Honda Motorcar paint peel off

I want to complaint your Honda service dealer... Which is Yong Ming Motor... I send my car for painting due to accident. After I collect my car I found there is a white spot... And I go back to the service center... Their BP department claim that this is manufacturing defect and asking me to booking for inspection... After 2 week, when I come back for inspection, they claim that this is my fault due to I put a sticker at the middle pillar and unable to claim. The things is the defect is at the door close side nothing concern with the sticker outside. And I complain at Honda Malaysia also give me the same reason and claim not warranty for the car paint. I'm very sure this is not my caused the peel off car paint... Which you Honda have to warranty the paint for Honda are really disappointed ...the Yong Ming BP advisor also stupid ...if you said the car paint is not under warranty, why asking me booking for inspection and waste my time & money...i don't know how to describe how stupid work for Honda advisor and procedure...

Oct 04, 2019

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