Golden Corral Restaurant - Beaumont, Texasafter eating at golden corral many times, I never will again

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I hope this is the correct way to post a complaint. This is about the Golden Corral restaurant on 4145 College in Beaumont, Texas.

We ate at this restaurant tonight. A few minutes after we got there, a small church group arrived and one man parted from the group and sat by himself directly behind our table. The restaurant wasn't very busy at all, so this was strange. The man later proved to have some mental problems. He kept commenting on everything we ate (from the buffet), and if we didn't eat it all, he would outburst about poor countries and the Tsunami where they don't have anything to eat. At one point, he yelled at my nine year old sister for wasting food. "Is she really eating an ice cream after not eating all that food? Is she going to eat the rest of that? That's why the prices keep going up and up and up! Unbelievable!" What was really strange is that he sat there so meekly after these tirades and was even nice a couple of times. After telling a waitress and asking her to speak to him, we saw her go over and consult with some other wait staff, but then she just came over and wiped up the tables around the man. To my knowledge, nothing was ever said to him. After eating at Golden Corral many times, I never will again. Not after that experience. If he had been spoken to, it wouldn't have been so bad and I probably would want to come back. And guess what..right now I don't care at all about poor countries. Way to get your message across!

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    golden corral to much complants from people that working there


  • Jg
    J Gondez Dec 05, 2006

    Why didn't you tell the guy to pound sand? We really do live in the age of the wimp! If that guy was sitting behind me he would've been out the door on his rear.

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  • Da
    Daniel Dec 13, 2006

    I don't agree how the message by the man was delivered; but I do agree with his message. I have been to the buffets; and people leave a lot of good food uneaten. The price keeps going up; and, this may be the reason. Parents should teach their children not to be wasteful in all aspects of their life. The way you ended the complaint, says to me; that no message delivered any way; would, make a difference to you folks. The Golden Corral has a good buffet; and they decided not to make this situation into something bad.

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  • Mi
    mike Feb 12, 2009

    If that man was asking you not to waste food, where in the world he was wrong??
    you should teach kids not to waste food. its not only the problem of poor countries its a global fear factor.
    and wht the hell you mean by saying you dont care about poor countries? you dont care about dying people?
    you dont care about children suffering from malnutrition?

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  • Ka
    katherine28 Jun 23, 2009

    what the hell do you mean by saying you dont care about poor people? i disagree with you the man was right and you was wrong parents should teach childeren not to waste food done deal! so get off that poor mans back and back off!

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  • Tg
    tgz Jul 18, 2010

    I agree that someone from the G C staff should have told him to keep his mouth shut or leave. You paid to eat the buffet so you deserve to get to eat diner in peace. And I say screw the poor countries. Kids dying of malnutrition, sounds like the parents should have thought before they brought them into a disease infested third world armpit. this is America. Home of the over weight and wasteful. It's our rite to be this way.

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  • Do
    dogg Sep 05, 2011

    I personally would have asked the wait staff to move us, away from him, if the resturant was that empty, or maybe went to the head of the church group and see if they could refrain the gentleman from the comments, agree is correct in statements but not as to where he was saying them and to who he was saying them. I guess if you like the food and have a good time normally, I would not stop going...

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  • Do
    dogg Sep 05, 2011

    Oh and just incase you doubt I am from Beaumont, let me inform you that Golden Corral is not on College, it actually is on the feeder road of I 10 and faces Washington St.

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  • Re
    Reba nicole peters Aug 15, 2018

    The food was nasty and they dont know how to clean the cups or plates and the worker was by the food and sneeze all over the food i nerver going there again my family is sick.

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  • Uz
    uzziel del Rosario Aug 16, 2018

    So expensive only 3 or us $40.00!!!

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  • Ha
    Hazel SLACK Aug 20, 2018

    Since the new management has taken over at The Golden Corral in Sedalia, Missouri the food is terrible and the restaurant is not clean. I'm not the only one who thinks the same thing. We have stopped going there for that reason.
    Hope you can look into this.

    Thank you.
    Hazel Slack.

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  • Ac
    aceesay Aug 20, 2018

    May 18 2018 at dinnwe time i sat down server never made eye contact introduced herself she only came to the table twice. I had to flag down other servers just to get a refill. Im not a complainer but this is the worst service that i ever had. I am a server myself and i would never ignore one of my customers.

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  • Al
    Alexa197 Aug 20, 2018

    When I went to this "all you can eat" buffet the waitress was rude and the manager made it clear to us that we could only have one fork per person and continue to eat with that fork with every meal including desert. When it used to be we could get silverware whenever we wanted and the ice cream machine was down like how ? Poorly I hated it

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  • Ni
    Nick Boivin Sep 01, 2018

    On January 7th I went to a golden corral in Royal Palm Beach for a breakfast and I saw a platter of food that seemed to be some sort of hash brown casserole. So I decided that it would be a good choice to try it. But I was sadly mistaken, the food tasted like literal dog food. I would like to know whether that was a joke or a true food.

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  • Da
    Darrel Dennison Sep 10, 2018

    Food was not cooked and very bad service desserts was disgusting andnever go back again

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  • Tr
    Travis Jamail Sep 11, 2018

    As i was eating preparing to get my next plate my niece spits her food out and points out a roach behind me... I went to inform the manager and he asked what i wanted done, no apology, no remorse. My niece asked for a refund which he gave then when i asked for the same he gets manager Steve to come deal with me... Steve was rude calls me an idiot

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  • Ho
    Horacio Martinez Sep 11, 2018

    I went to the comfort food service and I ask the lady for some ham she was making faces she was wearing a yellow manager shirt

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  • Dr
    Dr ozz Sep 11, 2018

    Amarillo wed says 6.14 senior store price 10.99 paid it but was unhappy . Mgs on druty d but teller didnt tell him as she said she would.

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  • Ra
    Ramy ibrahim Sep 18, 2018

    Workers called the police on my wife because she picked up her own burger with her hand without touching any other burgers and they asked the police to ask her to leave.

    Freehold nj Golden Corral

    You guys should check the google reviews that not the first it happens

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  • Th
    Thomas Davis Jr. Sep 19, 2018

    This particular GC Restaurant up Salisbury have a history of bad customer service. Last night, the service definitely need improvement & the food was horrible. I felt like I wasted $33.88 with me and my date

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  • Bc
    Bcast Oct 21, 2018

    Our Golden Corral in Milledgeville, GA closed down. It was always busy and good food. You should consider opening another store in our area. Its a growing area and college town so opportunities would abound. There are people who would need a job. We are fans of Golden Corral and want to continue to come to eat there. Please come back to our area.

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  • paulina Lewis Oct 21, 2018

    this is difficult to address, but one of the employees had hygiene issues. Strong body odor. Someone should kindly address this. other than that friendly staff and good food. staff was very attentive to our needs and restaurant was clean.

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  • Pe
    Penny Morris Oct 23, 2018

    We had a carry out and I paid $20.00 for it. The food tasted like old grease. Not just one thing but everything but the ribs because they were OK. I won't ever go back and spend that much money again at Golden Corral.

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  • Jo
    joshuaj690 Mar 09, 2019

    The problem have to much roaches inside the restaurant can crawl on the foods too. they do not care

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  • Li
    littlebite Jun 25, 2019

    your servers are to young to be working the young woman just walked around talking about her boss and the your young man was so snowed under he could not do much setted us a mile away from the food line we had to walk a mile to get one plate, will not go there again

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  • Gw
    GWBerry Jul 06, 2019

    Seriously need to spend time training waters not disrespect ful just plain bad service. Really don't expect this to help don't matter because I won't be back

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  • Ky
    Kyerra Oct 28, 2019

    They food wasnt fresh it was very dry look like it was sittn out allday i payed to much for my food to be like that

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  • De
    Debora Poncedeleon Nov 09, 2019

    I need someone to give me a call as soon as possible at 407-300-2617 thank you is really important I received a call back it's regarding the Golden girls in Springfield Massachusetts bad service and they will not give me my refund back I need someone to call me supervisor from the location or a management please give me a call thank you

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