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+1 800 430 3376 (USA, Customer Service)
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Home Depotrebate

September 7, 2019 applied online for rebate on paint purchased on September 6, 2019. When I tried to check on the status of the rebate ($100/ apx.) got a message the site is dangerous to my computer, and when I finally managed to get to the site there is no record of the tracking number.

Needless to say, we are very disappointed with Home Depot. Not the first time we have been lied to by this company.

We will be using the local competetor from now on. Home Depot doesn't seem to be much for upholding it's promises.

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    Nov 24, 2019

    Home Depot — power tool return

    2 Weeks Ago i had purchased a power tool kit for $449 from Home Depot in Tucker GA. i had purchased this for...

    Nov 21, 2019

    Home Depot — service or lack thereof

    I see this material was available at the Timmins store online. I checked because it is 2.5 hours round trip...

    Nov 21, 2019

    Home Depot — range delivery

    I am writing in regards to an issue with a major appliance and the lack of customer service when I did not...

    Nov 19, 2019

    Home Depot — window installation and siding installation

    Two years ago we signed up with Home Depot and their 3 year credit for window and siding installation.in May...

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    Nov 17, 2019

    Home Depot — full kitchen project (creation, delivery and installation)

    In the end of July 2019 while searching for a project for the kitchen remodeling in my new house, I visited...

    Nov 14, 2019

    Home Depot — carpet

    My new carpet was installed on SEPT. 20th, 2019. On the very first day, I noticed something odd about thi...

    Home Depotrefrigerator and stove

    I order appliances two weeks ago, the night before the delivery I received a call just to be informed that it's going to be rescheduled because they never received the appliances. I had to wait another week for it, which at this point I sold my stove and fridge. Now I dont have stove or fridge for a week. I would preciate if they call at list couple days in advance for rescheduling.. So disappointed about this. Not trusting home depot anymore.

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      Nov 10, 2019

      Home Depot — one of the staff were not very nice

      The date of the incident 11/10/19, the client's number was KMS5643. He thought we couldn't speak English just...

      Home Depotonline advertising

      Online shoppers are misled to apply for a credit card and save up to $100 on first purchase. I will upload a picture of the cart. It shows an extra $100 off on top of the current sale and rebates. I let Home Depot run a credit check, and it passed. When I used the code, the total would go up instead of down because it would remove the rebate. I called and chatted online. Finally spoke with Cindy who offered to close the account then because the $100 doesn't work with the rebates. I asked to speak to someone else and that manager said it's on the credit website. This is completely misleading and a waste of my time.

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        Home Depotpayment not credit as bill stated

        I recieved a bill that had some promotional offers on it and some interest bearing amounts also. The bill stated that I had to pay $1022 to avoid paying any interest. The billing fine print also stated that if a promotion offer didn't expire before the due date then payment would be put towards interest bearing amounts first. I paid $1200 to insure that that interest bearing was paid and some extra was put on the other balances. Turns out that they applied my payment to the promotional offer, leaving me with interest bearing amounts still. When I called to ask, they stated that it doesn't matter what the bill or fine print says, there billing hierachy applies payment to promotional if they expire within 2 months of the current bill. So even though the online payment and bill state to pay a certain amount to avoid interest, they apply it differently and you still get charged interest. Total misinformation and lying on the bill.
        Avoid completely. I am paying off my bill and canceling my card.

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          Nov 02, 2019

          Home Depot — stove

          I have had the WORST experience ever ordering a stove from Home Depot. I am a property owner / manager in...

          Nov 02, 2019

          Home Depot — countertop service

          Quartzite installed by Stoneworx on Oct 29th. I realize quartzite is a natural stone and seams and pattern...

          Oct 30, 2019

          Home Depot — customer service in the lumber area

          The employees that are assigned to work in the lumber area never want to help the customers. They walk around...

          Oct 29, 2019

          Home Depot — window installation

          We had windows installed in our home the summer of 2019 and right from the start we had issues. After having...

          Oct 28, 2019

          Home Depot — wrong door ordered by home depot personnel

          Ordered two doors and two storm doors. Home Depot ordered the wrong door, I ended up having to take two day...

          Home Depotcredit limit decrease - home depot

          Received notice that my credit limit would be decreased due to lack of use. Just for your information. During the past 12 months, I have had two knee replacements (Nov 2018, Feb 2019), crashed my bike during the rehab period. I was not in the home improvement mode needless to say.

          I have been a customer for years, but I could care less if you use these sort of letters without knowing the details.

          In fact, cut it in half, cut it by 3/4. Or cancel my account if you please. You are not the only game in town..

          Last four CC# 6424.

          S Fichter

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            Oct 27, 2019

            Home Depot — hurt on job

            2005 i double herniated l4 n l5 at work there n two weeks later fired due to lateness of injury. Not work...

            Home Depotlate delivery of an online purchase order and poor communications

            My products were paid for by credit card on the 02nd of october 2019 and delivered 14 days later to my forwarding company, who then delivered them to my specified destination. I made it clear at the onset of my purchase that I would be leaving that specified destination and that the products had to be there in time in order for me to clear them from customs. With my merchandise leaving home depot on the 16th of october 2019 little time was left for me to pick up my bill of lading, find a broker and to clear bahamas customs and retrieve my items from storage. My order could have been handled more expeditiously, which would have given me a few more days to personally deal with my order; 12 days would have even been sufficient but 14? Even if I would have been reminded that my order may be later than expected, I could have made adjustments to accommodate my time schedule.

            As it turned out (due to the late delivery), I had to locate a company to clear from bahamas customs and collect my products for me, because my return flight to germany on 20 october 2019 could not be postponed. My frustration was how the home depot representative (hdr) handled my order. I became so frustrated that I decided never again to make and online order at (calle ocho's) department store again!

            Here is a chronological account of that purchase history:
            30 sep 2019
            Me:ok sent you an email with attachments of the stuff I picked out online. Did not pay just have them im my online basket.

            Home depot rep (hdr):ok perfect you want the shingles too
            Ok we are ready for payment
            As soonest you are

            Me: yes the shingles but only the 48 bundles which is cheaper per bundle. Ca you make that one palate for everything? And how do I pay? I thought you could charge my credit card?

            Hdr:the order is ready to pay... If you want please send credit card information... Through this way... Thank you...$.. 1, 931.12... Thank

            Me:is that the price without taxes for export? I ask because my online order was less

            Hdr:how much couse on line you pay taxes and we send it to the vip room
            Let me check
            Im checking give me one second

            Me:online my price was 1710.27 pickup at customer service

            Hdr:hi... The total is $ 1, 819.27... Included the delivery...$ 1, 710.27 plus $109.00... $1, 819.27. Thank you

            (we got things sorted out and now we can finalize payment)

            Hdr:I am going to charge your credit card tomorrow morning ok

            1 october 2019 and 02 october 2019
            Credit card at home depot declined twice. Contact with my bank in germany revealed no stop on credit card payment. The decline was from home depot. I am using my germany credit card (the same card being declined at hd) parallel in the bahamas making daily purchases.

            02 october 2019 employed a different credit card. Did not bother to find out why home depot was declining my credit card when I was using it elsewhere as payment of hotel, car rental, shopping, etc. This one was accepted by home depot.

            Hdr: this one went through tomorrow I will do the one on line
            Text me

            03 october 2019
            Me:hi (name omitted): sorry for this late request but I need 1 more item...

            Bait block peanut butter flavor anticoagulant rodenticide for mice and rats (144-pack)

            And then I leave you alone

            04 october 2019
            Me:good morning (name omitted). All is ok with you and work I hope. Were you able to complete my order? You wanted to do the rest of the online order. Please add the bait block peanut butter rat poison and finalise my palette for shipping. Thank you and let me know when you are done please. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda

            Hdr: yes everything is order already!!! Thank you very much
            I will send your email shortly

            Me: (although I had asked her on a voice message to do this, I wrote it as text once again):
            Please place an itemized listing of the products on the palate so that the shipping company and customs can see what is on the palate, not just my name. This is better for me when I have to pick it up here in new providence and something turns up missing.

            7 october 2019
            Me: good morning (name omitted). Hope all is well with you. Hate to bother you again but could you email me a copy of the receipt of the rest of my online order. I still have only one receipt for the first part of my order (h0277-215116). The second part I am still waiting on. Thank you

            8 october 2019: received per email 1 receipt of some of the items ordered. The invoice had been split into two, so I had to inquire as to the second one.

            Me:good morning (name omitted). Hope all is well with you. Hate to bother you again but could you email me a copy of the receipt of the rest of my online order. I still have only one receipt for the first part of my order (h0277-215116). The second part I am still waiting on. Thank you

            Hdr:ok good morning I had a family emergency today I didn't go to work but tomorrow as soonest I get there I will send it to you ok thank you and I am sorry have a wonderful day

            Me:entiendo. I hope all turns out well. I am only asking so often because I will be leaving the bahamas in 10 days and it would be great to have the order delivered before then. Now I know your situation. Keep your head up :)

            Hdr: thank you and I will let you onow tomorrow

            Next day: receipt of email from hdr but with the same invoice as before, therefore a new inquiry

            Me:good morning (name omitted) elena. Hope all is well. I checked my email but the receipt you sent again is the same one from last week. No reverse osmosis system with filters etc. I sent you images of all the items I had in my online basket and the total came to around $1800 including shipping. The receipt inteceived again this morning is $1377.42. Some items are missing. What is going on?

            Hdr:I send you the 2 invoces can you please chack
            And ley me know
            If not I will send it again
            Ooo thank you

            Me: the two invoices are the same
            I 👀 only some of the items I on that invoice (which I already have). Just incase here is my online basket again (I send her an image of my basket again to jog her memory)

            Hdr:ok let me send you again
            I send it again

            Me:got it now 💪

            Hdr: jiji ok

            Me: thank you very much

            14 october
            Me:hello (name omitted): hope all is well with you and family. I was wondering when my shipment will come to the bahamas. Can you please tell me when you sent my order to the shipping company best way international because I haven't heard anything from them about a delivery date. On sunday I will be leaving and going back to germany. I hope the shipment has left home depot because if not we have a small problem. Let me know so that I can make a decision on what to do. Thank you.

            Hdr: no I haven't send your oder
            The specialorder they hmget here on the 16 so hopefully when we check and is the correct items we wolud deliver to your fright forward

            Me:hi (name omitted): sorry but I have a problem with this order. To be honest, the 16th is really very late! From 02 october until now (14 october) and my items are still there; that is almost 2 weeks! What items are so special that it is taking so long? If you won't be shipping my items until the 16th, inwill not get them here in the the bahamas before the 20th of october? It will take at least another 4 days to get here and another 2 to get the paperwork done for clearing customs. Which means those items will not be ready for pickup until around 22 october and I am leaving the bahamas on 20 october : (. I don't know what to do or say. Didn't know it would take this long.

            Hdr:on line items yeah today is 14 and 16 is on wednesday

            (this is the part where things escalated a bit because she had difficulty understanding what the problem was. The hdr said she would try to get the items to my shipping company by the 16th of october 2019.)

            (I made one attempt to cancel but I was persuaded by a friend to not cancel and try and find someone in my absence to pick the merchandise up.)

            16 october 2019 (hdr recommended that I give the name of the person who will be clearing my items from customs to put on the invoice)

            Me:send to the shipping company. The name of the person who will pick it up in nassau is mr. (name omitted) smith from 21st century welding. So in the invoice you would put (name omitted) thompson c/o (name omtted) smith. Tel: [protected] (office number). The people at the shipping company knows him. Now you can ship my items to the bahamas. If you have any questions ask me please.

            Hdr:okay sir thank you very much I will do
            Have a great night

            18 october 2019 (no changed invoices to accommodate clearing from customs other than myself. So an inquiry was made)

            Me:hello (name omitted). When will I get a copy of the invoice with the change that I sent you several days ago. I should have a new invoice which includes the name of the person (mr. Name omitted) who will be picking up my items from customs)? I thought that was the reason for me sending you that additional information. The invoice in my possession are only with my name. I am a bit confused about all this

            Hdr:you tell the company the change the invoce goies in your name you have to tell the shipping company and let him know unless you want the invoice to go under his name and I change it and send it to you now

            Me:send invoice as follows:

            To mr. (name omitted). Thompson
            C/o mr. (name omitted) smith
            21st century welding
            N.P.; bahamas

            🙏🏿 please!

            19 october 2019 (1 day before my return trip toeurope)
            Me: (name omitted) thank you. Received one invoice today with the change (perfect). Now all you need to do is the same with the second invoice. Please! The one with the reverse osmosis system (the special order). Thank you very much

            Hdr:ok no problem

            21 october and no information or second invoice from hdr. But this time I am really aggravated and have had enough.

            Me: (name omitted), if you have not made changes to my invoices as inrequested, then forget it. Instead of telling me ok no problem, you may as well have said don't bother me.

            Hdr:good afternoon sr I did change your invoice

            Online invoice that I didn't change is becouse I cannot change anything to it I don't know what the issue is but I am treating you with respect and doing my job correctly as much as I can sr I work from monday to friday 9/5 sr

            Me:the last thing you said to me a few days ago was "ok no problem". So what was that suppose to mean? I will change it or I can't change it? You said nothing until just now! How am I suppose to know that you are having or had a problem when you say nothing? That is not how you communicate with customers. When can't do something you tell them not @ ok no problem " because they are waiting in the bahamas for the changes invoices (not one but all two) and I told them I am waiting on you. Now you tell me you can't change the second invoice! I can't know what is going on when you remain silent.

            Hdr:did you check you email sr

            Me: (name omitted), you sent me 1 changed invoice per email on the 19th of october; invoice h0277-215116. That is all! I told you that it was ok with those changes and that you only need now to send the second with changes.

            I am in florida and will be returning to germany in the morning. It would have been nice not to have had a problem with this online order. I won't do it again because it was a disaster. My mistake thinking it could work out well but I think the biggest problem is the language. So let us just leave it at that and discontinue this futile conversation because it has brought nothing but frustration.

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              Oct 24, 2019

              Home Depot — scarce to empty shelves and absolutely no service rendered by hd employees

              I arrived at hd approximately 3:15p 11/20/19. My aim was to purchase some hex-head screws. I went to the...

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