Great Clipscustomer service

I arrived this morning with my child. We weren't even greeted with a hello. Eric came to the register and asked rather rudely, as if we were bothering him, if we had been in before. I replied, my son hasn't been in before, but my other child has. His response was a snotty, "So, you have been in".
I should have taken this as an indication to leave, but decided to stay. He proceeded to abruptly move my child's head around and in a rude tone directed him with his directions.
At check out, I mentioned I had a coupon, which was met with annoyance.
When the transaction was through, he handed me the receipt with a smug look and no thank you. I responded with a thank you and was met with a you're welcome". Are you kidding me?! I left feeling like I was bothering him and annoying him.
My child's haircut is a disappointment! The customer service left me feeling horrible and with so many other salons in the neighborhood, I will gladly take my business elsewhere!

Oct 05, 2019

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