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Home Depot — flooring tiles wrong order & delayed delivery

rievance Report for DELAY IN DELIVERY OF FLOORING TILES at The Home Depot 428 Ellesmere Road Scarborough ON...

Home Depotfloor tiles

Shafik Mulla
1:46 PM (1 minute ago)
to russell_taggart, corin_schart, bcc: aisha

May 26, 2019
Shafik & Aisha Mulla
56 Canmore Blvd
Scarborough ON M1C 3W2

To whomsoever it may concern.

Grievance Report for FLOORING TILE ordeal
at The Home Depot
428 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough ON M1R 4E6
(May 21, 2019 to Date)
Reference : ORDER NO [protected]

What a MESS, what a MESS, for a simple delivery of tiles!! Is that soo difficult like a
rocket science? That too for a product marketed as "Free RAPID Delivery 48 Hours
To your Door or Room of your choice" Wow. We wonder does this mean 48 hours Max from placement of order?
Well, we don't think so..it needs to be corrected because
1. It doesn't take care of mistakes (Blunders) in putting the right order through by the associate.
2. It doesn't take care of the associate not forwarding P.O. number to the shipping company soon enough.
3. It doesn't affect Home Depot as they have taken the money upfront. Wow.
Here are the sequences of what happened.
1.We both visited your Ellesmere store on Tuesday the 21st. May 2019 to choose the tiles for our reno job.
We met up with flooring associate Alex Deneault, showed & discussed the tile model that we liked. It was Strata Grigio. We
mentioned to him that we chose these tiles only because we need them urgently and these tiles mentioned ‘ Rapid Delivery'
2.We were expecting the delivery on Thursday as claimed by the Tile company of Rapid Delivery (Home Depot)
within 48 hours. Our contractor was all set to start the installation. When the tiles did not arrive till late afternoon we
called up to check the status. The tiles company told us they haven't received PO. Now we chase back with Home Depot
and requested them to, ... "Please send them the PO". Well, they obliged. Now the Tile company says it's too late for today
we will deliver tomorrow, as we belong to "Rapid Delivery". and They did.
The Tiles came on Friday. They would not deliver them inside our garage. We had to manually move them inside the
garage. Aisha got hurt in the process, couple of tiles broke. All in panic as we were to be back charged by the contractor for loss
of time. But marketing slogan is "Delivered to the room of your choice" but marketing words don't mean anything
once money is received. Well now is the climax...The entire order of tiles delivered was wrong. Totally different model number.
We started calling back Home Depot again!!! We were told associate Alex is on leave. But to be fair, the
store Manager Corin Schart stepped in, corrected all the specifications and created a PO and asked us to come in evening and settle
the payments. Fine we did.
Home Depot told us that Tiles will be delivered on Monday May 27, 2019. Will they? Will they be the right tiles?
Right quantity? Monday morning or Evening? We don't know we are keeping our fingers crossed. But the point is
The contractor has lost his time, and he refuses to understand our situation. He is back charging us for this delay.
"Who is going to pay for this mess created???"
We will be at Home Depot soon.
Best Regards
Shafik & Aisha Mulla

floor tiles
floor tiles
floor tiles
floor tiles
floor tiles
floor tiles
floor tiles

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    Home Depotdelivery company they use; very disappointed in home depot deliveries

    We bought a patio set at store 08520 in NJ the first delivery a couple weeks ago a BBQ which we paid $ 79.00 plus tax the time was a large window 6am to 8pm the delivery didn't get to my house till 8.30 pm and my husband had to go get them (we live in gated community) ok fine We we're happy after waiting all day no calls they showed up 8.30pm Our next adventure would be when we bought our patio set set delivery for May22.2019 same time window paid $79.00 . We start the waiting game at 6.30 I called store couldn't get threw being out on hold again and again at this point I am upset no answer finally spoke to a woman who said to me what the waiting I said ok she said it's on its way .We waiting again 8.15 came the same game to answer finally got threw at 9.45 pm now I am even more upset as to speak to a manger to find out the patio set was still at the store and that they had a problem with the delivery company at this point I didn't care because someone should of called to let me know NO Delivery the gentle(manger was very nice and said would try and delivery later it's 9.30 I said that's crazy he sen I promise tomorrow morning I said ok or I am canceling my order called the next morning and again couldn't get to speak to Someone At this I am ready to cancel the associated Mary said I let u speak to Joe the manger told him what's going on and he said it's on it's way that the Delivery Company the use is not realiable I thank him and he got the patio set to my house at 11.30 which I really appreciated The homedepot is such a big company why do they don't have a delivery company worthwhile the money that is spent the delivery co Sucks in plain words please get people that do there job never again will I have a delivery done by them again if I can't take I am not buying Have to tell u We shop in Florida, New York and now NJ please get good delivery company thank you 5/23/2019 Cathy NJ

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      Home Depotstore @ 7125 w 88th, westminster co 80221

      I am disappointed in the management of this store!
      I am disabled and I do appreciate the motorized scooters you have. Please mount the metal extension plug-in up on the wall like the one you Have at the Exit Doors by Self Check Out.
      You must not realize how difficult it is for a disabled person to bend down to plug or unplug the motorized carts.
      You also need to provide adequate space between them so a disabled person doesn't have to squeeze between them or try to move them to use one. You keep stuffing product next to them; which makes it impossible to get to one.
      Your cashiers at customer service stand around visiting, working on the computer or stand in the back of the desk! I would really like to be recognized or a head shake, just so I know they see me and will get to me soon.
      They never clear the area in front of the desk, so you have to try and wind your way to the desk; let alone you never know where to stand at the desk to get service. People stand everywhere in front of the desk trying to get service!

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        Home Depotstore 1603

        to May 21st, 2019 I went to the home depot store for the third time looking for an adaptor (power washer to garden hose). Very frustrating, but fortunately I met the associate ever. After 800 plus steps visiting three different area of the store and an online search he determined that Home Depot did not carry the part I needed and with what you did have he couldn't piece anything useful together to help me. You would have thought that at this point he would have sent me on my way. No he spent another 10 minutes on line helping me find what I needed. This was an awesome experience for me as a year and a half ago I had a bad experience with the same store. This associate restored my trust and faith in Home Depot, I wish I'd gotten his name.

        Thanks nameless.

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          Home Depotmanager

          I went to buy a power washer at the home depot located on white settlement road in fort worth, texas. No one would help me. I found a gentleman named max in the paint department and he called for lawn and garden. I waited 15 minutes on ilse 51 and noone came. I ask max if he could call a manager and he did. Still 15 more minutes noone came. Then max happen to go look for someone to help me the manager walked by and he told max told me to go look up front for powerwashers. I looked up front and could not find the one I wanted but max had checked the first time I spoke to him and it showed they had 15!! I went back to the paint department and max said he would come up there when he finished with the customer he was helping. He also looked up front and finally found the one I wanted. I went to pay for it and the manager walked by. I ask him if he was the manager and he said yes. I told him I did not aappreciate him ignoring me. He said he told max to. I heard him he did not tell max to help me!!! I told him he was a liar and lazy. I should not have to beg to spend over $100.00. I would like something to correct this behavior. He the manager just looked at me and walked off while I was talking. Kari was the clerk that checked me out and she saw hisw behavior.
          Upset customer

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            Home Depotgift card

            On March 29, 2019, I received a $200.00 home depot gift card for my birthday. I checked the balance a coupe of days later to make sure before I went to purchase an item at Home Depot in Oxford Alabama. I picked up the item to purchase and went to checkout register. The clerk scanned my item and my home depot gift card. She said there was a zero balance. I said you're kidding and she said I should go to customer service which I did. I explained to them my situation and they referred me to the store manager. I explained to that that the card had not left my billfold and I or any member of my family had not used th. He contacted Home Depot office and explained to them the situation and was told there had been online purchases with the gift card, although I had not made any purchases. The purchases totaled $200.00, but he would not say where they came from or who made them. After several trips to the local home depot business, I was mailed a replacement card for $200.00. I immediately checked the balance and in a couple of days went to the local Home Depot to get my item. Got to the register and was told there was a zero balance. Embarrassed again, I went home and called Home Depot and talked to a supervisor named Robert. He checked the card number and saw that online purchases had been made with this gift card. I explained that Home Depot had sent that card and when I checked it showed a balance of $200.00. He would not tell where the purchases were made, yet when I said I lived in Alabama, he insinuated the purchases had not been made in this state. I asked if this was a scam promoted by Home Depot. It would be poor business if it were $25 -$50 cards, but $200.00 makes it easy to think it is a scam. He said no and yet could not explain the problem. He said he would check but it has been over three weeks and I have not heard a word. All I know is Home Depot has sold $400.00 in merchandise and my daughter's gift card that she gave me was never used by me. I get the impression that Home Depot could care less. I am not one to post negative comments about businesses since I worked in the retail business for almost fifty years. But enough is enough. I would like a store credit in the amount of $200.00. I truly believe there is a problem with the gift card department. A scam??? or negligence in the sale and display of cards... something is not right.

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              • Updated by Kathy Harlan · May 16, 2019

                This note was written by my husband Richard Harlan.

              Home Depot — kitchen cabinet refacing customer service

              We had someone come to our home and discuss and measure our kitchen for cabinet refacing last Thursday, May...

              Home Depotbacksplash installation

              I dealt with the Home Depot in Kent WA. on 104 Ave Se to select and have installed backsplash in my kitchen. I finally picked out a color and had the kitchen measured and the install was scheduled for 5/13. Today I was told that the install company couldn't find anyone willing to do the job and the one contractor backed out at the last minute. They told me to just bring all of the material back and I would get a refund. I did and now I have a kitchen that has been prepared for 3 weeks to get the backsplash installed and is not totally useable. Extremely poor performance the Home Depot and the company they use to arrange for the installations. I believe I should get more than just my money back for the material I returned. They said they were sorry but offered nothing other than that. How about a gift card for all of my troubles.
              Dennis [protected]

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                Home Depot Home Services — roof installation problems

                Roof installed, 2 problems afterward. Trying to get anyone from the "Team" to return calls and address the...

                Home Depot5 gallons of paint

                Good Day, I've never been so disappointed in Home Depot in over 30 years of loyal patronage and service (we have been good to each other) but this last encounter is the last straw. I am beyond frustrated. I placed an order for several items and one item was a 5 gallon order of Swiss Mocha Coffee Paint which was a light tannish color. The 1st CSR advised me to close my order so he could take over, save and enter it, the entire order was lost- no Problem The 2nd CSR found everything as I described... I was Grateful for her help and going the extra mile...2 Hours! Well Fast Forward to a few weeks ago- 5 of 10 gallons was incorrect I simply asked Home Depot to correct it's mistake ..5 emails later I am stunned to have no resolution, acceptable solution or apology.

                Perpetually can't be returned
                can't be refunded...Wow that's SOOOO not what I was used to Home Depot has ALWAYS provided exceptional Service but as a Company you missed the mark on this one and I find it hard to believe that your response to messing up my order after deleting it and overcharging me for the item that is incorrect is ... "Do/Fix it Yourself"? In the most negative sense of the term?? My home repair is delayed
                I have paid for additional Paint just to finish my kitchen before a Family event...so disappointed in Home Depot.

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                  Home Depo — lawnmower

                  I went into the store, the clerk "Mikki" was VERY rude so I requested to speak with a manager, David the...

                  Home Depotorange or yellow fiberglass snow marker rods.

                  These fiberglass rods deteriorate after one Winter season, causing fiberglass splinters to lodge in the hands of the person removing them from the ground.
                  Both my neighbor and I pulled these fiberglass markers from along our driveways, only to have our hands filled with shards of invisible fiberglass splinters. After three weeks, my hands are still painfully pierced by these glass shards while doing simple daily activities.
                  These rods are dangerous and harmful to the public. God forbid either of us would have rubbed our eyes while removing them.
                  Obviously proper field testing was not performed on these rods and the public is the poorer for it.
                  The manufacture and sale of these fiberglass snow markers should cease immediately and warnings should be posted in store and online for those customers who have already purchased them.

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                    Home Depotrefrigerator

                    Order and paid for a Samsung refrigerator on February 4, 2019 with a delivery date of April 26, 2019. Called by Samsung a few days before and was told that the model I paid for was no longer available. Scheduled delivery date off from work. Rescheduled to May 3, 2019 with a different but similar model. No delivery and no communications. Calls made and Home Depot blamed Samsung and Samsung blamed Home Depot and the delivery company for the non- delivery of a paid for item. Since three parties involved no one takes responsibility and still no refrigerator. If they finally schedule a delivery, another lost day of pay.

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                      • Sp
                        SPJax Aug 14, 2019

                        Spouse purchased refrigerator in store Columbus, Ga. On 7/9/19, received delivery on 7/19/19. Refrigerator worked for 10 days, everything in the freezer was thawed out. Call store and was referred to the maker service agent. Rep scheduled appointment for two weeks out, 8/14/19. Waited all day for someone to show up during the bourse of 9-12 noon. No show until 5 calls and 4 hours later someone showed. I asked my spouse to speak to the manager and request refund of payment and replacement of loss meats. This is not acceptable to wait and get the run around for services. I will be checking the legal aspects of this type of business messiness.

                        -1 Votes

                      Home Depotjob# [protected] french doors

                      To Whom It May Concern,

                      This process for the job number provided started in February and here we are in May and I still have yet to have a job completed that may take a few hours!! It's hard to even get information about this job and I must say that I will probably never use Home Depot again for any job! Please if you're not the right person to contact then feel free to forward this email. I spoke to a sales manager by the name of Michael (unsure of last name) but both times he's advised me that my French doors were going to production and I doubt it takes a month to create these doors and if so communication to customers waiting would be ideal!

                      I would like to file a formal complaint. Just because some customers use certain programs for their house projects this doesn't make them any less important!! While I understand there are or may be additional steps that have to be taken I know that this is not the way you treat most customers!

                      DShawn Jones
                      661.579.9888 home
                      310.251.2297 cell

                      I really just want you to know how bad this looks...In April 19' I also started a solar project using the PACE program ...guess what...my solar has already been installed! So there's absolutely no reason that my French door protect that was initiated in February 19' should be taking this long as they too had to get permits and city/county approvals.

                      Do the right thing!!!

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                        Home Depothome appliance (refrigerator)

                        On 4/30/2019 we visited the Home Depot in Bear Creek, Mi. I inquired about buying a new refrigerator. I was told that I couldn't purchase one because the company that handled the appliances didn't deliver to the U.P. Of Michigan. I was also told I couldn't buy one and pick it up at the store. I have two Home Depot credit cards with 0 balances. I have purchased appliances in the past from you people. They have been delivered to my home in the UP. I was told this only applies to appliances. This is asinine. I purchased a Samsung refrigerator from Lowe's just next door. Same day. Also now have a Lowe's credit card. NO problem with delivery.

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                          Home Depotmicrowave oven... magic chef hmm1611b bought 7/30/18

                          Serial #[protected] Turntable spins some times and stops or slips rotating? This thing is built so cheep I bought a leak detector to see if the thing leaks and it does.
                          I went on chat and they had me disconnect and file a work order on it. I e-mailed the copy of the recite and waited for something saying it was received and will be passed on to a repair shop for warranty work. A week later still heard from no one. When on chat again did not get there name but I did the first person that had me fill out the request her name was Gena. This one... name I didn't get... said she can't find it and I said than give me my money back an they disconnected me.

                          This is BS I never had a piece of crap like this ...that did not even last a year and it leaks radiation to. I bought a washer, refrigerator and a portable Generator some years ago, all big ticket prices, and this piece of crap microwave in the last year from Home Depot. After all the BS from Magic Chef I just ordered a dryer from Lowes. And I got a hell of a deal because I was a veteran. I bought a GE appliance 30 years ago brand new and it almost burned my house down and I have never bought a GE product since. Your call.

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                            Home Depotpro poulan with briggs and stratton engine lawn mower

                            i purchased this lawnmower 7/28/18 on line via the home depot located on 21st so. and 3rd w. store in salt lake city, utah. had to wait because this particular lawnmower was not in any store just on line. this lawnmower some time before the new shipment arrived for delivery. delivered by truck to my residence. used this lawnmower 4 times in 2018 (end of seasonal lawnmowing in 2018), stored new lawnmower in protected shed on property for the winter. now 2019 is here and lawn needs to be cut.. got lawnmower out of my shed let it sit in the sun for 2 hours, because of being cold, put fresh gasoline in engine, checked all fluids spark plug etc. lawnmower refused to start. worked all day trying to get lawnmower to start.. ended up calling local home depot store, in west valley city, asking for manager, because i said some bad words and told this manager mike, that this mower was a piece of [censored], etc. he hung up on me. i called back, asked for him again, and he refused to take the call. ended up talking to another store associate by the name of carol, and she took my call, she addressed the issue, said i could bring the mower in to the store, but i don't have a vehicle, that big enough to put the mower in and to bring the mower to the store in west valley city, utah. (this is where i shop mostly) so carol finally sent two male employee's down to my house which took about 7 minutes to get to my home from the store. took the lawnmower back to store and fixed it to run. i am pissed that a brand new lawnmower i purchased late last year, did not work this year. the reputation of briggs and stratton engine which i have other products with this engine style has operated with no problem come to find out after the fact that is particular lawnmower has been discontined as of last year for this year, (i got ripped off at that rate and no one told me) and too, the carburator was in major bad condition like it had been used for 10 years and not ever cleaned and maintained proper, as per the employee at the west valley store told me when he brought my lawnmower back. now this was a brand new lawnmower, and the carburator was filthly, this diagnosis by the employee was caused from the manufacturer in the first place. it was full of gunk. if this lawnmower does not work the way it should then next time i mow then home depot can shove this lawnmower, and replace the lawnmower with one that i can depend on for useage each week for lawn mowing. i did not purchase the $35.00 store protection plan because, i figured i was buying a really good lawnmower, instead i got a lemon. please let me know via my e-mail. ms.[protected]@hotmail.com what the final decision is . thanks

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                              • Sh
                                Shaun R. May 02, 2019

                                Hi Ms. Tadd.

                                I believe I can help.

                                To address one of your concerns, most mower manufacturers will only produce a particular model of mower for a single mowing season. They produce enough to get them through the year and then evaluate what changes to make for the following year. It is, therefore, not uncommon that a model of mower purchased last year would not be produced this year.

                                Any mower, regardless of how new, requires regular maintenance. This maintenance includes winterizing the unit properly and bringing it out in the spring properly. It also means using the product correctly throughout the mowing season.

                                Here in Utah, we have can have very light winters, as we did during the 17-18 season or we can have a more common winter with snowfall throughout the season. In either case, temperatures generally have your lawn dormant from about November through February. The carburetor being dirty and becoming clogged has nothing to do with the quality of the machine or the manufacturer of the engine; it has everything to do with the quality of gas and how it was winterized and put away. Although not required, it is a good idea to use ethanol-free gas for any small engine. In Utah, you will find most Maverick service locations will carry this form of gas. Use a specific gas can labeled ethanol-free just for such equipment. In addition, it would not hurt to use a fuel stabilizer; if not during the entire season, use it to put the unit away at the end of the year. Sta-Bil is a great product and can be purchased at Home Depot for a mere $8.98. Make sure you completely run the tank dry at this point. Even storing a small amount of fuel in the tank over the winter can cause problems.

                                In the spring, you'll want to take the mower back out and check it over for use. Remove the cap over the spark plug and remove the plug itself. Check it for excessive corrosion around the tip, gap and electrode. Clean or replace it if necessary. Then remove the air filter. Check it for cleanliness and clean or replace it if necessary. Although if properly maintained, the carburetor shouldn't have to be cleaned, now would be the time to do it if necessary. Finally, this is a good time to inspect the blade. If dull, make sure to sharpen it to produce quality cutting. Some people who feel inadequate in this type of work, may take the unit to a preferred small engine servicer for yearly maintenance. As I believe you've come to realize, Home Depot is a good place to have this work done. You can contact Home Depot at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT [protected]).

                                During the mowing season, you'll find very little needs to be done to keep your new Poulan Pro running well. The most important area to reiterate is to use ethanol-free fuel and regular fuel stabilizer. For quality cutting, I'd make sure to continually check the blade for sharpness. It isn't unheard of to have a blade sharpened two or three times during our (Utah) mowing season. To make it easy, you may want to purchase an extra blade from Home Depot and have it sharpened. As one blade become dull, remove and exchange it with the sharpened blade, then bring the dull blade into Home Depot for sharpening at your convenience. Finally, make sure you regularly wash and dry the underside of your mower's deck after each cutting. Not doing so can cause long term damage but will, more importantly, create less than an optimal cutting experience.

                                Hopefully this helps a great deal. Please let us know if you should need any further help.

                                0 Votes

                              The Home Depotcustomer service

                              Many of my exchanges they have deemed "fraudulent transactions" we're made *with receipt* as well as within the 90 day requirements. Because I did not ask for my money back but instead exchanged defective items or extra material for non-defective items or slightly different material to service my customers needs; they assign me a store credit that I use in the same transaction. They have to verify my drivers license so I am the only one who can access the credit... Well these completely legitimate exchanges are counted as "return without receipt" unbenoknst to me. As soon as that denial paper printed out the clerk's demeanor went from helpfully pleasent to down right rude. Not to mention I was not given a warning as said on the web site nor is any information posted for customers to see. I do not take part in grocery "rewards" programs because I do not like my data being horded and prostituted to the highest paying ad company, but at least the grocery store gives you an option. The retail equation is commiting personal information theft. This is an invasion of privacy and they should be held responsible for their perverted actions. This is disgusting 😡

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                                Home Depotcontractor referral

                                I used the Home Depot to find a contractor and was referred to Statewide Remodeling. It was the worst experience I have ever had. They are unresponsive, extremely expensive, extremely rude and simply not worth it. 2 months for a shower remodel. The actual work time was 5 days, approximately 45 hours. Horrible experience and I'm extremely disappointed in Home Depot for referring them to me.

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