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Complaints & Reviews


My 2005 Hyundai Verna has developed a jerk in the transmission while the overdrive is OFF. It happens when the car shifts from low into second gear. It is annoying and actually jerks your head back when it shifts into gear. However, more disturbing is the fact that it shifts out of overdrive while running at 100 kmh and the rpm's suddenly go from 2, 000 to 4, 000. It is clearly an unsafe condition and, of course, the transmission warranty JUST expired.

service & seat

This is Mr. Oh, Sang-man who just leased a New Genesis. I’d like o file a complaint regarding this New Genesis with the problem. Please read below and advise me what I should do.

I am one of royal customers of Hyundai Cars since 1987. Starting from a Pony Excel, I used to own an Avante, a Sonata and a Galloper when I used to live in Korea. None of your products disappoint me until now.

I saw an ad on the newspaper about Special Lease Program for Hyundai Genesis. So I went to LAX Hyundai Superstore in Inglewood, California with my wife.

1. Problems of First Vehicle: Mileage, Engine Noise & Side Mirror

a. Feb. 6, 2009, around 4:00 PM, we arrived at LAX Hyundai Superstore and signed the 27 months lease contact from “Skye Chung/Salesman”.

b. It was a rainy day, so we skipped the test drive

c. He showed us briefly about the car, what switches and buttons do in the car, how to start the engine, etc.

d. And we left the dealership and arrived at my Irvine house around 6:30 PM. (VIN# KMHGC46E69U033165)

e. On the way back home, we noticed odometer displayed 320 mile. (Total driven distance was 60 miles on the contract.)

f. We could hear abnormal engine noise at low speed.

g. Also, right side mirror was not working properly. – when you put the gear in reverse position, both side mirrors supposed to tilt downward but they didn’t work properly.

2. Dealership Response

a. It rained over the weekend (2/07 & 08), we drove it for the church trip.

b. Kept wondering about the mileage; odometer read 380 miles.(we thought it was driving distance with current fuel level.)

c. Sunday, Feb. 08, 8:00 PM, called the dealership and left a voicemail for a return call.

d. Monday, Feb. 09, received a return call from the dealer and discussed the mileage problem. We double and triple checked the odometer reading.

e. After the checking, odometer displayed over 400 miles. Called the dealership back and reported this finding. Dealership asked us whether we had a long driving trip with this new vehicle over the weekend. (We were shocked and offended by this very unreasonable question.) Dealership insisted 60 miles is the mileage at the delivery.

f. Regarding the engine noise, it is very popular and common question among New Genesis Owners, so the dealership recommended us to bring in for free of of charge Saturday Clinic.

g. Tue. Feb 10, Called the dealership again appealed why we didn’t received the car as specified in the contract. Also, we asked for the explanation how it happened.

h. Dealership replied that they checked the system, managements and asked around but they couldn’t figure it out. We asked the dealer to exchange us a new vehicle since the answer from the dealership was totally unacceptable. We got “NO” from the dealership.

i. I asked them to cancel my contract due their ignorant, unpleasant, unprofessional answers and attitudes. The dealership told me that they will call me after the discussion with their managements.

j. The dealership called and told us they figured out how that happened. They found the car from san Diego area and they drove it to the dealership and forgot to recalculate and adjust the contract accordingly. They told us to come in for the exchange.

3. Problems at the second visit.

a. As discussed during phone conversation on Tue. Feb. 10, the same color show room model (57 mile) will be arranged for pick up 2:00 PM Wed. Feb. 11. Price, terms and conditions will stay same as the first lease transaction.

b. Called the dealership 1:00 PM and informed them we were on our way.

c. Arrived 1:50 PM and disappointed by LAX Hyundai, again. The price was gone up and I had to follow what they said. Mr. Izamago - not sure about the spelling- was raising his voice and gave me the pressure to accept these new terms. His obnoxious attitude and loud voice made me feel very uncomfortable.

d. I asked for Mr. Skye Chung one more time we didn’t want to do any business since they kept changing their words. Mr. Chung went back to his people and brought me the same payment terms.

e. I was told the car should be ready in a moment but I had to wait two and a half hour.

f. I had to rush and left the dealer since I had another business meeting to attend.

g. I was disappointed one more time since the car wasn’t ready for the delivery.(lighter wasn’t there, , , )

h. Throughout these conversations, I don’t remember getting an apology from this dealership.

4. Problem of Second Vehicle: Pan Cushion

a. After the short drive to Los Angeles for a business meeting, I had a lower back pain. My wife had the same uncomfortable feeling from the seats.

b. We both suffered lower back pain until next day.

c. Next morning, we realized that there were no pan cushions left on both driver and passenger seats. I could grab extra leather from seat pan without any efforts. We tried to adjust seat position and lumbar control all the possible way to suit us but that was impossible.

5. Visit @ Turtle-Click Hyundai in Irvine, CA

a. Friday, Feb. 13, 10:00 AM, I went to Hyundai Service Center in Irvine and asked for repair or replacing the seats under warranty. Mr. Brett Bocart/Service Engineer advised me that he couldn’t do anything for me since they are not manufacturing or design defect. He told me to go back to where I got this vehicle for help. Or I could call [protected].

b. The same day, arrived at LAX Hyundai, Service Center around 4:50 PM. Consulted with Mr. Chan Park/Service Engineer for this seats issues. Mr. Park tried both front seats and told me and my wife that he could not feel anything wrong with them. He told me to go see the Salesman for help.

c. We asked Mr. Park to come with us to the showroom and try other seats.

d. He tried two other vehicles – same Genesis V6 models – he had almost same feeling but he couldn’t see the problem. But he agreed the seats from black color model were very firm – almost felt like a Mercedes Benz – and other Light Blue model seats were more firm.

e. Due to the warranty, seats couldn’t be replaced with new ones. We could have repair done under warranty.

f. Repair service could be performed by Upholstery Specialist LAX Hyundai hires. Hyundai does not have seat repair capability in the states. Each dealership hires third party Upholstery Services. Mr. Park was not familiar with the detail spec. of pan cushion. If we decide to repair, he will make the arrangement to match the firmness we want. (Estimated Repair Time: 1-2 days). He also, suggested us not to repair. After the upholstery work, seats would not look new most of time. He wouldn’t touch the seats. He suggested us to use extra cushion for lower back support.

g. I invited one of my personal friends LAX Hyundai to get a fresh opinion. He tried to the same three Genesis seats - black & blue in Showroom and mine- he mentioned that mine had almost no pan cushion left. Also, backseat pan cushions were collapsed distinctively compared to the black showroom model.

6. Good things about Second Vehicle

a. There is no engine noise at low speed – unlike the first one.

b. No right side mirror problem. - working properly

c. Engine is very quite, smooth and responsive at all time. - We both love the style and performance of Genesis!!!

My wife and I drove many Hyundai cars in our life but this is the first one giving us the “lower back pain”. But I strongly believe Hyundai will take care of this seat problem and satisfy us like other Hyundai cars did.

Truly yours,

  • Ss
    SSW Jun 18, 2009

    The issue with the mileage resonates with me. My new Genesis V8 was delivered to me with over 250 miles on it. The dealer's representatives (Plaza Hyundai, Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) told my insurance company when asked that the car had less that 15 miles on it. In accepting delivery I as shocked to see the mileage on the vehicle. On questioning the dealer about the high mileage I was told that the car was driven in from upstate NY. I had already accepted delivery and because of various immediate constraints decided to keep the vehicle. This seems then to be a very deceptive attitude of the Hyundai dealers. I am unable to enjoy the concept of purchasing a new vehicle which turned out to have been driven over 250 miles, am untrusting of the dealer and I now have an "attitude" about the dealer and my car buying experience with them because of my distrust. My first service is to be this morning at 8:00 a.m. I'm still considering whether or not to take my car back to the dealer for such service.

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  • Bm
    BMW09 Sep 04, 2009

    men... c'mon... what s cheap is cheap... Hyundai is a fake luxury!!! Live with it... every Hyunday owner deserves those problems coz they opt to own a hyundai... dont be cry babies.. hey... remember it won JD Powers Initial Quality Survey... and I guess you believe it... right.. so you guys deserves it... sorry no offense...

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  • Ky
    kyle67 Oct 29, 2009

    Drive before you BUY!! or lease and drive more than one so you know if one has a problem that another does not. Drive like 3 or more at different dealers before you buy you will get a better deal and you will know how many miles it has on it too! I like the new genesis coupe so far I have driven 3 and will drive more before I buy and I'm looking at other cars too! don't be stuck on one brand there all just as good as another!!! good luck with your car's! and remember repairs take away from profit and no company want's that!!!

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  • Do
    DON SCHARY Dec 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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please forward to general counsel

Please forward to general counsel of hyundai usa.
Thank you.


In the state district court of harris county, texas
201 caroline
Houston, texas 77002

Rossano ierrobino


University of texas medical branch, et al.


Amended motion for default judgement

Comes now the plaintiff, rossano ierrobino, to request that this court enter default judgement in favor of the plaintiff.

In support of his motion plaintiff states the following:

Defendants have not answered the original complaint which was filed with the court august 26, 27, 28, 2008 despite repeated contacts from the plaintiff.
Because defendants have failed to respond to the pleadings within the time allowed by law; plaintiff is entitled to default judgement.
Plaintiff prays for the court to issue an order of default judgement in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $900, 000, 240, 000.00 and that the order be issued jointly and severally. that the court issue an order for all parties and all other entities and individuals to immediately cease and desist the surveillance, monitoring, harassment and psychological conditioning of the plaintiff in every form and to immediately reverse (extinguish) any and all psychological conditioning already applied to the plaintiff and for the court to forbid these practices from being applied to anyone else by any person or entity. that the court issue strict rules to the medical, psychological, educational, business, military, governmental, law enforcement, legal and general communities to be followed and adhered to when conducting any research on human beings. especially the need for the termination of such research within a specified period of time (2 years maximum), that no harm, physical, emotional, psychological or financial should befall the subject or his/ her family, friends or acquaintances such as damage to health, teeth, property, posessions, loss of job/ livelihood or savings and the immediate termination of research at subject's request or if subject becomes suicidal or tries to hurt themselves or others. no succesive research projects wherein the termination of one research study is immediately followed up by the beginning of a new study or studies and repeated so that in essence there is no end to the research (one study per subject). no use of technology such as functional magnetic resonance imaging or similar technology other than for the medical diagnostic purposes it was intended for.in addition, termination of research if subject becomes injured or ill and most importantly, concurrent oversight by the courts to ensure the safety of the subject and that all parties are strictly following the rules and do not deviate. that plaintiff's police record be expunged and all files and medical records be turned over to the plaintiff.

Respectfully submitted this 25th day of november, 2008,

Rossano ierrobino

Pro se

not honoring online price, misinformation

The finance officer did not and would not honor online price quote. He also stated the extended warranty of $1, 895 and the gap insurance of $795 were required by the financial institution, even though Hyundai has the best warranty on the market and even though $6, 000 was put down for a down payment thereby eliminating any "gap" in car value and amount due. The contract was rewritten four times by four different finance officers. Each one had different erroneous write-ups or rather charges with vague and confusing and contradicting reasons for the charges. One example is $351 for "payment to government officials on behalf of the customer." A $1, 500 charge for a separate than gap, car insurance was added to price which wasn't required. $199 was charged for an alarm system when the Hyundai Tuscon already has remote keyless entry and alarm and panic alarm as standard. I was totally mystified that each time the contract was written and items taken off, the price miraculously remained at $3, 000 above the on line quote, not counting tax or dealer costs i.e. title, lic. and registration. The final slam was when they finally took off the added $1500 car insurance and the "gap" insurance and the 199 alarm, they now decided to add air conditioner costs, tinting costs and undercoating and exterior coating. Guess what the total cost over online quote...$3, 000?!

  • Di
    Disappointed Jane Aug 21, 2009

    I'm going through the same thing with them now. I'm going to give the vehicle back and go somewhere else. This place is HORRIBLE! The sales manager actually called me a "Miss Know-it-all". Horrible customer service and very shady dealings.

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car fiance

I purchased a 2008 hyundai the sales person told me it was interenst free he took me a finance co instead of a bank an they always keep the rebate this is hard with my husband passing away

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bad service hyundai alberton

I drive a Hyundia Atos.. its 3 years old and has app 60, 000km on the clock.

Ive gave my car in at Hyundai due to lack of power on the 10th of October 2008.. it took them 3 weeks to find the problem.. and now im being told that i must wait another 2 - 3 weeks for parts to area...

They dont wanna give me an curtosiy car nor do they even reply to messages left etc!!

i mean WTF.. what happened to customer services!!!

scam and cheating

I almost hate to admit that I am the ex of one of these CON-ARTIST. In my dealings with him in our duration of courtship, I was a witness to the enjoyment they laughed about, over high-end, expensive drinks they had after hours at bars on monies they where paid from ripping these innocent people off. They actually go to bars and discuss their daily victims mishaps and laugh about it amongst one another, then compare their bonus incentives for their misdeeds. I actually learned a valuable lessons by being in their presence during their prideful boastings. I tell you the truth, these salespeople and management take much pride in what they do. Their only concern is their pocketbook and getting it fat as possible at the disadvantage of unknowing, naive, gullible and misinformed individuals. They use many tricks and tactics to lure YOU into their dealership(which if you remember the golden rule, nothing comes for free: you wouldn't be their victim, yet greed consumes to many of us, then experience end up being our teacher.) tricks like free gas, winning products, scratch off cards, guaranteed approvals, no moneys down, factory prices, you name it, they'll use it. Some of them don't sleep at night trying to figure out a more convincing trick of luring you into their dealership. Remember these people are paid off of commission, if hourly pay is involved it is very little, if not minimum-wage. This is the reason for the press-game (according to what they call it). They get you down there, run your credit(hopeful the salesrep/manager you get is not the ex-felon/credit thief, believe it or not some of them are ex-felons, with your confidential information) play the I'm here to help you game, and then start the persuasive game of con artistry. If you listen long enough and even begin to believe, you are going to get screwed and I mean screwed royalty. Once they screw you on the car overall dollar amount, they are going to send you to financing, who in return needs to make his commissions, will attempt to sell you all the other back-end, add ons, onto the loan(gap insurance, bumper to bumper warranties, extended warranties, etc...). Now a car that would have only cost you $17, 000.00 with a bank/credit union pre-approval, ends up costing you $22, 000 at their financing selected company's (some will even promise to run the offer for financing through the company/bank/credit union of your choice, this to is a hoax. Just do it yourself.) Last but not least, your adrenaline is flowing at high speeds due to all the wheeling and dealing, that if you listened long enough to accept one of their offers, you are at the point of 'lets just hurry and close this deal, where's the dotted-line(after 3 plus hours of being somewhere you hadn't planned to be and the offer sounds so good, 'WHY-NOT ACCEPT' remember their pocketbooks have your best interest at heart LOL and not to forget and mention, enough of your precious time have been wasted). So you rush through all the documents, not checking for accuracy(come on, who has time for that, that's a lot of paperwork) if you accepted one of their offers, you'd better have all the time in the world to stop and check, before you sign on that dotted line, or else you check it later to be surprised by all the incorrect entries, and extra monies your spending that you didn't agree too, remember once signed it's yours, not theirs anymore, it's your problem. Now last of all, they'll go out to a bar have drinks and laugh about your misfortune as they stuff their commission of misdeeds into their pocketbooks. BE WISE, SHOP SMART AND EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE A NIGHTMARE LIVES ITSELF OUT AT YOUR EXPENSE!!!

damaged car delivered - verna sx crdi abs

Worst experience with Hyundai (Advaith Hyundai, Bangalore):

I purchased Verna CRDI SX ABS. The AC stopped working on the 11th day from the delivery of the car.

The Service Manager showed that the AC compressor was damage and there is no external damage on the car’s body, NOT even a scratch.

The dealer also agreed with the fact that there is no external damage – not even a scratch on the body of the car. There is NO WAY that it met with an accident (even un-knowingly) but caused no scratch or external/body damage!! However the was not ready to accept that it’s the showroom/company’s responsibility to replace the defected part and unnecessary troubled me for 7 days.

Further to my complain mails I had meeting with The Service Manager - He was taking no grantee of what might have happened during that 75km run (the vehicle ran 75 km for registration purpose; please note: RTO is not more than 6-7 km from the showroom)

Further, he had no quality check proof done after the use of car by the dealer’s driver (after 75km run) before the car was delivered to me.

To my surprise, he (Service Manage) had the audacity to say that even if it is his guy at fault and if it was not checked/identified by me – I’m the one who will take the load of the damage.
He very continently says that the showroom’s fault will be passed on to the customer if it was not identified by the customer at the time of the delivery!!

Its not a second hand car that was buying from Hyundai that I should have taken a mechanic to check the car from inside before I take the delivery – but I guess I need to suggest my friends and colleagues to do so if they are buying a Hyundai car!!

I am surprised on how the dealer was not even taking the responsibly or even trying to investigate what might have gone wrong at their end! On top of that he had the audacity to say that as if I have ran over a human being or an animal which has caused the damage!!

I relied on Hyundai for its brand and reputation and I am astonished, on what I have got in return for the money I paid.

After many mails even till today I have still not received any explanation to how/when the damage took place and why the damaged car was given to me!!

The service station replaced the damaged AC Condenser and one more part after 10 days – however what is the guarantee that there is nothing else wrong with the car that will come up eventually!!

I’m surprised that such a used/damaged car was given to me.
I have paid 9.8 lack for this car, I have full rights to know what happened and why was a damaged car given to me?


I purchased a used Hyundai Accent with only 39, 000 miles on it. As it was used, the warranty reverts to 5-yr/60, 000 miles upon my purchase. Two weeks after I purchased it that 5-yr warranty expired. The transmission failed less than 2000 miles later. I contacted Hyundai as a "goodwill request" to cover the transmission. They denied the request. I then got information this car was bad from the beginning. Contacted Hyundai again, told me regardless of what paperwork I have they will deny everything. I even sent letters to the headquarters in Korea who didn't even respond directly, just referred it to their consumer complaints. Tried getting the name of their attorney, they wouldn't even provide that. Horrible company! I have purchased many cars but Never would purchase a HYUNDAI car again, new or used.

  • Rr
    R.Rychecky Jun 03, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I leased a 2013 Sonata and it has a mechanical or design problem or both. In the last 5 weeks my Sonata shifter linkage has broken twice on me while I was parking my car. It is still under warranty. Also I am being charged for my rental car until the dealership fixes my car again. I leased the car from KEYES Hyundai in Van Nuys, California. They told me Hynduai does Not cover rental costs. I thought they made a dependable car...Guess Not!

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service warranty

We had a fully covered warranted item go defective. When brought in to the service dept. it was apparent that...

unnecessary closure of show room

I G.K. sahu an executiveof SAIL, Bhilai Steel Planthad booked A new Hyundai Accent executve car a week ago by paying Rs 50, 000 at Jaika Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. Bhilai (Chattisgarh) district -Durg. the perticular showroom as indicated has been closed since last two days. Today on 30-10-2008 the third cosecutive day the show room is still closed . I want to buy the car to day on 30-10-2008 i.e on holy occasion of Bhaidooj. May please be helped in this matter. My Contact no. is [protected] and E mail adress is ([protected]@sail-bhilaisteel.com (Wishing to win your favoutrabe consideration.Thanking you)


I wish to complain of an add using kostya tzu (ex boxer) to sell a vehicle (santa fe?) where he and hi...

rip off

United Hyundia of Las Vegas took advantage of a 74 year old dementia patient by offering a promise of free gasoline and trapping my uncle into financing a new Hyundia Sonata. After finding out about this travesty, my family has intervened and moved my uncle back to his original home in South Dakota to live out his days with respect instead of being at the mercy of unscrupulous businesses such as United Hyundia.

My uncle was so confused as to what was going on that he did not realize that he was signing financing paperwork and trading in the vehicle he drove to this dealership. To add insult to injury, the dealership did not feel comfortable letting my uncle drive off of their lot, they actually drove him home in his "new" car.

As with dementia patients, they have bouts of clarity along with confusion. My uncle realized that he was paying for a new car that was financed at 10% interest and withdraw cash from his accounts to pay off the car before the interest mounted up.

After returning to South Dakota and being evaluated by a doctor, my Uncle is no longer cleared to operate a motor vehicle. He can not even enjoy the fact that he owns a brand new car! Since we, his family, discovered all this too late, nothing can or will be done, but I felt that someone needed to know about these vultures.

For any and all that read this letter, please save yourself and your loved ones the pain that United Hyundia has inflicted on my uncle and our family, boycott this dealership.

  • Ma
    Marshall Jun 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On May 2nd I went into the dealership to ask about the 6885.00 pricing fro the accent. They told me that you had at least 15 qualifiactions to ge that price some of which contradicated each other. But after talking to James and then their closer Joe I agreed to terms verbally and signed off on it. I found a week and half later that the bank would not allow the deal. I went back to the dealer only after being threatened with Repo which they are not authorized to do. They also threatened this when I did not call back after they left me one message. I was at work and unable to call back fast enough for them. Once back at the dealer i loudly complained about the treatment and was yelled at by james patterson. At that point Scott Campbell and Tim(Slick) took over. I just wanted to turn my car back in but they refused that. Instead I was told that I would have to pay for mileage and daily rental fee in order to get my trade in back. I did not have that money and would have had to walk home. I signed for the new deal after being promised in verbal terms what they would do. When I refused to have gap and the extended warranty added they changedtheprice of the car so my payment would not change. The next day i was called back to the dealer becasue they realized that they had me sign a fraudlent contract that could have gotten them into trouble. The new contract had the correct payment but do not take into account the other promises that they made to me. When i asked about that they said that I would get the check they promised me to pay off my trade in, registration and to lower the payment for 12 months when I came back to pick up my green slip for the registration. Instead no chaeck was there. In trying to explain what happened they tapped dance around the truth. The told me that I was lying and that they were not going to do anything. I have since contacted the bank to tell them that they need to come and get the car as a voluntary repo. Without the money the promised i am unable to keep the car. i have also filed complaints with the BBB and with Hyundai motors. Hyundai has tried to intervene but as they tell me they are unable to do anything when it comes to their dealers.
    So if you decide to go to this dealer beware as they are only concerned with makeing a sale and not keeping a customer. Besides they already have 2 dealerships that are being forcible closed.

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obd sensor problems

I recently had transmission replaced on a 1998 Hyundai Sonata and am having problems with inspection because of OBD codes. I bought car to private inspection station and they said it had something to do with the trasmission being replaced recently. I am having problems wth Hyundai dealership taking responsibility for this problem.
I put over $3000.00 into car and feel this matter should be handle by dealership.

stay away

Antwerpen hyundai do not buy from them. Buyer beware. I was told I was not approved for a car by the fi guy name james and I was to return the car to the dealership which I did. A month later I get letter from hyundai motors that I have a car loan in my name. Those at antwerpen hyundai still try to get a loan after I return the car. Now I have a loan that they want me to pay. Do not buy anything from antwerpen hyundai or there other dealerships. Check their bbb rating. Buyer beware.

complaint about exchange bonus

Dated : 28.07.2008

Dear sir,
I have purchased a Hyundai Santro from Empire Hyundai an authorized dealer of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. on 25/12/2007 vide their invoice no. H200700109, dated 25/12/2007.
At that time of the purchase dealer has offered me Rs. 15, 000/- as an exchange bonus, under exchange scheme which was running by Hyundai it self & dealer also told me at that time, that the cheque of exchange bonus will be directly issued in my name from Hyundai Motor India Ltd.
When I have not received my exchange bonus cheque after passing 5 to 6 months, the dealer told me that his dealership is being cancelled by Hyundai Motor India Ltd, so he not responsible & when I contacted to Hyundai Motor India Ltd., they told me they have not received complete papers related to exchange bonus scheme from dealer, so they are unable to issue any cheque in my favour.
Since than I am contacting so many person like Mr. Ahmed, Mr. Vikas saxena, Mr. Ashok kumar, Mr. Neeraj kohli (National Head-Complaints) & Mr. Ashish anand but expect Mr. Ahmed no-body is responding in proper manner even Hyundai National head complaints & Mr. Ashish anand is not picking up the phone from any no.
Now I have arrange all the paper which is required for exchange bonus by my efforts but have no idea to whom I submit these paper & after how many days I will receive my exchange bonus cheque.
This is my second car of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. & the experience which I have this time will not allow me to purchase any car from Hyundai in future & I will not suggest any body to do the same.
If you can do any thing in this regards this will help me out from this situation.
Thanks & Regards

(Vikas Saxena)
[protected], [protected]
Office :- [protected], 2827513, 6454065
Home : [protected]

  • An
    Angrez SIngh Feb 22, 2010

    Dear sir,
    I have purchased a Hyundai Santro from KC Hyundai Jammu an authorized dealer of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. on 14-01-2009 vide invoice No. T200900090. dt: 14-01-2009, customer id: C2009120297, REg. No. JK02AK0611
    At that time of the purchase dealer has offered me Rs. 4000/- as an exchange bonus, under exchange scheme which was running by Hyundai it self & dealer also told me at that time, that the cheque of exchange bonus will be directly issued in my name from Hyundai Motor India Ltd. but tlll date i have not received the cheque or anything else.

    If you can do any thing in this regards this will help me out from this situation.
    Thanks & Regards

    (Angrez Singh)

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check engine light

I purchased my new Santafe from Kerry Hundai of Florence Ky on the 12March 2007. I returned it for service 17Aug for check engine light on. Again on the 4Sept i returned it for check engine light on. Again on the 1Oct i returned for check engine light on.Again on the 26Oct i returned for check engine light on. Now today 22 July the light came on again. Is there any way you can contact Kerry Hundai and see what the problem is for not correcting the problem in the first service visit?. I'm getting pretty disgusted with the service that i have received from them.

Thanking You In Advance.

Howard Profitt
1174 Tyler Ct
Independence Ky 41051

manufacturing defects

Its shocking that their is a major manufacturing problem with my car under registration no. DL3CAQ4847 model santro E3XL which was bought from the samara hyundai's lajpat nagar showroom. The car has a major problem of vibration at the speed of 80kmph due to which both the front tires of my car are gone and the power staring also does not work properly. The car was serviced at the patparganj workshop under 3 -free services scheme and 1-paid service dtd- 14th july 2008. Inspite of several personal reminders to the workshop's engineers nothing has been done and the fault has never been rectified. The loss of 2 tires is bearded by me though, it is the duty of the company to replace the gone tires and to rectify the said problem. It is a matter of utter shame and an absolute disregard to the customers who not only invest their hard earned money but also their trust in a brand. I am extremely sorry to learn that a company like Hyundai cares a damn for the customers and thinks that making a fool of people by talking about product and after sales service is a mater of pride. The worst attitude i have seen i must say and it shows when you visit their service centers. I regret the day i bought a Hyundai.

lied on the phone to get me to the dealership

Right now I am leasing a 2007 Santa FE. I wanted to trade it in for a bigger vehicle, the Entourage, because...

sold me a bad car

I went to Carolina Hyundai In Fort Mill SC. They sold me a 2005 Hyundai XG350 that has been in the repair shop for the same thing so many times that I am still upset. They did not show me the car fax report or even offer. That should have been a warning about the deception that the car had issues. Later I found out the car was bought at an auction. The transmission still jumps. The car value has decreased and now when I try to trade, found out the car was in an accident which leaves me really unsatisfied.

Truly a dissatisfied customer.

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