Huntington Bank / Huntington Bancsharesinfo needed for gap claim

S Aug 14, 2018

In mid May, my son was hit in an intersection and his car was totaled. Since May 23rd, my son has been trying to get Huntington to fill out a form so that the GAP insurance can pay off the balance of the loan. We've faxed the form numerous times, called too many times to count.
I find it unbelievable that someone there can't take ten minutes to fill out the info and fax it on so that they can have this loan closed out. They are keeping themselves from being paid $2400...
Of course they have no email contact, just MANY phone numbers, somehow none of them are helpful.
We just need this form filled out and sent to the GAP insurance and ourselves for backup, and we will expedite this loan being paid off. This is also keeping my son from being able to get another car for the last three months as it's showing on his credit report as still due.

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