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I was scheduled to leave Wichita KS at 1:35pm on Dec. 26th 2009 and arrive in Lexington KY at 12:55 on Dec.27th. When I arrived at the Wichita terminal there was a note on the door stating that the bus to Kansas City had been canceled and the station itself would not open until 3pm. When the terminal opened at 3:20, the attendant informed me that a bus to KC would be leaving at 5:30 and the normal scheduled trip would resume. When we reached the KC terminal, we had 30 minutes before boarding for St. Louis was to begin. The bus itself was there, without passengers, but they were not boarding nor were the terminal staff offering any explanation as to why they weren't boarding. When asked about the situation the terminal employees became disrespectful and rude, often threatening those asking the questions that Greyhound reserved the right to terminate their tickets on the spot. I decided to try to kill time by playing a video game. The game took my money. I asked the security guard whose name was Soloman where I could go to get my money back. He informed me that there was a sign posted stating that games were played at your own risk and money would not be refunded. When I pointed out to him that there was NO such sign posted, Soloman told me "well, we still aint refunding your money." So I stood there with everyone else until 1am when they finally decided to board. We were assured that the connection bus in St. Louis for Indianapolis would wait for us. When we finally arrived in St. Louis at 6am, the bus to Indy had left at its scheduled time of 3:20 am and the next bus to Indy will not depart until 1:20 this afternoon. Again the terminal employees will not allow any questions regarding the tardiness without resorting to rudeness and a general lack of professionalism.

As it stands right now, I will not be getting to Lexington until 8:30 tonight (at the earliest). I am scheduled to record at 3pm this afternoon and from what it looks like I will be losing money due to Greyhounds sheer incompotence. I understand that there will be delays due to bad weather, but a company like Greyhound should have contingency plans for situations like these. I am now out more than just the excess time that it takes to get back to Lexington.

Greyhound would also do well to train their employees in basic customer etiquette/service standards.

I will never again utilize Greyhounds services. The money you "save" is no where near the headache and disrespect that you will encounter on the way. If I could give this a numerical rating, I would give it -5.


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    anwiii Jan 18, 2012

    i've had nothing but problems with greyhound. out of all the trips i have taken with them, half the time, the buses didn't run as scheduled or they would force you to pay extra and leave you stuck in their terminal until you could pay a higher fee AFTER they have fully booked your fare. they are a scam company and i don't trust any part of that company. their customer service also sucks. they outsource it to a non english speaking country where you can barely understand them and where they can barely understand you. they don't resolve anything for you. in fact, they are quick to tell you anything just to get you off the phone. i wish i could afford the train or a plane ticket for my trips.

    oh! and forget about trying to call greyhound corprate office directly. they are a very secretive company that doesn't release too much information about themselves. i understand why now. when i have the means, i will be taking them to small claims court. people need to start standing up for their rights despite all the ways greyhound tries to protect themselves against consumer complaints!

    here is a link to another greyhound complaint...

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