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New stoppage

Jaunpur District has 5 Million Population 2 MPs 9 MLAs Historical Monument Sites Etc Then Why 40 Up/Dn Trains Skip Stop in Jaunpur City? Its Totally unfair for 90%Hindu of Jaunpur.
Hindutva Ideology Leader do massive protest against this train stoppage.
Please request to provide maximum train stoppage at "Jaunpur City" station as soon as possible instantly.

New stoppage
New stoppage
New stoppage
New stoppage

Indian Railways

I am complaining about hospitality facility for all trains.

Dear sir,

On last year(12th November 2018) I requested for giveing facility of hospitality to all passengers. But still it is not adopted to our railway system.

Please adopt this facility to our railway and make proud about INDIAN RAILWAY.

Complaint No.: W/NR/DLI/[protected]

Thank You

Praveen Kumar R

txr rolling point

Respected sir,
Gudivada(GDV near station from BZA) station is daily faces troubles. Because of here number of trains increases like normal rake or goods rake stop and facing maintenance troubles like brake bind or wheel smoke. And also diverted trains water filling troubles. Goods rakes also facing grate troubles like brake-fail spring broken smoke or fire troubles. So we are requesting please provide TXR rolling point here.

Thanking you sir

snatching from 2 ac coach

Dear Team Me and my brother was traveling in kafiyat express 12225 on date 27 july 2019 in second AC, our...

Indian Railways

irctc refund rules

The refund rules for tdr filing in case of train late by more than 3 hours and passenger not travelled is prejudicial to the interest of customer. The rule states that - "tdr shall be filed before the actual departure of the train for availing full refund". However, in the above case, the customer is already in a state of panic to arrange for alternative mode of transport and it's unfair to expect from the customer to file tdr before the actual departure of the train to get full refund. Clearly this rule is made to save irctc from refunding customer's hard earned money even if no service has been provided to the customer and that too when the fault is of indian railway.

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attendants misbehavior in 2ac.

My Sister was travelling in Indore - Pune express on 22nd May, 2018 in 2-tier AC. Seat details are as below:
PNR: [protected]
CoachNo/Berth No. - A1/21
The attendants present there made her feel uncomfortable by their vulgar comments.
She became very afraid. At night around 9 pm when she went to wash her hands 4-5 attendants where sitting beside gate and they started singing very vulgar songs and they were all glaring her. She was so afraid that she went inside and have not even used washroom in emergency and have not even slept whole night.
This experience leaves us very afraid. By Gods sake nothing happened to her, but if same behavior of the attendants/same attendants remains anything can happen to the ladies travelling alone.
We try to take tickets in AC bogies so that we feel a bit safe there, but such people make it unsafe and very weird situations.
Pleas take necessary action to strictly punish these guys and request you to kindly provide some medium so that anyone who is feeling unsecured by any means can immediately call for help and report their complaint.

no refund issued in case of train late more than 3 hours later cancelled

I had tickets booked in Pooja express/12414 for 14th October and saw update that train was late by 3 hours which later got cancelled and so I cancelled my ticket to file a TDR but neither I am getting option to file a TDR nor received any refunds.

Below are my ticket details

Transaction ID: [protected] PNR No [protected] Train No./Name: 12414 / JAMMU AII EXP
Date of Journey: 14-Oct-2017 Date Of Boarding: 14-Oct-2017 Class: THIRD AC (3A)
Resv Upto: JAIPUR (JP) Quota: GENERAL (GN) Ticket Type: E-ticket
Insurance (No of Psgn) : 2 Insurance Company : Shriram General Insurance Travel Insurance Premium : 0.0
Policy Issue Date : 11-Sep-2017 10:57:00 AM Travel Insurance Opt : Yes

misbehaving of the reservation ticket issuing officer at railway counter (simhachalam)

Sir, Whenever my cousin visit the railway ticket booking counter for reservation, the officer who is incharge over the counter is behaving rudely and objecting my reservation particularly at tatkal timing. more over he is enquiring about her personals with other persons who attend their for the service. This is completely unfair.

kindly enquire about the matter and take necessary action regarding this issue.
ticket counter : simhachalam, visakhapaatnam, andhra pradesh - 530028


refund of cancellation of ticket at city station, lucknow counter

I booked ticket for Lucknow Howrah PNR NO. [protected] and payment of Rs. 5060/- done by my . I submitted...

Indian Railway
Lucknow Other

theft of mobile phone

Dear sir
1. I am Colonel Ajay kumar Sinha, an Army officer. I am presently posted as Commanding Officer of 10 Bengal battallion NCC at Kumarpur, GT Road, Asansol, West Bengal. My contact no is- [protected] and [protected]. I had gone to Purnea, Bihar to attend my father-in-laws first death anniversary which was on 17 May.

2. On 18 May 17 I was returning from Katihar junction to Sealdah by Hatte Bazar express. I was travelling in 3 AC, coach no B1, seat no-41.My PNR no was-[protected].

3. At around 2345h after train left Malda station I put my mobile phone ( i phone 6, 16 GB, silver body with black body cover, IMEI/ MEID no-[protected]) on charge and went to sleep. At around 0400h, I checked for my phone and found it to be missing. After detailed search when I couldn't find my phone, at around 0420h I reported the matter to coach attendent. He asked me to report the matter to RPF sub inspector who was sleeping nearby. I woke him up and reported the matter. He said OK and went off to sleep. After 15 minutes I again woke him up. He didn't even bother to get up and told me that he will inform GRPF in the morning. I introduced myself, showed him my Identity card and requested him to atleast carry out prelimnary investigation but he refused to move. I kept approaching the attendant and RPF sub inspector every 15 minute but both took no action. Finally I asked for the TT. To my surprise he also didn't even bother to get up and asked me to report the matter to RPF person on duty. I told him that he was not taking any action but he expressed his helplessness and asked me to lodge a complaint with GRPF on reaching Sealdah station.I asked him to give me the complaint book. He told me that it was useless and I should approach GRPF. On my insistence he reluctantly gave me the complaint book. I registered the complaint at 0540h in the complaint book. Complaint book serial no is-728023. After giving me a copy of complaint TT went off to sleep again. Thus, inspite of repeated requests no attempt was made by attendant or RPF sub inspector or TT of B1 coach to search for the phone.
4. On getting down at Sealdah station, I lodged a complaint with GRPS. G.D.E no is 1499.
5. Had any of the railway personel of B1 coach made any attempt to look for the phone, I am sure it could have been traced because there was no major station or stoppage till Bandel which the train reached at 0615h.Secondly, phone was switched on and was active between 0617h and 0627h. That means some body got down at Bandel with the phone. On tracker also last location of phone is shown between bandel and Burdwan.
6. Such inaction by railway personal on duty speaks very poor about the organisation and its security measures. It also strengthens the suspicion about their role and involvement in these organised theftsof passengers belongings.
7. In view of the above you are requested to take appropriate action against the errant officials and direct the concerned personel to help trace the phone.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Col AK Sinha

parcel not received

Dear sir/madam

I have booked a parcel from Valsad to Bhubaneswar with the PRR NO [protected] on 16 dec 2015. Till i have not received the parcel. I went to parcel office several time by taking my parcel bill and valid id proofs and id proofs. But the names mentioned the bill is differ due to which he denied to give the parcel. After as per the suggestion i provided the documents. but still he is not giving my parcel . he told that i have get an authorization from the parcel officer of Valsad. but the parcel officer of Valsad told that there is no need of any authorization. and told that i can provide the original parcel bill and valid id proof. but here at Bhubaneswar not accepting my bill and my id proof. please provide any solution for getting my parcel.

M: [protected]

Unclean and unhyigenic Journey

I have travelled on 12 th of July 2014 in Sampark Kranti express (train no. 12649) from Bangalore to New Delhi in Coach B3, seat no 25 & 27, PNR [protected] which is a AC Sleeper coach. I found hundreds of cockroaches and bed bugs, throughout the compartment. I hope it is Indian railways duty to clear all the insects in the compartment. May i request you to kindly do the needful to keep the all indian railways compartments neat and clean. Provide the passengers a comfortable journey.

short refund

We were having a ticket (PNR# [protected]) from AZ to KOAA on 10th Mar'13. Upon arriving the boarding Station, the Station Master informed us that the train (Garib Rath) has diverted and we would get the FULL Refund. I filed TDR on 11th Mar'13, but only got 50% of the ticket amount as refund! I filed a complaint in http://customercare.Indianrailways.Gov.IN portal (Reference Number - W/ER/HWH/[protected]) on 20th Mar'13. But still the status is PENDING :(

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    kaushal1188 Jul 19, 2014

    When I went to take ticket at ticket counter, and asked for the ticket for Korba from bhatapara. Then he told me to give change money otherwise he will not give ticket. After that he started using abusing words to me.

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misbehaviour and abused me by ticket conductor

misbehaviour and abused me by ticket conductor, my cell no. is [protected].
Respected Sir, On dated [protected] time about 8:40 AM I travel to my city mandi gobindgarh to Gurgaon (HR) .At this time there is a daily passenger train from Amritsar to Ambala Cantt which stoppage at mandi gobindgarh. The ticket conductor whose named Mr. Anwar Adil whose duty on ticket window at that time, does not give to my journey ticket i.e. MANDI GOVINDGARH to GURGAON .Although there is a computerised ticket window but the Mr. Anwar Adil does not give to my journey ticket . he had misbehaviour and abused me . He told that me " chal sale kuttte yahan se pare hat, bhag ja, tujh jaise yahan bahut aate hein tujhe Gurgaon ki sidhi ticket nahin deni, jo karna he kar le, usne mujhe takriban 25 -30 minute window par khada karke rakha . tab mere bar - bar hath jodne and request karne par ek or officer ne mujhe MANDI GOBINDGARH TO REWARI II SUPERFAST ki Ticket No. W [protected] at 9:10 am per di. usne bhi mujhe sidhe gurgaon ki tiket nahi di . mujhe Sirhind Jn. se 12460 Amritsar - New Delhi train pakadni thi jiska time 9:40 Am thaa. yahan par na to koi Enuiry hai, mere bar - bar pata karne par bhi kisi ne mujhe passenger train ke aane ki koi jaankari nahi di. tab mujhe majboori mein rickshaw karke Bus Stand aana pada and bus se Sirhind JN gaya . please take legal action against Mr. Anwar Adil and compensate for mental and phesycal harassment and refund my excess fare, rickshaw and bus fare etc, my contact no. is [protected]

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    realiance complaint Jan 30, 2013

    Respected Sir,
    meri complaint par kya karyawahi huee kirpa karke mujhe batayen. my contact no. is 09316029877. thanks

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charge extra amount in pantry service

Dear Sir,

I am beg to inform you that while I am travel from Raipur to Howrah in 12833/Howrah Express and my PNR No is-[protected] dated 14.01.13. I am buying 01 cup of tes from the pantryboy he charged me Rs.7/- per cup not only from me he taken Rs.7/- against one cup of tea from all the passenger.When I am asked that why you take Rs.7/- the rate is Rs.5/- only he said slag language and taken Rs.7/- for one cup of tea.Sir I asked him show me your rate chart but he deniy to show the rate chart and when I am asked whom he was worked he told me RR Pantry service Or RK Pantry service.Sir, I dont know why he taken Rs.7/- from all the passenger while all pantry boy of other trains taken Rs.5/- per cup.Even when I was in journey in Mumbai Mail-12810 on dated 12.01.13 on 3A b2-45 Pnr No-[protected] the pantry boy had taken Rs.5/- per cup.So I am requesting you please look after the matter and cancelled immediately the licence who was on duty on that day.

online reservation system

Now a days, the indian railway online reservation portal is not working at all. Further, I heard that the indian railways have nominated several reservation agencies and they are charging exhorbitantly on the passengers. On season, these agents are charging 60-70% of the actual fare per ticket. I believe that some corrupt officials of indian railways are behind this atrocities. Therefore, the honourable supreme court of india should view the atrocities of the indian railways against the passengers.
Regards, sureshkumar

sleeper coaches in day train

cholan express is a day train. starts chennai 8.15 a.m reaches tiruchy 16.35 p.m. and on return journey starts tiruchy 9.35 a.m reaches chennai 17.50 p.m. so it is a hundred percent day time train. but originally it was running up to kumbakonam etc and there was sleeper coaches attached to it. but it runs up to tiruchy now. but the sleeper coaches are there and extra cost is plucked out from the passengers. railway may think that Indians are always sleepy and they will sleep even during day time. but we are blabbering on other side that we are going to become super power country soon. if rules are there that for changing coaches etc railway will have to get permission from ministry like that change that rules it self. don't say that we have to get permission from world health organisation W.H.O and World Bank and United Nations Organisation U.N.O.

bad service

Dear sir, currently I am traveling in Gabha exp. Train no. 12938. Compartment no B-1, train running from Howrah to gandhidham, in 3 compartment such as B-1, B-2 and BE-1, there is no AC working, no water, and no electricity since train leave Howrah junction. train incharge said 1, the issue will be resolved in Dhanbad, then said in Mugal sarai, then in allahabad, kanpur, Agra. Now train is about to reach Kota, but not any necessary action has been taken for your side. When passenger asked for complaint book, T.T said, if you will complain then no action will be taken from my side.
Now please do it needful.

change of ticket status from confirmed to waiting list on travel day

I would like to bring this to your kind attention that there is something wrong happening at Indian Railways. Through this medium I would like to bring the wrong doings of Indian railways in front of each and every one. I had booked four Tickets on 31st May through Here are the booking details:
PNR No : [protected]
Journey Date : 28th June 2012 Time: 8:40 PM
Train No : 12562
Booking Category : 2nd A/c
Boarding Station : New Delhi Railway Station
Destination Station : Samastipur
I have to travel because my wife has an exam for her MBA from XLRI on 1st of July in Patna, Fraser Road and We have to attend my mother’s retirement function at Pusa University, Pusa (Bihar). I hope the need for travel can be understood very clearly. When I booked the tickets i.e. on 31st May status of the tickets was WL-1, WL-2, WL-3, WL-4. Status of all the 4 tickets was changed to CNF from 20th June onwards. I was relaxed that my tickets are confirmed. On travel date i.e. on 28th June 2012 I looged in to website to check the seat numbers before leaving for the station I was surprised to see that my Tickets which were shown as confirmed for last 8- 10 days were again showing status as WL-3, WL-4, WL-5 and WL-6. I called up 139 and asked them about the reasons initially they were not able to answer anything and when I insisted on knowing the reason they mentioned that they have reduced the number of coaches. I asked them about the reasons they do not have any. I asked them why they have not informed us about the same they did not have answer for the same as well. When asked them what arrangements they have made for such cancellations, they said they do not have an answer. On asking whom should we contact for the same they ask us to contact chief reservation officer who sits in New Delhi Railway station at Reservation counter. We reach the station and found that the Reservation officer does not sits in the Railway Station but outside Railway station in Passenger Reservation center Paharganj. We rushed towards the reservation center and found that he has left for the day. We contacted some people over there in charting department they mentioned that it is confidential but since we are here they told us the reason is (a small coach sent in place of the big coach) and hence some seats which were confirmed were cancelled. When asked why passengers were not informed they were also clueless. They ask us to contact Station Manager as they cannot help us. We somehow again rushed back to the station but could not find the Station Manager over there. Station superintendent ask us write down the complaint we did that and the complaint No for the same is “058”. We checked with TTE about the same, we were surprised to find that our names were completely missing from the chart he was carrying. Our names were not there even in the waiting Lists chart he was carrying. We checked in his chart and found that the PNR numbers of the waiting List people were after our PNR number were missing completely. There was one more family on the station who was in similar situation and their PNR number was [protected].
I would like to get the answers to following questions
How come the Status of Tickets got reversed?
Why our PNR number got missing from the Charts?
Why we were not being informed about the cancellation?
Who is going to pay for the discomforts caused? We spent money in travelling to and fro from the Station to Home and wasted our time and energy going calling one officer to another.
Why arrangements were not done by Indian railways if fault was at their end?
One important thing we booked our tickets in one month advance, railways used our money for complete one month charged service charges etc over it for providing us such kind of services. This is just one ticket imagine that each and every ticket is been booked in advance and out of it so many were not confirmed can you calculate the amount of money every day Railways is earning on behalf of service charges for non confirmed tickets?

no tickets to return home

I had came to delhi a month ago, and now I am planning to go back home.

But when I had gone to but tickets there were a large number of crowds, so I couldn't get one...

we have got no option left, but to buy tickets from the railway agents..
But they are charging too much, the normal sleeper costs around Rs 700-800 in TATKAAL (emergency one), but these people are telling to pay Rs 1100.

now what is this???
Is this fair???
Please anyone help us!!!