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CB Hair and Beauty Salons Great Clips 5594 W Broadway Ave, Minneapolis, MN, 55428, US
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5594 W Broadway Ave, Minneapolis, MN, 55428, US
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Great Clips - online check in

I'm really upset that I walked into great clips and just because I didn't check in on line I had to wait for 5 different people to get their hair cut before they got to me, those people came in after I did, I didn't check in on line because I don't want to do it that way I should have that right to be helped when it's my turn I shouldn't have to wait until the on line people go first, I'm so upset I cried in my car after I walked out, I didn't even get my hair cut, I just left, that's horrible customer service, I shouldn't be penalized because I don't check in on line, it needs to be fair to all people young and old and I'm old and don't do the online services, the workers could have cared less and that hurt the most, I've worked in CS for my whole life over 50 years and I know that is not working for all your customers, it's sad that even this comment is probably going to be ignored to, I surely hope not, . I've been going to great clips for over 15 years and this has never happened to me, and won't again because you all lost a very devoted customer, it saddens me even more that nothing will be done about the system, I feel discriminated against because I don't want to go online to sign in, I would feel bad for the people who were waiting ahead of me if I walked in after someone else has been sitting waiting and I got in front of them because I went on line, I don't go around complaining either, not ever, but this really was a bad experience, I'm gonna tell all my friends and hope I get some sorta understanding from someone because you people don't seem to care.
Sincerely sad☹️ Bonnie Nagel

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Update by Bonnie Nagel
Nov 29, 2019 11:11 pm EST

Someone out there from this complaint line is a [censored]ing [censored] and should eat [censored] and die, stop getting your thrills calling people names, you better look behind you at all times.

Update by Bonnie Nagel
Nov 29, 2019 11:05 pm EST

Some [censored] answered me back insulting me about my ligit complaint, so [censored] all ya great clips lovers, you can kiss my [censored]ing [censored], you're lucky I don't meet ya face to face with my gang brothers, ya'd be real sorry.

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