Goodwillprice changing and thieft


i have seen many things going on since the store first opened. this situation effected me. i went to make a purchase of a box unopened and sealed. the price was $6.97. as i was pulling this rather last box twards the register, someone who works at the warminster store asked if i wanted him to write on the box what was in in. (i didn't know!, i was in a "take a chance mood") sure i replied. he told me it was a basket ball hoop. i didn't think so, the weight felt more like a dismantled piece of furntiure. i then asked if he could open it up for me.he came back with premission to open it. all this took place on the selling flooor. when he went to open it, he drug the box into the "employees only" but the doors were open so i could see what i was buying. when it was opened it turned out to be some form of a electronic basketball shoot with 3 balls. he asked me if i astill wanted it, i replied "yes" he was staring to replace back in the box. just then the manager and a girl named "meg" come running over saying they will not sell it for the price on the item and started yelling to close the doors on me. i tried to explain how all of this happened. they now wanted time to appraise the item and price it. no one would listen to me. they shut the doors. i went to the register to pay for the other items i was purchasing and asked for a phone# to a superviser(no one knew it) the manager then comes over and tells me the item is now $39.99. i tried to explain again how this all came about. he was not interested. i am fine with goodwill pricing and i agree its for a good cause. i hated the way i was treated. like i was trying to steal it. which is funny because i have seen so much emplyee thieft in that store. the week of christmas 1 employee wheeled a shopping cart out of the back right to the register and another emplyee followed to ring her up. the same day while leaving i saw employees carring things from the customer drop off right to their cars. you have cameras, does anyone ever bother look at the tapes? i don't think the manager is involved but quite a few of the back room employees are. i can decribe the employees and their cars. the back room employees treat the custumers terrible. i believe the "company" of goodwill is of good standards but who are hiring these days?


  • mancubis Feb 13, 2011

    That's funny because I see you every other day shopping there still. The boxes you saw employees taking out to there cars were holiday gift boxes they get every year for Christmas.Get over it and get a life.PS learn to spell.

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  • We
    WEATHERFORD marietta ga. Feb 07, 2012

    here in ga goodwill theft's are bad, i've tried file complaints with corprate in atlanta and MR.GROVER CUSSED ME OUT AND TOLD ME IT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS, several goodwills here in atlanta have a theft ring going from magament down and will cover it up, buford, cumming, marietta, roswell store.jewlery is always being stolen store rules say's employee's are not allowed to buy from the store they work at.GOODWILL NEED'S TO BE EXPOSED AND AIRED ON TV AND CABLE LET'S BRING TO SCAM TO IT'S KNEE'S, NEED VIDEO(CELL PHONE, CAM CORDERS FOOTAGE) HELP EXPOSE THE REAL GOODWILL AND STOP DONATING REAL GOLD, SILVER VALUABLE TO GOODWILL, EMAIL CONTACTS TO [email protected] SO WE CAN GET IT TO THE INVESTAGATIVE MEDIA GIANTS PERFECT FOR RATINGS, GOODWILL FOR PROFIT ONLY AND DOES NOT HELP WITH FOO, CLOTHES, NOTHING SO STOP MAKING THEM RICHER

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    Pissed off goodwill manager Aug 02, 2015

    We have a j-rkoff detector on the door and you set it off.

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  • Re
    Reviewer72322 Dec 05, 2015

    Tried to take some jeans back but could not find the receipt but the tags were still on jeans. They would not even give me a store credit. I told them the khol's and walmart give you a store credit with out receipt. She said no they don't, i said yes they do. They get all there things free and won't give me a store credit for a $12.99 i will never donate anything to them again.

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