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Resolved suzuki motorcycle

I purchased suzuki motorcycle in june 2007. I thought I was getting a good deal with a percentage rate of...

Resolved abusive hidden fees

2 complaints:
1) I sent $500.00 to someone in new york using my hsbc credit card and western union.
When I received my statement from hsbc, I was hit by a "cash fee" of $27.00 or 5.4% of the
Amount sent. when I complained about it, I was told that "transfers are considered to be cash advances and that I is mentioned in the credit card agreement..."

2) my interest rate was increased to 30%!! because "... the system shows that you were 30 late in your payment for november 2008..."
This is insane because I pay every month many times the minimum payment required!

All of you, do as I will, dump your hsbc credit card and look for a better deal!

Resolved hsbc credit card reduces credit limit and raises interst rates of good customers

HSBC credit card holders...beware! I just received a letter from HSBC informing me my credit limit had been...

Resolved fraud and cheating

Beneficial has been giving me the run around since October of last year (2008). That's when I called in to arrange for a late payment on our mortgage. First they transfered me to four different departments, then they claimed they had no record of my account in their files. Naturally, I told them if they had no record of my account I could not send them a payment. How safe would you feel mailing $1224 to a company who can't locate your mortgage account? Then after calling each week for over a month and a half, that would be late December, they magically discovered the number on my bills was for HSBC, since my mortgage was with Beneficial the nof cource they did not have my account on file. I told them they had no listening skills then because each time I called I specifically stateded HSBC/ Beneficial as my account holder. By that time I was 3 months behind. I arranged a partial payment of $900.00 as a gesture I intended to pay on the account. I was specific on the fact that the payment was for the outstanding amount owed, but they applied it to the principal instead of the outstanding balance. St thst timr zi requested to apply for their Hardship Program in an effort to negotiate with them. I explained that in January I would be temporarily laid off from my job due to the client canceling their contract with the firm I was working for. They gave me the number for the Hardship Department, which I later found out was Accorn, a third party not just another department in the mega corporation of HSBC/Beneficial. Every time I call them I am transfered at least 4 times before I can get someone to discuss my account with me. I called the first week of January to find out how my case ws going and was told there had been no case filed on my behalf. I asked the representative what had happened to the paper work I had faxed to the Hardship department, many of them were personal financial documents showing the bills from my cancer surgery and the letter about the end of the contract on January 20, 2009 which would be the firdt day of my lay off.

To make it as short as I can I had to reapply for the hardship program and fax the information to the Hardship department again. In a letter dated Feb. 20, 2009 I was declared in default and told I had until Mar. 06, 2009 to come up with over $7000.00 or they would cause foreclosure proceedings to be instated against the property. How can they want to foreclose on the property when we have done everything in our power to come to an agreement with them for reasonable terms. Our current interest rate is 9.95% with monthly payments of $1224.39. It takes two of my bi-weekly paychecks to make this payment. I asked why they wanted to foreclose on my home and add to the already declining property values, when it made more sense to renegotiate for a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment that we could afford. When I did go back to work on Feb. 09, 2009 my wages were decreasedby at least $150 a paycheck because I was not getting sale incentives due to the fact I was training for a new client and the Company I work for did not yet have sale incentives worked out with the new client yet. It is impossible for us to work with a loan modification company. The only ones I get any response from are either in California or Florida and want any where from $2, 000.00 to $4000.00 to take our case. If I had that kind of money it would be extremely stupid of me not to apply it to our outstanding amount past due. I feel like we are drowning, my husband is threatening suicide and take as many as he can who try to take our house. It all seems hopeless. The only thing the Government agencies, United Way and HUD are doing is play phone tag with me.

  • Ka
    K.Amarnath Reddy Sep 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is K.amarnath Reddy customer of HSBC.Few months back through internet some unknown transactions happened without my knowledge. After receiving the statement immediately I sent dispute letter to HSBC. Now they are telling I have to pay the amount which I have not at all done any transactions.


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  • Valerie Sep 24, 2008

    Two weeks ago I went to John Keating Chevrolet to purchase the 2008 Malibu. I wanted my current finance company to finance it (HSBC). When the sales representative contacted me a few days later, I was informed that HSBC has went under. To this day (three weeks later) I have not been notified of this change. When will they inform us consumers? I believe this is so unfair. I also have an HSBC direct savings account of which I have recently closed. If they haven't had the integrity to contact me to let me know of this change, who knows what is being done with my money.

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Resolved hsbc can not be trusted!

I made two seperate transactions to take advantage of a "no interest" promotion for a furniture purchase and an electronics purchase at two different retailers.

The accounts were payable to HSBC Retail Services. I set up my monthly payments accordingly so that the balance of the purchases would be paid off by the end of the promotion date.

With 3 payments left on one of the purchases HSBC started refunding my payments back to my checking account without my knowledge and for no reason.

When my last statement arrived, I noticed that the finance charges had been charged to my account and I started to investigate this with my bank. They determined that 3 months of payments had been refunded to my account, but not until the last month of the promotion and there was no reason offered by HSBC.

I am now disputing the finance charges and have sent them the refunded payments they sent me, but they want copies of everything from my bank and a letter explaining the "situation". This will probably take another couple months to settle with them since I cannot fax any of the paperwork from my bank, it all has to be sent through the USPS, (snail mail).

The second account I have with them just assessed me with a late fee of $29.00. This too, was a "no interest" promotion and I had the payments set up automatically with my financial institution's online Bill Payer as with the first account.

HSBC claims that I need to set the payments up for a payment date 11 days before the due date in order for them to receive it on time - what is the sense of using electronic payments when you have to give the creditor your money 11 days ahead of time??? I thought electronic payments were supposed to go much quicker hence the reason for using it...

This company is DISHONEST AND DIFFICULT to work with. I am paying both of the accounts off immediately and will never purchase anything that has to be paid through HSBC RETAIL SERVICES.

  • Ej
    ej harrigan Jun 18, 2009

    I bought a computer through HSBC two years ago. I charged 1100.00 on the card. I have been paying faithfully every month and was only late once. However, I just found out that HSBC has been charging my account with being late for almost an entire year. On a 28.00 per month payment, they charged 39.00 late fee plus another 15.00 for finance charges, for a grand total that month of 93.00. This is outrageous! why are we allowing these predatory creeps to continue ripping off poor people in this country. If you don't pay them, they threaten you with ruining your credit. In the meantime, what recourse does consumer have? This is grossly unfair, and they need to be put out of business. It appears that even if you make your payment on time, they delay applying the payment until the due date is past.

    e j harrigan --- [email protected]

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Resolved lowered credit limit

I have had a Direct Merchants Card for over 10 years which for which I have never made a late payment and which carries a very low balance if any at all. Last week, without notification, my available credit was decreased from $8700 to $300. When I called they said it was a 'business decision' and I would find out 'why' when I received the letter. I received the letter which states that "we recently completed a loss mitigation review on our Direct Merchants bAnk (R) Mastercard (R) accounts. As a result of the class of accounts into which your Account fell, the credit limit on your Direct Merchants Bank (R) Mastercard(R) Account has been reduced to $300." I am baffled. No late payments; same income (if not more), credit is good; no foreclosures or late payments anywhere. Reading on-line complaints I see that this is happening to alot of people who carry low balances or no balance. This will have a negative impact on our credit (debt ratio) and will perhaps affect how other credit card companies and credit companies in general will view my report. It appears that if you are not carrying a balance and paying their %24 interest (which is outrageous) then they are reducing your credit to almost nothing. Motivation for them? -- GREED. Who is going to monitor these procedures which are affecting people like me with great credit who have been long standing customers with no late payments?

  • Cr
    Creditor Mar 04, 2009

    I have 3 credit cards throug GE Money and they did the exact same thing. They lowered my credit limit to the nearest $100 increment above what my balance was. I had 3 cards and none of them had a credit limit of over $200, so I cancelled all of them and payed off the small balances I had with them. All credit card companies are trying to strenthen the look of the company and to decrease the possibility of exposure. If they lower your credit limit and everyone elses their exposure is limited as well. In the event they want to sell a portion of their company they will know exactly what their exposure is and can entice buyers more easily.

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  • Hs
    HSBC-INFO Mar 05, 2009

    HSBC is total scam now adays.

    /URL removed/

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  • Pj
    pj1458 Jun 23, 2011

    HSBC lowered my credit limit from $4000.00 to 305.00, on my credit card that I have had for years; due to the fact they did not change my mailing address when I called in. I was late less than 30 days on my $15.00 payment (but the letter said I was seriously delinquent, yet they reimbursed me on the late fee... this account was always paid in full monthly. "They had no record" of me calling in and changing the address. They offered to request an upgrade, and it was declined... DUH hello, I am not stupid, what a scam. I cancelled the credit card and will never do business with this company again.

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Resolved fraudulent charges

I signed up for a credit card from HSBC at the World Series in Tampa to get a free towel. This was October 23, 2008. I just got a credit card bill in the mail for $29.95, almost 4 months after the fact. The $29.95 was for a subscription to Sports Illustrated which I had no idea I was signing up for. Even if it was in the fine print that I didn't read, I would not expect a bank or Sports Illustrated to have to resort to this type of deceptive practice. Weak. Unfortunately this type of stunt is getting common even among reputable companies. This is not going to help our economy. I'm done complaining and now I am going to get back to my honest days work for an honest days pay.

Resolved terrible bank

At Target yesterday, in the check out line, my card denied. Called HSBC they said nothing personal, across the board, protecting ourselves. Lowered my limit from 8600 to 3300 with no notice, no reason. Always pay on time, never overlimit, had account for app 8 years. This was 2/24/09, they said they would be sending a notice out on the 27th!!! I use my card for everything during the month, then usually pay it off at the end of the month. It has always been convenient for keeping track of purchases. Anyway, now I am overlimit. They best not charge me an overlimit fee! I'm sure my credit scores which are excellent are going to drop. We are planning to purchase a home this Spring, so have been working hard to make sure all is in order, am afraid this may have really messed us up. Funny, I have 2 cards HSBC and Bank of America which I rarely use, BOA just increased my limit by 3000 last month!! What's up with HSBC, very bad business. I will not use this card again.

  • Valerie Nov 07, 2008

    I believe that at this company there is a systematic plan to rip people off by 'losing' payments and delaying payments. This has never happened to me before in twenty years of sending payments to other companies (many) in the US mail but has happened twice in the last year with this company. Once with HSBC Business solutions (I was told by customer service that the payment must be 'lost in the mail') and once by Household Bank (a consumer account) took 11 days to post. And guess what? its the same company. The payment that took 11 days to post is sent to the same city that my sister lives in and it takes 2 days for letters to get to her (everytime!). Anyway it seems that it would be simple to statistically prove that an anomaly is present in mail being 'lost' and 'delayed' to this company (and all of its' branches) and not to other companies. It might also be possible to trace mail to the company or track a big population sample and see what happens. The company has a big financial motive to 'lose' or delay our payments and it is doing just that, we need to stop it and make them accountable for this!

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  • La
    Laurie Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Use the cancelled checks and your statements - Do they show they were processed by HSBC before the due date? If yes - you have a valid complaint.
    If no - they were probably delayed in the mail.

    They will process your checks for payment as soon as received.

    File complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision

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  • Ed
    Edward Jan 06, 2009

    Recently, the school system for which I worked acquired a new bookkeeper. Consequently, my paycheck was late. I called HSBC on the day my payment was due to let them know that due to the above circumstances out of my control my payment would be one business day late. The customer service rep said no problem, I'll note your account. I made the payment as promised.

    HSBC slapped me with a late charge. We went around and around on this issue, and I have the emails to prove it, before they finally credited me the late charge.

    Two weeks later I get a letter in the mail that they're raising my interest rate to 26.99 percent or I could keep my present rate with them if I wanted to close my account. I emailed and told them I wasn't going to pay, and furthermore, if my business with them isn't important enough to keep my interest rate at its present level and keep my account open, then my money wasn't good enough for them either. We went around and around again (and I have these emails as well) with their repeated request that I call their customer service and me replying to them, you have my phone number and the last time I called your customer service it didn't do me a bit of good.

    I prefer everything in writing now when dealing with these banks, whether it's email or snail mail. I believe the raising of my interest rate was pure retaliation, just because they could. I'm through lying down to be a convenient doormat for banks.

    I refuse to pay until they lower their interest rate, plus now drop all the resulting late charges they've added to my account. I don't give a damn about my credit rating--this is a merely tool created by the banks to herd frightened people into line. What they don't tell you is that in two or three years of regular, on-time payments to your other accounts, your credit rating bounces right back.

    I have two other banks who thought to arbitrarily try to extort more money out of me by raising their rates that I have also refused to pay--Bank of America, who pulled the classic bait and switch when I did try to work out a settlement with them, and WaMu, who tried to extort ten more points in interest out of me just before they went bankrupt.

    To my way of thinking, these banks have already made their money on me, in interest alone, and now I get to pay them a second time because of the bailout. I don't feel bad for not paying them. I think more folks should stand up to them in this manner--perhaps then they wouldn't try to blatantly rob us like they do when we let them.

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  • Hs
    hsbc-fraud Mar 02, 2009

    hsbc is scammer bank.

    /URL removed/

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  • Pe
    Peter Jun 22, 2009

    My payment account was overdrawn about $50. Once my tax refund was deposited into my savings account they dug their hands in it and took the money that was owed. They closed my checking and my multiple savings accounts and will not let me withdrawl the money that is in there. They said that I still owe them the overdraft fee and they have no records of it being paid. What a bunch of lies. So basically they have stolen my hard earned money. Please stay clear of this bank they are out to get as much of your money as they can.

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Resolved do not use hsbc - ruins fico

Do not use HSBC credit cards. They are now cancelling credit card accounts without any warning due to 'inactivity'. Customer service will not help. They closed my account (which was in good standing, my fico is >780, or WAS), and will not tell me why because, "[you] are no longer a customer so we don't have to share this with you."

Opening and closing accounts HURTS FICO scores. They are wrong to do this. Forget ethics and business practices. How about the fact that they're hurting the economy by hurting consumers scores, in turn, making it more difficult for them to get approved. Also, why close an inactive account? It does not cost the company anything - and by doing so - they 100% reduce the possibility they can make money because customers can no longer, ever again, use their cards and HSBC cannot capitalize on the interest! Lastly, how about the fact that people who are scorned by this will NEVER EVER AGAIN USE HSBC'S SERVICES?


  • My
    M.Yorks Feb 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did the same thing to me and I am going to fight this with all I have. I do not want my excellent credit history to be affected by this banks unethical business practices. Why don't they spend this time going after the "deadbeat" accounts which I am sure they have plenty!

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Resolved cancelled without notice

As an HSBC Credit Account holder, I received notice my card was cancelled due to inactivity. No notice wa...

Resolved bill pay/customer service

I have purchased a Bowflex within the past 2 years and applied for a credit line with their partner in financing HSBC/HRS. Since recieving this "credit card" (I have never actually seen a card), I have had trouble on numerous accounts of recieving bill by mail statements late. On these occasions, I would recieve calls from someone who could barely speak any english that had less than minimum knowledge of what else I could do to lessen the problem, and a scripted list of conversation points that would be repeated if they sounded as if they would answer my questions. Of course not wanting to be late, I paid by telephone, which had attatched fees and of course the late charge for the origionaly late payment. I then moved to the online bill pay, which claimed a 2 day processing. The processing on average has been 3-5 working days and at the maximum I have seen it take well over a week to process which incurred more fees that I SHOULD NOT have to pay. Not only that, but with numerous late charges, I believe my credit limit has increased. How can this happen with all these late fees, unless they are trying to get me to spend more money with an already poorly (at best) run company? I am extremely unhappy with this service and DO NOT recomend this company for any type of lending in any way.

  • Ma
    Matt Mar 05, 2009

    Everything you mentioned exactly has happened to me. I mean, exactly. I thought I was the only one that didnt receive a credit card and finally just assumed I wasnt supposed to have one. I also have had very late bills and even received a letter from a collection agency before getting my first bill from this company. I can never find a customer service number to call and when I do finally get through to a representative, through other means, it still leads to nowhere. Although the rep I got ahold of one time could in fact speak english in the end I was still left in the dark with all the questions that I origianlly called about. I also find it very inconvenient that I cannot log on to my account with my account number. I have received only 2 or 3 bills since September of 2008 I do not have on-hand my account number. This would be easier if I had a phone number to call and somehow get my account number to sign up for online bill pay. Overall I am very unhappy with the service and will steer clear of this company in the future.

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  • Cp
    cperkins1 Mar 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm certain I signed for online bank payment...couldn't get through...had to pay by automated phone service. It's ridiculous enough that you charge me $97 in interest payment...I can't hardly wait to pay this account off...Your fees are unfair and ridiculous for someone who has had this account for many years...

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  • Ca
    casie12345 Dec 29, 2010

    I hate this company i got a four wheeler financed threw, them biggest mistake ever.. i never recieved a bill in the mail. i had excelent credit and they have messed mine up so bad i will never be able to own anything. they just dont care are must not know how they are affecting peoples lives trying to make an extra buck! They had the wrong social on all my information and when the account was opened the account a copy of my social security card and licence was faxed to them. they had a glitch in their system and who had to pay for it was me! so after months of trying to talk to someone i was about to give up. they would not even talk to me about my account at all because the social they put in their computer system was not mine but they had a copy of my social...i dont understand why this was a problem but it was ...it was a way for they them to never let me get paid off...they added so many extra fees which get added to the balance of the loan and have a different interest rate a very lage interest rate! should i go on...if i could ever meet the person in charge of all this i would try to take away from him whats been taken away from me!!! i feel now i will never get my dream home that ive worked so hard for my credit is not [censor]ed!

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  • Mm
    mmanthav Jan 21, 2012

    Getting an HSBC account has been the worst mistake of my life. I was 18, high pressure sales, 4 years of paying and I'm just now starting to pay toward my original balance which is 2, 500! I might get it paid off by the time I retire :(
    May I also add that I'll never ever do it again.

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  • Ct
    CTSprinkle Feb 11, 2013

    To Whom it may concern: This is a statement to put HSBC retail services, Household Bank.on notice. I have been trying to resolve an issue with my repossessed Yamaha Wave Runner ZX Deluxe. I need to let Household Bank know that I am the sole owner and am in possession of the title to the Yamaha Wave Runner trailer. This transaction was separate from the purchase of the unit. This information was shared with the repossession company as well as HSBC recovery service representatives. The unit was removed from my property. I have tried to make arrangements for the return of the Wave-Runner and have been confronted with judgemental, rude employees. You may not sell my property without the title. I have also procured an individual; who will take possession and pay for my Waverunner to be returned. Even though I was assured my person could make contact with you, February 11, they were unable to do so, having difficulty getting through to your phone lines. Additionally, If you are going to serve a nation with services, you must have employees available IN ALL TIME ZONES! I am appalled this company will not work with people and do their best to help, especially in a struggling economy.

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Resolved reactivated closed account

I cancelled my account and without my knowledge or approval they reactivated my account and didnt inform me for a year.

The only reason i do know is a collection agency called and informed me i now owe over $900.00 from an account i cancelled.

Resolved charges

A bunch of filthy thieves - I just don't know how the system allows this kind of practices in the US. I'm just dissapointed that companies like sony associate themselves with these mobsters. I guess it's all about $$$.

I have an hsbc sony card that I used to buy a $2k laptop. It came with no interest for 12 or 18 months so it seemed like a good idea at the time. I paid 1500 off within the first six months and had a 500 balance left. Never used the card for anything else, the minimum payment was always zero so I didn't worry about it. Just to check the balance a few days ago and see that they decided to add 500 to my existing balance!!! Finance charges because I didn't pay it in full before the promotion ended. It's probably somewhere in small print on some document they sent...

I think it's just theft but there's not much I can do so BEWARE.

  • Sl
    slave2change Jan 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Never use 'BEST BUY" credit cards alias HSBC collection. I purchased over three thousand dollars for a new computer, editing software, portable drive, wireless mouse and keyboard all at once. The clerk said I could get an additional 10% off if I opened a Best Buy Business account which I did. After waiting two months for the editing software to be shipped I was forced to go to My local Apple store and pay full retail. I canceled the order for the software and paid off the entire balance due, with the exception of the undelivered software which was now canceled.

    Long story short HSBC Demanded I pay the $280 for the software even though they never delivered it. After monthly billings with compounding interest and HSBC destroying my credit rating they finally "wrote me off"
    as unpaid. Now my credit is in limbo for the next 5 years according to their letter. And people wonder who destroyed the credit market.

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  • Jo
    John Mar 09, 2009

    they are lame, i called to cancel my car, but they wouldn't cancel it. they gave me the address to write the letter to, but they couldn't confirm the address that i have for them on my credit report.

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Resolved account closure - will not reinstate

I have paid over $1000.00 in 30 days and they CLOSED my card a month ago! Payment arrangements were made to bring my account current. The customer service representative confirmed that the payment arrangement was acceptable and would bring me current on my account. He forgot to tell me that the date I agreed to make the payment was 2 days AFTER the cycle date. Therefore their "system" revoked the card and closed it TWO DAYS before I made the agreed upon payment. The card was closed over a month ago. Since then I have made more payments, talked to reps on the phone, had available credit displayed online, and did not find out the card was closed until it declined at a merchant. I called and spoke to an Account Supervisor and a Floor Supervisor and was assured that there is NOTHING that can be done to reinstate the card. So be careful, you may feel reasurred and confident that you are doing the "right thing" but all your fate lies in the imaginary hands of the "System." Oh, one more thing, I have not been able to access the companies Terms & Conditions online for the last 4 days (and I have tried from my home PC as well as my office PC). hmmmmm, something does not seem right.

  • Ge
    geezer Mar 12, 2009

    I agree! HSBC Discover is god-like in their actions. My card was closed because I have not used it for 180 days and I carry a ZERO DOLLAR balance!
    The ### closed it because I pay in full and on time!
    I HEAT THIS KIND OF CRAP! They should be held accountable. The fat white boys in the board room should be castrated, along with their children, so we do not breed any more of those god-like megalomaniacs. They have automated systems. They are SOOO proud of that. It would be nice if their web geek could be directed to let people know that there has not been enough activity to suit the Master's wishes. Just a few line of code and there would be at least one less, pissed off, FORMER FOREVER cardholder! I will not do business with these jerks and automatons.

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Resolved deactivating personal bank account without notification and charging service fees while I have no access to the account

Don’t bank with HSBC
– They will lock you out of your account and bleed you dry with fees while you watch them!

For all those who are considering opening a personal bank account with HSBC... THINK AGAIN!!!

To put it politely, HSBC are the biggest bunch of rip-off artists I know. Bordering on criminal. WHY?

Let me highlight my personal banking experience with them, you can decide their integrity.

I’m based in Australia. I opened an off-shore account with them 2 years ago. Deposited some money and made transactions for the first year. I registered for internet bank and they also sent me an ATM card. All is well so far. They send me monthly statements showing me any transactions and the closing balance.

Then apparently in September 2008, they changed the off-shore account policies to increase the service fees to ridiculously high levels.

In the mean time I had not made any transactions in the last 6 months and they decided to deactivate my account. NO NOTIFICATION TO TELL ME MY ACCOUNT HAD BEEN DEACTIVATED, DEEMED DORMANT. All the while, they have been sending me statements, showing me how much they were deducting from my account, deemed as “service fees”. So in the last 6 months I had not paid much attention to these statements because I assumed I could have access to the account and withdraw the money anytime I wished.


I went back online and tried my usual log-in on internet banking and access was denied. Then I made a call to HSBC Singapore call centre to ask why. They specifically told me that online access has been discontinued because I haven’t used it for a while. So to withdraw any money out I have to write & post in to them instructing them to TT my money out of the account to another account. This would conveniently delay the process to the next service fee withdrawal, which they deem to be for security reasons. They did ask if I had phone banking, and I didn’t; nor did they bother to register me at the time. And at this stage, the call centre person did not notify me my account had altogether been deactivated. So the only way I thought of to get my money out quickly before they sucked more from my account was to use the ATM card. I located a HSBC ATM teller and tried my card. To my surprise, the ATM denied access to my account as well!!!

The next day I called these idiots and told them now I have absolutely NO ACCESS TO MY MONEY IN THEIR ACCOUNT. They asked me all the same questions again, “do you have phone banking”; security questions to verify that I am the real ME. I explained to them the situation and they refused to do anything about my predicament citing banking policies!!! Now this is one lesson everyone should learn: HSBC policies are there to protect THEM, NOT YOU, the customer. THEY ARE ALSO THERE TO RIP YOU OFF... yes, no secret there. They want to make money from you, anyway possible. And their policies have slimey loop-holes to screw the customers. So after 30 minutes on the phone, the useless call centre girl couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything. I tried escalating the issue to her manager but she refused to do so, all the while patronising me by saying she understands.

So here is the synopsis. I banked with HSBC. They changed their account policies. Deactivated my account citing that it was dormant for 6 months or more. Failed to inform me. Raised the service fee. Revoked my online and ATM access. In fact revoked any access to my account unless I write and post to them at my own cost. Delay the process to transfer my money to another account. Charge me more fees for this. Then finally closed my account.

If you want money in their bank that subjected to these kinds of T&Cs, you might as well put it in their pockets directly.

HSBC. You are a bunch of unscrupulous rip off merchants. May you fall with the financial crash this year.

Resolved lender on motorcycle

HSBC is the lender for a motorcycle which I bought and my Grandfather cosigned for. Since the beginning they have made it impossible to make payments. I bought it in March of 2008 I did not recieve my first bill til Sept. of 2008. I was not allowed to make payments online which was the way it was originally set up, when I called them they would not allow me to make payments over the phone without my grandfathers S.S. number. After repeated phone calls we figured out that they had my grandfather as the buyer instead of the cosigner and still after dozens more calls they will not change it. The original interest rate was 7.5 and it is now 17.9. We tried to get the payoff so we could refinance and the payoff has gone up 5000.00$ from what the bike was bought for. My grandfather is 72 and has had perfect credit his whole life and now has a flag up on his credit. They have us trapped and we recently learned Suzuki which is where I bought the motorcycle will not do business with them any longer because of "questionable practices". I need help. They are calling my grandfather 2 or 3 times a day claiming not to have received payment in 9 months. in November we decided to just refinance I quit making payments at that time but before that the payments were made.

Resolved identity protection plan

I am having a problem getting contact with this company. They put me on this plan without my permission, and...

Resolved not sending statements

A creditor failed to send me a billing statement for two months. I get a letter after Christmas requesting me to make the account current - Which I did. Two days later, I get a call, then another two days go by and I get another call. Then I was reminded that payment is due on the 9th of each month. Heck, no statement - am I suppose to pay blindly? Talking to their call center in Jan. I was more than teed off. They told me that they were going to add late fees - again - no statement! The supervisor did not speak to me though I requested to speak with the supervisor. I know that the supervisor listened in on the conversation. When I finally agreed to pay them - with no statement - I was again reminded that my bill is due on the 9th of each month! I called my Congressman and Senator. Congress is trying to put a halt to the harassment and unfair practices of credit card companies. I recommend everyone do the same. Oh, just in case the people from "H" bank is reading this, I am refusing any credit cards from your bank and refuse shoping at any store that uses your bank.

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    Donna91357 Feb 13, 2010

    I just obtained a credit card from Hsbc through Best Buy. I bought a laptop on the 18 months same as cash. I phoned customer service today to ask where my statement was. When I received my first statement 11 days after the statement date of 01/05/10 I thought is was becasue the first statement. But here I am on the 13th of Feb/2010 and still have not received my statement again although the statement date per customer service is Feb/5/2010. Per customer service it can take up to 10 days for the USPS to get my statement to me, I asked where the statement was being sent from and was told Maryland. Now, I get statements from several billing companies, some from Texas, SD, CA, NY, etc and none of them take 10 days only the Hsbc statement takes 10 days, so my statement date is the 5th of the month I don't receive my statement until the 15th of the month and it is due on the 28th of the month, so, when I receive my statement I need to send payment with 3 days of receipt in order for them to receive it by the 28th, per the USPS and how slowwwwwww, they are. I personally believe that statements are held for about 5 to 6 days prior to actually mailing them in the hopes that customers receive them late and are then subject to late fees and interest. My current fica score is 875 and I am not willing to let the underhanded billing practices of one company bring that down. I will be paying this account off asap and will not do business with any store that does business with Hsbc.

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Resolved will not return deposit for card

Opened the account with a $200.00 deposit to Orhard Bank, in 2007. Limit of $200.00. I never failed to pay the full balance owed every month. There were decrepancies regarding late fees and overlimit fees, which I protested and did not pay. Due to this, I cancelled the account on 8-23-08. I have sent two communications to HSBC (one certified mail) and spoken to several people regarding the return of the $200. deposit. The November and December statements sent to me has a CREDIT balance of #38.02, because they are charging the charges in dispute to the deposit, though there is no notification when I will receive the $38.02. I AM DUE $200.00.

Resolved unauthorized charges

HSBC, Retail Services, Superstores Of America is by far the worst institution you can borrow money from. They charge you outrageous fee's every opportunity they get. To use their payment by phone, you must pay a $15 transaction fee. To pay your bill online you are required to be subjected to their permanent drip campaigns. The physical bill to your home is in a plain envelope not clear as to who it's from (which appears to be a tactic to make you default on your payment, resulting in you owing interest on entire purchase amount). This company is extremely shady and I'm fortunate to almost be done with them. Ironically they have the nerve to try and up-sale you many services while they treat their customers poorly.