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On April 22 I purchased a bus ticket online. After purchasing, I immediately discovered the destination was wrong. I immediately called the help line. I spoke to a very nice gentleman. I explained what happened and he instructed me to go back online and purchase the correct ticket. Once I had the confirmation number for the new ticket, I was to call customer service back and they would refund the incorrect ticket. At his prompting, I did such and purchased another ticket. I immediately called customer service back with the new confirmation number, at which time they refused to refund the errant ticket. I asked to talk to the agent I spoke to earlier and they denied my request. I would have never bought another ticket had he not told me to. So, I ended up spending over $600. The right destination ticket was used, and the other was not. I have never been treated so rudely in my life by customer service. I was on the phone for over an hour trying to get this settled. Every agent I talked to was rude and implied that the conversation I had with this gentleman never occurred. The fact that someone knowingly lied to me and misled me is totally unacceptable from a company like this. If one of my employees lied to someone like this I guarantee they would not have a job. I was floored at the lack of care and concern. I didn't realize Greyhound was so hard up for money they have to start lying to customers in order to gain sales.


  • SubSquirrel Jul 02, 2019

    Did you call your credit card company and dispute the charges!

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