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telemarketing nuisance

A few weeks ago I bought some furniture through a one-year, no-payment, no-interest plan. It turned out that the finance company was part of HSBC Bank. Last week when I arrived home from work there was a missed call every day from HSBC. I finally called the number on my caller ID and received a recorded message, saying I probably called them because the number appeared on my caller ID. The recording went on to say that they hoped I got the information I needed and then disconnected.
When I was home last Saturday, my phone rang no less than seven times. One ring each time. Every call was from HSBC, according to my caller ID. I really wanted to talk to a human being to stop the annoying calls. Once again, I got a recording when I called.
Then the e-mail arrived, urging me to sign up for paperless billing on the account. There was a tab on the email that looked life the solution. "Conact us." I clicked on the tab and it took me nowhere. No opportunity for an online chat with a service rep. No way to enter an email message. No phone number to call.
Then, last night when my phone rang, the caller ID said "HSBC." I grabbed the call. There was a long pause. Then a male voice that sounded digital said, "May I speak with Delores, please." I was becoming irate. I told the caller there was no one at that number with that name. I then told him to take my number out of their system. He told me it would take 30 days. I asked him if I would continue to receive these calls for 30 days. He said he did not know but that he would enter my request to receive no more calls. Something is really messed up at HSBC! Sure doesn't make me want to do business with them ever again!

settlement letter

As per call from hsbc agent in the year 2008 I had deposited rs 18000/- in the hsbc bank and the agent promised me to send the settlement letter. as I was in hurry to rush to us I just deposited the amount and got the receipt the agent had also confirmed to me through phone that he had recived the amount and he will be sending the letter. it was surprise to me when I returned back from us there where pile of hsbc bank statement with and increasing amount of 28000 rs which I had made zero. and now hsbc is not at all replaying me for this lapse from their side.

breach of contract

Hi i'm ed clarke. Thanks for giving me this facility. My compliant is simple one of a betrayal by hsbc...

tata aig health policy

Dear Sir,
I am holding HSBC Westside credit Card, which I have used twice in my life .In the month of October 2009 I have used it for last time. In the same month I got a call from HSBC Customer care and provided me the information about TATA AIG health policy in which I was not at all interested and I refused to take after few months I am now getting calls from HSBC Customer care that my dues are Rs. 1800/- against the TATA Policy . I wonder I have not asked for any policy, not received any documents of policy, then how HSBC can charge me for that? and who gave them the rights to proivde my credit card details to Tata AIG whichout my permission. Kindly look in to the matter . and help me to resolve this query.
Thanks a lot .

locked out my money for 1 year

I phoned HSBC to find out why my cash ISA is not letting me transfer funds from my personal account. So I end up talking to someone who said they would sort this out for me.

Next thing I know they have locked 3k into a Fixed Rate Saver account which I cannot access for 1 year. Then they open up a Fixed rate ISA fro 3, 600.

With the current crappy interest rates not worth me doing this. and what right does HSBC bank have in taken my money out from the instant saver account where can access at anytime.

As unemployed I am now going to struggle as my savings now locked away for 1 year. Can I do anything, no said HSBC as they say read their terms and conditions! Simply put this is theft! Don´t bank with HSBC you have been warned!

Just to add a customer services guy from HSBC phones me up saying "How is my banking going..." well guess what my reply to him was!

  • Ar
    Arjun Shrestha Aug 26, 2011

    Dear Bank,

    I am facing the one problem with your HSBC Bank that I have one credit card of your bank from last one year.

    On 24th Aug’11 I was called your customer care for EMI process and your banker was told me that it is very simple please parches any time and called us for EMI process we will do the same.

    My Card no this 4476 9299 8052 2160 I was purchased one mobile of Rs. 10, 000/- and I want to be a EMI process but your banker is not able to do the same.

    This is not the first time I am facing the problem with bank.

    Please have look into this or call me on my cell 9873335894

    Thanks & Regards,
    Arjun Shrestha

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take your money out of hsbc while you still can

Take your money out of hsbc while you still can. I have been a loyal customer of hsbc for a long time, and...

hsbc malaysia customer service for credit card

I called up to HSBC on 31st Dec 2009, request to terminate my credit card, and also request to have new...

do this, I did, an its worked with crooked hsbc

Ok everyone haveing trouble with hsbc..

First if you bank online with them by letting them take your payments out of your bank acc.'s goto there site an remove your bank acc #'s.
2. take your number off there site phone numbers. stops the calls.
3. get everything from them in writeing sent to your home, not online. get it on paper.
4. refuse to pay late fee's, if you don't think you owe them.
5. if theres charges on your card that you know you did not make, call them tell them an tell them you want a letter sent to you [not online] on paper stateing you filed the complaint about charges made on your card that wasn't yours. keep all this.
6. tell them until its corrected on your statement, that no payments will be made an you will not make any<>late fee payments.
7. demand, don't ask, deman<> it all in writeing sent to you on paper, see if they send it online they say it got messedup being sent an that a spammer sent it not them,,, so get it in writeing on there letter head sent to your hands on paper.
8. you do not have to pay late fee's or over charge fee's if you did not make that charge an your waiting for them to remove it, before you pay.
9. if the charges keep showing up month after month even after you have told them about it, report your card lost, gets you a new card an number, dont report it stolden, that requires a police report. then after you get thenew card an it happens again, its there fault an they have to cover it allll.
10. contact me anytime, im still fighting them I havent paid them a dime since oct. 2009, an they don't call me, or send me letters, the letters I return unopened. I have failed a suit on them for allowing this co. something dental white an others name this co. uses, an hsbc lets them keep chargeing over an over, so I told hsbc since they let them charge on my card even my new card[reported the first lost] an the new card they still let them charge, so I told hsbc you pay it, im not... im trey

  • Bb
    BB Jersey Girl Jan 29, 2010

    That's so good to know. Now i know that i am not alone. Thanks! BB Jersey Girl

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  • Mi
    MissJennie666 Jan 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The calls and letters may have stopped but have you checked your credit report lately??

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there crooks

-----original message-----
From: "hsbc bank plc"<[protected]@hsbc.org>
Subject: urgent enquiry on your representative
Date: tue, 26 jan 2010 15:28:48 +0100

Hsbc bank plc london.(registered no.1026167).
Address: 8 canada square london, e14 5hq,
United kingdom.

Chairman committee on foreign contract and
Inheritance fund payment notification
From:hsbc bank plc london.


The u.s.a government, world bank and united nations organization official has approved to pay you part payment of your contract/inheritance fund payment valued at usd$5.5m in conjunction with british government and hsbc bank plc london.

This decision was made last week.with this development, a woman by name (mrs: janet white) came to our office with an application stating that you gave her the power of attorney to be the beneficiary of your outstanding contract/inheritance/award funds.
She made us to believe that you are dead and that she is your next of kin. we got your email address and decided to send an email through this address hoping to find out if you are dead or alive and also to find out if you at any time gave this woman the power of
Attorney to represent you.

Please let us know also if you are aware that we are almost ready to transfer part payment of $5.5m usd of your outstanding funds to her nominated bank account stated below:

Bank name:washington mutual bank
Address:1723 palmdale bulv.
Palmdale ca. 93550
Acct # : [protected]
Rout # : [protected]
Swift code # : wmsbus66
Beneficiary:janet white

If you are not aware of the above instruction, do respond to this email immediately by contacting the chairman of the international remittance department (mr.vincent cheng)

His contact information are written below:
Name:mr.vincent cheng.
Direct telephone number:+44-70-[protected]
Fax number:+[protected]

For immediate transfer of your funds be informed that you are not allowed to correspond or contact any person or office with respect to this transfer other than this office, you are required to send to him an email with your full following information below:

1) your full name__________________

2) residence address, city, state and country______________________

3) personal cell phone, fax and mobile phone

Yours sincerely,

Mr. alex hungate.

Hsbc bank plc london.


A series of continoues phone calls that claim to be from HSBC and attampts to extract information regarding my accounts. I have checked with HSBC that they are no real calls, and tol the caller to stop calling but still get daily calles probaly from an autodialler. The following phone numbers shows on the incoming call display:

[protected] and [protected]

interest rate increase

Today I opened our HSBC credit card bill to find my interest rate had been raised by 3%, from 11.99% to 14.99%. I then called HSBC, spoke to supervisor Steve, ID# EHL, and was told that a notice had been mailed to us in September informing us of this pending interest rate increase and an option for us to opt out and not have the interest raised but to have our account closed. I had until December 10, 2009 to respond. This notice was not sent with my bill where it would no doubt have been noticed and read. I did not receive this notice.

Had I received this notice I would have opted out. I would in no way agree to an interest rate increase.

I asked for a copy of this opt-out notice and was told by Steve that it was not available. I told Steve that if this is legal, it certainly is not ethical, and that this is the very behavior which has cast banks and credit cards in a negative light in the public eye. He then said our conversation was concluded and hung up on me.
I called back and spoke to Steve’s supervisor Richard, ID# Q72, to complain about the interest rate increase and Steve’s behavior. Richard informed me that HSBC had a copy of the opt-out letter, but that they had “chosen the option to not make it available to customers”. He told me that Steve’s behavior was rude. He also told me that many customers were calling to complain about their interest rate increase because they had not received the notice, did not realize what it was or did not understand it.
In our case, Richard informed me that a request had been made to the Backend Department to grant us an opt out, even though the deadline had passed. He said in all likelihood it would be granted, and if it is, my previous lower interest rate would be retroactively reinstated and a credit issued to my account. I will be notified of their decision by mail in three weeks.
My current complaint is the underhanded and devious way HSBC raised my interest rate, their unwillingness to immediately grant my request to opt out, and their unwillingness to send a copy of the opt out letter. I will have a future complaint should HSBC fail to rectify the situation by returning my account to its original interest rate retroactively.
Thank you for your concern and consideration of this matter.

  • Ua
    uawelder Feb 16, 2010

    Hsbc did the same to me, I have 1 master card credit card through them and 2 atv credit cards through hsbc. I recieved the letter for the credit card about my right to reject my intrest rate. I then got to thinking my atvs apr will double after 2 years of promotion offer i wonder if i can reject the intrest change with the new laws. So I gave them a call to there 1800 number for yamaha. I have 2 loans for atvs through them. I acted as if the letter was sent to me for my atv..."in reality I had never recieved one" this same month my intrest on that card would go from 130 dollers to 260 dollers minimum it was going to turn into a car bill. I called and told them the letter i recieved they said they sent me two letters and wanted to know witch one it was...they wanted me to read word for word what the letter said..about to times i was put on hold mutiple times for over 10 mins at a time as if they didnt know how to deal with me. They kept acting as if it wasnt an option and that the new terms would benefit me and they tried bssin me on how it was better...she told me it was waiving some 15 doller fee and that it was better that my intrest doubles to pay off the loan...they werent going to trick me i told her but this letter says i can reject you guys doubling my intrests right and there like well yes you can...and i told her if its going to double wouldnt it be better to opt out and close my account instead of letting it double...i told her close it.

    Again today with my kawasaki loan through hsbc they tried to tell me they sent me a letter in september...i never got it either. I really think they never sent these letters out they are just saying they did...someone should sue them and start a class action and see how many people really did recieve there supposed letter. They seem to know what they are doing is wrong...they try to steer you to keep the variable increase in rate and tell me it would benefit me...how does it make sense to double your intrest rate????? Then she tried telling me the letter i had was for a 15 doller waaiver witch i had no clue she was talking about...i was told multiple times i couldnt reject intrest and yet they would ask me if i wanted to...in the end i said close my accounts they are sneaky and its illegal.

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exhorbitant fee to move account

HSBC Investments have Exhorbitant Fee to move YOUR money to another financial institution. I moved my money after getting poor service on their loans and information. Be careful to check ALL the details before giveing them any of your hard earned investment money.

wrongly charged annual fe and membership fees

I am using HSBC credit card for long time. It was assured to me that no annual fees and card membership fees will be ever charged to us.
but in my current invoice dated 2nd feb 2010 the above chrges has been charged. i am feeling cheated by such a remarkable organisation.

I can only request for reversal of the above charges i.e rs.1000/- towards annual fee and rs.2000 towards primary card membership fees.

my mobile no. is 0-[protected].
account no. is : -[protected].

  • 1m
    1mike23 Sep 30, 2010

    My name is Michael Mason-Mahon and I am a shareholder of HSBC Plc. If you would like to send me details of what has happened to you, I will address this with the CEO of HSBC in India. I may be able to help you. I have been able to help many Indian people with their complaints againist HSBCMay I also say that I also visit India very often. If you send me your mobile no. I will phone you.

    Kind regards
    Michael Mason-Mahon

    [email protected]


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  • Si
    sidmat May 25, 2011


    I had the same issue.
    They say lifetime free credit card and charge 700 Rs anual membership fee out of the blue.
    its ridiculous.

    Stay away from HSBC.
    They are highly unethical


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predatory lenders

We refinanced our home with Beneficial( HSBC) in Feb. 2007. As the mortgage specialist advised we agreed to...

rude and harrassing calls, daily.

The holiday season is here. My family and I left for holiday. Slipped on a credit card debts from my gold card hsbc due 28/12/09 sum of less than usd$30 and usd$100.

When we were in macau and hong kong, I received roaming calls from really rude debt collectors acting on behalf on hsbc.

Yet they claim hsbc 'the world's local bank"and you see the websites full of awards and how they can help.

They are just practically loan sharks in suits. A camouflaged.

I understand by all means I owe the charges on my visa gold card. But the amount owing is so minimum compared to my monthly payment in which I never pay in installments and always the full amount never late.

Seeing this history, they should have some understanding and a grace period. I am willing to pay the late charges and the interest added.

This is small money. What I am most annoyed is the rude debt collectors ladies who are trained to talk in annoyingly understated manner and a subtle threat in which by law is still acceptable. (not an open threat)

Upon receiving these calls, the following day when my office re opens after the new year, I asked my secretary to immediately find the statements and call and pay asap.

Outstanding balances was paid in full together with late charges and interests.

And yet, once again, this morning, their debt collector called and ask me to pay up again, over the same matter.

Please, for a bank who claims international standard and with slogan"the world local's bank", hsbc falls to low to employ debt collectors with the level as the"loan sharks'.

I wonder how many more days if I had delay the payment and they will come knocking on my house door or even write banners over usd$100?


I write to this website is also because upon calling the debt collector number and asking to speak to their person in charge, the debt collectors lady on the phone refuses to give out the name and put me through. I suppossed each stand on their own with a substantial amount of commission if debts had been collected.

  • michelle2010 Jan 11, 2010

    I have gone a online bank to withdraw money. There saw a new device (iPhone’s Credit Card Terminal) Have anyone any idea about iPhone’s Credit Card Terminal?

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  • Ej
    ejecthunter Feb 27, 2010

    i was tormented by HSBC's debt collectors for a full week while i was in Mainland china, i literally had to get on the next plane and get to Hong Kong to settle a HKD7.50 bill overdue for 6 days!,

    when i went to HSBC's main office in Central hong Kong all they could tell me was how sorry they were and they will surely followup on procedures followed, its bee 3 months havent yet received a reply.

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  • Pe
    pestered Apr 20, 2010

    They are indeed very rude. The same thing happens to me, but in a more ridiculous way where I did try to pay my HSBC credit card through an ATM and it says "the credit number is not registered". I tried to pay another HSBC card I have using the same ATM and it worked! I reported what happened to the customer service and they said there is nothing wrong with my card. That kind of answer annoys me, instead of saying "please give us time to check and will get back to you" they assured me nothing is wrong with my credit card. If there is nothing wrong with it, how come the ATM screen says my card is not registered? I tried again after a couple of days and the same thing happen, just to answer my curiosity I paid the other card, and it worked again! So I reported again and this time the lady said sorry and they will check. I told them that I'm currently in a small town and there is only one ATM I could use, and I will be able to pay the charges include whatever charges when I'm in town in a couple of days. Again, they keep calling me on and on and on. It frustrates me a lot! How could they claim to be the world's local bank if their internal communication system is lousy anyway, plus the staffs attitude is something unacceptable. I tried my last attempt, as suggested that I should talk to the customer service, again! This time, the CS assured me that the note is taken and I would be able to pay the credit card bill when I'm in town which is in a few days, so that I can use another ATM card, of which this another ATM card is not usable in this small town. The next morning, guess what.. another call asking the same thing! Jeez.. what kind of service is that, the world's local bank? I hardly disagreed!

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unethical business practice

I had a Menards card (local home improvement company) until tonight, I just canceled it. These people are ###.

I had two promotions going with Menards, one due January 10, 2010 one due March 21, 2010. I had made two small charges on my card and forgot about them. When they contacted me I immediately paid the charges by our bill payer (September 2009).

In October 2009 I paid the promotion due in January in full.

Today I opened my bill and the promotions were canceled and back charges, fees and interest were added. I called them and was told that because of "the presidents" new legislation they were allowed to contact us by writing within forty-five days to offer if I didn't respond they could do this.

I have never seen any documentation that they sent me. They say it was sent.

I paid my card in full tonight and told the supervisor that they are the reason the legislation was enacted. I'm also writting to Menards.

  • Dr
    Driven Jul 13, 2011

    My mother has a furniture row credit account handled through HSBC, she had one account almost paid off and decided to get a leather chair on a six months no interest plan. She sent her payments in with directions to apply the larger portion of the payment to the no interest plan. After two payments she noticed they were applying almost the entire payment to the account that was subject to interest instead of the same as cash no interest plan, therefore making it impossible at that rate she would be able to pay off the no interest account by the due date therefore making her subject to paying all the accrued interest at the end of the six month term. After contacting HSBC she was told that they could apply the payments as they deemed necessary, unless she called every month and told them how she wanted to apply her payments, suprisingly they offered to re-apply the payments the way she wanted them applied. However the next months bill came and they only applied 90% of each payment to the no interest account as requested but the real outrage was that the last payment sent was almost entirely applied to $105.oo in phantom interest that she could find no explanation for. This is totally despicable and should and probably be illegal!

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unlawful account holding

I would like to complain regarding unlawful practice of disrupting the clients account without proper procedure. I just find out that my credit card account number 4028 xxxx xxxx xxxx is currently blocked due to information mismatched and they are asking for valid identification that time – which I did not make the call last december 10, 2009. the problem is that the credit card is blocked with no one ever tried calling from hsbc customer service to inform me about the problem. I have provided all contact information and I even enrolled to online banking system but I did not receive a single call or mail advisory from any hsbc customer service representative. I just found out while trying to use the credit card and got an invalid transaction. I was just lucky that I brought enough cash at that time. I cannot even contact the toll free number that they posted on their websites. I hope they would act on this matter for I have read that this type of complaint did not only happen to me. I found out about this poor service from many people posting on many blog sites. another issue is that why would hsbc question the usage even at high monthly transactions when everything I always paid it on time. I never experienced this with other banks and got this kind of awkward problem. it just takes them less than a day to hold the account but it takes 5-7 working days to cancel the hold status – this is a very questionable practice which only proves one thing base on other peoples comment.

Junvi a berame

worst company to issue credit cards

HSBC Bank is the worst company to issue credit cards. I had one fo their cards back in high school (im a junior in college) and paid it off, they're were charges that i was disputing when the account was opened. Later i found out the was a balance 5 years later! I found this out through the collection agency that contacted me on out emergency line at work! I thought someone in my family died so i rushed to the phone only to find out that the person on the other line had no current info on myself and didn't have the correct last name! the social and personal info was correct and the rep on the other line told me that if i didn't wire transfer money to that company within that day that the local police were going to be sent to my workplace to have me arrested for non payment of this debt. I work for JPMorgan Chase and i know my rights as a consumer. The Fair Debt Collections Act clearly states that the THIRD PARTY COLLECTION AGENCY is breaking the law in harassing me at work and when i get home they still continue to contact well after 9pm. I've notified them in writing to stop contacting me and that still has not been enough. Im currently working with the BBB, Federal Trade Comission, Attorney General and an attorney to bring this company down to end the nightmare with both companies.

  • Sm
    smsam Feb 28, 2010

    i was having a premier account in HSBC bank in washington dc and also credit card and i was putting huge amounts in that checking account more thank 500, 000.00$ and when i made a lot of purchases with checks and wire transfers i suddenly recive a phone call from this silly bank telling me that they r going to close my accounts and when i asked about the reason they couldnt give any answere, but people i know what to do . i will not just stay but i will file a case against that bank and i will get a huge amount of money from them and i will also make a report to FBI coz this bank do this many times coz no one before files a case against them, and am sure that the attorney general will make me win coz i have all the right

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interview confusion

Received phone call after first superday for client management, friday, nov 20th — they said i'd be moved to the dec. 4th interview date for m&a, and i'd hear soon.

Emailed 4x starting a week before the interview. no message until today (dec 3) and called them. they said nobody had offered me a m&a interview.

What the # is going on?

reverse of annual/membership fee for credit card

Well, before I end the matter let me make you a brief familiarization of the incident when 03 years (or so) down the line one of your HSBC representative (by phone call) approached me for using HSBC Cards and ensured me that it's a free card and no annual fee would be charged for the Card by HSBC. Convinced by the promotional offer going then ( annual fee excempted) and much by the good name of HSBC I decided to keep one (and an additional Card). I was surprised to see that I was charged with Rs.2000/- for my Primary Credit Card and Rs.1000/- for the additional Credit card accountable to "Annual / Membership Fees".But, as you all must be aware of that now a days lot of Banks have come up who are offering Credit Cards without charging any annual fee. Even now, I've been using credit Cards of some renowned banks without paying any sort of annual fee. So, putting away your Cards will not matter me much (except that, I'll break the ties with your esteemed Bank).

I'm a hard working man and take every measures to save even a single penny. So, there is no point in carrying on using your credit Card at the cost of so called "Annual/Membership Fee" and hence, decided not to carry out any transaction from the Cards and close it.

It will be of immense pleasure if you can do the needful by blocking both the Card service at the earliest.

Siddhartha Gupta
HSBC Cresdit Card ( **** **** 6694)

  • Mi
    Mit Mit Nov 30, 2009

    HSBC is in it to make $$$ MONEY $$$
    They don't offer you "A' card with $5, 000 credit on it... Nooooooooo!

    They Give you 3 Cards. That way you can get Charged 3 times the FEE'S.

    Their so called (Credit Protection ) Now there is a JOKE!

    That is all done by a Separate Company, That has so many Loopholes that Even though
    you continue to Pay for the Service they REFUSE, I mean ((( REFUSE ))) to enact it on your account.

    I became disabled and between the Doctors and the Depression I was out of it. Then to top that off, My wife of 21 years left me. Before with SSI and Her income we had no problem making payments. But after she left and STUCK ME and the Kid's were thrown between two parents.. You want to talk about depression. Yet I made my payments as long as I could and When I called to get my Credit Protection working... I missed it by 3 days.

    3 day's. I don't even remember seeing that I had DAY'S to file. Probably more of their SMALL PRINT.

    But the Biggest Complaint is Citi Mortgage. What a PACK of Liars.
    I was doing great on my Loan. Except 400.00 a month on a SSI income of 798.00 did not leave me with anything for Phones, Power and etc.
    So they said after I was told They were NOT, REPEAT (( NOT )) taking part in the Stimulus Package.
    However they could not help me because I was Current in my Payments. So they devised a PLAN. The would reduce my amount and in 6 months that would show me behind and then I would qualify. WRONG!!!
    They Never told Citi (Collections) I was in Loss Mitigations, So CITI turned me into the 3 credit Bureaus and that Hit my Credit HARD. Then my Dell account was CLOSED (ALSO a PART of CITI) Then all that made my Credit cards go from 9% to 29% and that Killed me Financially. All my Min Payments went from 15.00 to 50.-65.00 and on my Income I was SCREWED...

    Don't Forget, When Citi BEGGED for Money from the Government they needed it. NEEDED IT!!!
    Your Right, They turned around with 35, 000, 000, 000 BILLION DOLLARS and BOUGHT (( CHINESE BANKS )) We all are getting Screwed.

    Not They want US to SHOP SHOP SHOP to Bail Out WALL STREET, For WHAT?? Only to make The Bank's look Good to Give their MILLIONS of DOLLARS in AWARDS to the CEO'S

    I would not Spend a DIME to save them **&*EEW

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  • Ka
    Katorse Dec 01, 2009

    I agree!!! here in the Philippines the agent told me that the annual fee is waived for the first year and that it wouldnt matter if I added a supplementary card as long as I dont have it activated. damn I was charged both for the primary and secondary. The secondary wasnt even activated. There finance charge is so high nowadays! After complaining about the annual fee, they told me that they can reverse the annual fee as long as I swipe my card for any amount within 30 days!!!once I finish all my bills with this company, im having cut!!!its not worth it...youre new commercial is one big "BS" HSBC cares...duh!!!..

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  • Li
    Liway610 Feb 23, 2010

    I have an HSBC credit card as well and have experienced the bad customer service HSBC offers. I have always paid in full and on time every month. On Feb. 3, 2010, I called HSBC-Philippines and was told that they will have my statement mailed to me. On Feb. 15, 2010, I called HSBC again to remind them of my statement. I called several times after that but was always told that the statement is on the way, etc. One person, even told me that I don't need a statement to pay my HSBC credit card bill. My due date arrived (Feb. 24, 2010) and no statement has arrived. HSBC's customer service is not at par with other banks. The customer service officers are rude.

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  • Ja
    janice10 Feb 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
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    HSBC credit card have poor customer service, poor service... everything is below standard... and they really don't care about their card holders, their HSBC bank in the enterprise center in makati has the worst service... no one is in front of their numerous windows and you'd still have to wait for ages before you can approach a window to do your transaction... my friend is a chinese national and he wants to open an account in that bank, the people there told him he can't open an account there cause they have language barrier????????????? then why use the name Hongkong Shanghai Bank Corporation if you can't even hire a mandarin speaking staff... really world-class service... duh

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