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Greyhound refused to honor priority boarding which resulted in my not being able to board a scheduled bus for which I was ticketed. I purchased a priority boarding ticket from Greyhound from Chicago to Groton Ct. Their policies clearly state that YOU ARE Guaranteed a seat on a bus that you are scheduled for. However, when I arrived at my connecting bus route, I was refused a seat on the bus despite having a priority boarding pass. The supervisor, Terry stated that only re-boarders and passengers going to New Jersey would be allowed to board. I was placed on the next bus which resulted in me missing my connecting bus in New York and having to make alternate arrangements for an event that I was contracted for and necessitated a certain arrival time due to greyhound's negligence and poor service delivery. Passengers were told to go to another gate and that a second express bus would leave shortly. We waited in line for over an hour at the discretion of Terry, the Supervisor, only to be told to sit back down. I specifically asked the supervisor if we would make our connecting schedule. Terry stated, "it's an express bus and should be here shortly." When I asked for a specific time, Terry stated, "I'm not on the bus and cannot answer that question." I asked for an estimate and Terry stated, "30 minutes." However, there was no additional bus and all of the quoted times provided were exhausted and customers were treated with extreme disregard. The supervisor was very abrasive and dismissive of people's complaints. This happened on scheduled GLI4414 which should have left Cleveland Ohio at 10:40 p.m. One bus left at that scheduled time. I paid over 200.00 for this ticket.

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Greyhound needs to reimbursement me for a full refund for this ticket and all other costs associated with me having to make additional travel arrangements to arrive at this contracted event.

Oct 20, 2019
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