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Google review: Fake google business review allowed/ case id is [protected]

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I am contacting you because I have had someone leave a review about my business that is fake. I have tried already to report it & have it removed but whoever is making these decisions is not doing their job and is ignoring a fair, reasonable, truthful request. It also doesnt help that Google has a poor limited choice of options for business owners to request for a review of false reviews.

I shouldnt have to justify myself in this way or give history of sexual harassment from 11 years ago, but I have no choice because Google is enabling violence and misogynistic behaviour towards women.

The problem with the person posting this rubbish is he was a student at a course I ran for disadvantaged adults living in rooming houses, many years ago. He is refering to a time in 2012 when I had some bathroom renovations done, and he has taken a conversation I had about a tradie and turned it into a personal crusade against me, because I rejected his multiple sexual advances at that time. Subsequently, he was removed from the group because of his predatory behaviour. He unfortunately is diagnosed with paranoid schizephrenia and has a history of harassing and assautling women that he fixates on. The online harrassment is just the beginning of his predatory behaviour and unfortunately for me, Google is willfully assisting him in this harrassment.

My business opened in 2017, five years after the conversation he has twisted and distorted to use against me for further harassment. Why is someone allowed to leave a harmful review based on a conversation held 11 years ago, and 5 years before my business opened?

So, I request again that his fake review be removed from my business reviews and he is blocked from leaving more harrassing lies and fake reviews in the future.

The review in question violates Google policy on many levels.

1. Fake Engagement - Content that is not based on real experience and does not accurately represent the location or product in question. This is a fake review because this person is not a customer of mine, he has never set foot in my studio and I have never sold him anything or any service from my business. His review is based on a conversation of 11 years ago.

2. Misinformation. False, inaccurate, or deceptive information can cause significant harm to individuals, businesses, and society. This review is completely false, deceptive, and misleading, deliberately designed to undermine my business which also causes significant harm to my reputation.

3. Misrepresentations - which includes

False or misleading accounts of the description or quality of a good or service.

Distorting or omitting facts to scam other users.

Distorting or omitting information that could have an undue impact on user decision-making. The review is completely false and has nothing to do with any of the services I provide and is designed to undermine and damage my personal character. The review distorts and omitts something that happened 11 years ago, and 5 years before my business opened.

4. Off Topic - Only post content that is based on your experience or questions about experiences at a specific location.

We don’t allow content which contains general, political or social commentary or personal rants. This review is not based on any of the services I offer because it is fake and not based on a real user experience. This person is not a customer of mine and never has been. Why is he allowed to post this rant and lies to try and undermine my business and personal character based on an 11 year old lie, five years before I opened my business.

5. Inappropriate content and behaviour- We don’t allow users to post content to harass other people or businesses, or encourage others to participate in harassment.

Why is Google allowing and assisting this person to harass me online when I have requested several times for its removal? This mans behaviour is harassing and will escalate because he feels encouraged he can get away with it. Why is Google promoting harassment by ignoring my requests for a fair review and removal of his fake review?

This is bringing back the stress and traumatic experiences I had 11 years ago with this person and its so disappointing that Google is enabling and promoting his predatory behaviour by allowing this fake review to remain. The review might seem banal to you but having been on the receiving end of his misogyny and mental illness years ago, I recognise the pattern of his obsessive threatening behaviour as he has changed the review three times already.

The rejected case case ID is [protected]

Once again, I request this fake review be removed and his account is blocked from leaving anymore harassing lies and reviews.

Desired outcome: Remove the fake review and block the person responsible

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