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I have purchased Hero Honda pleasure on 9th april. I am a new two wheeler user so I dont have any idea about asking certain essential questions at the time of purchase. Even the show room staffs did not explain me all the things.
On 11 th April at about 9 am in morning it was not taking salf start. I have to kick start it. Hero Honda dealers told me that their is inbuilt problem in the battery of "Pleasure" which I was not told at the time of purchase.
Now I have to kick start it even in these summer days.
Could you please suggest me what should I do.
I have immense faith in Hero Honda I surely I want to maintain my relationship. Please give response.


  • In
    INDIRAMONY . L May 07, 2008

    My herohonda pleasure scooter purchased in June 2006 has starting problem. It is still under warranty. Some time both kick start and self start does not work and finally we got to call the nearby service centre. This is happening regularly. This is really disappointing having chosen this scooter at the time of buying especially for ladies. Kindly take necessary action.

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  • El
    elton lpz Nov 18, 2019

    @INDIRAMONY . L Did you find the solution for your problem
    I have the same problem
    Email me at [email protected]

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  • Re
    Renuka Moholkar Jul 23, 2008

    I have faced the same problem, I have purchased Pleasyre in month of Feb 08 . and still I have to start it with battery only and I am not able to start it with kick.
    Showroom persons suggeted me to start bike first time, in the morning, start it with kick, but i am not able to do this.

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  • Valerie Aug 05, 2008

    I am getting 29 mpg (no a/c, closed windows, only 2 adults with total weight of 280 lb, trunk empty, proper tire pressure, no aggressive driving/acceleration, no hills)

    When I spoke with Honda Motor Corporation representative about my concerns, he stated the following about the FACTS OF HONDA CIVIC gas consumption.

    It is a fact that the car would never get the mileages printed on the sticker that the car came with and it was misleading the public.

    This misleading is the fault of the U.S. Government, not Honda Motors.

    The actual gas consumption was 15-25% worse that what Honda presented during the sale of this vehicle.

    He claimed that even a 20-lb of suitcase would make a dramatic change on the Honda Civics gas consumption. He stated that this suitcase would be the culprit for obtaining worse than expected gas mileage consumption.

    I find this and other similar and ridiculous explanations of the horrible gas consumption of my 2006 Honda Civic part of the cover up of the public misleading and perjury by Honda Motors.

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  • Jo
    Jose Alonzaro Aug 05, 2008

    What a load of crap! First of all that figure is for an EPA driving cycle, not how you drive.

    I have a 2003 Accord and have ALWAYS exceeded the EPA Highway figure. Why? -BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE TO GET HIGHER GAS MILEAGE

    My stepson's 2007 CIVIC is another case in point. If his fiancee drives it it gets terrible mileage. He drives it it's fine.
    If I drive it it does even better.

    Keep your car unloaded, use synthetic oil, keep tire pressures at or up to 2 lbs above sticker recommendation and drive right for a change.

    I have never had a problem beating the EPA numbers on anycar I've owned since they started testing them

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  • Am
    Amar Kumar Swain Aug 19, 2008


    I have Purchased Honda Pleasure from Auto Need on Oct 19 2006.I found very poor after sale service.The vehicle is having starting problem, Poor milage and Self starting is a nightmare to use..There is no feedback system and vehicle are not attended properly during service.

    I have purchased the vehicle as it looks me more promising with respect to honda activa but it provide me poor customer satisfaction and poor ROI. I have made similar query 6month before also but I got a phone call from your office that meet Mr. Sharma from Auto need he will look into it .But problem remain as it is in my end.

    Two days back, the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road while running in a starting mode and it almost took 30-40 kicks to start again.It is really very pathetic.

    I believe this time my problem will addressed properly and necessary action will be taken from your end.


    Amar Kumar Swain
    House no 556, Sector-9A
    Vehicle on HR 26 AH 7323

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  • Sa
    sandip upawalekar Jun 22, 2009

    i purchased the bike, hero honda pleasure on 28th march 2009, at present the bike is have a critical noise problems in its engine, starting trouble & rear wheel wobbling problems . after purchasing this scooter hardly after one week front shockers were leaky resulting in bumpy/noisy suspension, from the very first at the time of getting the keys of my scooter the handle alignment was wrong . i consulted to the nearby hero honda service cum showroom M/s. samrat motors (satara, maharashtra )..i had shown my scooter at this service station & raised my complaints & submitted my scooter for first servicing . but after giving several complaints by me the problem was not solved, as my scooter is in warranty period, I requested the fellow service engineer about my complaints ( mainly rear wheel wobbling problem )but they denied and refused to replace the failure parts under warranty. at present i am very fed up & I face many problems due to the wobblingof rear wheel with hero honda pleasure and its service maintenance provider. At the service station service engineer had observed the rear wheel wobbling problem & he confirmed & said that the scooter is having the problem with the rear wheel . kindly advice me how my scooter will be cure / repaired and kindly enquire the promblems . This is frustrating beacuse a new bike should not have this type of problem. I am so unstatisfied due to this problem. If your product is facing these kind of several problems then how can a customer be satisfied with your product ?
    please do me the concern & you are requested to give me fruitful reply for permanent solution on said problems. I shall be ever grateful to your kind co-operation in this regard.

    Hoping & waiting for your kind & reply with permanent solution .


    ( satara, maharashtra )
    Email address : [email protected],
    [email protected]

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  • Dh
    Dhanushkodi Oct 09, 2009

    I purchased hero honda pleasure on 19th July, 2008 in Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu. And I have the same starting problem since I purchased it. Self start is not working within 15 days from the date of purchase. We have to start by kick starter. When I took it to service station, Everytime they told different stories. They did not identify the actual problem for 1 year. Actually it has 2 years warrenty as per the owner's manual. They didn't give us the Battery warrenty card. Finally after 1 year they told problem is with battery and it is discharging immediately. Battery has 1 year warrenty only which was not informed to us. We thought everything has 2 years warrenty as per owner's manual. But in service statition, they told batter has only one year warrenty and now it expired so we need to buy new battery and they can't do anything for this. Finally I paid for battery for their mistakes and got warrenty card. The people in Hero Honda never tries to think about the customers. VERY VERY WORST SERVICE.

    When my relatives bought vehicle with low cost from other vendors and it is still working properly, I am really frustrated with the HERO HONDA PLEASURE vehicle and the service provided by them.

    If anybody has idea to buy this vehichle, think twice before you buy.

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  • Ti
    Title Jan 05, 2010

    The dealership is involved in unfair practices.They sell the same car to two diffrent customers. The dealership, promise false price to bring customer in and then auction the car to the higest bidder. We and another family were asked to come to the delearship to buy the same Acoord under false assumptions.It was a waste of time and energy. This particular dealershp has the President's award.I wonder if Honda gives awards for cheating and misleading customers. We wasted time, time which could have been spent with our two little ones. We wasted gas, something that really pinches in this economy and we could have been talking to another dealership and could have saved the cost of a rental.The worst thing is though that the sales rep was not even apologetic about the whole situation.His arguement was that they quoted a better price...Oh well so much for President's award... I thought that Honda had good work ethics and high expectations..

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  • Ga
    Ganjuro Jan 07, 2010

    MILITARY BUYERS BEWARE! Honda does not allow our service men/women to take their vehicles out of the USA. Being deployed, or is the military moving you outside of the USA - Don't plan on taking that new vechile with you - READ ALL THE FINE PRINT!!! Now we're stuck with a new Honda Pilot we can not even drive for the next 4 years!!!

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  • Ch
    chirag.desai Mar 01, 2010

    friends hirohonda pleasure this model has specific problem in mounting of pinion gear, which is mounted at longer distance from the flywheel. so, thrust acting on pinion gear is heigher than acpected. so due to that unaxpected thrust pinion gear teeth get worn out in short period. this is what the actual problem is.

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  • Fr
    Fragilent May 25, 2010

    My 2001 Honda Accord transmission brokedown and browsing the internet, I found out that this is an ongoing problem of Honda owners. This is my fifth Honda accord because I know that the accord is a very reliable car. I'm surprise that this 2001 Honda Accord did not live up the the Honda reputation of being durable and reliable car. I tried to get a used transmission but It ssell like hotcake because too many people are looking for the same transmission. Price run up to $1500 on used and up to 3700 on new ones. Really bad experience for me.

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  • Ma
    Markovich Jul 08, 2010

    Carbone Honda of Utica, NY sold me an '09 Fit 10 months ago. Part of the deal was that they would install an aftermarket cruise control when one became available. One (or more) have been out for months now and, despite repeated calls, Carbone has neither installed it nor refunded my money- they made both promises, at various times. ALSO, they sold me a car with a battery too small to start it in typical cold winter conditions. It is about the size of a motorcycle battery and when it gets to 10, the car barely starts. Below zero, it's no go, while; my 9 year old car and truck start perfectly. Carbone insists there is nothing wrong and will do nothing about replacing the battery with a larger one. I did not imagine the 2 days it would not turn over, nor did I imagine hours on a trickle charger to get it so I could bring it in only to hear they'd do nothing about it. Buy a Honda, they are decent cars, - but buy it elsewhere.

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  • Gi
    GIRISHdubey Aug 31, 2010

    I am fully agree with above complaints because last week i also purchased new hero honda pleasue, it is not push button start nor kick start it is taking so much time for starting & finally it start by push button not by kick, & this is made for girls so think how much big this problem.

    I hope after so many complaints for starting trouble hero honda technical team may do something, because it is the matter of zero customer satisfaction for a leading auto player.

    I sincerely requesting to hero honda top management, looks about customer satisfaction & technical aspects.

    please do the needful at earliest.

    [email protected]

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  • Sh
    Shweta kanitkar Oct 13, 2010

    Yes.. Rightly mentioned in all the above comments .. Pleasure has starting problem. It doesn start with battery nor with Kick .. In fact it doesn start even if you kick hell lot of times . My neighbour asked me to tilt the vehicle, on the choke and then kick.. it works .. but this is a bad bad bad option .. A girl cant do all these circus ...
    Please rectify this problem.

    [email protected]

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  • Ho
    hondablog Feb 23, 2011

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    <meta name="keywords" content="honda of burleson henry coffeen iii complaints con-artist/ scammer bad business partners">

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  • Am
    Amit Garai Mar 12, 2011

    hey my self start is not working but the pleasure is starting by one kick star but the battery is also good coz horn and lights are lighten so what to do to for starting the pleasure by self start??

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  • kunalsonawane Mar 13, 2011

    pleasuer starting problems are the worst case senario so i would request company to look into the matter of self starting and plz solve our issues.reagarding self starting sometimes its so annoying the people r just looking at u and u r simply kick startiing ur self staring bike for nearly 10 mins...i think the exide automatically recargable battery are the problem so the company should go for amaron self rechargeble batteries which i blive woulde solve the issue..coz exide battery self rechargable batteries are really not competataive...with reagrds from kunal sonawane [email protected]

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  • Ni
    Nisha keshav Apr 12, 2011

    I too have buyed pleasure...YOU will feel pleasure by kicking it daily...thats the reason the name is hero honda PLEASURE...hope so u all have understood...Nothing can be perfect in every vehicle...but company has to know how to solve problems...What work do they have other than reading a vehicle before leaving it in market...Nisha

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  • Re
    reshma raja chandra sekaran Apr 25, 2011

    i got myt vehicle in nagappa motors which is in roundtana kellys not even a week gone from my purchase some smoke arised from the engine side . whn i took it to them they was like its not an big issue. . they said that ther is no problem and they didn identify the problem too. dono what will happ. . horrible i didn even cross 100 kms. . pls don get pleasure

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  • Fi
    fighton Jun 19, 2011

    I have a 2005 Oddessey that has paint chipping all over the vehicle. Properly maintained vehicle, no reason for chipping. It is all over the car.

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  • Ja
    jaw1180 Aug 02, 2011

    I own a 2008 Civc which I purchased new. The car has 77, 000 miles. It has never been in any type of accident. We notices that the bumper in the front popped out up near the head light. We took it to the dealer and they confirmed a structural failer of the bumber. Honda response was the car is out of warranty, it's my problem. On a part that should never fail! Honda will not stand behind there product! This is my third Honda and given that responce it will be my last. I'll let everyone I know that Honda is going down hill, fast.

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  • Im
    imtiyaz amedmiya kara Aug 09, 2011

    my name is IMTIYAZ AHMEDMIYA KARA, ihave booked my bike on 03/03/2011 and my waitting period was 4 MONTHS but still going on up to 4 months so please sand my bike. without bike i was face so many problem so i requested you please sand my bike detail on my email id

    EMAIL [email protected]
    CONTAC NO-9727343122
    REC NO-0008674 ACTIVA110B

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  • So
    soom Aug 25, 2011

    Honda recommends at 7years/105, 000miles to perform Timing Belt preventive maintenance service on 1997 Accords.

    At 7 years and 36, 139 miles, I had the dealer replace the four belts and the working water pump that is driven by

    the timing belt, and is behind a cover.
    Earlier this year, just over five years later, I noticed coolant leaking under the car. The dealer replaced a leaking water pump and the four belts.
    The new replacement water pump began leaking as soon as it was installed!
    So they had to take off the four belts again, replace the leaking water pump with another new water pump, and reinstall the four belts.
    I sent American Honda two letters

    asking them the following questions:

    1.Why did the Honda replacement water pump lasted just over five years, with only 39, 618 miles on it?
    2.Why did the new Honda replacement water pump failed immediately out of

    the box?
    3.Will the coolant that spilled on the new timing belt and balance shaft belt affect their longevity?
    To date, I have not received an answer!
    And I have owned three Accords!

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  • Vi
    VISHAL11111 Nov 25, 2011

    97240 50767

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  • Ho
    honda civic Jun 01, 2012

    we bought new Honda civic car in 2010 from Vancouver Honda, we take the delivery of the car in nighttime that's why don't get a chance to ck the car completely and also trust the company that they will not cheat us but everything happen opposite there is dent on the car we ignore, then there is so many different noises come from different places in the car we complain many times and they ignore always ans said we can not ck this time plz bring back again, then one day we call customer service they also ignore this issue and i am sick and tired of this this, them we complain and tell they fix the noise and change the speakers, and with in the first year we have to change break leathers in the car and today they are charging us again more then $750 for fixing the car we are not completely satisfied with our purchase we just want some one to help us please call me back on 778-858-6012

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  • Re
    Remya S Jun 20, 2012


    by mistaken i also bought pleasure on June 6th, 2012, but its self start is working properly even in the early morning. but it is so tough to kick start in the morning time. my frnds told me that if we not used kick start every day in the first attempt the battry will damaged and thats y i am trying to make kick start in the first attempt. but its not working and i am using self start all the time. and i am so worried about the battery. i dont know what will happen if i am using self start all the time.



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  • Su
    Sunitha Gk Jul 26, 2012

    I have purchased a hero honda pleasure on 7/5/2010. I have been giving my rider to authorized dealers(SA Motors Kazhakootam Kerala) only. Two days back I have given my bike as it was having a self start problem and mileage was very less. On giving the bike for service, I asked the service people to set the mileage & charge the battery. From the next day onwards again the condition of the bike has become very bad. It is not taking the kick at any cost. I complained again and they came an repaired the next day it is again the same situation. I am fed up.

    Sunitha G

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  • My husband and I have repeatedly tried to get this company to stop harassing us for a car we have NEVER owned. We continue to have people come to our home asking for someone we do not know but may have a similar name as my husband. We have called all of the collections company they have sent, given them an identification of my husband and have spoken to customer service agents at American Honda Finance. They are not interested in our inconvenience but continue to harass us. They left a document last night at 10:50 pm on our front door bench threatening a lawsuit for hiding the vehicle. CAN ANYONE HELP? We can not afford a lawyer but really want this to stop. This has been going on for 2 years now.

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  • Th
    th!sman Sep 06, 2012

    Like most Americans you do not know your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA.
    -First you need to investigate your rights under those legislations-Google.
    -Second you need to Google cease and desist & CMRRR.
    -Third you need to wear a face like a robber's dog and go after these people instead of the usual waiting until they contact you. That means you sue thier pants off of them for violating your rights, each incidence is worth about $1000.
    -Fifth go to debtor board dot com and get all the help you need from here to how rich you want to make yourself from collectors who suffer from fake amnesia. You do not need a lawyer to do any of this. Make yourself rich go after them. Stop supplying them with any info. and never ever do that again. You are arming them to continue hustling you. Under fed law if you owe they know you, i.e. have a relationship with you, etc. The onus is on them to prove that you owe, not you to prove that you do not owe. This is so ripe to harvest I wish I was your relation! Debtor boards dot com.

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  • Th
    th!sman Sep 06, 2012

    If each incidence is worth about $1000 to you how many can you prove? You need to start documenting everything including recording your conversations with them. You do not have to tell them you are recording if you do not want to. Photograph the crap they leave behind. It is time to bring up the stable, 2 years is long enough.

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  • Th
    th!sman Sep 06, 2012

    I meant It is time to clean up the stable, 2 years is long enough.

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  • Ni
    nikhilh Oct 21, 2012

    i hv purchased a heronhonda pleasure on 21 sept 2012 . it was having a self start problem...what is this yr i m a handicap what can i do...

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  • Ga
    Gary Mullin Jan 10, 2013

    I purchased a camera from the company called Jupitel.com. I try to contact them after I found they already claim the said amount, and found their web site has been shut down.

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  • Sm
    S MANIVANNAN Jan 21, 2013

    The subject two-wheeler viz. TN 23 AM 2516 has left with the above dealer (M/s Ganesh Motors, New Bye-Pass Road, Vellore Tamilnadu) for repairs and services under their job card No.5304 on 09/01/13. In this connection, the Assessor, representing M/s New India Assurance Co. Ltd, Vellore has already assessed the damages to the two wheeler on 11/01/13. I have tried on 18/01/13 and today morning i.e 21/01/13 at Service Centre, Ganesh Motors, the supervisor, the technician hiding themselves in the shed and simply got back home Again at 5.30 pm I phoned up to the the dealers in their No.04162224383 the girl one who attended the call in the service shed never received the details /particulars from me and instead she asked me to give her my mobile number and denied to inform about the stage of repair to my vehicle. I request you, as the mechanics are playing foul game, and I am unable to see and meet the Proprietor, please interfere in the matter and see the delivery of the two wheeler after the due service in good conditions at the earliest.

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  • Da
    davidxus Feb 01, 2013


    Any feebback more about jupitel.com

    Please email Me I, m looking for this company, this seems ok, but I, v found to scammer from them in internet

    [email protected]


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  • Su
    Summii Apr 12, 2013

    I have bought my Pleasure on 17th Feb 2012. with all my wish I got this and love it also. for past one year it ran well and smooth. however it started showing problem with self start. being a girl is difficult to start with kick. I had last service, and they said they will change the battery in next service. don't know how much it is going to cost. after reading all comment above I feel company need to work on battery as every comment the common prob is self /kick start. if possible please give us alternative, as it competition era if this type of issue persist people will choose the better one. Pleasure is good looking and girlish. Hope some one can resolve the issue for all.

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  • Dh
    Dhanyaarun Jun 13, 2013

    My Hero Honda Pleasure which is purchased on 15 Nov.2011 got a severe starting problem and I am very sure that there will be a great difficulty for ladies to get it started.Due to this issue I was forced to buy a new battery for the vehicle.This is not at all expected from great Hero honda like company...Now Hero...

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  • Gu
    Gurvinder singh sawhney Jul 22, 2013

    Respected Sir,
    This to inform you that I placed an order of honda activa on friday(19/07/2013) at Raj honda in patiala which was to be deliveried on monday(22/07/2013) without accessories but on monday when I reached there they refused to give activa without accessories. Although there were 5 to 6 activas without accessories. I request you to seen to matter.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully
    Gurvinder singh

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  • Ke
    Keith Urban Aug 06, 2013

    I loved my 2004 Honda Accord V6 until 2 weeks ago when the transmission went out. We have had our car serviced only at the dealership where it was purchased new. The dealer quote us over $5300 to replace the transmission. Honda has recalled this transmission in over 1 million vehicles but told us our vehicle is not included. The offered no assistance in repairing their faulty transmission, instead of charging a reasonable rate to repair the problem, they are charging an outrageous price for their mistake.
    Honda - you just lost a customer for life. If you would have charged $1500 for the repair, I would have bought a new Honda Accord.

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  • Ja
    jain kiara Aug 09, 2013

    I had purchased this bike on 25th february 2012, which is just in a worst condition.
    and moreover our great showroom people are so confident that their company bike cant be like this.there is hell lot off starting problem daily in this bike. where more than thinking about other problems in life, will have to think that "how will I start my bike " seriously how disgusting.
    paying so much of amount for a new bike. It just works like one 3rd graded bike.
    just fed up of this bike.
    my biggest mistake was to buy this bike.
    anyway friends pls dnt ever choose to buy this bike even if this is the last bike available in this world.
    and thanks to their great marketing and servicing of the bike.

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