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1800 747 3787 (Credit Card Accounts, Canada)
1800 004 6633 (Mexico)
+1 800 466 3337 (USA, Sales)
+1 800 430 3376 (USA, Customer Service)
+1 877 946 9843 (USA, Major Appliances)
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Complaints & Reviews

Jul 12, 2019

Home Depot — flooring and kitchen design/installation/delivery

Update: I am still waiting on a delivery refund of $161 - because Home Depot needs to "work with their IT...

Jul 10, 2019

HomeDepot.com — store manager lawanda/corporate customer service

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with my most recent experience with my local Home Depot...

Jul 09, 2019

Home Depot — Your credit card

It has become embarrassing to shop at your store ; I have a perfectly negotiable credit (home depot) but i...

Home Depotimpact french doors installed in my house

I had impact windows and doors installed in my house in December 2018. In June 2019, the french doors started leaking when a strong rain came. These are supposed to be hurricane doors, NOT STRONG RAIN DOORS. What would have happened if a hurricane came?! I called RIchard, a home depot contractor, and he found a crack in concrete where the doors were installed. It was an INSTALLATION PROBLEM. He fixed the leak but now I have water damage all the way around the inside of my NEW HURRICANE IMPACT DOORS!!! NOT TO MENTION A HOLE IN MY CEILING where the water damage is. I reached out to Richard and no response. I reached out to my sales rep, who called it in, and almost a week later, I have heard nothing! It is SOOOO ridiculous that I spent THOUSANDS of dollars and 6 months later, I am still dealing with this [censored]. If I could have them come take them back out and give me all my money back, I would do it. SOO DISAPPOINTED that they hire incompetent contractors that CANNOT FINISH A JOB CORRECTLY. Then everyone blames everyone else and no one knows how to take responsibility. I will never go through Home Depot again for a big job. SO INCOMPETENT.

impact french doors installed in my house
impact french doors installed in my house

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    Jul 03, 2019

    Home Depot — door locks

    I've had the misfortune of being the recipient of the incompetence of Awilda in Customer service twice...

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    Home Depotada and terrible service.

    On 6/27/2019 I entered store in corvallis or. I am normally in a wheelchair but recently able to walk a little. My plan that night was to hop in store scooter. Upon arriving at front of store that every aisle 20 foot from front of store was blocked with inventory stack blocking all aisle ways. So scooter was working but not accessable to store. I decided to walk. I needed something from garden area. Most aisles were completly blocked. I was looking for help to get things. Not one employee would help me. Attitude was horrible. This has been going on for over 3 years. I vowed after a horrible experience of humilation in my wheelchair never ever go back to corvallis store again (3 years ago and started coming back this spring).in corvallis we have older buildings which is harder to comply with ada but the retail employees in corvallis always help and rise above so it works. There are 2 facebook groups for disabled (local) that I belong to that are disabled advocacy groups. Home depot especially in corvallis oregon is one of the biggest offenders. Upon checkout as I could no longer walk I checked out and asked if someone could please help me load bark (10 bags). Checkout employee was rude an just didnt want to bother. Twice I had to go back and ask for help since I already paid and was too far to walk for for me to service desk! I was given rolling eyes and such an attitude that I was in tears. I had no choice but to haul bark bags. I am not supposed to lift more that 5 lbs but was so humilated that I loaded those bags. Still not one employee came out to help.in fact when some employees came out I was given backlash and was blamed for it wow. I am paying the price today and laid up for next two days.. I was out of breath and realized I should not have lifted those bags. Usually I have no problems since some employees know me but none were on duty. Between being blocked out, fire codes, ada violations, and really a hate for disabled people in corvallis store. It is the same managment as 3 years ago. Its clear that nothing is discussed or even offered to new employees about ada etc. Walmart in corvallis also hires employees to train for other store and empowers there staff to immediatly offer help to seniors and disabled. It shows in walmart in corvallis how much satisfaction that employees get out of helping and actually seeing me getting better. Although you have some amazing employees that have done the right thing you continue to ignore any ada and continues to discriminate against disabled customers in corvallis store. There have been so many pictures and complaints on facebook that we may start a protest and media blitz to inform community about these dangerous and humiliating experiences in corvallis store. I have talked to management a few times and nothing changes. Yes its a hard job but the attitudes that are allowed there are unacceptable. I would expect some communicaton back to know if this will be adressed. Its clear it has never been communicated to staff. Although I have had some really amazing customer service by a few employees the majority of your staff run from disabled like were some freaks. Of course a protest is always time consuming it feels like its needed to inform corvallis community of these horrible practice in your corvallis store. We feel that is the managment and improper training and focus on ada or even a senior who needs help. I took pictures of blocked aisles and how there was no way for any disabled people to enter beyond 20 feet of store. I have decided not to share pictures with home depot at this time as they have been ignored by manager in past. If there had been a fire how would I get out as I have to walk slow? I would like you to communcate this with corvallis store and somehow change this practice that has continued for years. Same manager same training.in this day in age especially in corvallis this is unacceptable practice and has been cemented into culture of home depot of corvallis oregon. I would expect a change in practice and at least a sincere apology with action. My personal opinion (I had a neighbor who worked seasonal and after I told him what happened 3 years ago he stated the manager is why he quit!) I refuse to release my pictures of last night fiasco as a potential protest and manager will just bury it forever as in past. It is awful to think there is a home depot in under 2 miles but will have to go to albany lowes for my future needs (30 min and over 10 miles). I am only able to go go out once or twice a week. It will be worth it to avoid any further humilation as a person who is disabled. Why bother? I am a retired rn ad have been an activist since 1981. Although time consuming a protest is easily achieved. Feel free to contact me at [protected]@aol.com or [protected] thank you james coe

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      Jun 28, 2019

      Home Depot — service from an associate in 7074

      I went to the store # 7074 and wanted to purchase 21 Fire Pit Blocks. I had a cart to load the blocks and...

      Home Depothampton bay swivel patio chair

      Once again!!! Our Hampton Bay swivel rocker patio chair broke at the base! My husband is not a big man, only weighing 175-180 lbs, and he sat in the chair and fell backwards onto our concrete patio! This happened LAST summer as well! Company sent a replacement... it took about 7 months to finally get it though! Finally summer arrived in upstate NY and we brought the furniture back out, put new base on the chair that broke last year. And tonight, BAM! Happened again! This is such a safety hazard and I think something needs to be done!!! My 81 yr old mother (who weighs 90 lbs soaking wet) was sitting in that same chair the other day! What if chair broke when she was in it?? Hampton Bay should have a recall on these chairs and replace everyone's chairs !!! How can we get this to happen!!!

      hampton bay swivel patio chair
      hampton bay swivel patio chair
      hampton bay swivel patio chair

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        Home Depotservice

        While being waited on by employee in lumber department he took three phone calls from customers that called in for information.
        I feel that the person that drove to the store should have priority over those that call in for information. Although the employee did put the first customer on hold I felt very pressured because I had a few questions I needed answers to regarding composite decking. I did tell him to finish up the call so that I would feel more relaxed. His phone rang two more times by customers calling in. I then gave up and took my business across the street to Lowes where I received one on one service with no interruptions. Employee from Lowes had full knowledge of the product and even printed me out all of the information and pricing that I needed. I will make my purchase for all of my deck project from Lowes.

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          Jun 26, 2019

          Home Depot — worst customer service in plumbing dept

          I was looking for some bathroom materials in the Plumbing Department this morning at 11:00 am at the above...

          Jun 24, 2019

          Home Depot — home depot service provider-ars rescue rooter hvac

          Home Depot preferred contractor ARS Rescue Rooter is by far the shadiest air conditioning company in Florida...

          Home Depotmilitary discount

          I have a concern regarding your corporate policy for veteran discounts. Recently I ask for a Military Discount and was refused because my military credentials were not acceptable. I am a retired verteran, served in the Viet Nam era and had a DD 214 form to verify my claim. Wasn't good enough according to your Corp. policy. So I submitted same for to the DMV and had verteran status flad added to my DL. Tried again to get a discount with your Westerly, RI, store. Nope; so Idecided not to patronize Home Depo any further and spread the word with other veteran collegues. Will now do my business with Lowe's. Too bad Home Depot is not so understanding. Thanks for letting me vent. Dr. George B Wingblade, [protected]@sbcglobal.net

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            Home Depotonline order for a appliance that was on back order

            June 5 ordered a dishwasher online. The order gave a June 22 delivery date. Had to change to June24. No where did it advise me the item was on back order. Called to get a delivery status. Customer service gave me 800 number for the delivery service. Delivery service gave me number of the manufacturer. Manufacturer advised to call back to HomeDepot. Back to Customer service and the Rep called the manufacturer. She explained the website showed 2 items in stock. But that model had been on back order since early April. She canceled the order but I have to go to my local store to get the money put back on my gift card and HomeDepot credit card. Very dissatisfied with the online ordering system.

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              Home Depotkey cutting service

              Someone was in line in front of me to have rope cut, I've been waiting 30 min now after he went to cut the rope not to mention the 10 min prior. Everyone seen me standing around forever and I only heard laughs. Aramingo and castor has m philadelphia. I have not had good service here in the past year . I submitted a complaint last time when I feel I was targeted for theft in some way because of my returns and was not only not resolved but no one even contacted me regarding the matter

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                • Updated by Mike arliga · Jun 23, 2019

                  Home Depot castor and Aramingo has the worst service

                Home Depotshipment/delivery

                I ordered a washer and dryer at the Newark CA Home Depot on June 7, 2019. A delivery date of June 12 was promised. On June 12 my shipment was cancelled because the appliance was damaged during delivery from the vendor. On June 17 I called and no replacement was ordered. On June 19 I called and still no delivery update.

                Home Depot failed to notify the vendor of the replacement on June 12 after knowing that I needed a replacement. When I requested expedite delivery, they told me I needed to contact the vendor directly. I called the vendor directly and the couldn't tell me when the appliance could be delivered.

                It has been 12 days and I have not heard back regarding delivery. I paid for the appliance with the promise that it would be delivered within 72 hours. This is unacceptable. I will not ship at Home Depot again. There is no regards to customer service and lack urgency with customer needs.

                Order number H6964-94188 cell number [protected]

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                  • Ce
                    CE114 Jun 21, 2019

                    I purchased a refrigerator and was promised a June 14 delivery. It was delivered, but with two dents in the freezer door. The delivery guy said he would order a new door and put it on...THEN he handed me another customer's paperwork! Not trusting his word, I called Home Depot and learned his statement was totally bogus, and that doors aren't replaced, but I could get a refrigerator replacement and it was promised June 21. I took ANOTHER day off work, and started calling two days prior to ensure my delivery was to be made. I was assured that it would come on Friday. TODAY, June 21, after having to call four times, I learned that my refrigerator "didn't make the truck" at Daryl Flood Logistics, and that the soonest they could get it to me would be June 28. SO, for one refrigerator--three days off work. No one takes responsibility...every call I make, the finger is pointed at someone else. It will be the LAST time I purchase any deliverable item from Home Depot, and I'm making upgrades to my home.

                    0 Votes

                  Home Depotpick up order

                  Order not ready in 3 days! In store merchandise! The ship in stuff was ready, but this is my second bad experience and I will NOT do this again. My first pick up took well over an hour + 2 trips to the store. Second only took 20 minutes for the refund...I learned how to save time...go somewhere else to spend my money!

                  No need to resolve this one...I'll NEVER go back to Home Depot.

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                    Home Depotcustomer service at service desk

                    Empmoyee provided me with false information about my online order and getting it refunded and was very rude the whole time. He didn't get my refund and I call the next day due to an email I received and call the same location and the employee who answered was even more rude and must have thought I was put on hold and couldn't hear him but I could hear profanities coming from him talking to another employee I believe. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL

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                      Home Depotcustomer service (check out/ordering)

                      201 road to six flags Arlington, Texas
                      Considering the extreme wait in line at the Pro Desk pricing is offset especially when the craftsman is paid for waiting on material that has been pulled from stock. One is lucky to get pricing if at all for special orders even when a sample is provided.
                      Home Depot once was my "go to" supplier now they on my "no go" list.

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                        Home Depotheating and cooling

                        HD did not pull permits needed in Baltimore County, MD for installation of heating and cooling vac. Now I have to stay home another day to wait-Luis Nana should have told me this-incompetent! Everyone with a brain knows work permits should be pulled with a job as extensive as this! Plus, I am paying on exterior doors which haven't been installed-where are they?

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                          Home Depotspecial order flooring

                          To whom it may concern at Home Depot,

                          I'm shocked and dismayed over the lack of support or even empathy on an issue we are experiencing with our flooring order under my # [protected], order ID H1068-77020. I can't understand why no one at Home Depot will take responsibility for finding the product and giving me a definitive date on when I can expect it. Failing that, why the store manager would refuse to waive the restocking fee when he as no idea if or when I might receive the product.

                          I ordered "lifeproof" flooring from my local store on 5/25/19 and was given an expected delivery date of 6/6. I've been working with the store and the shipping company since then to try and find my order and determine if and when it might arrive.

                          It may be best for me to simply bullet point some of the issues:
                          * When I called on 6/6 to see if the flooring arrived and I could come pick it up. I was told it wasn't there and the new date was 6/11. I told them that wasn't acceptable since we need to move into the house on 6/12 and I expected the product to arrive in time for me to get that done.
                          * The local flooring person Amy, called the manufacturer and shipping company for me. She gave the shipping information to me including the # to the shipping company.
                          * The shipping company is worthless - I've called them multiple times and been given assurances several times that I would get the product the next day only to find that they have no idea where my order is! On Friday they said it was definitely between LAX and the Fontana facility and that I'd have the order today, Monday 6/10. Today they have no idea where it is... the shipping company even told me at one point that I would be better off canceling my order with Home Depot.
                          * At one point, your local flooring person even laughed at our reaction to this problem.
                          Is there no sense of customer service or ownership at Home Depot? Is social media my only outlet for airing my complaints regarding our treatment and the extremely poor service?

                          Mark J
                          Davis, CA

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