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I am completely disappointed and angry. It was freezing in the restaurant. We ordered our food and one order came. The first order was the Stuffed Hashbrown. I'm not sure if it was grease on the plate. It looked like milk that we literally had to pour on to a pile of napkins to get the liquid off the plate. Maybe it was supposed to be gravy???
The second order was the MVP Breakfast. The waffle was cold it wouldn't even melt the butter so I asked them to microwave it. It took about 5 minutes to get it back and another 3 minutes for the syrup which was the consistency of water LITERALLY! About 5 minutes later they brought the biscuit and gravy out and the gravy was absolutely not looked like the same milky substance that was on the first plate. So that also went back . By this time my husband had eaten his meal and I've only received the waffle. I asked them to forget the 2nd order and just give us the check. We were charged 17.89.

*8.29 for the Stuffed Hashbrown
*3.99 for 2 drinks (1 of which I never took a drink of because I was waiting for my food)
*3.99 for the waffle
Are you KIDDING ME!!!

I ate at a different Huddle House for my first time just a couple of weeks ago and it was so amazingly good. So when I saw this Huddle House I assumed it would be the same great food. Nothing about this most recent experience was even decent. There were only two people working and no manager. The guy said the manager had left a couple of hours prior. So I had no choice but to pay the tab and leave. If this complaint is not addressed I will NEVER spend one more dime at a Huddle House. I will definitely be sure to spread the word on how this issue was resolved...or if it's not.

Huddle House

Oct 11, 2019

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