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M Jul 14, 2019

I am a member of the Gold's gym in San Antonio on Hwy 281 near Brookhollow .

When I went in the hot tub today the chemicals made my entire body itchy .. My penis was hurting. When I got out my entire body was red, when I removed my shorts my underwear which was black when I got in had turned red. I told one of the guys working there in the locker room he could see how red my body was and he told me to report it on-line to this site. When I was leaving he said we asked other members who were in the hot tub if they had any issues and they said no.
This is the second time this happened to me in two months. I will try and attach pictures to this story. I am never going in that hot tub again. I will work out there and then drive to the gold's gym on Bulverde for the hot tub. Feel free to call me. Thanks, Matt Troy [protected] or matt.[protected]

hot tub
hot tub

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