Greyhound Linesbus driver schedule 1508 from dallas to nashville 9:15

A Jul 26, 2019

On July 26th i was getting ready to get on the bus speaking to a baggage handler to ensure we where getting on the right bus and to help me with my luggage. As we where rapping up our conversation exchanging thank yous, and nice day wishes the Bus driver (i do not recall his name at this time) started screaming at me to get my kids from a lady thats been helping me manage since leaving Tucson. He continued screaming at me to be a better mother and "watch my own damn kids" as i proceeded to tell him i understood but he does not need to scream at me especially in front of my children he told me to take my bags and to leave that i was no longer allowed on the bus. The gentlemen helping me with my luggage immediately suggested getting a supervisor as "he is out of line" i notified the supervisor he was able to get us on another bus with the same destination and time frame. Since being on greyhound and this being the Second time riding with greyhound this is by far the worst experience from the bus being broken down in Toyah, Tx for 8 hours to getting screamed at by a bus driver. I do not wish to ride with greyhound anymore. I do not pay 750$ for me and my children to get where we are going to be screamed at by a bus driver. I will be filing a lawsuit again this comany and the Gentleman that couldnt uphold simple customer service and talk to me like im a person. This will be taken care of and i will be taking this to court i will not be treated lesser then anybody because he did not agree with what i was doing. This man needs to be fired as he was not just getting highrate withe but the Lady that has been helping me. This is unexceptable and i would very much appreciate any phone calls pretainting to my complaint. My phone number is [protected], email address, ford.[protected]

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