Goodwill Industriescharged a different price from marked price


My co-worker just told me that she went to the above-refenced Goodwill shop this past weekend, and found a lamp. It had two Goodwill price tags, both indicating the lamp was $3.99. As she walked to the register with this lamp and her other items (clothing), a female employee stopped her and said, "What a beautiful lamp! How much is it?" My colleague told her, and the employee gasped, "There must be a mistake; let me find the guy who priced it." Turns out this woman was a manager, and she returned with a man from the stockroom, asking if he remembers pricing it. He did not. But the manager would not allow the cashier to sell this lamp at the marked price; my colleague said, "Well, how much then?" to which the manager replied, "I can't let that go for less than $8.99."
The manager said that "someone must've changed the stickers."
Since my colleague had already set her mind on purchasing it, and could see this manager only increased the price because she wanted the lamp for herself (and most likely thought the customer would leave without it), she paid the $8.99.

This story infuriorates me. Is it not illegal to demand a different price for an item that is already marked? What government agency regulates this?


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    Jeff Jan 01, 2009

    I seen greed with managers and employee's, they take bags of stuff home with them, oh I hear they do not want you to have anything for free, they will trash it before they will give it away.

    Does that sound like a Goodwill ?

    They are making lots of money, its a business.

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  • Is
    ISB Mar 03, 2009

    I had the same experience in San Francisco today (though mine was even worse). That was their main store on Mission Street. I found a nice pair of snickers for $6.49. When I took my shoes to the counter the cashier named Patricia wanted to charge me $13.99 for the used pair of tennis shoes. She told me that she was the one who apprised the shoes and that "someone" may have changed the price (that was a certifiable B.S. - for any shoes over $6.49 they mark a price on both soles with a black marker in addition to a sticker price). She said: "This is a nice pair of shoes. If you want them you will pay the price." I've tried to find a manager, but was told that the manager was off today. I just took the pair to another register and as I was paying for it a security guard named Roy showed-up with handcuffs yelling at me "... you are getting yourself in trouble lady!!! Pay what the first cashier told you to pay or give us back the shoes...Or else! I am calling Police now!" He grabbed my wrist I dropped the shoes on the floor. I've tried to get my money from the counter but the guard blocked me from the counter and I could not get my money back. I rushed out of the door (money taken - no shoes). When I got out of the door, the security guard stepped outside and screamed at me " ###"!!! Get the f... out of here." Nice!

    I could have called the headquaters to resolve my price dispute while I was still in the store ( worked once in the past), but I was on my break and on my way to a meeting, so I did not have enough time to make a federal case out of a pair of shoes. I, however, had no clue that such a trivial matter would escalate to the extent it did.

    I shopped at Goodwill for years not because I do not have other choices, but because I think it's a good idea to help the environment and non-profits, while saving the money for more important things in life. But from now on I will never set my foot to any of their stores - it's not worth it! I am a fifty-year old professional and have never had such a horrible experience in my adult life. I will file a formal complaint against said employees! I will not tolerate being harassed and assulted by these anti-social elements!

    I think that the security guard who is supposed to protect people is a danger to the community and must be removed immediately. I also think that the other employee in question and her "colleagues" behave the way they do just because they are allowed to get away with it.

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  • Mo
    Motorcop Apr 06, 2009

    My fiancee and I went to the Goodwill Boutique store located in Winter Park florida to see what new items might be in the store. We have been shopping in this store for just about a year now. I happened to see a sony receiver sitting on the shelf that I knew was there back in February when I purchased a CD player. The date on the tag of the receiver read Feb. 9, 2009 list price was 24.99$. Marilyn who is the manager of this store told us that any item that has been sitting on the shelf for more than 30 days qualifies for 50% off. When I saw the tag I called over one of the employees and asked her if I could still get the 50% off since the date on the tag read Feb.9, 2009 clearly showing it was more than 30 days over, employee advised me yes and then carried the sony receiver up to the front counter while me and my fiancee continued shopping. After a while another employee (female), came up to me and advised me that the receiver was not eligible for the 50% off because the tag that was on the receiver now was March 16, 2009. She went on to tell me that they dont offer 50% off on items that have been sitting on the shelf for more than 30 days. Clearly this employee came up to me looked me dead in the eye and lied to me. My fiancee and I are both police officers and surely if we went around lieing like this employee did we would be out of a job. It really bothers me that this employee did this to me. She clearly placed another sticker on the sony receiver and told me if I wanted it I could pay the 24.99$. Something has to be done about this. Think about it if she did this to me how many other people out there is she taking advantage of.

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  • Kl
    KLL Apr 06, 2009

    This is not right, to change the price at time of sale. For one thing the product that Goodwill sells is donated by the citizens, in turn is sold by Goodwill as a NON-PROFIT organization. Or IS IT!!! I think this should be looked into further by the government to see who is profiting. I bet the CEOs are.

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  • Bo
    borderpc May 19, 2009

    I worked as a Manager at a Goodwill and I can not agree more. They non profit is suppose to educate and help people get jobs and provide for themselves. This education is a joke. They teach people how to get minimum wage jobs and do not offer them the ability for advancement. These people that get the training are better off getting a job at McDonalds. My store made 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. They denied my staff a raise. Of that money that my store generated about 65% is PURE PROFIT.

    Why is it this way? Just like some of you said. Its about the BOARD of DIRECTORS, CEO'S and EXECUTIVES getting there bonuses and pushing around the little guys.

    Some goodwills might be better but my health insurance was $30 per month. BUT if I added my son it shot up to $400 PER MONTH. I was married at the time. Son, Wife and Me $800 per month. If thats not corruption I don't know what is...

    We had 14 stores in my area, that generated more that 10 MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR. Where does all that money go? Not back to you community like goodwill says. It lines they CEO's POCKET. Congrats on your fat pocket "DAVID MILLER" CEO of Goodwill of the san joaquin valley.

    Just to end this I will let you all know that I was wrongfully terminated via many forms of descrimination.

    I was written up for a bunch of things that never happened or were unfair. EXAMPLE: My son was in the hosipital and I asked to go see him. They approved and I came back to work and spoke to the Regional Sales Director and asked her if I could make up the hours. SANDI MEZA(RSM) stated that its a VIOLATION of COMPANY POLICY for me to make up hours. I so ok, and I went home. The next day I was disciplined for not making up my hours. This is just one of many incidents that lead to my termination. I was also BANNED from all goodwills. Come on. Give me a break. Do you think I want to go back. STOP YOUR POWER TRIP.

    Unhappy former Employee...

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  • R.J Reynolds owns good will...They support arabs to my dad owns his own construction business and the head honcho told word of advice they will never get a donation from me nor a penny =]

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  • Fl
    flashcds1 Jun 16, 2009

    I have an interesting story about the goodwill in Annapolis, Md. I went in there one day and was checking out the appliance dept. I had just arrived at the store. On the shelf was what looked to be a new KitchenAid mixer with the attachments (all beaters and splash sheild). I immediately put it in my cart, went to the back and asked the guy if it worked. He said yes, that he had just put it out on the shelf. He even plugged it in for me to show me that it worked. I immediately went to the check out. I put it on the counter, she rang it up and I paid for it. The reason I did this so quickly (mind you, I had 3 customers ask me...where did I find that mixer), was that the mixer was priced $15.00. Yes, you read that right. $15.00! I noticed a woman standing behind the counter near the cashier. I said nothing until my mixer was paid for. Then I said "Can you tell me why this mixer was so cheap?" She replied with an unhappy look on her face, "Let's just say you got the best bargain of the year at goodwill. Someone in the back made a huge mistake." Do I feel bad? Nope. I have shopped at goodwills for years and see how they have changed from a company that helped people to a money-hungry business. I still use that awesome mixer and smile at myself when I think about the BARGAIN that I got.

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  • Sp
    speakup Sep 17, 2009

    Who and Why allows these people to get away with such Fraud?

    My mother shops at Goodwill all the time and she clothed all of my family. We coulnt afford new clothes. She always found what we needed. Will now she cant find anything. Shoes especially she cant find. I went with her once and i couldn't believe my mother had to dig through these huge bxs, they alomst looked like dumpsters full of junk. i mean hangers, shoes with no pairs, clothes torn, dirty. Its like they purposly mixed everything up. It smelt bad, the cashiers were rude, and when asked if any questions if they knew where to find the pairs of shoes they ignored us.

    Will next this man brings another huge box full of clothes and shoes, i didnt know i was suppose to wait to look throught it, the other REGULAR shoppers said i needed to back up, Nearly jumped me in the store i told the cashier and she told me "its rough in here and you can get hurt, you have to wait for the cashier to tell you when you can go through the box". Next thing you know people are rushing to this bx and they are pushing and shoving and grabbing things out of my mothers hand, this man (the REGULAR) twists my mothers fingers and took the items out of her hands. When we finally said enough were leaving, when checking out the man was was only charged $40 dollars for 5 full 50 gallon bags. These bags had shoes in them you could see them poking out. These bags were already full when he got to the register, the cashier just weighed them. OMG one bag of the same size costed my mother $30 how was it possible that man only paid $40 for all those bags.

    The next day and the next day and the next week we called to make a complaint about our experience. They wouldnt return our calls. Finally manager Sandra called and i told her what happend i told her what i thought she told me she wanted to meet me in person in order to talk about it. Why should i have to meet her out side the store? I asked to speak to Cindy the supervisior. I was denied, i then called main office in Rockville MD, and they appearntly didnt know what they were doing because the main guy had just quit and they didnt have a replacement and didnt know who i should talk to. There is something going on in this store and its called FRAUD. This is the "pound store" location in Lubbock Texas.

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  • Ov
    Over Priceing Nov 14, 2009

    I would like to know how they come up with prices for items . The store at Lancaster, SC is outrageous with pricing. I was shopping in this store and saw an item that had a $5.00 price tag and I know for a fact that it came from the Dollar Tree here in Lancaster, SC, where everything is a $1.00. Talk about a ripoff . I have donated to this store in the past, but never again. I had rather throw it away than let this GOODWILL Store take advantage of people.

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  • Vo
    volie Mar 24, 2010

    i went to the goodwill last week an i have a interesting story too !I went to the goodwill outlet on commerce, in san antonio, texas while we an my kids an husband were shopping i notice they put a brand new carrier an bed for a baby all brand new the manager passed by an noticed an instead of pricing it she took it to the back, i knew she was keeping it for her self, an then when some people notice she just made a small conversation an still took it in the back what kind of manager is that!!!She should of been keeping in eye on her employees cause while we were there my kids caught two employee making out behind a block off area that was being remodeled both were on duty cause when the girl came back from the small area her makeup looked like she was making darknight 2. An customers were moving items to there reach an helping employee takeout merchandise an they dont even work there, !!!And the cashier girl was so tired she didnt even price my item an didnt care how much it was i had a full basket an paid 15.oo talk about a bargain

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  • Ju
    Justa Girl Mar 08, 2017

    @volie Have you considered she took the item to the back for Shopgoodwill or to be reprocessed?

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  • Tr
    Tracia Nov 27, 2010

    Yes Goodwills do not help the poor and needy anymore something is wrong/ After my home burned down I went 2 Goodwill the price 4 jeans aqree 12.99 omg, come on some jeans don't even cost that new. Then the manager makes her own rules. Matter of fact an employee told me this story. An elderly lady was buying an item the manager came along and jacked the price up the manager did this on purpose laughing in the back break room. Come on seniors are on a very low fixed income. The manager also had a fight with a customer in the store the manager allowed a phone bidder to overbid a gal that was there at the auction in person. Then today I finally had enough this blew me up= which made me write this if you get 10 stamps in Texas for every 10 dollars you spend you get 10 dollars off. Well this is a new store. SAGINAW, TEXAS THE EMPLOYEE STATES the manager will not allow us to give the 2 stamps to equal$ 10. This has never happened, he rolled his eyes as the other female employee states also the Manager makes up her own rules. The manger of this store is plain rude and needs to be replaced. Who does she think she is for real

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  • Tr
    Tracia Nov 27, 2010


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  • Ro
    Roxanne Payton Feb 15, 2011

    The Law Of Shopping
    When is the contract made - IMPORTANT
    So at what point of a shop purchase is the contract made? This is an important question and it answers a popular shopping myth. When a retailer puts an item on the shelf with a price on it, this does not constitute an offer to sell (legally, its called an 'invitation to treat'). In fact, a shop doesn't have to sell you anything if they don't wish to, even if its on the shelf with a price. They can change their mind. They can't refuse to serve on discriminatory grounds of course, that would be illegal for other reasons, but for any goods-related reason they can. This is how it works; you pick an item off the shelf and take it the check out, and you are asked for some money. You offer the money - this is the offer to buy, and its the offer part of making a contract. If the cashier takes your money, that is the acceptance part and the contract has been made. From this point on, the SOGA applies.
    You may have heard the popular story that if a shop accidentally put the wrong price on an item, the have to sell it for that price - absolutely wrong.
    SOGA and Goods bought in Sales
    The SOGA applies to goods bought in sales just as it does to goods bought at any other time. You might think this is not the case given that you've probably seen this sign a few times; NO RETURNS. NO EXCEPTIONS. These signs are completely invalid if an item is faulty, or not as described. You are entitled to a refund whether you bought the goods in a sale or not, and this is not affected by retailers putting signs up.
    Of course, the store never have to take goods back that aren't faulty, since that's only ever an issue of their goodwill, so they can certainly refuse this on sale goods, or indeed on any goods.

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  • Th
    Thrifty Phil Jun 01, 2011

    Goodwill sucks. Their prices have tripled in 2 years. I've been kicked out of 4 different locations, just for complaining about the prices. Just the other day, I said that I could buy a brand new Tee shirt for $4 at Giant Tiger, while they charge $5 for a used one. The cashier told me to go shop at Giant Tiger and get out of her store! I told her it would take a court order to do that. I still shop there for one reason. To buy items that they have mispriced. If you see me coming out of a Goodwill store with something under my arm, then you know I am going to make lots of money from it! They priced a bag of tea spoons at $5. Normally, that's way too much. Lucky for me I had my jeweller's loop and discovered they were STERLING! Approx. half a pound of pure silver. I feel even better knowing Goodwill is getting screwed on a sale. They are building and buying properties like crazy. No longer a thrift chain but a real estate holding company. (Which they buy with tax receipts) It's much worse than you all think. It's premeditated corporate profiteering.
    Solution: Only buy items from them that are way undervalued. Then go down the street to the Salvation Army. Here are the prices people should pay for used items:
    Tee shirts - $2, Dress shirts - $3, Jeans - $5 (max), Shoes (who would want to?) $5, Ties - $1, CD players - $5 (They're $14 at Wal-Mart), Coats - $10, Books - .50cents, I could go on but you get the point. If you want to sell high volume, sell cheap. I could turn over a million in sales with half the overhead ... and I wouldn't price bags of silver at $5. If they could only see the error of their ways, they might make money and still help people but greed at the top won't allow it. BTW, I started my own thrift shop and I did $3500 last month, by myself, in a small store, with crap I bought from thrift stores 10 years ago.

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  • Es
    estellaaaa Nov 24, 2011

    The Managers at the Stevenson Ranch location in Santa Clarita are NASTY! Jim is the rudest and classless pc of work with zero management skills. He believes that they can sell close to retail for donated items. They sell merchandise as authentic and price it accordingly when in fact many are fake! How can they sell fake merchandise? Come on BBB or seven on your side get on this ban wagon and help the needy there is no win win situation here!

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  • Jj
    JJJohn Nov 01, 2013

    This morning I accidentally saw the attached public post on the Facebook page of Lilian Kania, Goodwill Center Manager of the Murray, Ky and former Mayfield, Ky stores. I started putting things together and reading more and am outraged Mrs. Kania publicly humiliated a Goodwill employee on a public forum in 2012.

    I do not personally know Mrs. Kania but, through her Facebook posts Mrs. Kania has shown me what type of person and Goodwill Center Manager she is. However, I do know the Assistant Manager that Mrs. Kania was referencing on Facebook.

    The business decision that Mrs. Kania made public should had been kept private. As a manager of Goodwill Mrs. Kania was extremely unprofessional and egregious in her actions. Mrs. Kania spoke of demoting her Assistant Manager to the lowest of low as a production clerk and Mrs. Kania stated on her personal Facebook page the Assistant Manager cried as a direct result. Mrs. Kania stated business is business and it is what it is...lastly stating it "sucked" to demote her Assistant Manager. Several of Mrs. Kania's Facebook friends commented and supported her post. Unbelievable!

    I think Mrs. Kania needs to be demoted to Quote: "the lowest of lows" a production clerk. What type of leader thinks that way? Is this Goodwills view? I am wondering who promoted this manager or hired her! That person needs some serious evaluation too.

    Perhaps Mrs. Kania's lack of decorum and managing skills are why she isn't succeeding in her current management career of 9yrs with Goodwill and is posting on Facebook about personal issues, displeasure with working at Goodwill, feeling like a failure, back hurting from unloading a truck of "quality merchandise" that 80% of the donations don't see the sales floor... I'd have to ask myself, why? etc. Not to mention this lady has a trashy vocabulary and I certainly wouldn't want her leading people in my organization much less volunteering. Negative employee influence a negative work environment and now days everyone needs positive reinforcement and motivation. This managers attitude and persona definitely shows in her stores and I had no idea until two days ago she was the manager. No wonder people don't darken the doors.

    I know very little about what went on with the demotion of the Assistant Manager but, I do know that employee and their work ethic as well as character. Perhaps the Assistant Manager was demoted by Mrs. Kania because she felt threatened by the new competition of this cultured and retired educator.. With help the manager got rid of the Assistant.

    Getting rid of this employee wasn't going to improve this managers lack of skills... She's failed at everything and the numbers prove it. Good leadership comes from within! This manager needs to GO...!!!

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  • This happened to me today at the Goodwill on Curry Ford Road! I went to purchase a coat that had a basic red tag on it, so it should have been $5.99. The cashier went to the back and came back to the register with a new tag with the price of $39.99! How can they suddenly change the amount as I am paying for it? Is there a way to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau?

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  • Mo
    Monty Bradley Dec 18, 2014

    There is Absolutely no reason to Justify the Theft of Donated item's by Employees of Goodwill! Employees at Goodwill get paid, The Manager's Make $40K Per Year, Some Customer's there rely solely on what Goodwill sales to make a living, How is a Goodwill Manager or Employee allowed to divert donated items for their own personal use? as opposed to the Needy Child or Customer with no job? State and Federal Law Strictly Prohibit any kind of Misappropriation of item's donated to a Non-Profit (501(C)(3)) Organization by Employees, There is a Pattern of widespread theft of donated items by Goodwill Employees throughout the United States! I am not saying all employees of Goodwill steal donations, But, if you are ever in a Goodwill Store and are wondering why there only seems to be a bunch of Worthless Junk & Trashy Clothes, well it's most likely because the Goodwill Employees have completely ripped the place off! And the Goodwill Store & Customer's are the victim's of this rampant Employee Theft of donated item's at Goodwill Store's.

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  • Th
    Thrifty girl Jul 28, 2015

    I was thinking of buying a coach purse. Before I purchased it I had to make sure that it was authentic. I did not want to over pay for a fake purse so I researched it. It turned out that the purse was fake. I politely brought it up at the check out. I asked if the price would still be the same or if they were willing to go down.The manager went from being friendly to angry and rude. She could have politely said no. Instead she started telling me that a girl who prices the purses knows fake from reall and that the purse was real. She made me feel uncomfortable. I would shop at Goodwill from time to time. Due to this situation I will never step my foot in that store again. Neighter will i ever done anything there. Way to go Goodwill. Rude costumer service and over priced store. If anyone needs to stuck up on clothes only shop at Salvation Army. I always had great experience going there. I alays felt welcomed. Their prices are good. Did I mention every Saturday they have sale of 69 cents items left over for the color of the week! I usually walk about with close to 30 clothes items and only end up spending only $20!!! :)

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  • Ju
    Justa Girl Mar 08, 2017

    Thing is- it's on private property. They don't have to sell you anything at all. They can charge whatever they want for it. Little children and adults both tamper with or switch tickets all the time. There are also pricing guidelines. It is their property until the money changes hands. They have every right to charge the correct price for each and every one of their items. It is also illegal to dumpster dive there as well. It is like I said on private property and they will prosecute those that do in a heartbeat.

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