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customer service

I had one of the worst Customer Service dealing with a Hotels.com employee today. Hotels.com should seriously consider putting their employees through KINDNESS training. My hotel was over booked and I was given the wrong number to call, so I called them to try and straighten it out. I was disconnected twice and finally the lady who took my call was extremely rude and I could barely understand her! She acted as if it was my fault that my hotel was overbooked. When they left me a voicemail with the wrong number they also stated that they would find me another hotel with NO extra cost to me, that DIDN'T happen. They told me since I used a coupon I could only get a refund or I would have to pay the difference. All because of a coupon you aren't going to carry your end of the deal? That makes no sense. They also charged me $138.90 but only refunded me $138.57. I told this to the lady and she acted like it was my problem not hers. I don't care if it's only a .33 cent difference, that's my money! I always booked my hotels through them but that WILL NOT be happening again. Thank you Priceline for better service and prices!

  • To
    Tony English Jun 02, 2009

    I booked a 4 night stay at a hotel in France. on my arrival at 11pm I found that the place was loacked up with no 24hour reception. Their automated checkin box outside the hotel would not give me access. i called the hotel security and was basically told to find another hotel. not easy to do on foot, in an unfamiliar town, carrying luggage at 11pm on a public holiday in France. I called hotels.com and was passed to a number of people in India. The next hour was spent listening to their on hold 'music' at a mobile rate of 34p a minute. The reason for the delay was they souldn't pass my call to their own relocations department. Eventually I got to speak with the reloacations person and had to end the call early as my battery was about to expire. While on the phone I walked about 2 miles back to a hotel I had seen on my way to my first, lugging my suitcase and heavy rucksack/laptop bag. Only after I had checked in here did their relocations guy call me to offer me an alternative hotel - on the other side of town. It was now 12:15am

    Their customer services are appalling. They are all based in India but do the old trick of using English names. They offered to refund me for the night where I couldn't stay in the hotel. They offered me 30 gbp as way of compensation for the stress and inconvenience caused. I rejected this offfer and he called back with a new one. They would refund me 100gbp including the cost of the first night - so 69gbp and now 31gbp. I have told them the minimum I want is a refund of the first night (69) and refund of the night in the other hotel (45) a refund to cover the costs of my phone and payment for my inconvenience which I will take say 40 for.

    The danger I see with this is that they are taking bookings without knowing anything about the hotel at the other end. What would have happened if the weather was bad, or I had my kids with me? Would it have been ok had I been a single woman to be left stranded in an unfamiliar town at midnight?

    Personally I feel that their actions have been shocking and their attitude is not what I would have expected. They are part of Expedia - I think I'll be giving both a very wide berth.

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  • Mr
    mrs white Jul 31, 2011

    i too had the same problem with hotels . com I arrived at the hotel that was completely booked when i showed up and they didnt even have a reservation for me i called and cancelled and they still charged my credit card I have now for the past three days been on the phone for a refund to only get hung up on and them tell me that my name does not match the reservation are the name on my credit card what the hell i think i know my name the problem is the foreigner that took my info didnt process it properly so how is that my fault i told my cc company i did not stay there and i am not paying they removed it off my cc for now and are investigating hotels . com for fraud

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Canceled my reservation and didn't bother to offer us any alternative

On 24 April 2011 my wife and I reserved a room in hotel Cantagrel in Paris for 20-26 June using the site www.venere.com and received a confirmation from Venere.com. Then on 15 June I sent an email to the hotel to verify our reservation is OK. The same day I got a response from the hotel that everything is OK.

Can you imagine my surprise when on 17 June in the evening received an email from Venere.com that my reservation is canceled? I called Venere.com’s customer service and they told me that my reservation was canceled and they don’t know by whom. They didn't bother to offer us any alternative. Actually they ignore my emails.

It was a high season and I was incapable of ordering another room. As result we cancelled our vacation and lost the cost of our plane tickets and tickets to the Paris Air Show at La Bourget.

I hope that my example will help others to be more cautious making their hotels reservations with Venere.com.

venere.com canceled my reservation

On 24 April 2011 my wife and I reserved a room in hotel Cantagrel in Paris for 20-26 June using the site www.venere.com and received a confirmation from Venere.com. Then on 15 June I sent an email to the hotel to verify our reservation is OK. The same day I got a response from the hotel that everything is OK.
Can you imagine my surprise when on 17 June in the evening received an email from Venere.com that my reservation is canceled? I called Venere.com’s customer service and they told me that my reservation was canceled and they don’t know by whom. They didn't bother to offer us any alternative. Actually they ignore my emails.
It was a high season and I was incapable of ordering another room. As result we cancelled our vacation and lost the cost of our plane tickets and tickets to the Paris Air Show at La Bourget.
I hope that my example will help others to be more cautious making their hotels reservations with Venere.com.

hotels.com and clarion hotel

Booked 2 managers into Clarion Hotel through Hotels.com. Their flight was delayed and they didn't arrive at the hotel until 2:00 am anxious for 4 hours of sleep prior to a scheduled meeting. There was no one at the front desk and no one in any of the common areas. They searched and called out. When no one was found, they had to leave to find another hotel. After contacting Hotels.com which was a combination of 3 hours of phone calls listening to horrible music and messages, I was told I could have a voucher for my next booking at hotels.com. LIKE I WOULD USE THEM AGAIN! I then called the Clarion Hotel and was told by the manager, Michelle, that her employees have worked there for 7 years and that the only time they leave the desk is to go to the bathroom. Will not use hotels.com or Clarion hotels again. I will attempt to contact Choice Hotels which owns Clarion only to advise them of the incompetancy of this particular hotel. I don't expect much to come of the complaint, but feel they need to know that if an employee needs to go to bathroom, then thiefs will have open reign on their hotels.

unauthorized transaction

In March I gave my debit card number to Hotels.com to make a reservation for a spring break trip for my kids & youth pastors fm our church. In the course of a conversation that lasted approximately 30 minutes I ended up telling the Hotels.com rep to cancel the transaction as they did not have sufficient rooms to accommodate the three families traveling together as their website had indicated. At the beginning of the conversation they had three rooms available, I gave my information, I was put on an extended hold only to have a rep inform me when she returned that only 1 room was available with absolutely no other explanation. I told the rep that was unacceptable, cancelled the entire transaction and hung up. Hotels.com forwarded this illegitimate transaction to the hotel anyway and I was charged for a no show. There is no confirmation on my part that this "reservation" was ever authorized.

  • Mf
    MFavor Jun 24, 2011

    Brenda: is correct. But I say never uses Hotels.com I have been screwed before and their customer service is terrible.

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  • Su
    sunshinek67 Jun 25, 2011

    Already called them, they won't take responsibility. Wonder if I should file a case in small claims court? Forget about it & write off the loss?

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  • Su
    sunshinek67 Jun 25, 2011

    Wells Fargo told me today that since I gave out my debit card number that is considered an authorized transaction, regardless of product/service delivered. Wells Fargo has their own set of problems I know. Have been banking with them since 1999 and this is how they treat their longtime customers.

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  • Mr
    mrs white Jul 31, 2011

    yeah i am going through the same issue with hotels.com but they dont tell me anything they place me on hold and then hang up on me i called my cc company and they have removed the charge and they are investigating hotels.com for this never use these people

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Hotel booking

We had made a booking in a hotel Villa Campana in Siofok, Hungary through venere.com and recd confirmation. But when we reached the hotel therewas no such booking. The owner said that there was no room available and she had communicated us this through venere but I did not recieve any such mail. To add to this venere is not replying to my emails and is not even apologising for this mistake. It was a really bad experience and I am never going to deal with venere.com again

'we want free& stay two separate times earn one night free

I had stayed at the Quality Inn on Bay St on two separate times, gave the receptionist my choice club card at the time of arrival and made the assumption that I would qualify for the free night. When I checked out on the second stay I asked the receptionist to clarify the signage at the front desk. There was a huge sign saying "We want Free" stay two separate time and earn one free night. I asked her to ensure that my card was swiped as I wanted to use it the next time I came to the Sault. As she looked over my account she noticed that the clerk had added my choice club card in the correct area so it did not show up adding any points she added that the new clerks do not know how to add the old cards to our new system. She recommended that I call choice club to get an updated card. As I am not in your business I am not sure what that means . I got the card in 1996 I have not moved since that time my card number is 221050. She told me that who ever took the information from my card had done it incorrectly but she would fix it. I told her that I have stayed with an affiliate hotels for the last 9 months at least once a month does that mean that none of those stays have been recognized? She could not answer that question for me. She did rectify the issue at their hotel where I stay the two separate times to quality. I certainly hope that you will provide me with at least the one free night. I will call to fix the problem with the out dated card.

Thank you for your time.

  • Pi
    piercamillo Nov 17, 2010


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  • Pi
    piercamillo Nov 17, 2010


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  • In
    Ingrid Doyon Jun 22, 2011

    I called head office after I posted my complaint. They rectified my issue and gave me the promotion. There was a merger in 2005 and I had an old card which there system do not recognize my old card and therefore created this problem . My new card be arriving shortly. Connie was very helpful and pleasant to work with. For some reason they had the wrong mailing address for my new card. I will be able to use my free stay on my next visit.

    Thanks Ingrid Doyon

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Avoid this website at all costs

In March 2011 I made and paid (using my credit card) for a hotel reservation for my daughter and her husband through this site. Upon presentation of the printed voucher to the hotel, my daughter was informed that there was no reservation. In fact, the hotel had never heard of HotelClub. Fortunately, there was a room available, and the hotel agreed to wait until my daughter's checkout three days later, before demanding payment. The reservation never arrived, so my daughter had to pay for the room with her own credit card. My card was charged $211, and I am in the process of disputing the charge. Thus far, HotelClub has only submitted to my credit card company a copy of the reservation Confirmation/Receipt which of course is no help at all. Do not utilize this site!


I called the toll free number and booked a hotel room with taxes for $115 for 1 night. I did not receive an email confirming the reservation. Upon arriving at the hotel the front desk staff were unable to tell me the price reserved for my room as it is not displayed on their system. When I left the hotel, I did not get a receipt as they stated the number where I booked the reservation will provided me with an email receipt. I checked my credit card to find out I paid $142.37 for the room! I called hotels.ca to dispute the charges and urge the representative to pull up the call recording to verify the conversation that took place. Suprise suprise, hotels.ca does not keep call recordings. I am disputing the charge via my credit card company and I will NEVER book with hotels.ca in the future.

  • Mr
    mrs white Jul 31, 2011

    oh they give you an invalid confirmation at least that is what they did to me

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double charged for room - got to pay higher charge

My family and I booked a FOUR-PERSON hotel room at the Hilton Hotel in Times Square, NYC for April 21-23. I made this reservation on March 22 with Hotels.com (AKA Expedia) for $899. Hotels.com twice confirmed my reservations, as recently as two days before I arrived at the Hilton.
Upon arrival, we were told that the hotel did not have our reservation. In fact, they showed me an email saying that the reservation had been canceled on March 31.
The manager there was able to find us a room to accommodate us with a THREE-PERSON hotel room for $1, 060. He was very accommodating as was the Hilton in general.
Upon calling Hotels.com, I was informed via email that 'the hotel should never have charged your credit card' for the higher amount and should have accepted the $899.
After Hotels.com credited my credit card with the $899, I called them to ask why they had not refunded the higher amount that I paid Hilton, thereby leaving me with the price I had agreed to. I guess they were admitting that it was Hotels.com FAULT and they would only refund the amount I paid THEM.
I was very happy with Hilton, as I mentioned, but felt that Hotels.com should have eaten the difference, since I booked with them in good faith - BUT NEVER AGAIN! I don't do business with companies that don't stand behind the customer!!!
Bob Hanlon

terrible service and incompetent staff!!

Booked a room through Hotels.com, received a confirmation/email, arrived to hotel and hotel had no record of reservations, referred to call customer service at hotels.com, was put on hold for an excess of 20 mins each time, then disconnected, after 5 reps, finally got a rep who told me there was a problem with my payment even though they debited total amount from my accnt the same day I booked, missed an engagement I was in Vegas for and matter wasn't resolved until the next day. I have never had an experience this horrible dealing with travel sites. Will never use these folks again!! Sent an email detailing my experience and still no reponse from company.

  • Fc
    fcmonkey Oct 06, 2011

    Before booking with hotels.com call and ask to speak to a supervisor. You will be given the run-around and then disconnected. Everytime. I simply needed a detailed reciept to claim my travel/lodging at work. The hotel I stayed at couldn't give me a reciept because it was booked through a third party. Please call (800) 246-8357 first, see how they treat customers and then make your decision.

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Double-booking scam

Made a reservation through hotels.com (aka Expedia). They double-booked the room which I discovered only after I arrived. I've spent the last month, probably 4 hours on the phone, trying to get them to credit my account for their mistake. I've contacted the hotel manager. They've contacted the hotel manager who's said that the reservation was an error, and hotels.com said they have a record of this. The last excuse they gave me was that they could only credit me when I was on the line and they had the manager on the line, too. AVOID hotels.com and Expedia!!

  • An
    AnnKih Oct 25, 2011

    On June 8, 2011 we made a reservation through Hotels.com for check in on September 10, 2011 (3 months away). The Cancellation policy states: "Cancellations or changes made before 4:00PM on September 9, 2011 are subject to a hotel fee equal to the first night's rate plus taxes and fees." we understood this to mean that cancellations prior to September 9 would give us our full refund (standard refund policy for hotel reservations), and starting September 9, 2011 (12am) the one day charge would be in effect. We ended up cancelling our reservation prior to September 9, and we were billed $194 (one night fee). We spoke to Hotels.com customer service and we were told that this was the actual Hotel Policy. We then called the hotel, and learned this was untrue. It is Hotels.com that charges the one night fee for cancellation of reservations. We disputed this charge with our Credit Card company (American Express). They were informed by Hotels.com that when customers make reservations and authorize the charge to their credit cards, they are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

    We agreed to the terms and conditions stated "Cancellations or changes made before 4:00PM on September 9, 2011 are subject to a hotel fee equal to the first night's rate plus taxes and fees." It is Hotels.com that is implementing the Policy language in an abusive manner.

    I conducted a general search of online complaints against Hotels.com, and there are many other individuals who have experienced the same charges. Many customers made reservations, cancelled within minutes, and were charged!!!

    If my charge, as one individual was $194. Then I can only imagine the total amount of revenue Hotels.com is collecting by wrongly implementing their policy language.

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bait and switch pricing

Sorry I didn't read the complaints before I booked a room in South Carolina. The reservationist spoke 'conversational" english at best. She constantly said "yes", even when she didn't understand. She clearly spoke the price of $54 then $51 then $71 for the same room during our booking. At the end, the room she told me I was booking at a 25% discounted rate of $54, turned out being billed to me at $78. When I called customer service, I got the run around. I was ultimately told that reservations is located in the middle of South America, and Raul was the only manager I could talk to. He told me, after 200 "I sorry that Happened", that I should expect a $30 voucher, ( to be used on my next booking with them) in about 6 weeks. I would never give them my card number again!

Can anyone tell me what government consumer protection agencies we should be addressing our complaints to? Thanks

did not honour confirmed booking

On the 1st of February we confirmed a booking with Hotels.com for accommodation in April. On the 11 April...

Refuse to honor confirmation of booking

I recently made two bookings for Hotel Seven Days in Prague through Venere.com. I used two different credit...


I paid for 2 rooms in Tahoe in July, 2010. Hotels.com did not represent the hotel correctly on their website at the time and I ended up paying more than anticipated. I disputed the charge with my credit card. They investigated but found in favor of Hotels.com so they posted the charge to my statement in September, 2010. I paid it in full that month. However, in February, 2011, I received a collection notice from a collection agency saying I owed that money to Hotels.com. I attempted to explain that i had paid it and they sent HOtels.com the information, however they still harrassed me. After talking to someone at Hotels.com who said they had no information regarding my booking, I called the collection agency again who gave me a fax number to send my credit card statement to. After that I haven't heard from anyone as of yet. Horrible experience with Hotels.com. Would definitely recommend to stay away from this company.

I would be very cautious about the quality of hotels on this site

Looks like a nice site at first glance, but I went ended up booking a hotel through this site and then upon arrival at the hotel had a very bad experience with their service, so much so that I didn't want to stay there anymore. I paid for one night's stay, and left disappointed. I later went back to Venere to write a review of my experience, but Venere wouldn't let me, no matter how much I asked. It seemed they wanted to protect the hotel instead of the helping the mistreated customer! I would be very cautious about the quality of hotels on this site.

price match bogus

I was looking for a hotel in Keystone, CO for my husband and I for Presidents' Day weekend (18-21 Feb, 2011) and found a hotel we thought we'd like on several sites. Priceline had it cheaper (without bidding), but as we had had success with Hotels.com before, I decided to call them to see if they would match the price (per their website guarantee). The representative verified the price I had found on Priceline (over $131.00 less) and said they would match it. My clue that this was not going to go well, came next, and I should have run... she said they were going to charge the original amount and then a credit would be run, within 2 hours, to get to the adjusted amount (as she could not do it). Well, 8 days later, still no credit. This is after 3 phone calls and as many emails. I've now gotten my credit card company involved, particularly after the last call to Hotels.com 24-hour customer service line. I got a frontline representative, so was very quick to say that as I had been at this for a week, I needed to talk with a supervisor. She left the phone for several minutes and then came back and said none were available. I asked if that meant none were there, her comment, "No, helping other customers." She did not/would not give me the option to hold. DO NOT USE hotels.com (and as they are affiliated with EXPEDIA, I'd say not use them either).

  • Ds
    dsunrise Nov 12, 2011

    I tried to reserve a room in Las Vegas. The website offered a rate. When paying for the rate, it went up more then double. I did not complete the reservation and called them up. I spoke with a agent and he confirmed the price on the website. He told me that he confirmed with price gaurantee department and that I had to pay the higher price, then they would turn around and credit the price difference back. I bought it. They didnt credit me back, and customer service told me there were no notes in the booking and they couldnt verify the lower rate on their own website. They said they would honor nothing due to not being able to verify anything. Total rude broken english losers

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  • An
    Andrew Tan Jun 04, 2013

    I just had a similar experience. Booked for 5 nights at Montien Hotel, Bangkok and the price was Baht17, 324.95. Later, saw the same thing on HotelTravel.com for Baht12, 856.10. Called Hotels.com to claim on their price guarantee and the guy went to HotelTravel.com site. He filled a similar booking and in fact came up with a even lower price of Baht 9k+ . He however stated that there was a statement at the bottom of that site that stated the currency of billing is USD. Based on this statement, he claimed that their price guarantee requires everything to be similar and therefore they could not honour a claim. I tried to reason that billing currency does not mean that this site is offering a lower rate. He insisted that their guarantee condition requires everything to be the same. I read their terms and conditions and replied that their terms just said the itinerary must be the same and since billing currency does not affect itinerary, it is not relevant. He insisted the condition is applicable and the competition's booking price is not exactly similar for the guarantee to apply. I replied that this is illogical. He even went to the extent to state that in business it is very common to have things that appear illogical. This reservation organisation is really a scam.

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poor customer service

I booked a reservation through hotels.com that says it has a price match guarentee. When I found a lower price at another website I called to tell them about it and have them match this price. They rudely refused to do so and kept saying "We''ll just cancel your reservation for you." Some price match guarentee. There is NO guarentee here! I was kept on the phone for a long time while the agent talked to her immediate boss. She was rude, argumentative and flat-out lied to me several times during our conversation. She even refused to furnish her direct bosses name, saying I don't have a boss here when in fact I heard her talking in Spanish to him in the background. They hung up on me several times and kept trying to get rid of me rather than matching the price I found. This operation is a joke! DO NOT use hotels.com for any of your travel needs. You will be very frustrated and ripped off by their lies and inability (or unwillingness) to follow through on their promises!

  • Al
    Alcatrazdan Jan 10, 2011

    Looking at what their price match guarantee is, http://service.hotels.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5652/session/L3NpZC8xQVJ5d0hqaw%3D%3D/sno/0 I'd say they satisfied what they said they'd do by canceling your reservation for free so you can book with someone else.

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  • Ma
    mareenewzealand Apr 11, 2011

    Irrespective of whether Hotels.com satisfied their terms and conditions in this instance, I agree with the complainant, this company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. When trying to resolve an issue we were passed around various people for over two hours I was even hung up on once. This company is not worth using if you value being treated like a human being.

    0 Votes
  • Vi
    Vincedane Oct 09, 2011

    A three night hotel stay was not booked to my account. I contacted customer service and was promised, in email, that my account would be corrected within 48 hours. Well, 384 hours and counting, and two emails later, my account has not been corrected. They have had ample time to make this right and no longer respond to me. In reading others' comments it appears that they just don't care about the customer.

    0 Votes

Hotelclub.com uses the bait a switch scam

I started using this Website recently to book hotels for business travel. So far of my two experiences, both were bad. 1st experience - With a search for hotels, such as by zip code, a list of hotels with available rooms is provided. But after I booked a room at one of the hotels, I was given a booking ID which was followed by a message that my room reservation wasn't confirmed. It would take 1 to 2 business days to confirm. By then I needed to be in the room. In the end, I wasn't charged for the room. I ended up finding a room without the Website. So the Website is useless and a waste of time. 2nd experience - Started the same with search by zip code. I found a hotel with a good room rate listed. But after I clicked on the hotel for booking a room, a higher price was shown. So the Website uses the bait a switch scam.

  • Cr
    CRatan Aug 05, 2011

    They cancelled my hotel and charged full amount of booking + cancellation charges also, its total scam.

    0 Votes
  • Sc
    sceptical_guy Aug 11, 2013

    I received an email to thank me for registering with Hotel Club, when in fact I had done no such thing. After some searching, I found a phone number and called them to remove the account. After a being on hold I was first told they could not cancel my account at all. I asked for a supervisor who said they said they were unable to remove it, but that they would 'lock it'. They could not provide any answer to my question how they got my email in the first instance. While - in fairness - they did send an email confirming the account was locked, they did no ask for any information to confirm that I was. I am totally underwhelmed by their protection of privacy and would not trust this site with personal information - it has a real smell of scam associated with it.

    0 Votes

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