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Reviews and Complaints

Gold's Gymmembership cancellation / forgery

I started a membership in February 2019, I quickly canceled it right after due to a busy schedule. I was prepared to pay membership cancellation fees. When they sent me over the paper work about my membership it contained all of my personal information and banking card information was listed on there, my signature had been forged 3 times. I contacted the high point, NC gym location and they closed everything on my account for free because of the forgery. So I thought. I continued to get calls from golds gym saying that I had not paid, so they charged me multiple times for the next few months with a "closed account." I got a new debit card so avoid the charges since I no longer was a member there and they somehow gathered the information of my new card and charged me for the previous months and charged me with multiple $20 dollar late fees. I have called to complain and get answers from corporate many times with no help. As for the forgery, the CORPORATE manager, has suppose to call me regarding this for 5 months now. Apparently it has been "escalated to his attention" about 10 times now, but they have no direct contact information for him. I contacted the gym and the general manager there admitted to forging my signature, stating "he had the authorization" to sign my name containing all of my personal information. I have still yet to hear anything about how to handle that, from the corporate end.

So if you want to work with a business that does not care about anything but money and supports forgery, golds gym is the place.