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Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company Complaints & Reviews

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / hp printer.

Lori McNeal on Nov 7, 2017
I called ab my printer not working and Kevin Taylor from HP customer service was the absolute most rude person I have ever encountered in a customer service situation. I informed him that I hadn't received a call back for my trouble shooting issue. He told me if I don't wanna renew the...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / printer setup support

Elaine Laughland on Nov 4, 2017
We purchased an inkjet printer today and tried to set it up. We had a problem trying to align the print cartridges so called the number that came with the printer for set up support. The support person accessed our computer to check what might be causing the problem. We have a MacBook and...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / ordered a desktop 8/25/17 and I still don't have it.

Completely Done on Oct 5, 2017
I am extremely frustrated with HP. I have been buying all of my desktops from HP, but after my last order I will never shop at HP again. I placed an order on hp.com on 8/25/2017 for a desktop for $1, 287. The order information stated the ship date was 9/7/17 and the delivery date of 9/16...

Hewlett Packard / my "free" gift

Wayne F. Brault on Oct 4, 2017
Today my printer balked and wouldn't finish my printing job because it was too low on ink. After doctor appointment I went and purchased the entire set of the four colors, came home and installed them and a screen popped up telling me I was receiving a "FREE" gift because I had purchased...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / unethical behaviour — hp won't fix what it broke

NeedMorePatience on Sep 29, 2017
Last night, 9/28/2017, we accepted an "update" from HP--something about printing. This morning, 9/29/2017, I attempted to print. I received a message that my printer was not connected to the computer--tried to connect, kept getting a message that I needed a "passphrase" to connect. To my...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / laptop

Robinson Clitus on Sep 25, 2017
I have purchased a HP laptop from Relience outlet in the year of 2015. The lap has a inbuilt windows 10 operating software which has crashed. I tried to reboot the laptop and not successful. I tried with service people to rectify the problem and found that they can reload with pirated...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / laptop needed help to repair item see case # 5002672452

Gino Roncone on Sep 6, 2017
Asked for local HP repair service location. was put on hold then informed I had to get a case number(1-800-334-5144) case # 5002672452. Asked what cost and fee would be. I was then told my unit was out of warranty and needed to transfer call to out of warranty service to get actual cost...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / hp spectre - global customer service

MHoll on Aug 21, 2017
I purchase a top of the range HP Spectre laptop about 6 months ago and their is a hardware issue where the USB drives have failed. I still have 6 months left on my warranty. I purchased the laptop in France (when I was living in the UK) but have since moved to Malaysia. I have spoken with...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / desktop pentium

dirrob on Aug 17, 2017
I would like to speak to a real person. I cannot get on line. I need to explain what the computer is doing so the problem can br fixed. You can contact me by phone, 978-496-7593, or my lap top, dirkos@comcast.net. I really need to speak to a tech. I've always have bought HP products, but...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / worst support experience

Emsd Ayad on Aug 17, 2017
I constantly get an error saying there's no admin on my laptop when trying to connect it to my HP printer. I contacted technical support and they gave me the run-around for almost three hours. Eventually told me that I should buy the warranty as mine has expired. But I wanted a...

HP / notebook computer

WendyJD on Aug 16, 2017
I just spent two hours on the phone with several representatives from HP. Several of the keys on the keyboard of my HP notebook computer are not working correctly. The first guy I talked with said that I needed to send my computer to the repair department to replace the keyboard – cost? Approximately...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / hp envy 360

Cheryl K. Hachman on Aug 16, 2017
I bought an HP Envy 360 three months ago, it was working fine until last week when suddenly it would not boot up and I got a screen that said my Boot Configuration Data doesn't contain valid information for an operating system and that if I did not have installation media, to contact the...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / Bad service

Danny Wilson on Aug 16, 2017
I'd give them the worst rating if I could... I've never encountered support worse than theirs. Been on phone with them for three hours to get my laptop fixed and their recommendations about what I had to do didn't help. We couldn't understand each other, they advised me to do things I...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / hp envy 4520 printer

Jessica Bishop Grace on Jul 29, 2017
I bought the printer in November 2016. Pretty much every other time I used it there was an issue with the ink carriage or cartridges, problems with the printer communicating with my computer. So finally after 4 or so calls we pinpointed that an ink cartridge was "bad". Then I started...

HP / hp m7-n109dx broken hinge issue

teacher4life on Jul 25, 2017
I bought 3 of these laptops in 2016/2017 and two of these right after 12 month warranty expired one hinge has broken. The screen then begins to spilt, you can not open or close laptop. After googling, I found this is an ongoing issue with this laptop. No recall has taken place. The hinge is a...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / service

UFSU on Jun 23, 2017
After several months dealing with the support team, I now have been without my computer for 5 weeks, and nobody is able to give me any information or to provide any suitable solution to my problem. This started at the beginning of the year when I contacted support to get help with the...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / new printer instructions

Ed Brockmiller on May 31, 2017
Just bought a new HP printer, the booklet (E4W43-90021) stated "start here", step 2 "Connect" Download and install to connect and to go to 123.hp.com. I did that and a pop-up stated "call here", I provided my phone number and they called, they went to set-up my printer but said my internal...

HP / Very poor quality laptop

Simehin on May 26, 2017
I am very unsatisfied with my new HP laptop. I must say that it is the worst laptop I have ever had. It was quite expensive but it works badly and has many bugs. It's almost brand new, I bought it only two months ago and already I have nothing but trouble. First of all I contacted the...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / no response to complaints

ArnoTG on May 24, 2017
We bought a HP E3E02A 6830 0-in-1 MFP on 19/05/201616 15/06/2016 Yvette informed us that the printer does black streaks when she prints Problem was that printing was done on cardboard but setting was on normal paper 15/11/2016 Yvette ask for Black Cartridge 06/12/2016 Cartridge install...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / HP Employee

Ralph Ashiyanbola on May 9, 2017
I called in to get my RP9 POS fixed today Tuesday 9th 2017 and a guy called Mike with the email address mike.mo@hp attended to me. He was very sleepy over the phone and kept on saying he couldn't hear me while I was actually on top of my voice for him to hear properly. At a point he told me I...

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