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additional charges, scam

Don't use the Hertz office in Sienna I just came back from a driving trip in Tuscany and fighting a $2...


My partner was travelling to Germany last week and booked a car with HERTZ for collection in Memmingen airport - she was quoted approximately €83. When she arrived she collected the car ok and proceeded to her parent's home approx 2hrs drive away.
On Sunday morning she had to catch a flight at 11.00 am so left her parent's home very early. She was unable to find an open petrol station en-route so the car was left nearly empty. When she got to the airport, there was nobody around to check the car and only 1 person in the office who accepted the keys of the car. My partner told her of the problem with the fuel and agreed that she would be billed for the fuel.
Yesterday she received an letter to inform her that €813 was being deducted from her credit card - this included approx €40 for fuel - this was in addition to the original €83 which had already been deducted.
The letter indicated a charge of €750 for insurance as well as a further €20 for 'location' charge. There was no damage done to the car and the car was being returned to the office from which it was rented so we dispute the validity of either of these charges.
She has contacted HERTZ and has, to use their words, 'opened up a complaint' - we await developments but she has, since yesterday, already heard numerous 'scare stories' of similar such instances and these do not inspire us with confidence.
My partner has been a a frequent customer of Hertz, both privately and in her business role, but is now warning everyone that she meets of the perils of doing business with this company.

  • Sa
    say_what?? Mar 21, 2011

    Not sure what happened to Hertz and their franchisees after the friendly PE people took over the company... customer service has gotten to be awful, and I'm hearing these "damage" stories more and more - seems Hertz's approach to increasing profit is through billing customers for what reasonable people would consider to be normal wear and tear on the vehicles.

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bait and switch

Over a month ago I reserved a Toyota Sienna or similar vehicle and was told by reservations in order to...

overbilled credit card

I was renting a car from Hertz a few times in a row. All with the same deal-through American Advantage Credit Card and AAA discount along with a 50% off package. Everything seemed normal and they new me in the offic en and said I could drop off the vehicle.

Two months later my credit card bill was mysteriously over the limit and found a $1200 error made by hertz and strangely, accepted by my credit card.

I called Hertz and spoke to Jarrod, the Manager of the Beaverton location. After admitting fault, sending me to another department (aka-the run around)NEVER The Advanced Customer Service Department gave me a detail-by-detail account of what Jarrod needed to do to repair the error...to communicate with Jarrod, the Manager of the same company.

Unfortunately, Jarrod never took another call from me, again. He dodged me like a rabbit and then went on vacation. His Supervisor-promised to call me back with some information to “clear this up.” No such luck. In fact I have never received a call from anyone at the Hertz Corporation.

Then I submitted a chargeback to my Credit Card company and provided the endless paperwork requested. Every time I spoke with someone they could not believe the ridiculousness of the charge. But it did not go away.

When Hertz provided a unsigned invoice to my credit card company: it was created three days after the original charge was submitted. charges don't even show for a few days. So, my credit card company (over the phone) said it was outrageous and would be resolved.

After a 9 months, I received a letter that Jarrod, the manager of hertz rental Car in Beaverton, Oregon said he didn't understand why there was a problem and that was enough for Citi Advantage Mastercard.

overcharge $1,200.00

Absolutely unbelievable!!! Mistakes may happen, but refusing to fix a $1200 error, after admitting fault...

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rental car fees

I made my reservations online. the rate quoted was $129 with another $40 in estimated taxes and fees. After I waited over an hour in line, another $38 in fees were added. This made their rental cost more than most of the other quotes I had researched online. They get your business with with a low quote then charge you nearly $80 in fees (a small portion is taxes).

rental car in ireland

We rented a car in Ireland and paid for it well in advance. When we arrived after 24 hours flighing. They said they did not have the car and gave us a different one and charged us an additional $700.00 we are still trying to find out how to fight it. I have since found out this happens often. They will rip you off.

  • Ge
    George Davis Nov 12, 2009

    I think the whole standard of customer care of tourists is really low in Ireland. The country was rich for a few years, or so they thought, and they started thinking they ruled the world. Now they're poor again they need to change their attitude.

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  • Re
    Reluctantly So Nov 16, 2009

    The same thing just happened to us in France. Booked over the phone for a compact auto transmission. Assumed the slip we signed was what was agreed to on phone reservation.
    We went out to the lot to get the car which was very nice and assumed it was because they had no more automatics, and only had sticks shifts left. Figured Hertz honored the agreement to have an automatic transmission for us and didn't want us to destroy a stick and to keep our business.
    Feels like a "bait and switch" game they played on us.

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  • Cy
    Cyn Kaz Mar 19, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In June, 2014 we rented and pre-aid a car in Dublin Ireland from Hertz ans denied the insurance as we have a Capital One card that insures the vehicle if you reject the coverage. We had no incident with the car but got stuck in traffic on our return to Dublin to return the car. I called the Hertz store several times from 4:30 to 5:00 to ask if they would stay open for a few more minutes but they never answered the phone. We got to the shop at 5:02 and they were closed so we had to keep the car overnight. We had an early flight and the shop in Dublin was not open early so I called Hertz and was told it was no problem and we could return it to the airport. We parked the car in the secure hotel parking lot. The next morning we found that the car had a black rubber bumper mark on the left bumper. If we had a cloth with cleaner we could have wiped it right off. There was no dent or scratch, just dirt. We returned it to the airport Hertz and I decided to take photos of the bumper in case of a problem.
    The following month I noticed two charges on our Capital One Card. On 6/12/2014 for $1, 090.80 and on 6/15/2014 for $4.21. I called Hertz customer service in the US and they had no record of the charges. I called Capital One and they said it sounded like fraud and closed that account and issued a new one. We disputed the charges and they were removed from the account. In August Hertz Ireland responded to Capital One with claims of bumper damage which required the removal, repair, and repainting of the bumper. Thankfully they were not able to re-charge the amount since the account had been closed.
    I then contacted Capital One regarding their policy for insurance coverage when you deny the coverage offered by the rental company. I was told to read the terms regarding this benefit. It stated that it was valid in all countries EXCEPT Ireland, Isreal, and Jamaica! I then looked on line for similar complaints and found a pattern in Ireland for this scam.
    Hertz then hired a lawyer and we responded with this story and did not pay the charges. Now we are refinancing our home equity line of credit and we find that they have filed a lien through Incasso Partners in the Netherlands. We will never settle with them but we are in utter disbelief about the level of dishonesty and greed we have experienced. Hertz Ireland has given Hertz a very bad name and we won't ever rent from them again. Hertz Renters Beware!

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  • He
    hertzscam Jul 27, 2017

    Very similar thing just happened to us with Hertz Ireland . Hopefully Hertz Corporate will get enough pressure to investigate the practices at this location.

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  • Bg
    BGer Feb 02, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hertz/Dollar/Thrifty have been cheating people for many years (all same company) Hidden fees and tack-on for insurance. I showed proof of international & Ireland coverage on three levels (credit card, icarhireinsurance & Geico) Costco Citi card actually spoke to them while at rental desk & sent a confirmation email - Car was left back no damage and I also confirmed no extra fees at return area. Hertz then added on supplemental insurance fees. Despicable behavior, rent elsewhere and ask questions.

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overcharged for vehicle

I have called numerous times to speak to a representative regarding my problem with Hertz, and I was told to submit my complaint in writing to you. I appreciate your understanding and your cooperation with this matter.
Rental Agreement #[protected]
Date of invoice: 7/15/2009
Invoice #[protected]

Upon arrival with my family of Five, (3 of them children), I was told by hertz that they don't have the vehicle that I had reserved. They also told me that in order to fit 5 People I must rent a different type of car. My original reservation was for a volvo s80 or comparable to fit 5 passengers. How can they tell me that they dont have a vehicle to fit 5 passengers when our contract guarantees a vehicle to be comparable? I was stranded and was given no choice but to take the car that was offered. I was charged an additional $300 and other fees as well. I trusted hertz to stand by thier promise and follow the contract agreement.It was my impression that I was in good hands, especially traveling in a foriegn country, to choose a reputable company.

Please advise!

  • Ge
    George W DeRoche Oct 13, 2009

    Oct. 3, 2009 I rented a vehicle in Cancun, Mexico for 7 days. I was quoted the price of $749.00 USD. with insurance in which I agreed to. On Thursday Oct. 8th I tried to use my credit card and it was declined, Hertz put a $2, 500 hold on my Mastercard without my knowledge which put my card over the limit so I couldn't use my card. I had to call my sister in Florida to wire me money via Western Union so I could finish my vacation. When I got back to the USA I called Hertz to complain and I was told that it is a independent franchise and there was nothing they could do. The woman at Hertz named Lee told me to go to www.customer [email protected] herzt .com. This website does not exist. She then told me the final bill was $926.89 WTF. I am calling the Massachusetts Attorney General office to have them investigate these fraudulant charges.

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personal car towed

My complaint is a little different than the others that I have read about but it is just as bad if not worse. On wednesday July 15 I went to the airport in Greenville, Nc. I was not renting a car from Hertz because I had already made reservations to rent a car from Budget, which was located right beside Hertz. I was pressed for time because my son had basketball practice in Wilson and we were leaving the next morning for a very important basketball tournament. The car rental at Budget was exceptional. The employees were very nice and they explained everything in full detail. As I was leaving, one of the females from Budget told me to park my car where I was getting the rental car from so when I came back to get it, there would not be any problems. The rental cars were located in an area that only had grass and dirt. I was a little confused as to why the cars were there but I did as I was told. This was my first time ever renting from here so I felt like they knew what they knew talking about. She proceeded to tell me as long a I came to get my car that night that there would not be any problems, I said ok, thanked her, got in my car to drive to the area I was told. On one side of the grass there were 2 trucks and on the other side of the grass, there were about 10 cars. Remind you, there were no signs saying that these were rental cars. I proceeded to park where I was instructed, got the vehicle I was renting and drove off the lot. After leaving my son's basketball practice, which was about 2 hours later, I had someone ride with me so they coud drive my car home. I was still pressed for time because I work 3rd shift and it was about 9pm, maybe a little later but I had just planned on giving her the keys to my car so we could both leave. Well, I drove around the grassy area about 3 or 4 times looking for my car and I did not see it. To make sure I wasn't overlooking my car, we got out and walked the area, just to make sure. My car was gone. I went into the airport to find out what happened and a female stated that the manager from Hertz had my car towed. Im like "how in the world can she do that and I didn't rent from them", she just smiled and asked if I wanted to call her. We got her phone number and called the manager from Hertz. During the conversation, I am asking her questions, and she really had no answer. She told me that I parked onHertz side of the grass, not Budget. I asked her if there were any signs saying that and she said no. I then asked her why she got my car towed. All she could say was, "mam, you parked on Hertz side of the grass, not budget". Like I stated before there was nothing but dirt and grass in this area with no signs. How was I to know which side was which if there was nothing stating that in the area. I explained to her that if my car was out there for 2 or 3 days, then I would not have been mad that it was towed, but my car was only out there for 2 hours and I had intentions on getting my car that night. I called the tow company and he stated that it would be 125.00 to get my car. I had already spent 300.00 on the truck rental, 150.o0 on the deposit, and now an extra 125.00 to get my own personal vehicle back. WOW! Are we in a recession or what? I had to end up calling into work. I went and got my car the very next day and 30.00 extra dollars were added on. So I actually ended up spending 155.00, which was my money to take on the trip. This complaint is just the beginning for me. I plan on contacting her (Delphine) supervisor because I don't feel like she had the right to tow my vehicle. Especially, when she had no legitimate reason. Money is hard to come by but I don't mind spending under reasonable circumstances. This was definitely not one of those circumstances. I will go as far as I need to go to see if Hertz can reimburse me for their manager's mistake. I have never rented from Hertz, therefore besides this situation, I can not talk down on them. I would just like to be reimbursed for the tow fees. Sometimes people take thier manager positions and run with them, please remember that the same way you got it, you can lose it.

  • An
    anonyMiss Jul 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a common problem.

    Hertz makes their money by owning as much land by all rental car companies as possible and making business difficult for everyone else.

    Please let me know if they resolve your matter, because they are not known for doing so without lawyers involved.

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  • harry_palm69 Dec 27, 2009

    Blame Budget. Why Hertz? Next time, park where you are supposed to be parked.
    Also, make sure you allow plenty of time for your schedule.
    You're a lame ### idiot, trying to get someone else to pay for your own mistakes.
    Get a life.

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over charged

I rented a car from this Hertz rent a car .I we driving the car in town and i went to a friends house i just...

bad customer service

A word of warning about Hertz car rental at Charlotte NC Airport. On Sunday May 3 I arrived to return my car...

foreign car rental

Renting from Hertz in Germany was a complete nightmare. I reserved a car, one specifically with a navigation system for a two day driving tour around southern Germany with my 9 year old daughter. The system worked for all of 40 minutes and it shut off due to low batteries. I tried to call the numbers for service, but none of them were operational in Germany. When I finally contacted the rental desk at the Munich Hertz, the agent's advice was to drive to the nearest big German city and on my own, find a Hertz office to have them check the system to "make sure that it really wasn't working". Yah, right. The system was called "Never Lost". It should be called "Always Lost" because I spent a good part of my time making u turns on cobblestone roads throughout Germany. Then when I returned home and reported the incident, they said, they were sorry for an inconvenience I might have experienced and then proceded to charge me for full insurance which I had not requested (I had already purchased my own insurance), and tagged me with an expensive refueling charge which was also in error (I filled up the tank with expensive European gas before I returned the car). This was not my first bad experience with Hertz but it is my last. I told them that I will walk, skip or crawl to my next destination rather ever, ever rent a car, truck or donkey from Hertz again.

  • Ti
    TiredOfProblems Oct 26, 2009

    We had a nasty prolbem with Hertz in Germany as well. Hertz gave our personal contact information to the German authorities when they were alerted that a parking ticket was issues. Hertz then billed us 23 euros for the admin cost of providing the German authorities with information about us without notifying us or providing proof of any parking ticket. All attempts to get information on this incident are leading me nowhere. I made many calls, sent emails and no one wants to be accountable for providing proof of this infraction. I am told that this is a common issue for Hertz with travelers renting cars in Europe. Beware, this could be a nightmare if you try to resolve and the really unbelievable part is I am sure the admin cost has to be higher than the ticket cost. So who is benefiting here?

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sneak currency conversion charge

On 06/06/2009, I had a rental car transaction of total of 611.66 GBP
charged to my visa card at Hertz Car Rental office at London’s Heathrow
Airport. While I was told orally of the total charge of certain amount in
GBP, the charge was actually sneakily converted to US dollars based on
a ridiculous exchange rate they set that includes a currency conversion
charge without even notifying me.

After I got home, I noticed that. Emailed Hertz. They denied any wrong
doing even though I explained to them that my Capital One visa card
does not even charge a foreign currency transaction fee and that I had no
incentive for the dynamic currency conversion. I asked them to show my
signature approval on the converted charge, they have no response.

Be very careful with Hertz if you use them abroad. They took advantage
of you while you are tired on travel with this unethical and illegal business
conduct. For me, I will avoid Hertz anywhere in the future.

  • Di
    Dissatisfied with Hertz Dec 15, 2009

    Also had a problem twice with Hertz.

    I prepaid my French carhire in the UK. I paid locally in France for an extra driver. The charge came through to my British bank account already coverted into pounds at Hertz's own internal exchange rate instead of in Euros. When challenged, Hertz said I had agreed to this procedure. I hadn't, so I spoke to the French Hertz office which confirmed they automatically debit in the currency of the card-issuing currency and not in Euros. Hence the Hertz allegation that I had chosen to be billed in pounds was not correct.

    I would not recommend Hertz to anyone - I have often had problems with them for example, cars with damage not correctly described in the rental agreement.

    Bad taste company...

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lack of information for rental

I made a reservation over the phone to revt a car via hertz for on 3/28/09. the car rental was for...

unethical way of charging the customer

All, I can say is that my credit card was charged already before they informed me. Since my car got totaled and they had provided me rental after discussing with the insurance company, I confirmed with them they should not charge me anything on the rental since insurance company will be paying for the totaled car. I even asked them to verify with the insurance company regarding the basic charges which the insurance company would pay so that I am not charged anything more on that.. They confirmed and then only I took the car rental from them. They made me sign some documents which is the usual procedure for them while giving car rental and since I had just come out of a car accident, I abided by everything they said. Little did I realize that later on, when they had a dispute with the insurance company and could not recover the full charge, they went ahead and deducted the amount from my credit card which they already have it in their possession. I filed a complaint and argued with them for sometime, but it seems they had a clear cut statement that, in their small print on the signed car rental document, it is written that if they cannot recover from insurance company they will charge the customer.
I was really vexed with their attitude in the way they treated the customer complaint as well as the customer during such a tiring time when I was going through such a rough patch of my car getting totaled. It was a harrowing experience dealing with them and the whole saga taught me one thing. One should not deal with such companies who don't have customer interest as their first priority and try to squeeze out money in any way possible with their samll prints in the documents which they hold it loudly on customer's face when they get down to their lowest level of charging customers wrongly..
I have not recovered my dues from them and have decided that in my life I will never again take a rental from Hertz. Thought of sharing this saga with you all so that you don't get caught in their trap the way I did.. Such companies should not allow to flourish. We individuals who have no collective voice can make a difference by joining hands and sharing our saga so that no other customer faces such a situation again and these type of companies are forced to change their ways of dealing with the customer.

  • Vb
    V Branson Jun 24, 2009

    I got one better than that. Hertz denied me the displeasure of renting a vehicle because they felt that my credit score was not good enough. They then proceeded to charge my debit card for a rental that they denied me the use of. To add insult to injury, when I called to demand my money be reimbursed ASAP, they debited an additional $50.00. I am on my way to the St. Paul MN Police Station to file theft charges. Their actions, including their reluctance to answer their phones has caused me to investigate and I have concluded that this is a pattern with them. They find any way they can to rip people off.

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  • Tw
    twentysixes Aug 05, 2009

    Sorry hunni! But, if your insurance company refuses to pay Herts, you are responsible to pay for the rental. That is your problem with your insurance company, not Hertz's!

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scam charges

Back in 2004 I had rented a car from Hertz while my car was undergoing repairs. After returning the car and hearing nothing back from the rental car company - I received a letter from Purco Fleet Services with a bill for damages to the rental car - over $1000 in damages that I apparently was responsible for.

The rental car company never contacted me to talk about damages that had happened during the time I had the car; and I found the people at Purco were less that nice to work with on this matter unless you're willing to hand over a fist full of cash.

Why bring this up now? It has come back to haunt me in the form of credit reports time and time again. It's beyond frustrating to deal with companies that spend all their time finger pointing instead of listening -- and trying to find a workable solution.

  • Re
    Reluctantly So Nov 16, 2009

    I just found this info that might be helpful for you and other to know.

    I copied and pasted most of it here with the source of the sit:

    Forced to upgrade my rental car

    November 25, 2007

    Question: I’m having some trouble with my car rental bill, and hope you can help me. I recently reserved a midsize car for about a month through the Hertz Rent a Car Web site. I was offered a price of 946 euros. But when my wife and I arrived at the rental counter in Hamburg, Germany, an agent told me that the car wasn’t available.

    We were offered a smaller car at a reduced rate or a bigger car for an extra 10 euros per day. I asked why the larger car was not given as a complimentary upgrade, since the car I had reserved was not available, and was told that the upgraded car was in the “wrong class” and wouldn’t be an option.

    Because cost was a concern for us, we opted for the smaller car. But our luggage wouldn’t fit in the trunk, so we returned to the office and asked if we could come back later to pick up the car we had requested. The agent said, “No.”

    I had no choice but to take the larger car at 10 euros more per day. In the end, my rate seemed even higher than the one I had agreed to pay — it came to an extra 357 euros. It was a terrible start for our vacation, and I feel that the salesperson used a bait-and-switch tactic to make us pay more.

    I have rented from Hertz many times and I have come to expect a much higher level of service from the company than I received on this occasion. I contacted Hertz and was offered half of the money back, but I think they should refund the entire 357 euros. What do you think?

    – Earnest Hoenck, Charleston, S.C.


    You were correct to expect that when a vehicle you have reserved isn’t available, the car rental company should give you a car in the next available class at no extra charge. That’s a standard industry practice.
    I asked Hertz to take another look at your rental record. It found that the agent in Hamburg was “aggressive” when you were renting your car, according to Hertz spokeswoman Paula Rivera. The employee “did not adhere to our policy of providing a complimentary upgrade if the car reserved is not available, ” she said. Hertz also failed to fully investigate your complaint. It has issued a 357 euro refund.

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Welcome to my Hertz nightmare!

Presented my E-confirmation ' Guaranteed Rate' from Hertz upon check in for an automatic Compact vehicle. Quoted rate was $15.00 USD plus taxes, fees etc totaled ' Guaranteed Rate' of $20.46 USD, unlimited Kms, plus selected Loss Damage Waiver at $38.95 plus 10% tax= total of $63.30 USD.

Hertz Tulum stated no Automatic available so I accepted a Standard/ Intermediate vehicle as there was 10 people waiting for an unclaimed vehicle. Hetz explained that the rate would be calculated in Mexican Pesos, when I asked what rate, they would not answer.

Having been to Mexico many times I sensed a rip off in the works but decided to leave the argument until return of vehicle. Returned the vehicle next day and the final bill ended up being totally inflated compared to the ' guaranteed rate'.

They had used 15 MXP to the dollar and had significantly over charged each tax, local service charge, Vehicle Licensing cost and Service charge so the bill ended up at nearly $100 USD!!

When I challenged them on the MXP Rate and all the ridiculous rates they refised to deal with me and said' call Hertz when you get home!

' big mistake' on my part!!

After waiting on the 'Customer Service' phone line for 30 minutes I was told that they do not deal with 'foreign franchise' problems and instructed to send an email.

Sent email off, finally got a template response 17 days later stating that the charges were correct?? I challenged that response with their ' guaranteed rate' and was told that, firstly the Franchise verified exchange rates daily ( USD has NEVER traded at 15 MXP) and that the calculations were correct!

The long and short of it is Hertz refuses to accept any responsibility for their ' guaranteed rate' from their Franchisee.

I am still fighting with them and have filed a dispute with my Credit Card company. Bottom line is that this is the worst Customer Service I have ever experienced and will never rent from Hertz again!

Lessons learned: If the daily conversion rate is not posted at the counter establish the rate before renting.

I will never walk away from the counter accepting ' call Hertz when you get home'. I will stand my ground and hold up their line all day if I have to, until I have my charges adjusted on site!

Never rent from Hertz in a foreign country, they will not go to bat for you when you return home!

  • Ra
    Rago Jun 14, 2010

    This is why I hate franchise locations. Try to deal with a corporate location if you can. The main corp can do very little about franchise charges, about the only thing they can do is revoke the franchise.

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  • Mr
    Mr. I. K. Wyllie Jul 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On collecting the car in Vancouver I was given the option of filling up the car myself or Hertz doing it when dropped it off at Calgary Airport and it does state fuel option on the paper work. I questioned the receptionist about my filling the tank on return and not being charged again. She said it was up to me how I wanted to deal with it and I would not be charged again if I returned the car with a full tank.
    I did not sign anything, nor did I agree to any thing and was given the documents regarding the hire of the car. I filled the tank at Calgary airport and dropped the car off only to be told that I had agreed to allowing Hertz to fill the tank and that I would get no refund. The credit card receipt for another tank of fuel was in my hand before I got the cases out. Due to the check-in times I doubt that I would have got any satisfaction had I complained.
    I find this to be a very sharp practice by Hertz and I will never, never hire another car from Hertz and I suggest any one intending to hire a car when on holiday use another company. If you have to use Hetz make sure you have all the t's crossed and the i's dotted and question every thing they offer you and have it down in writing.
    Be wary.

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misrepresenting charges

I reserved a car with a estimated quote of $37.49/day for 2 days. When I picked up the car, the cost was going to be $385. When I questioned the amount I was told by the agent that it included $200 which would be credited to my card when I returned the vehicle. When I returned the car and got my receipt, the receiving agent told me that the $200 would be credited directly to my card. Needless to say, I never received the credit and when I contacted Hertz, they claimed my car rental rate was $150.49 a day! It is a complete misrepresentation and a rip off.

  • 1l
    1LJ May 28, 2009

    (It's called taxes. None of us can escape that.)

    $37.49 per day but you didn't include the taxes.

    $37.49 was the 'base rate'. Plus, if you picked up and returned from an airport, theres more taxes involved.

    Theres normally a deposit ($200-$300) depending on which car rental you are dealing with that is credited back to you.

    Depending on if you used a credit/debit card...how long it takes to get that deposit credited depends on your credit card co. or bank and however their process/procedures go.

    Don't just assume. Ask questions.

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traffic ticket in italy

I was charged on june 10-08. On my capital one credit car $28.01 and it was for a traffic ticket in italy. It was credited on july 2-08. I was rebilled on july 8-08 the amount of $28.35. And i'am told that this is the way they handle citations. I than recieved a letter from the italy traffic division that I owe $100.27. Please advise me what to do.

  • Gr
    Greg Dennis123 Nov 30, 2010

    The same thing just happened to me - three identical charges appeared on my credit card months after the rental. I am unaware of any traffic violations.

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  • Fr
    frank20025 Jun 03, 2011

    If anyone plans to go to Italy and wishes to rent a car from Hertz then please don't. Their customer service level is non existant. I asked for a small car like Fiat to be picked up at 11am, I had to wait for 30 minutes until my turn came and they only had 3 customers to serve with 3 service desks open at the time. They gave me a wrecked car which had a previous accident where the whole of the right side was totally damaged and also a GPS that does not work i.e. it was incompatible with the car they gave me. They said although the car is damaged, you don't have to worry about it since you asked for full insurance. I got to the next town and Hertz suggested that I either change the car or get a different GPS. They had no spare car and no GPS which is funny how they gave me these suggestions. I asked for a full refund since they could not meet the terms of the contract, they refused to pay. I ended up returning the car to them and renting another one for National Car Rentals. Since the drop off point was different from pick up point, Hertz eventually accepted to give me 45 Euros for that. Avoid Hertz at all costs.

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    frank20025 Jun 03, 2011

    If anyone plans to go to Italy and wishes to rent a car from Hertz then please don't. Their customer service level is non-existent. I asked for a small car like Fiat to be picked up at 11am, I had to wait for 30 minutes until my turn came and they only had 3 customers to serve with 3 service desks open at the time. They gave me a wrecked car which had a previous accident where the whole of the right side was totally damaged and also a GPS that does not work i.e. it was incompatible with the car they gave me. They said although the car is damaged, you don't have to worry about it since you asked for full insurance. I got to the next town and Hertz suggested that I either change the car or get a different GPS. They had no spare car and no GPS which is funny how they gave me these suggestions. I asked for a full refund since they could not meet the terms of the contract, they refused to pay. I ended up returning the car to them and renting another one for National Car Rentals. Since the drop off point was different from pick up point for car rented from National, Hertz eventually accepted to give me 45 Euros for that. Avoid Hertz at all costs.

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    waynew706867 Nov 02, 2011

    As I posted on another thread on this site. Phone your credit card company and dispute these charges. In my opinion this is a scam by HERTZ SPA ITALIANA.

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Absolutely ridiculous story. My wife got rearended and took our car in to get fixed. The hertz people tell me on the phone " Absolutely NO charge, only a deposit, the other persons' insurance is paying for it". When my wife got there, the agent tells her she has to get this isurance, so she called me at work to ask me about it. I said we don't need it but the guy says in the backround " It's only $38.00, and the insurance company fixing your car wont cover this so you need to." So I said whatever, no sence in arguing over $38.00. Our car took quite a while to fix, like 25 days quite a while, so my wife takes it back in and gets everything squared away and done, so she thinks. Later that day they call and say ' You owe use nine hundred and some odd dollars, ' ALMOST $1000.00!!! He mensioned nothing of this while she was there, he called her right before they closed for the day. He did not, I repeat did NOT tell my wife it was PER DAY!!! This is absolutely unethical and disgusting business. I am a business man myself and am appalled beyond belief!!

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