idle sensor that was not done on a previous recall (for free, must have been cheap to do). I had the vehicle towed to where it was purchased and they checked it in for repairs.

The following day they requested I pay them a visit. They immediately claimed that I had struck an object while driving and that this should be reported to my insurance. I firmly disagreed and given my deductible, decided to pay out of pocket and also avoid possible insurance fraud. There is only one possible way I could have struck something in the road and not have the front spoiler damaged; I would have had to run over something and have it shot from the tire into the side of the exhaust pipe. I figure it could happen, but the chances are quite remote.

It cost approximately $2,500 to repair the exhaust. It was mainly due to the dual catalytic converters having to be replaced.

Fourteen months later, I received a recall notice stating that the type of exhaust I have in my car could explode and send metal fragments throughout the exhaust and destroy it. I petitioned to have my money refunded from the Hyundai Corporation headquartered in California. They declared since the initial report stated that I hit something, I was not eligible for a refund. They completely ignored the fact that they manufactured a defective part and put it in these vehicles and did not consider that this could have been the problem.

Guess you get what you pay for. I love my Hyundai and the only other things that have gone wrong over the seven years is that the cigarette lighter doesn't work, the ashtray light burned out, the crank sensor malfunctioned, the driver's side window is misaligned and the passenger's side rear power door lock does not work.

I did find a good use for my warranty. I used it to light a fire in my fireplace. Unbelievably, it worked fine.

displeasure over unreasonable repair charges

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice the agony suffered by me for getting my Car [No.AP9AZ3716] serviced at your Kun Hyundai Showroom. This car is my second car and I already owned a Car of the same model. Satisfied fully with the performance of my earlier car I bought the present car. While my earlier vehicle ran for 70,000Kms in 3years and I have spent less than Rs.10,000/- for its servicing and maintenance. The second car however ran for just 11,899Kms and started experiencing problems. I gave it for servicing at your Kun Hyundai Showroom. Your staff told me that there was an exhaust problem and replaced it. The charges for the same amounted to Rs.6341/-.

On the same day I received a call from your showroom asking whether the car in warranty. When I replied in the negative, I was told there was white smoking coming from the car and the car needs to undergo overhauling. For this they informed that the charges would be Rs.45,000/- On further talks with your staff, I was given a concession of Rs.7,500/- only.

Utterly dissatisfied with the service, I have taken car from Kun Hyundai workshop and gave it for servicing and repairing at Talwar Hyundai [where my earlier car also was serviced] the whole check up and repairs costed only Rs.14,772/- only.

A satisfying experience with the performance of my first car made me confident that I would not need a 3year extended warranty. Would this faith in Hyundai amount to negligence? I wonder if I was sold a car with manufacturing defects as my exhaust revealed a problem at such an early stage. Also the moment your staff came to know my car was not in warranty, they quoted me a hefty sum of Rs.45,000/- and again when I put some pressure they reduced it by Rs.7,500/-. I suspect a foul play in this. Shelling out [6,341+45,000] for a car that ran for just 11,900Kms is ridiculous. Its more than a month & half since this episode and I have not experienced any further problem for the car so far. I gave sufficient time in case further problems developed with the car.

  • Vi
    vivek singh Nov 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am interested in purchasing I-10 Era (Metallic) from Allahabad.

    However, I find a huge difference in Ex-show room price of this model quoted on your website, which is Rs 3,79,934 and the ex-showroom price quoted by the dealer, which Rs 4, 04,938 (approx).

    In case both are genuine prices, Please let me know the reason behind this.

    Also, in case any one of these figures not being proper, please advise regarding my future course of action.

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displeasure over premature break down of engine and unreasonable repair charges

I N Venkata Ramana writing this letter to bring to your notice the agony suffered by me for getting my Car [No.AP9AZ3716] serviced at your Kun Hyundai Showroom. This car is my second car and I already owned a Car of the same model. Satisfied fully with the performance of my earlier car I bought the present car. While my earlier vehicle ran for 70,000Kms in 3years and I have spent less than Rs.10,000/- for its servicing and maintenance. The second car however ran for just 11,899Kms and started experiencing problems. I gave it for servicing at your Kun Hyundai Showroom. Your staff told me that there was an exhaust problem and replaced it. The charges for the same amounted to Rs.6341/-.
My points to be considered for appropriate action:

1) If the diagnosis of the car shows that the engine requires overhauling (confined by both the workshops)

• I believe this is the reason why exhaust got damaged and broken at less than 12,000Kms

• I believe there was a manufacturing problem lending to this and white smoke coming

2) Nobody identified in the last two years that there was a problem with the engine

• I fail to believe that present problems appear only immediately after warranty expired.
(All the two years the vehicles was serviced under Kun Hyundai’s supervision and guidance)

3) Incase there was a defect in manufacturing itself how come two different workshops of the company

• Give different quotes for its same repairs?

• How come they offered to give a huge discount of Rs.7,500/-?

The above situations make me feel that I have been taken for a ride. It is misleading of the management to harass the customers by charging them for no fault of theirs. I am in fact advising people not to buy a Hyundai Car lest they also suffer a similar plight.

4) I have expressed my agony to you and in good faith. I would expect the company to rectify their approach towards the customers

• I also expect the company to reimburse my expenses.
• If what I believe is true that and if the company agrees that it was a manufacturing defect then replace the engine with no cost to me.

I expect a prompt response from the management in this regard. Otherwise I shall be constrained to draw the attention of other forums towards this matter.

On the same day I received a call from your showroom asking whether the car in warranty. When I replied in the negative, I was told there was white smoking coming from the car and the car needs to undergo overhauling. For this they informed that the charges would be Rs.45,000/- On further talks with your staff, I was given a concession of Rs.7,500/- only.

Utterly dissatisfied with the service, I have taken car from Kun Hyundai workshop and gave it for servicing and repairing at Talwar Hyundai [where my earlier car also was serviced] the whole check up and repairs costed only Rs.14,772/- only.

A satisfying experience with the performance of my first car made me confident that I would not need a 3year extended warranty. Would this faith in Hyundai amount to negligence? I wonder if I was sold a car with manufacturing defects as my exhaust revealed a problem at such an early stage. Also the moment your staff came to know my car was not in warranty, they quoted me a hefty sum of Rs.45,000/- and again when I put some pressure they reduced it by Rs.7,500/-. I suspect a foul play in this. Shelling out [6,341+45,000] for a car that ran for just 11,900Kms is ridiculous. Its more than a month & half since this episode and I have not experienced any further problem for the car so far. I gave sufficient time in case further problems developed with the car.

water leakage

During this rainy season i found that the co-passenger floor of my Santro Xing XG (purchased on Nov 2004) was filled with water. I showed it to authorized showroom (DSC, Hyundai Chennai, India) and they told me that it is the problem of blockage in cowl tab. Next day i was handed over my car with huge bill. After two days i found that the problem was still there. This time i went with the repeat complaint. The workshop people kept my car for seven days. They said they cleaned everything this time and did not charge me anything. But while working they broke my windscreen. They replaced it but i suspect that it is a used windscreen of some other car. Now after a month i observed that the problem of water leakage is still there. This time i also observed that the speedometer had stopped working from point when i handed my car last time to the workshop. Its just that i do not use my car much that i did not observe it immediately. Any advice ?

alternator breakdown

I bought my Santro 2 years back and it is in third year of its running. Though the ride has always been comfortable, there 's a huge concern that I have with my car.

Concern : Issue with Alternator
What happens : The car stops charging battery due to faulty Alternator and comes to a halt.
How Often : This has happened thrice (or probably four times) in 2.5 years of buying the car.
It happened first time in first year of operation, second in second year and third at start of third year
Impact: I was stranded at 10PM on a road where I had no support
Car ceased while travelling during one of very big family functions causing me embarassment
Car ceased while I had gone for an exam to far off place.
Car gave problems in ignition while I was out of station(in chandigarh) for a meeting and marriage

This could be manufacturing defect or Improper repairs. I have lost my faith in my car although I have always been getting it properly serviced on time which can be checked from Samara Hyundai workshop's inventory. With such an uncertainity, how can one plan any travel on car.

I have been talking to workshop people at Samara and they have been repairing it all the time. It does cost me a lot of time when i have to give my car for repairs for half a day.

Although I have just written to Hyundai a week ago, but they seem to be not email savvy...No Response as sucb till date..!!

  • Te
    teehouareau Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my santro have been getting worse and it started after my first service at hyundai.The car start to shut down while shifting gear, jerking at low speed.it must be an electrical problem where everyone can locate.now I, ve change the stepper motor, ignition coil, spark plug and cables, check for loose wires, fuses box, clean the fuel tank, air filter and change the fuel pump, filter, check the ECU for capacitor leak and there is no code when diagnose. now can anyone tell me what is wrong with this car.

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  • As
    Ashish Nimsarkar May 23, 2011

    Hyundai Santro customer care is worst.In fact there is no customer care at all.

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customer service

On September 13th I was in a very serious car wreck. My husband and I decided that we wanted to puechase a Hyandai. We went to tjhe Floremce KY dealership. The sales person only showed us two vehicles . It's not like they were busy . We counted 12 salesmen just standing around. Any way we had the car for 2 days and the check engine light came on. So I hade to take the car back to the dealershipo to be looked at. We live in Rising Sun IN so I was not happy that I had to return one again. Then the salesman calls a few days later and I have to drive all the way back over there to get the vehicle inspected. Our 30 day tag expires on the 23rd. My husband called the dealership and they said to come on over and they would give us another 30 day tag. So once again I drove over to pick up the thirty day tag. When I asked to speak to a manager a men came out he called someone and they said that they mailed the paper work to the Licsence branch that day. Now remember our tag ran out the same day. I think this entire ordeal went very badly. If we would have purchased a new 20 thousand dollar car we would have been treated alot better. If there was a way for us to get out of the loan and return the car and get our down payment back we would. We are very puzzled as to why this was such a bad communication. We will never buy from this dealer ship again. We weren't even offered any type of compensation for all of their bungles. Why did we have to make so many trips to purchase the car. Once again we feel that if we were purchasing anew car we would have been treated better. Now all we want is to get rid of the car. We are so fed up with them. I have worked in customer service foe 25 years, I know how it works. Now we are waiting patiently to see how this plays out. If I had the money I would just give the car back and say forget it. I can't understand that when a customer returns three and four times why the problems weren't fixed the first time. Why did no one try to make us as customers satisfied when we left. We don't even want the car now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

car returned in a bad condition after the service.


I had given my Santro Xing (MH-01-PA-5067) for servicing at Jaybharat Workshop in Chembur.
It was 20,000km service and all the previous car servicing were done at Jaybharat workshop in Chembur itself.
The car was delivered to my house in the late evening. Once taken the delivery i noticed the following :

1 ) My car tyre was punctured.
I took the car to the nearest Tyre shop to get the puncture repaired. On checking the stephny Tyre, i observed that the original tyre was missing and instead a completely worn-out tyre was present.

2)Also, there were insects crawling out of the draft of the AC.

On calling up the service center, nothing was done about it.
Instead of finding out a solution for this, i was told that its not their responsibility and they cant offer any solution.

This is the most pathetic customer service that any one could ever provide.

I hope u take my complaint into consideration and also hoping that strict action will be taken.

fraud & cheating!

My husband and I took our 2002 Sonata in for an alignment at Kerry Hyundai of Florence, KY last Monday because the car was pulling to the left. We were called on Monday afternoon and told that the Knuckle arm in the front was bent and needed to be replaced. We gave the OK for that to be done. On Tuesday, when we picked up the car, we paid $868.88 for parts and labor and the alignment. AS we drove the car home, we found that it was still pulling to the left, but the service department was now closed. My husband called on Wednesday and talked to the service manager who told us that the car was aligned, so we must just need new tires. He never offered for us to bring it back to be checked out. On Wednesday, I took the car to get new tires as was suggested. After they put on the new tires and were checking the alignment, they found that the car was not in alignment. He showed me the spec sheet and everything. Needless to say, I was not very happy. On Friday, our earliest opportunity to do so, my husband and I returned to Kerry to see the service manage.r. He was not in and neither was his superior. We asked to see the spec sheet for the alignment which they said was performed. No spec sheet could be found which leads me to believe that no alignment was performed, but it was stated on our receipt that it was done and we were charged for it. To me, that constitutes fraud. I have already contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge and I wanted to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but Kerry is not registered with them. I called the Service Manager at 8:00 this morning and am waiting for him to return my call. I am very upset with this shoddy service. I feel that we were totally taken advantage of. Not only were we charged for an alignment that we didn’t get, but I have also wasted a great amount of time getting tires that we didn’t need because that was our supposedly reputable dealer’s suggestion. We have had to use our time and our gas to try to track down a service manager which we haven’t been able to do. And now I need to take it back to the tire dealer to get it aligned properly because he did not want to touch it until we checked it out with Kerry. I am hoping to get a full refund for the bogus alignment and for the time and trouble and aggravation that we have had to endure. I do not have the time to be making these calls and emails and time to run around trying to get service that was supposedly performed. Fraud like this should not have to be dealt with by a customer.

Peggy Lorenz

  • Kr
    Kristahall Apr 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Okay where to start! I bought a used car from them in Dec. 2011. Marcus informed me it was the cheapest they had...it was 10, 000. I'm young and did not have any other bills so i decided to get it, because i really do love Scions. Says its ready to go, breaks, rotors just changed and everything!! GOT IT! yay!, so i thought. AS i was pulling off with my NEW CAR, the low tire pressure comes on.. REALLY?? I have a paper saying they THOROUGHLY INSPECT EACH CAR FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. BULLLLLLLL! But i got air and let it go...

    Within two weeks i notice one of the foglights and parklights were OUT, no big deal right? Another week passes, and my OIL CHANGE light is on... SERIOUSLY! Being 18 already made my insurance crazy so i could not afford it straight away, so i knew id have to wait a little to change it. A friend looks at my new car and tells me the rotors have not been touched, WTF!! Driving in the rain, ramp onto highway going not even 30 MPH, I do a 360 spin and almost go head first into the guard rail, thankfully i know how to drive, i save myself. I had heard Scion Tc's were bad in the rain so i let it go, thinking i needed to be more careful.

    Next week or two and i go to there Oil Change service. I mention the lights and they cant do anything, which i suspected, mention the rotors, cant do ANYTHING! Oil changed, i get my report, and it says my tires are in the RED ZONE!!! Which means they have basically ZERO TREAD! All 4 of them. I was LIVID! The head mechanic wasn't surprised, and he said, and i quote!!! THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD ALL OF THIS INSPECTED, THATS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!! And technically they should have, he was very sweet, told me tires would cost like 700-800 dollars, but not to purchase them there.(MORE EXPENSIVE!) I decide to go and talk to a manager, he said they do as little as possible to used cars to keep prices down, which i guess is understandable, but really?? I still have the paper saying they inspect every inch top to bottom... Sooo what?? They knew it was riding on tires like that and sold it without even mentioning it, i could have DIED, all for them to save some money!

    This was my FIRST car buying experience, I'm deeply unI'mpressed. I will NEVER come here again. I'm still riding on these tires, its my daily car to work, and with a 500 a month total for the car and insurance, i don't have 700 bucks to throw away!
    I will copy and paste this into EVERY SINGLE REVIEW i can find for this place, just to save someone else from what I've been through. DON'T BUY A CAR FROM KERRY HYUNDAI!

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  • Ci
    Cincykygal Feb 13, 2013

    I agree with all the comments above don't ever purchase a car or take your car into Kerry Hyundai in Florence. I was going to purchase a new car. The Financial person told me unless you purchase the extended warranty that it will be hard to get financing. This is out and out lie the paper on the extended warranty clear state whether you purchase extending warranty or not has not reflection on financing. This is extortion to make unsuspecting customers to make them think that if they don’t purchase extended warranty they might not be able to qualify for financing.

    Plus they tried to lie about my credit report stated it didn’t qualify for special financing that was going on. But because this wasn’t the first time buying a car I pulled my credit report the week of looking for cars and knew that wasn’t true so I pulled out my credit report and suddenly they read my credit report wrong and I did qualify for special 3% financing.
    But after the attempted extortion by the Financial person at Kerry stated in my first paragraph, and I told them as much. Pointing out the section on extended warranty that this would not reflect my qualification for financing. I walked out and made sure I told the Sales Manager off on my way out the door.
    Take warning Kerry dealerships in general are dishonest and one of the worst dealership in the Cincinnati, Kentucky area. I will never consider ever getting a car from this dealership even if they said they were giving cars away free.

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  • Ki
    Kirschler Jan 26, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Kerry advertises a great lease price but will not honor it when you go to the dealer. I tried them in 2007 and gave them another shot the week of 1/19/2015. Same thing and I am very surprised they can sell any cars. No one at dealer knows what they are advertising so when I called I talked to a manager and he told me what it was going to cost so I went to the dealer to get the car and they said the manager was wrong and they would not honor what he quoted me. DO NOT USE THIS DEALER.

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severe complain of corrosion within three years

This is a copy of email I sent to Hyundai Motor India. Read and beware!

From: Baljeet Singh
Flat No – 403, Plot No-13
Geeta Towers Appartments
Kirlampudi Layout
Visakhapatnam – 530017 (A.P)


Customer Care Service
Hyundai Motors India Ltd.

Sub: Problem with Santro Xing 2004 Model (AP31AF-6814).


This has reference to my earlier e-mails dated 08/09/07 and 11/09/07 regarding the subject matter.

M/s Sri Jayalalakshmi Automotives Pvt Ltd delivered my car on 10/09/07 after attending corrosion related problems. On 11/09/07, I observed that speedometer and AC were not in working condition. Again I had to go at servicing center and got repaired. This is very bad on their part that after keeping my car from 05/09/07 to 10/09/07 (Total 6 days) total check ups were not done properly.

In addition to above problems, as mentioned earlier, the bill charged for corrosion related repairs is very high. This is beyond my imagination. How a 3 years old car can have so many problems, if at all there is problem why same was not highlighted to me on 19/05/07 (Car was given for servicing). The details of servicing apart from first 3 free servicing carried out are given below:

Antirust treatment on 09-07-2004 (Rs.2700/- with 5 years warranty)
Paid servicing on 09-07-2006 (Rs.1794/-)
Paid servicing on 19/05/07 (Rs.2104/-) – Carried out 3 months before this repairs.
Rear left side glass strip repairs and door latch repairs – Rs.600
Corrosion related repairs on 10-09-2007 (Rs.12,615/-)

Total Expenditure in last 3 years – Rs.19813 (Rupees nineteen thousand eight hundred thirteen only).

From the above expenditure details, I can see that there is no point in buying Hyundai make cars. There is something wrong in your system - either quality of the product is poor or servicing person is cheating the customers.

After writing two mails, it is good that at least somebody from your office contacted. Simply contacting is not enough, you need to resolve the issues.

Last two days they (M/s Sri Jayalalakshmi Automatives Pvt Ltd) contacted us, instead of resolving the issues they were asking us to sign customer satisfaction form. They were arguing over phone that we may be new to Vizag and not aware of corrosion problems near the beach. We replied that we are staying in Vizag for last 16 years and know very well about Vizag. I want to bring to your notice that my earlier car was from M/s Maruti and we were staying in the same place but never faced so much corrosion problem with that model. That car I was driving for 7 years and never paid this much high for maintenance even at the end of 7th year.

I am expecting from you that please go into details of this problem. If required depute your technical persons and analyze the problem. In case servicing persons are charging more same needs to be corrected at the earliest.

Kindly take up my issue seriously and resolve the same at the earliest. Other wise I will be left with no other option but to take up next appropriate step.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Baljeet Singh
Manager – Production
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd
Visakh Refinery, Visakhapatnam

Residence phone: [protected]
Mobile: [protected]
Mobile: [protected]

E-mail: [protected]@hpcl.co.in

  • Ka
    Kallol Biswas Oct 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that I have purchased one Santro Xing(XG) in the year 2004. Till date the Car gave no problem. However, recently I found that the car gets stopped abnornally in the mid of run after running 10-20 Kms. This problem for the last 3 months occured 4 -5 times and in all the time after driving of 10-15-20 Kms. The car all of sudden stops. Despite all efforts the Car could not be started, however in some occasions by external push the car could be started, but again it stops after few miles.

    Please let me know the reasons and other procedures for solve the problem

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  • Ni
    Nipun Malhotra Jun 08, 2009

    Hi my name is Nipun Malhotra bought a Hyundai Santro
    GLS model from Sunrise huyndai(Delhi) DL 7C J 1056 on 21/11/2007, since the time i
    bought till now i had visited Sunrise workshop more than a 20 times
    because of the allignment problem and when i drive more than 80kmph the car bubbles a lot
    and i feel a huge bubbling in sttering and brake paddle which is very risky.
    When I told the engineer in details then he agree that some manufacturing
    defect in this car. Now i
    once again request to you kindly solved my problem immediate otherwise i
    will go to consumer forum. I am totally mentally disturb with my car .And with refernce to the complaint number 13500 locked in Feb 2009 the problem has still not been rectified and the same problem is ongoing and the engg over there are telling that there is no problem. In
    future if some mishappening or accident occurs with me from this car, the
    full responsibility would be of Hyundai Motor Ltd.

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hinger price quoting by the hyundai car dealer at indore

I am planning to buy New Hyundai Getz1.1 GVS at Indore but the dealer is quoting Rs11,5oo/- approx. more than the price quoted by the company on net ex showroom at indore. The local dealer manager denise this and says that the prices mentioned on the website of hyundai company are not properly calculated and hence they will not change their quote. I feel that the local dealer is openly cheating the customers, beware!

  • Po
    pooja bhatt May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,
    would you please provide me the personal e-mail Address of Hundai company in indore to me. so that i can complaint/talk to the personal one.
    Thanking you.

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many defects in the car

I bought verna car in egypt from its ghabbour agent in rgypt and after issuing the license of the car I found many defects in the car as it is forbidden to drive car without numbers. And then I went to ghabbour service and they dealt me very badly & in coolness at that time I observed only 2 defects the first is the direction circle not at the center but it has been fixed at the right side somehow& the second is: I heard sound in dipriaj with shaking, they made the direction's circle at the center and they did nothing for the second complaint.

I went there for next time as I felt the sound is raised with shake in it& I found the fender of the front is not equal from both sides, I found the floor of the car is like waves not plane & the console (The part which is under the handbrake is not one part but it is like the puzzle fixed as 2 parts)& the car while im driving comes (Sloped) to the right side.

And when I went to ghabbour hyundai service they said after long time of waiting you have to come on sunday as you have to leave the car for 2 days to fix it up but this after very big clash with the engineer there as he was treating me very badly and he left me to stay for about 3 hours and then he said all this.

I went on sunday they didn't fix all the defects specially the sound& the shake of depriaj & the part which is under the handbrake and they told come on next sunday to fix it and come on monday to continue.

Note: when I required to appeal to the manager some one came and in a very cold way said you have issued the license of the car so you wouldn't take one instead of it so if you want to make a file in the police station you will wait for years because we are in egypt and then he said I will change all these defects but as I said they did nothing.

I paid money to buy this car it is not a toy please cooperate with me to solve it. It is my right despite of any thing to take another car. It is a new car and it includes all these defects how come! The guy who talked with me there told me that the employee who let such car full of defects to exit out of the factory would be fired.

Everyone beware!

  • Ad
    adel elsobky Jun 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was planning to buy a new verna car so I change my mind

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  • Ta
    tarek tolba Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i plan to buy verna because it, s cheapest car in Hyundai
    but many people advised me to change my mind about verna car.
    and now another complaint about verna.
    I hope somebody can correct this falts in Ghabbour companies.

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  • He
    HESHAM ALLAM Aug 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Hi
    hisham hamdy Sep 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    show me oll model

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  • Ka
    karim Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i agree with you in all you say, as i have the same problem with them from 2006 but the difrent that i change my engin 2 times and my warranty now finesh and i still have the same problem again ... the oil gone without areason, and they know that all verna 1.5L have the same problem, but they refuse to change the engin to the 1.6 and i dont know what i can do now.

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  • Wa
    wael alsharif May 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    there is no good Service at all !!!, any way this will reflect in the trust of ghabbour, i change my mind

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  • Is
    Islam Omar Jul 26, 2009

    Ok guys, many thanks for advice Iwas intending to have this car ASAP.. so please as per your previous experience what do u suggest instead of Verna but in the same or near price level ?! .. awaiting your kind feedback.

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  • No
    No1amino Jul 31, 2009

    If its not 100% Korean, dont Buy any car from any brad Assembled in Egypt

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poor service

I had given service of my car 'santro xing' in HMP guindy chennai. The service did by them was found to be very poor.
Car has been scratched at several places. Am not getting any response with them, when I tried to call them. Such a poor service they are offering. Take Care...

  • Pr
    Praveen KV Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had given I10 Magna 1st free service in HMP guindy chennai, the service very very poor and after taking delivery noticed AC was not working taken back to HMP next day and took delivery after 1 day and found engine is over heating aken back to hmp again, be careful regarding the service in HMP.

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  • Pv
    P.V. Paulose Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I had given my i10 Kappa to HMP Ekkaduthangal, Chennai for the 1st free service (TN05Z1641). While giving the vehicle, I informed the technical guys about the complaint regarding the unusual vibration sound on the left rear top and the focal light going on 90 degree Vertical. After receiving the vehicle back, I found that the service they have done was very poor, though they informed that they have checked everything, However they have done anything other than washing the car. Further the car started giving unusual notice after releasing the hand break and while turning the steering also !!! Pls. do the needful imm. to get the problem rectified.

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  • Ra
    rajeev kumar Dec 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    serious problem with these hyundai guind y service, they dont really know what they are doing, they dont attend to the problem what we say .they just keep cleaning the car and looting our money .

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  • Sa
    sakthiananth Nov 10, 2009

    I had the same problem . the service is so poor, worst customer care i ever seen

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  • Sr
    srijith89 Nov 20, 2009

    yes, and waiting for a long time, koreans are only interested in selling not giving proper service

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  • Ka
    Kalyanaraman Feb 15, 2010

    I have given my i10 magna for 2nd free service. I informed the service attendant to rectify some noice on the rear side and on the dash board and also to check the clutch, brakes etc., On the evening while taking back the car, nothing had been carried out and even external washing was not done properly. They fixed double side sticker on the lid of dash board and this is not the right way to rectify the noise. Very very poor and inefficient service people are there. I also doubt whether they have charged the engine oil or not but was charged. Real Cheat.

    V K RAMA
    Owner of i 10 magna - TN 07 BD 4406

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  • Vi
    Vijaipillai Dec 23, 2011

    I have given my Hyundai Accent Car at Express Hyundai for general service on 10 Dec 2011. After the so - called service, my car was found not cleaned thoroughly, lot of water inside on sound system speakers. When driving car was pulling towards right side on the road and lit-rely pulling the steering wheel till reach my destination. When contacted again service center, they have arranged a driver to take my car for necessary inspection and delivered with more worst condition. Again contacted, taken my car for again inspection and advised to change tires and its disk of front wheel. When i was giving my car for service it was perfect condition. Concluding it is totally a unskilled & unprofessional labors are attending all Hyundai vehicles, No trial runs offered, and No attention paid at the time of delivery. Dear owners of Hyundai Cars please be careful with these service dealers. We never know and no guarantee for our original spares replaced with worn-out spares replacement...!! Pl be aware and spread this to every one...!! Vijai Owner of Hyundai Accent Reg No: TN 07 AP 5538

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pay off of trade-in!

I recently purchased my second vehicle from Randall Noe Hyundai and while the sales experience and negotiations went very well, the finance experience left a lot to be desired. When a customer has finished with the sales negotiations you should not have to negotiate with the finance department. (I already had my own financing). All I expect to happen is to sign the paperwork. Instead we played the shell game of either you use our financing or you lose the Hyundai rebates. OK, I'll go with your financing, then we had to play the interest rate game. We played that game to the point that the salesmen and sales manager had to come get me from the parking lot because I was leaving. Now I can live with all off that, it's part of the game (That is what gives car salesmen a bad name) but the straw that broke the camels back was the trade-in pay off process!

Randall Noe finance did not pay off my trade-in properly which resulted in me being embarrassed and harassed by my banks finance department for being late. I had to finish paying off a car I no longer owned. To get the bank off of my back, I had to finish paying off the loan. I had contacted Randall Noe with my issue and concern and to this moment I still have heard back. I purchased my car on 8/21/07. It's not the $59.75 at issue here, but the lack of customer support. A business is not built upon one times sales, but upon Total Customer Satisfaction and word of mouth.

Never again...

  • Ge
    gerald womack Mar 26, 2013

    they garentee the best price i found same vechile at another dealership at a lower price and they wouldnt match it.what can i do since they say they will beat any deal

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  • Ge
    gerald womack Mar 26, 2013

    randall noe want beat any deal do i have anything i can do

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  • An
    Anon555 Apr 29, 2013

    They are liars and scam artists. I do not think the owner would be proud if he knew how his employees ran his company.

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worst services, false promises!

I had given my car Santro DL3CP5157 for servicing to Himgiri Hyundai Service Station on 6th of Sep07.The car was picked up by Driver of Hiumgiri Hyundai and adviser spoke to me regarding problem in the car. He promised that vehicle will be delivered by 5PM.When it became 8 in the evening, I inquired about the status of the car. Very flatly I was told it will not come today. You will get it tomorrow. At 840 in the evening Ms Sucheta called up and told me that morning 8 AM I will have vehicle at my home for use tomorrow and will get your car during the day time.Mr. Rajiv Sharma had confirmed that vehicle will reach at my residence at 8AM.No car came till this time. Now I have been told by their GM Mr. Krishan that he will reach office and see.

This has happened second time.During my last service in the month of feb also lot of problems were faced.I was not ready to give the vehicle this time for servicing but continuously for 3 days Ms Richa insisted me to give this chance and will give best services.

The Himgiri Hundai is the worse hyundai service station and always fool the customers!!!

  • Hi
    Himgiri Sucks Aug 04, 2009

    I agree. Himgiri guys are the biggest ###s.

    2 Votes
  • Ar
    ARUN GOEL Nov 15, 2009

    I had given my car Getz Prime DL4CS9797 for repairing to Himgiri Hyundai Service Station (Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi) on 8th of Nov09. The car was taken to the bodyshop for repairing of Himgiri Hyundai and advisor(Rakesh Katri) spoke to me regarding problem in the car. The advisor is talking very aggressively to us as he was going to repair our car for free. I was thinking that I am giving my car in some kind of local garage . He does not know how to deal with the customer. Not only the advisor but the Manager of bodyshop misguide us. He told us that the car will be delivered to us on 14th of Nov in the morning but when I called up in the morning he promised us that the car will be delivered in the evening. When I reached bodyshop of Himgiri in the evening and the car is sent to the washing. After waiting 2 hrs when washing is done and I see the status of my car, the paint of my car is started removing from painted area. And when I asked the Manager about the work he even not come outside to deal with us regarding the problem. After 15-20 minutes he came outside and told us that the car is ready but when i told him that the paint is removing from everywhere, he didnt give any aswer and went inside the cabin. He told Rakesh to told us that the car will be delivered next day i.e 15th of Nov.
    I am very much dissappointed from the workers and the work done to my car...

    0 Votes
  • Si
    sidharth jain Aug 17, 2010

    We have purchased Hyundai i10 from HIMGIRI, WAZIRPUR INDL. AREA, DELHI on 07/03/2010
    And from the date of purchase, many problems started arriving: -
    1) A/C not working: When we given our Car to them for servicing, our A/C was not even working after serviving and in fact one more problem arrived in car & then again we gave our car and they took more then 1 week for repairing our Car.
    2) Low Mileage: Normal i10 gives Mileage of 15 KMPL but our one gives only 10 Kmpl.
    3) And Many Small problems started arriving.
    4) Last week we had an accident and again we sent our car to them for repairing, Before repairing car, our A/C was perfectly running and after repairing it was not & very next day, while driving suddenly car stopped and smoke was coming from bonnet & when we checked Engine Coolant box was empty. After servicing they don't even check that Coolant is their or not.

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    kaushik22 Nov 01, 2014

    They all are right. i have given my car hundai i10 to dinesh takkeran advisor. A noise is coming in my car while driving. They have done the service and whatever requried but the problem is still there. I went there again and again they charge money and the repair. The problem is still. They don't know from where this noise is coming. Some times they say it is because of cliper pins, then shockers, then sterring axle. I have visited the service station thrice but the problem is still there and they have charged my 2000 first time, 4000 second time and now 5500 this time. These guys are idiots. They charge money from you and still the problem was there. This is hell.

    Earliar i used to do service from mgf hundai okhla i was totally satisfied but the himgiri hundai service is too worst. They waste you time and money. please don't go over there

    0 Votes


I bought a car last week for cash from Hyundai Cresta and was specifically told that the car had never been in an accident. I paid cash for the car, and the next day, when the car was being inspected for insurance purposes we discovered the body filler and I was told that the car had definitely been in an accident. My partner took the car back immediately, and they agreed to return the money. I was however disgusted by the attitude of the Used Vehicle Manager, P Robertson, who had obviously willingly lied to em about the status of the car.

How many other car buyers, especially women, are they doing this to, I wonder?

duplicity and worst service

Re: Hyundai Service Station

With great frustration & deeply annoyed by HYUNDAI authorized service station, I want to acknowledge following complain I written to Hyundai India pvt. ltd. to every person who want to purchase Hyundai car or already purchased. I have faced several serious problem since 3 years after taking santro from NAVJIVAN MOTORS, SURAT. As I had earlier complained on (Saturday, October 29, 2005 2:50 PM) regarding silencer replacement & that problem solved after your intervention as dealer completely reluctant to do so & for your kind knowledge silencer replaced by your authorized dealer was duplicate which is a serious crime from dealer side as well as your side because dealer in fact representing you only.Whether any customer can expect so daring by a dealer that a so vital as well visible part of car replaced will be duplicate. This is to be noted very seriously as it representing your culture & workmanship which a cheater only can do. I am having photograph & receipt of all wrong doings.This was rectified later on by my alertness. Now I would like to tell you second story.

Front wheels of my car was getting very hot after running a little distance & pick up was worst. I reported this problem during every last 4 servicing in last 3 years but everything got in vain & they have rectified nothing. My car was getting hot as before servicing. I am living 100 Km away from Navjivan, Surat & for servicing only I used to visit this dealer as is costs me Rs 1000/- in single trip petrol expenditure. During the above period my car was either under warranty or extended warranty. I lost interest in my car completely as the dealer have make up wrong theory in mind that it will be never corrected. But for the God sake this problem was rectified by simply replacing a brake master cylinder by analyzing a low level mechanic in the same service center who never had given little attention to this chronic problem but this this time they charged hefty. This definitely shows your lack of sincerity to your customer & product you are selling in the indian market.

From that day till date I am following this complain daily either through your customer service personnel sitting at [protected] along with the dealer but not a single action initiated from your end to arrest my complain & give me back the monetary loss as well as mental agony I suffered in the last 3 years. Every time your customer service personnel told that complain in under progress & forwarding the case again on high priority basis. At the same time dealer told that they have sent the letter to Hyundai for reimbursing. But so far no one has informed me about conclusion you have taken.

But today I had given last date to address my problem as required by your customer service personnel Mr. Sandeep Power & after lot of following up to him, He informed that dealer informed him that they will not compensate the bill as required by me.As I am accepting this is a final decision taken by your company because no one is there in your company to address the customer grievances. You people has left everything to your dealer whether they are tarnishing your image & committing wrong with this customer. Now onwards I am free to take all necessary action which includes publicizing the above incident to print as well as digital medi, reporting to different websites as well as in government consumer protection sites apart from filing litigation against HMIL in Indian court of law.

As I do not have phone nos. of your top management so far & hence I am unable to communicate with them.I will not be responsible for any loss occurred to HMIL due to this fact finding & work culture about your company & acknowledging to Indian public about the reality of HMIL so that other people will not be trapped in myth after seeing nice ads by your company. I have given you sufficient times of more that one & half month to address this tiny problem.

No phone calls from the dealer will be entertained. Only original Hyundai management representative phone calls will be entertained here after for any further clarification. My department may also follow up this case because I am government official.


  • Sa
    Sarit Guha Oct 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hyundai service are really a frustrating experience. They lack basic customer satisfaction orientation. I am not at all looking for a second car from Hyundai. I have a Santro and this is enough bad experience.

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poor customer service!

On june 29, 2007 I took my car in for a regular tune-up, and low and behold my service bill was twice the price do to them doing unauthorized work on my car. The shop refused to drop the extra charges. So if any one in the victoria area is reading this, please do not take your car here, or even purchase any car from them at all.

  • Ki
    Kim Recalma Dec 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are with you on your complaint... they all need to also keep their stories straight!... The owner Mark needs to take educate himself on customer service. Had a bad experience ourselves.

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    JordanTame Apr 18, 2011

    Thanks for your comments, we understand that buying a car can be challenging especially when you feel like you're being mistreated but I have some great news for everyone, Mark is no longer the General Manager, in fact I've worked here for almost a year and this is the first time I've heard his name. We have lots of great new employees, and a new attitude! We always go the extra mile for our valued guests so I encourage you to come down and see for yourself or visit our facebook page to find out all the great things we've been doing lately, for the community, for charities and for YOU!

    0 Votes
  • Ph
    Phaedria Mar 04, 2013

    Wow a smile and kiss off message. I knew there was a reason I don't deal with Hyundai's service dep.

    0 Votes

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