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Complaints & Reviews

unauthorized charge

Hotels.com debited my bank account on 09/29/2008 for $275.64. When I called them they had no record of the charge. My bank statement shows Hotels.com aith a phone of [protected] (their customer service line). They passed the buck saying to dispute the charge.

My last reservation with Hotels.com was Dec. 2005. Now three years later they debit my account but have no record??

They can cancel my account, delete my info, give me my money back and go out of business. I'll go to their Dallas headquarters and stand on someone's desk.

cancelation policy

While on a business trip I became quite ill and was hospitalized for nearly a week. I called hotels.com to...

still waiting for my refund

I booked a hotel reservation through Hotels.com, then I found that the price was lowered the day after I booked my reservation. Since most travel sites offer a best price guarantee, I e-mailed Hotels.com's customer service and they told me that they would credit back part of the difference and issue me "hotel bucks" for the remainder. Hotel bucks are like travel vouchers that can be used on a future booking, much like a coupon or gift certificate.

The trip was in May and I am still waiting for the credit/refund in August. I WILL NEVER USE HOTELS.COM AGAIN! I have repeatedly tried to contact their customer service through phone and e-mail with no avail. I am so frustrated and recommend that you avoid this web site!

never again!

I made a reservation in Seattle at the Red Lion Hotel on the 13th with HOTELS.COM on Dec. for the 31st. A few minutes later I discovered I had the wrong date as it should have been the 30th. I re-entered the information and made the change. Upon my chagrin I was billed for two nights. There policy states that if a change is made you are billed for two nights. What kind of policy is this?? I had to pay double for one mistake that took less than 5 minutes to change. I travel a lot. I WILL NEVER USE THESE BURGLERS AGAIN. It was my first and last. Learned my lesson.

  • Da
    D. Anderson Mar 18, 2008

    Hotels.com is a rip-off, DO NOT USE!, When I went to get quotes from the hotel, they told us a rate of 64.99, we called hotels.com to get a cheaper rate. They quoted us 60.00 flat rate + tax, so I accepted that rate and setup my reservations. I booked the room for 3 days, which should have been around 65.00 per night which figures to be 195.00 for the three nights. On last day of my stay, when I checked my account they had withdrew 235.00. They charged me instead of 60.00 per night 71.65 per night (which is more than the state tax required). I also notice they charged an additional charge of 19.74 for an extra guest, (but it was only for two people which is the rate they gave me of 60.00 for the two of us). I then called customer service to discuss this and they told me it was a charge of tax and service charge that the hotel charged,and those charges didn't have anything to do with them. When I went to discuss it with the hotel, they said they couldn't discuss the bill because I went thru hotels.com that I would have to take that up with them. After the run-around, I called hotels.com back and they said once again that Extended Stay America had charged tax and service charge. So I didnt get anything resolved with them after going back and forth from the hotel to hotels.com, so I will never ever use them again, the prices that the hotel gives you in the end will be a better price. I don't put any of the blame on "Extended Stay America" because I didn't go thru them but thru hotels.com. My stay at the room was good, I didn't have any problems with the stay, except that I had to pay 5.00 more to use their internet and the tv only went to channel 30 which was more news channels, so I had to go rent movies, other than that the stay was good.

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horrible service

I wanted to write and let you know about the horrible time I had with hotels.com's booking and customer...

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customer dissatisfaction

I made a reservation for 3 nights stay in Novotel Paris Vaugirard Hotel via Hotels.com for 17.05.2008. Just one day before I had a serious last-minute health problem in my family i.e. bypass surgery so I had to cancel everything. I informed hotels.com that I had to cancel per above reasons I can document it and I would like a refund. Agent listened and told that he has to call the hotel for it and held me online, I do not think that he really called the hotel, anyway he informed that it is not possible. I asked the hotel myself and got the answer that refund is possible per hospital documentation. But because of poor language and general communication skills they first told they would refund themselves kept me waiting for a week and then after various calls decided that expedia can do the refund. I called expedia, I am not mentioning how many minutes they keep you waiting to reach an agent(it's a lot!!) agent listened again and told me that he would call the hotel altough I have forwarded the written confirmation for refund from hotel. He kept me on the line and it got disconnected. When I called again, the other agent told me that the one talking to me already left for the day without even notifying me at all. Imagine you are waiting at an international call, believing that the agent is doing smth while you are waiting and he already leaves at that time. New agent this time named Nicole, had to bear my terrible frustration, listened again and guess what decided to call hotel, could not reach front desk manager as she told and did not call me back altough she was going to next morning. Today I called there again and by chance I reached the agent that left me on the call, I asked him to put me through his supervisor, the guy listened and told that he would send an e-mail so that I can forward my mail to them about confirmation, it is unbelievable that they do no even check the mails of their own company and that mail fro him did not come. I am still after this, this is the worst service I have ever got in my whole life. I do not recommend hotels.com to anyone at all. If you want to be dissatisfied please be my guest in this adventure!!!

bait and switch

They sent me some "hotel bucks" to make up for screwing me on a reservation for my "next" reservation thru Hotels.com. I made another reservation thru Hotels.com followed the directions on the "Hotel bucks" mailed them in for credit. WHOOPS! Here they come back with NEWAND DIFFERENT RULES! I called Hotels.com's customer service only to be insulted by them, being told "it's very simple if you'd just pay attention", theyrefuyse to give out their last initial, corporate telephone number or any help beyond the fact that you as customer are to blame! Never again! you get a better deal most times just going to the home site of the hotel you want to stay at. Beware these con artists.

  • Er
    Erick Jun 13, 2008

    that is the issue, that most people does not even know what hotel they want to book, therfore, a database like hotels.com, expedia, orbitz, or someone else comes in handy, but people usually think that this companies are hotel owners, and they are not... this fact is explecit on the terms and conditions... so you sad people that has been "mistreated" and have gone trough "pain" by booking trough a third party booking service, you can call better bussiness, tell your grand mother, write a letter to the senate, or even the whitehouse, united nations, or whoever you think might need your vote for something, and you will not get anything else than one "slap right in the face", with exception of your grandma, she might give you two...

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rip off!

Hotels.com is a rip-off, DO NOT USE!, When I went to get quotes from the hotel, they told us a rate of...

horrible hotel

This complaint is still in process with the BBB in Texas where HOTELS.COM corporate office is located.

This is my orginal letter to the BBB and below you will see hotels.com response

Complaint to BBB Case # [protected]

Hotel was HORRIBLE!!! The problems with the room were: NO DOORKNOB ON THE DOOR JUST A BIG HOLE WHERE THE DOORKNOB SHOULD BE. WE TALKED TO THE MANAGER ABOUT THIS WHO SAID HE WOULD COME UP AND TAKE A LOOK AT IT WHICH HE DID AND HIS REPLY WAS: YES, YOU ARE CORRECT THERE IS NO DOORKNOB.... SHOWER HAD CHIPS IN TUB AND MOLDLY CAULKING, DIRTY UNDERNEATH BED (WE HAD TO SEE UNDERNEATH THE BED TO PULL OUT CHILDS BED, ROOM WAS FILTHY AND WAS NOT CLEANED, REQUESTED A ROOM FOR 3 ADULTS WHAT WE GOT WAS A QUEEN SIZE BED AND A PULL OUT CHILD'S TRUNDLE BED. WE HAD TO PICK UP THE QUEEN SIZED BED AND MOVE IT AGAINST THE WALL AND PUT THE NIGHTSTAND IN THE CLOSET JUST TO GET THE CHILDS TRUNDLE BED OUT. THEY ADVERTISED FREE COMPLIMENTARY PARKING ON SITE. WHEN WE ASKED ABOUT THE PARKING WE WERE TOLD THAT THE FREE PARKING WAS ANYWHERE ON THE STREET IF YOU COULD FIND A PLACE. WE WERE TOLD WE COULD PARK IN A CITY PARKING LOT BUT WE HAD TO PAY THE NORMAL FEE THAT THE CITY CHARGES. ROOM CLEARLY NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR 3 ADULTS I was told at the time of making the reservations that even if we cancelled there would be no refund I personally called hotels.com 5 or 6 times to try and settle this issue. Each time they would try and call the hotel we stayed at and each time I was told to call back that the manager was not available. I sent an email to hotels.com asking for a resolution I got no response. Hotels.com did offer me $100.00 and told me that was the best they could do. I told them that was unacceptable. I even have pictures and I will be more than happy to provide proof of my allegations.

Your Desired Resolution:
I want a total and COMPLETE refund. We were in Paris on vacation and if it had not been for the no refund policy and if other hotels had been available (there was a big event going on in Paris and most hotels were booked up) we would not have stayed there a second night. Not only was the hotel room horrible but also their description was total false advertising. I do not want any gift certificates, discounts or anything short of a full refund in cash/check/money order ect


On December 04, 2007, the business provided the following information:

We apologize for any inconvenience Mr. Hills may have experienced while using our services. Hotels.com appreciates the opportunity to address his complaint.

On 9/27/07 Mr. Hills contacted us to book a hotel in the Levallois Perret, France. The hotel of Mr. Hill's choice was the Campanile Paris Quest required check in date 10/05/07 for two nights and three adult occupants. Our agents are trained and monitored to recap the pertinent details of each booking at the close of the call. This includes but not limited to the room type, hotel name/location, number of occupants in the room and all terms and conditions. The cancellation policy is also read during the booking process and must be agreed upon prior to the completion of reservations. The cancellation that applied to Mr. Hill's reservation is as follows: At Hotels.com, we understand that sometimes plans fall through. Hotels.com does not charge a change or cancel fee.
However, this property (CAMPANILE PARIS OUEST) imposes the following penalty to its customers that Hotels.com is required to pass on: cancellations or changes made after 07:00 PM (W. Europe Daylight Time) on 10/04/2007 are subject to a 1 Night Room & Tax penalty. The property makes no refunds for no shows or early checkouts. All terms and conditions are also detailed in the email confirmation/receipt sent to Mr. Hills on 9/27/07. The email confirmation/receipt also has our listed disclaimer which states smoking and bedding preferences are not guaranteed.

Hotels.com understands that there may be times when the property may not meet the expectations of the guest and may lead to their dissatisfaction. We encourage our customers to contact us immediately when there is a problem during their hotel stay, this usually gives us a chance to resolve the problem at the time it occurred. Unfortunately Mr. Hills did not contact us until 10/12/07 after his completed stay. Contact with us after a completed stay limits our ability to resolve our guest's issues.

We are unable to honor Mr. Hill's request for a full refund. Our agents have made attempts to reconcile with Mr. Hills by offering refunds and coupons which have been declined by Mr. Hills.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this case.

Thank you,

Jennifer Buemtello
Consumer Relations
[protected] ext. 3415


Hotels.com was contacted as soon as I returned home from my travels. To say that that bedding preferences are not guaranteed is ridiculous. When I book a room for 3 adults common sense would say there will be enough bedding for 3 adults and not a Queen Sized Bed and a child’s bed. We did not check out early since there was NO OTHER PLACES to stay and we would have been charged for the room regardless!!!!! Hotels.com understands that there may be times when the property may not meet the expectations of the quest and may lead to their dissatisfaction

I do not think that MY expectations of:


After several attempts to resolve this issue hotels.com finally offered a measly $100.00 which I did refuse
At no time were COUPONS offered and if they had been they too would have been refused.

At this point I really want to ask, “Whatever happened to just doing the “right” thing?” I do not believe hotels.com did this on purpose but I do believe that you need to take responsibility since you were the agent that was used in booking this hotel reservation. If you can not as a company personally check out the hotels that are listed on your site then you as a company have to be prepared to assume liability when
there is a problem.

I am not some person complaining about a hair in a sink trying to get a refund. I had some real problems with this reservation and this room.
Would you stay in a room with no doorknob?
How about mold growing in the bathroom?
Would you subject your family to this? Would this be acceptable to you?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a no then please try and understand why I am so angry over this and why I am still wanting a total and complete refund of $417.60. At some point it becomes a much bigger issue than just the money. It is the principal of it. Yes, I am still demanding a refund, but it is the principal of it the drives me to seek justice. I will keep going up the chain as far as I have to if that is what it takes to get this resolved to my satisfaction.

I realize that as an employee of hotels.com it is your job to fight off complaints, save the company money, try to resolve issues and hope the complainers eventually are satisfied or hope they just go away assuming it is not worth the time and effort to peruse it. I’m not going away and the only way I will be satisfied is with a total and complete refund of $417.60


"The email confirmation/receipt also has our listed disclaimer which states smoking and bedding preferences are not guaranteed."



  • Cn
    cnguye713 Sep 27, 2009

    I am also awaiting an investigation from the Better Business Bureau on this fruadulent company. I was charged for a 5-day hotel stay to which I had cancelled well in advance of the date of arrival. A hotels.com representative told me to allow one billing cycle to see the charge credited back. It has been beyond a billing cycle and when I called in to check on the refund status can you believe they are telling me that they have no records of any cancellation made. I trusted this company to process the refund accordingly and did not cross-check with the hotel itself to make sure they knew of the change. So now even if the mistake was on part of hotels.com's representative handling my cancellation request at the time, they are not willing to honor my refund. These fraudulent charges and baseless arguments especially hit hard in these economic times.

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false advertising!

I made a reservation through Hotels.com for two rooms one night. The website states if you find a cheaper rate within xxx amount of days they would refund you the difference. I found one directly through the hotel that was almost $50 cheaper. I followed the rules on the website to get a credit to my credit card but never heard a peep out of them. Never again hotels.com.

  • Um
    umrah_1018 Nov 11, 2009

    I've seen that promotion too by Hotels.com but as far as i remember it says on the website even by representatives that the they will honour that advertised pricematch guarantee on any published rate on any website for the same details of your reservation and as a disclaimer if they cannot match the price you do have the choice to ask for a 100% refund as long as it's within the cancellation window. I would not call it stupidity but i can consider it carelessness or " absurd not to absorb" the content of the disclaimers being provided. I think u need a dictionary or a new pair of glasses. Instead of pointing thy fingers, check your chin first you might have some dirt yourself..

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they book for us the wrong package and no refund has been given

On May 1st we made several reservations with hotels.com help by Jessica Turner who is employed by them. Out of the four reservation one was book incorrectly. After many emails, several phone calls and being disconnected because they insisted that the connection was bad, 4hrs later I later of persisting calling I was help by one of the supervisors and the correct package was made. I was promised that the other package was being cancel and the money was being refunded to my credit card, and that all I need it was to pay for the new package witch I did.

It has been more then a month since this transactions where done by hotels.com and no money has been return back to the credit card but they did charge the package that was made in oder to correct there mistake.

I strongly believe that it is not corrected for me to be paying changer for the 1st package that was made incorrectly by them on my credit card that I am not going to used.

terrible experience!

On my first use of the service hotels.com I noticed that the page for credit card transactions is not...