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Nasty and full of germs

Goodwill Laundry & Linen Services is nasty and full of germs, because when you work in the dirty laundry part, You have to touch dirty laundry that has blood, s**t, poop, urine and vomit!!! Goodwill Laundry can't keep nobody in that department, because black, white, hispanic, co-workers and disabled co-workers be quitting when they work in the dirty laundry department!!! Laundry supervisors and Laundry managers be firing co-workers because of their work performance and misconduct. When I worked in Goodwill Laundry, They had me working in the dirty laundry part busting open plastic bags full of dirty laundry covered with blood, s**t, poop, urine and vomit stains until I quit!!! I told my job coach Lorie Pukenis that I don't wanna work in Goodwill Laundry & Linen Services no more, because It is nasty and It's full of germs!!! I rather have a job and prefer to work somewhere else where it is not nasty and full of germs!!! Find a job somewhere else.Do not work at Goodwill Laundry and Linen Services, Stay away from Goodwill Laundry & Linen Services, because they are not worth working for in the future!!!

Ruins, destroys and tarnishes good co-workers reputation and disabled co-workers reputation

Goodwill Laundry ruins, destroys and tarnishes good co-workers reputation and disabled co-workers reputation!!! Until, Mark Wells, Jonetta Anderson, Jerry Smiley, Reginald Bolden, Raymond Perez, Rennard Cotton, Patrice Bendlin, Frederick Riley, Joseph Droese, Tyronza P. Martin, Katrina Schultz, Monica Lim was hired until new laundry managers Orangetta Kelly, Jennifer Evancy, Chandra Henderson and Theresa Buford came and started ruining and tarnishing our lives by changing the rules, putting stress on co-workers, making co-workers uncomfortable, Firing good and disabled co-workers, Putting disabled co-workers in the factory department where the handicapped people work at where you don't get paid a lot of money. They will lie and make false accusations on youIn 2015 Theresa Buford started laying off Asian, Chinese, Filipuno, Hmong co-workers. Goodwill Laundry & Linen Services don't keep Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Native American Indians and Cambodians in that department!!! Goodwill Laundry and Linen Services don't shut down, They open on weekends and holidays. They don't care about Black, White, Hispanic, Native American disabled co-workers!!! If you look for a job do not apply at Goodwill Laundry & Linen Services, because they will do you wrong and They will lie and They will slander you after you quit or After you get fired!!! Stay away from Goodwill Laundry in the future, because they ain't worth working for in the future!!!

Gary Goll, Robert A. Schneeburg and Jim Livingston are full of crap at goodwill laundry

Goodwill Laundry directors Gary Goll, Jim Livingston and Vice President Robert A. Schneeburg are full of crap at Goodwill Laundry, because they hire bad laundry managers and bad laundry supervisors to fire and terminate good co-workers and disabled co-workers from Goodwill Laundry!!! They tarnish laundry co-workers reputations, They let laundry managers and laundry supervisors get away with bad things that they do to good laundry co-workers!!! They turned Goodwill Laundry into an unsafe work enviroment from 2005 to 2015. Me, Willie Ward and Eskiel Collins worked there for 25 years and they let us go. They made an unsafe enviroment for the Asians, Chinese, Koreans and Hmongs and got them laid off in 2015.Stay away from Goodwill Laundry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin because they ain't worth working for in the future!!!

Female co workers lie on you in goodwill laundry

Please do not work at Goodwill Laundry, Goodwill Laundry is evil, wicked, crooked and poisoned, If you work there at Goodwill Laundry, The female co-workers will lie on you, snitch and squeal on you and make false allegations and false accusations about you.In 2005, 2006, and 2007 the female co-workers lie, snitch, squeal, make false allegations and false accusations on the good laundry co-workers.The Korean woman lead worker Rae Nuygen she is rude and disrespectful to laundry co-workers on 2nd Shift.Paulina Gonzalez a female mexican co-worker who work first shift by putting pillow cases in the machine on fourth ironer, She lie, snitch, and make false accusations about you in Goodwill Laundry.Ho Woai a chinese woman who work second shift be starting problems with laundry co-workers in Goodwill Laundry.Black, White, Hispanic, Native American(Indian) co-workers are quitting and getting fired from Goodwill Laundry, because of the management.Goodwill Laundry can't keep nobody in that department.They use you like a pawn in a chess game.I'm glad Goodwill Laundry is laying people off in 2015 especially bad Chinese, Korean female co-workers.I hope Goodwill Laundry close down soon!!!

Can't keep nobody in that department

Goodwill Laundry can't keep nobody and good co-workers in that department, Goodwill Laundry ain't nothing but trouble.They use you like a pawn in a chess game.The only departments that pay more money is cleaning/custodian, and the store.Goodwill Laundry is not a good place to work, because the management, the co-workers start trouble and start problems with you and lie on you in that department.In 2007 They did me wrong and They did these laundry co-workers wrong Raymond Perez, Mark Wells, Jerry Smiley, Frederick Riley, Reginald Bolden, Jonetta Anderson, Danita Scott, Joseph Droese, John O' Brien, Sandra, Anthony Mills, Willie Woods, Gordon Gonzalez, Tyrona Martin, Katrina Schultz, Ruth Sykes, Leon Patterson, and Lenora Thomas.In 2015 they did Herman Adams, Willie Ward, Sam and Eskiel Collins wrong by laying them off.Do not apply at Goodwill Laundry and Do not work there.Save the trouble and Save the hassle, Please don't work at Goodwill Laundry. If you do work there same thing will happen to you out there.

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Lie, make false accusations on you and tarnish your reputation

When I was working in Goodwill Laundry from 2005 to 2007, A female hmong co worker lied on me, made false allegations and false accusations on me to the laundry manager and human resources about me sexually harassing her.I never had no contact with her, I never looked at her, I never touched her, and I never spoke to her.The laundry manager put me in the back in the dirty part of laundry where it's hot.The female co-workers lied to the supervisor about me threatening them, I never threatened them is The ones who lied on me is Rae Nyugen, Paulina Gonzalez, and the other female co-workers.They had the wool pulled over the Sylvester's eyes, had Sylvester tricked and fooled and had him believed them over me.Rae Nyugen a Chinese/Asian lead worker causes trouble and drama on laundry co-workers.She don't get along with laundry co-workers.Hmong, Chinese, and Asian female co-workers cause trouble on co workers.Those co-workers got last off this year in 2015.I'm glad they got laid off, because they ain't nothing but trouble in Goodwill Laundry.

Troy Norman, Robert Schneeburg, and Vernetter Montgomery are poisoning goodwill industries

Troy Norman, Robert Schneeburg, and Vernetter Montgomery are poisoning Goodwill Industries by hiring bad laundry mangers, making co-workers and disabled co-workers uncomfortable. Vernetter Montgomery has an attitude with people, co-workers and disabled co-workers, Vernetter needs to resign. When I was working at Goodwill from 2005 to 2007, Troy Norman was harassing me and making me uncomfortable, Troy Norman needs to get fired or resign from Goodwill. Robert Schneeburg hire black women as laundry managers, Robert Schneeburg need to hire white women for laundry managers or resign from Goodwill Industries. They are a cancer to Goodwill Industries and They are poisoning Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Finally goodwill industries is falling apart since 2009, 2010, and 2011

Finally, Goodwill Laundry Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are falling apart since 2009 First Shift Supervisor Sylvester Campbell passed away and died a Earl Hubbard First Shift Supervisor left in 2009, His little sister Christine Hubbard laundry trainer got fired in 2010, Laundry Managers, Orangetta Kelly and Chandra Henderson left Goodwill in 2011. A black male laundry co-worker Scottie Thigpen lost his job in 2011, because he robbed a jewelry store and he's facing 50 years in prison. Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Laundry is still poisoned because of Security Guards Oliver McHatten, Chief of Security Walter Smith, and Second Shift Laundry Supervisor JeWarren Robertson still harrassing co-workers at Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin. Gary Goll no longer Goodwill Laundry's Big Boss because he went to a different position. I recommend nobody to work at Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Laundry on 6055 N.91st Street. Because they are still full of crap and full of #!!! If I were Donald Driver I would not represent Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin!!! Finally At the end of 2012 Goodwill Industries president John Miller is leaving and retiring. (Hooray). The new Goodwill Industries president will be Jacqueline Hallberg, I hope she change Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Laundry!!!

Orangetta Kelly is getting rid of everybody in goodwill laundry

Orangetta Kelly is making everybody lose their job because of her actions, Orangetta Kelly needs to go and needs to resign, because she's making laundry co-workers uncomfortable, She's invading co-worker's privacy by hooking her laptop computer with the security camera making co-workers uneasy, uncomfortable, and unsafe by spying on laundry co-workers, Orangetta Kelly is dirty, That's why co-workers don't like her but they hate her. Orangetta Kelly will slander any laundry co-worker, if you work in Goodwill Laundry. Green Bay Packer Wide Receiver Donald Driver is kissing Goodwill's Industries # and representing them, If I was Donald Driver I would not kiss Goodwill's # and I would not represent them!!! The co-workers who work in different departments snitch and squeal on you!!! If you slander and backbite in prison wthe inmates will beat your #, If you do that #!!! If you were in prison if you snitch and squeal on another person you will get hurt and killed!!!

Supervisor Sylvester Campbell is dead

Last Year in 2009, Goodwill Laundry First Shift Supervisor Sylvester Campbell died and passed away, The cause of his death is unknown, Sylvester Campbell was yelling and hollering at laundry co-workers who worked for for shift, It was his time to die and his time to go. What goes around comes around and it came back on Sylvester and It haunted him. Earl Hubbard First Shift Supervisor left Goodwill Laundry, Goodwill Laundry got two new first shift supervisors, JeWarren Robertson still being nosey getting up in laundry co-workers business. Orangetta Kelly Laundry Manager still getting rid of good laundry co-workers who do a good job and still getting rid of laundry co-workers who work at Goodwill Laundry for 5, 10, or 13 years or more. Orangetta Kelly is still harassing and bullying laundry co-workers. Bob Schneeburg Goodwill Workforce Development President is still letting Orangetta do these things to Laundry Co-Workers. If you work at Goodwill work in the store or work in janitorial/custodian, because they pay the most money than Goodwill Laundry. Goodwill Security still harassing and picking on co-workers and still making them uncomfortable. Please do not work in Goodwill Laundry, because if you do, You are making a terrible mistake, Laundry Managers and Laundry Supervisors will diss, disrespect you, treat you like crap and treat you like #. That's why laundry co-workers are quitting and getting fired, because of the management and the supervisors.

Goodwill industries and goodwill laundry are poisoned

Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Laundry are poisoned, because Walter Smith and Kelly Telez Goodwill chief of security has been adding more security cameras inside Goodwill Industries, to make people and co-workers uncomfortable, Goodwill Security Oliver McHatten be harassing and picking on co-workers, when they be coming in to work. When me and my friend was working there, Goodwill Security Officer Oliver McHatten was picking on me and my friend. I reported the incident to his boss Walter Smith, and Walter Smith said Oliver was doing his job by the book. I said yeah right like I really care. Goodwill Laundry is poisoned too!!! Goodwill Laundry be #ting too!!! Goodwill Laundry managers Orangetta Kelly and Chandra Henderson be #ting!!! My friend Danita Scott got fired for mouthing off and complaining to Gary Goll (The Big Boss and JeWarren's Boss) about The Laundry Supervisor (JeWarren Robertson) been making her uncomfortable while she be Goodwill Laundry, You have to do 500 sheets in an hour and You have to work with blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and other kind of hospital laundry covered with blood, brown #, other colored #, and urine. That's why co-workers be getting fired, quitting, walking off the job, having arguments with the laundry supervisor and the laundry manager, Goodwill Laundry do not have no symphathy for nobody and Goodwill Laundry Managers and Supervisors don't have no symphathy for nobody!!! Goodwill Security don't have no symphathy for nobody either!!! Do not come to Goodwill Industries, Do not work and Do not apply at Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Laundry!!! If you do you're making a terrible mistake!!!

  • Rt
    R-Truth Dec 28, 2010

    Goodwill Industries is poisoned with black co-workers and black securityand Goodwill Laundry is poisoned with black management, That's why God does not like ugly!!!That's why I hate black people!!!

    -3 Votes
  • De
    Dennis Schrank May 22, 2014

    I agree with the complaint and as a former employee of Goodwill have first hand knowledge of Oliver McHatten's conduct and the condoning, defending and in the extreme cases the ignoring of such conduct by Security Director Waler Smith. McHatten has always harassed Goodwill clients ( people with disabilities and limitations ) as well as employees and store customers. McHatten, s conduct has included sexual harassment as well as verbal abuse and intimidation. His conduct has been overlooked or defended by Mr. Smith for so long that McHatten feels he is untouchable. It is deplorable that Goodwill Senior Management has also ignored this type of conduct and poor management of the security department for so long. it would be in there best interest to act before this duo's conduct comes to light with a serious incident that can't be covered up and does PERMANENT DAMAGE TO GOODWILLS REPUTATION!

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  • Re
    Rennard C Jul 15, 2014

    Walter Smith and Oliver McHatten left Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin in 2013.I'm glad they're gone, because they made co workers, employees, clients, and store customers uncomfortable.

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Disrespecting laundry co workers and new management

Orangetta kelly and chandra henderson are the main culprits in goodwill laundry, they the ones breaking the rules, changing the rules, harassing and picking on laundry co-workers making them uncomfortable, disrespecting laundry co-workers, not giving them the right kind of respect. Firing co-workers with disabilites, firing co-workers who work in goodwill laundry for 5 years or more, refusing light work to co-workers who had surgury on their body parts, their boss bob schneeburg don't wanna do nothing about orangetta and chandra, but let them do these horrible things to laundry co workers, and let them get away with it. That's why laundry co-workers be quitting goodwill laundry because of orangetta and chandra's actions. Best thing to do is look for another job and other thing to do is walk out and quit goodwill laundry, so that you won't be put up with their #.

New management and new employees

In 2005 goodwill industries and goodwill laundry was nice and peaceful until 2006 and 2007 goodwill industries and goodwill laundry became evil and wicked, because of new management. The devil (Satan) brought them in goodwill industries and goodwill laundry!!!
Goodwill industries and goodwill laundry are full of # right now. Because the new management in laundry be breaking the rules, changing the rules on laundry co-workers. That's why co-workers be quitting and getting fired from goodwill laundry. If you work in goodwill laundry, you'll be making a big mistake. Do not get involved in business careers because manager stacy peterson she starts # and # with you, when you walk down the hall, she get up in your face and talk all kinds of # to you!!! Michael giles a black employment specialist be snitching on co-workers inside goodwill industries!!! Peter kafkas make people uncomfortable in the adult learning center forcing people to sign in, if they don't want to!!! Goodwill security oliver mchatten be harrassing and picking on co-workers and making them uncomfortable when you come to work!!!

Goodwill security harass and pick on you

Goodwill Security be harassing, picking on co-workers and making co-workers uncomfortable. A friend of mine Reginald Bolden who worked with me in Goodwill Laundry every time he bring his lunch to work, he put it in the refrigerator inside the cafeteria, When it comes lunch time. his lunch be gone, Goodwill Security be stealing his lunch. Goodwill Security came in the laundry breakroom looking for their lunch. Goodwill Security checked to see did Fredrick steal their lunch. Frederick did not steal their lunch. Because Frederick eat his lunch after his shift is over, During lunch break Fredrick smoke a cigarette. Two days after this incident Goodwill Security talked to Orangetta the Laundry Manager about their missing lunch.
They called Reginald in the office and talked to him about their lunch, Orangetta sent Reginald home early that day. Reginald told me that they was sending him home early because the security's lunch was missing. On my day off of work, He got fired from Goodwill Industries for eating the Security Guard's lunch. Goodwill Security is full of #!!!
Another friend of mines Richard Stewart he worked in Goodwill Laundry, Richard quit because he was being picked on by Laundry co-workers and Goodwill Security. Richard was fed up with the laundry co-workers and Goodwill Security. The security guard Oliver McHatten was picking on Richard, then Richard was sick and fed up with Oliver, Richard and Oliver got into a fight, Oliver wrestled Richard to the floor. Oliver handcuffed him and called police, Oliver, Goodwill Security, and the police told Richard not to come back to Goodwill Industries, because if he come back he gonna be arrested for criminal trepassing. That's why Goodwill Security is full of #!!!

I refer anybody not to work at goodwill laundry

I refer anybody not to work at Goodwill Laundry, because managers and supervisors harass, pick, starting ###, and case drama against you if you work in laundry.
Anthony a black guy co-worker walked out and quit Goodwill Laundry because the black man supervisor Sylvester was yelling and hollering at him 3 times over ###.If you work in Goodwill Laundry, The managers and The supervisors will start some ### with you.
The supervisors will get on your nerve, Jump on your back over some ###, and cause Drama on you.That's why Supervisors at Goodwill Laundry are full of ###.Second Shift co-workers quit because JeWarren the black man supervisor and Brian the white man supervisor be yelling and causing drama on co-workers on second shift.

Don't apply at goodwill laundry and don't work in goodwill laundry

Don't apply at Goodwill Laundry and Don't ever work in Goodwill Laundry.If you in Goodwill Laundry, they will have you working in the back in the dirty area.Working with sheets, blankets, and pillowcases with blood, ###, urine, and other bodily fluids.You will see different colors of ### if you work in the dirty area
Lots and lots of co-workers quit Goodwill Laundry because they are sick and fed up with the managers and the supervisors.The supervisors fire you if you don't do 500 sheets in one hour.Goodwill Laundry use you like a pawn in a chess game, They hire you, Then they fire you.Goodwill Laundry is full of ###, and They will always be full of ###! Sylvester and Brian the two supervisors always yelling and hollering at co-workers and they are full of ###
Anthony a black male c0-worker, walked out and quit because a black man Supervisor was yelling and hollering at him 3 times.Anthony was sick and fed -up with Sylvester yelling & hollering at him.
If you work in Goodwill Laundry they'll treat you like a ###.

Do not work in goodwill laundry

I'm an ex co worker at Goodwill Industries of SE Wisconsin, I worked in Goodwill Laundry for 2 yrs, In march 2005 I was hired to work in Goodwill Laundry, The manager was a white woman, She was nice to meand the other co-workers, She showed me and everybody respect, She never fire co-workers with disabilities, She never fire co-workers who go a good job and worked more than 5 years. Until November 2005 she left Goodwill Laundry to have her baby. A new manager Orangetta Kelly a black woman manager became my new boss in November 2005. What Happened was she changed the rules on me and the other co-workers, Orangetta fired co-workers with disabilities, Orangetta harassed and picked on laundry co-workers, That's why co-workers are quitting because of her and her actions. Orangetta never respected me and She never respected the co-workers. Orangetta refused Raymond Perez a Puerto Rican co - worker light work after he had surgury on his back and around his private part. Raymond and the manager got into an argument, then she fired Raymond because of his attitude towards Orangetta. Orangetta stated harassing me, picking on me, making me uncomfortable and making me come late to work. I was fed with her harassing me and picking on me. I reported her to her boss Bob Schneeburg. Bob did not do nothing about her. I was sick and tired and fed up with Orangetta harassing me and picking on me for the very last time. I went off on her and told her off. Oranghetta fired me in October 2007 for misconduct. Orangetta told me not to come back to Goodwill Laundry, Goodwill Security escorted me out of the building telling me don't come back. Goodwill Security be harassing co-workers and picking on December 2007 Goodwill Industries and Security filed a temporary restraining order (TRO) on me, Claiming that I threatened co-workers at Goodwill Industries. I aint never working for Orangetta and Goodwill Laundry for the rest of my life. I ain't never coming back to Goodwill Industries.

  • Ba
    bahstupid May 30, 2009

    you yelled at the boss, why would she NOT have fired you?

    What she may or may not have let someone do because of private parts surgery or how she dealt with other co-workers is not your concern. Mind your business in your next job. You were not being paid to second guess or tell off the boss. You were being paid to do laundry.

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  • Re
    RennardCotton35 Nov 02, 2019

    @bahstupid bahstupid You have not worked at Goodwill Industries of Se Wisconsin and Goodwill Laundry!!! You don't judge me and You don't comment me on me personality!!! The private parts surgery and the other co-workers is my concern, because they're my friends!!!

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  • Co
    colorado51 Aug 20, 2009

    bahstupid name says it all, though I doubt they meant to call themselves studpit. Apparently they haven't worked around the disabled or know that even so often the bullies try to choose that line of work as some disabled are more pliable. Bob should be ashamed. People sometimes do not do what is right as it is easier to do nothing. It will come back to haunt him. Labor board is in someone's future. Goodwill does do a lot of good but needs to weed out bad managers when they are found.

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