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money taken off my debit card without permission or knowledge!

On 02/16/08 thru 02/18/08 per Geico's permission (Geico claim) I rented a car from Hertz. When I arrived...

taking money from my account without my knowledge!

On monday 11th february 2008 i rented a car from Hertz at newquay airport cornwall. I had a small accident which resulted with the front plastic bumper being dented. On returning the car i informed the staff and showed them the damage. They told me not to worry and they would inform me of any payment due. I then found Hertz had taken from my account £550 without my knowledge. I phoned Hetz to ask why and they said that was their policy. I had a verbal quote for damage to car and was told it would have cost no more than £300 to fix. I therefore feel that Hertz has taken more money than needed to repair the car, so effectively have stolen from me. I would like this matter looked into and dealt with. Also the manager was very rude to me and he put the phone down on me whilst i was still talking,

bait and switch pricing

My reservations with Hertz at the Atlanta airport have been changed from the time I made the reservation to...

false charges and rudeness!

We had rented a car from Hertz at Tampa airport to return to Orlando -- were advised to return to Orlando...

desk clerk's misleading suggestion

Dear Sir/Madam,

I must complain the first time to rent the car in Hertz company about French contact and the desk clerk’s suggestion let me pay double cost, additional assistant cost and nobody can explain it.

On Dec.27,2007, I had reserved a car Pergeut 207 or similar car and been prepaid eruo 286.00 for 7 days family travel in the Hertz website. And at same time, I chose the navigation(never lost) system(euro 60 for one week). The total cost was approximate euro 357.76(include security and tax or TTC) by the confirmation letter(the confirmation number is D8760784675). I don’t choose the green car, because the car is not enough power by my experience and there are few types of car which used diesel in China market.

When we pick up the car by the hertz office, the desk clerk(woman, Linda M) of Grad du Nord office(18 Rue De Dnkerque, tel:[protected] fax:[protected]) suggested us we can change another car(Opel) because the car is bigger and comfortable and the renting price is similar(only euro 20.00 per day, my reservation car cost is about euro 18.00 per day). My wife and I confirm the price per day and total cost of the car with Linda, she told us the cost was same. So we decided to change her suggested Opel car-HOWEVER when we returned the car on Gare de Lyon Hertz office(different office with pick up the car), the officer asked us to pay additional cost 20 euro for upgrading car per day not renting car. I want to somebody to explain it, Hertz company give its 24 hour call. Is it Hertz’s standard operation procedure? And Hertz company can only sign in French contract, this is the reason why I sign the contact and I can not understand the terms of the contract.

After we changed the type of car, Linda asked us to buy the new security. We told her the price of the internet included the security system, but she told us the internet security was only basic one and asked us to pay another security system and it was compulsory(at least for the car). So we had to pay eruo 24.00 per day. And she did not say that the price of any one was not included the 19.6% tax. So we must pay the euro 683.63 for the opel car in 7 days (only about euro 420.00 with same type car in the website), but the total cost is only euro 357.76-This is the reason why the desk clerk of Hertz company suggest us to change another car.

When we rent the car, Linda told us we must add gasoline oil because the oil tank was short and nobody told us the car use diesel. After we picked up the car, we think the car used gasoline and added it(in fact, the car use the diesel). So we had to stand up 3 hours with my only 4-year-old daughter for 24 hour help in the cold climate and pay euro 295.00(not include tax) for assistant 24/24 HT. We had to taxi home by ourselves and took half a day journey to get another car.

This is the first time to rent car in Hertz Company. We make wrong decision to choose Hertz brand from many renting car companies.

Best regards,

Jinlong Yang

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consumers get ripped off in this country without any recourse!

United Airlines O' Hare airport, Chicago Ilinois, Hertz renta car. My 4:55 flight was cancelled on 7-29-07. Then my 8:00 PM. was cancelled. I spent 24 hours at O'Hare before leaving I finally left on 7-30-07 at 8:00 am. They told us it was weather related. There was nothing wrong with the weather. It turns out that pilots had a sickout on Northwest airlines and it probably was the same reason at United. I also rented a car at Hertz and because my flight was cancelled, I brought the car back three hours and they charged me an additional $114. as an extra day. It seems that consumers get ripped off in this country without any recourse. Then I had to spend an additional $30. for parking at La Quardia airport.Then my wife was docked a days pay for not showing up for work on Monday. The total expense for the flight delay was over $350. for my family, and you can determine that this happened to others as well.

Thanks for letting me use your website to show my anger.

  • Ua
    UA - 1K Sep 02, 2009

    This is policy - if you flew more than once in a lifetime - you would read and understand airline policy and T&Cs before you agree to them (i.e. via your purchase of the ticket).

    Pending MP status, ticket fare basis, etc - different benefits are provided for delayed and cancelled flights.
    Try to read, comprehend and act responsible before moaning about what you didn't get... and think that you are "entitled" to...

    UA is a good airline - and may make errors (but they don't control the weather or FAA requirements) - but they also compensate if they are wrong or are supposed to (either via Contract of Carriage or via keeping revenue generating passengers happy - these latter category applies to those who generate $50k+/year not your $500 one time tickets)...

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  • Sj
    sjneft85 May 07, 2010

    airline has nothing to do with you over keeping your car, you should contact renting company next time if somthing like this happens. if you were already at the airport and found out that your flight is being delayed then you were suppose to return car on time... and how can you be sure there was no problem with weather, plane is not just being in point B from point A, it has to go through different areas where weather can be bad... next time rethink what you're going to say and don't confuse people... it wasn't united's faoult that you had to pay extra for your rental car. sorry that happened though but united is a good airline. i only fly with those guys

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i'll never rent from them again!

I rented a car from Hertz in Orlando last weekend and was told that it was a better deal to buy the gas that...

auto leaked oil all over my garage

I was involved in an accident in january 2006. The insurance company secured a rental for me from hertz rent...