Home Depotappliance delivery order w838836677

C Jul 14, 2019

After placing an order for a refrigerator on 7/2, our delivery date finally arrived, 7/13-exactly 30 days without having a refrigerator in our home that functions. Delivery arrived two hours outside of notified time frame-no big deal, things happen unexpectedly which cause delays. Where things go south is the installers insisted my water line was copper, the on off switch was "frozen" and would require a plumber to disengage the old refrigerator, after water shut throughout the entire house was completed. Therefore, my new appliance is sitting in a box, completely useless to my family, while my old inoperable one still lives in my kitchen. Leaving us still, without food in our home.
The kicker-my neighbor, a general contractor, came into my home moments after the delivery team left, turned the nozzle on the water supply installed directly behind the appliance to the fridges water line, nothing here is copper, mind you, disengaging from the water supply, and detached the hose from the back of the broken appliance. This took one minute tops, and required no contact with any copper piping as all connections were PVC and hoses. I call the number provided to me by the delivery team, to see if they can come back, move my new appliance in, and haul away my old-given this is the service I paid for. My answer received was no. You'll have to wait for a call back. I have spoken to three people who are now unable to provide an update as to when I can expect the completed install and haul away. Totally unacceptable. The delivery team simply did not want to complete my order, and extended our families inability to have food in our home-which I remind you is a necessity not a luxury. Terrible customer service all around. I will never do business with Home Depot again, not for a shovel or the planned remodels on home, including the newly designed outdoor living space ready to start construction.

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