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very rude customer service

I have to say not thing, you know how you walk in to the place where you get your drinks at, i do not know who she suppose to be, but i do know that is that her name is bridget in that lady is one rude person i mean you ask her a question it seemed like she just wanted to jump over the in kick some you know, but i did not go to her level. I mean i know that people come in, in work your nerves sometime, but you have to know how to control yourself if you are working in a place like that, she needs to get it together you know.

food declining

We have eaten at Golden Corral #0610 in Abilene, Tx., for the past seven years, at least . We live in a small town forty miles from there and eat there on the average of nine of ten trips we make to Abilene where we do most of our major shopping. Things have been going down! From food prep to restrooms. Being seniors, we have enjoyed eating on the early bird buffet and we enjoyed the chicken tenders most. They were never greasy as is the regular fried chicken. We make do with the sides that are there, but were very disappointed when they said the chicken tenders were no longer on the buffet for lunch. Also, today, Sept.4th, the soup tasted very watered down. I guess we will find another place to eat! I hate that too as we have a favorite waitress that we like to tip and know she can use what we are able to give.

  • Ke
    Kevin Dec 01, 2007

    Sounds like Topeka, KS to.

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  • Je
    Jean Cowan Oct 08, 2008

    This is a complaint on okla golden corral at N MacArthur. We have loved eating at your restaurants, but when we went in they said get your own plates silverware and hot rolls. I do not know if your trying to cut back, but the people you had waiting on us stood over by the coffee dept and talked. |They did better when they had to give you the plates at the front[ I do not know how that cuts down on anything. But we did get better service when the rolls were brought to us. We could not get their attention to get more coffee. My husband I have decided to eat else where. Jean Cowan

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food waste!

My employer and I went to lunch there today, paid $20.00+. I got a salad and fixed me a plate, I felt like I was hungry but I didn't overload my plate. I have had stomach surgery so I can't eat too much at a time so I watch my portions. Well I was unable to eat everything so I asked if I could take my LEFTOVERS home. Well If I wanted to pay $4.59/lb I could and while I'll admit it would not have weighed lb (it would have been less) I did not see paying for food I just paid for.

This is ridiculous!

  • Kp
    K-Private Aug 15, 2007

    If they let people start taking home their leftovers, people would load up four plates each and call them "leftovers".

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you do know what you eat!

This is to let people know to be warned... you don't know what you are eating at the golden corral in mobile, al on schillinger's rd. I worked there. My manager informed the employees that if the food hit the floor to just rinse it with water and serve it to out guest. I have witnessed fish thawing in the dirty sinks where pots are washed. Ive seen chicken left out and spoiled but served smothered with sauce to our guest. Believe me people, its disgusting to see some of the practices at that store. People have gotten sick and nothing is being done. No, i no longer work there because i felt like i was betraying my guest by knowing these unhealthy practices. I tried several times to inform the home office and talked to several people, but never got a response that would correct the problem. Trust me... when i tell you, if you eat there... you eat at your own risk. I hope this saves someone from getting sick in the future.

  • Al
    alma chapman Apr 28, 2008

    I would like to know why Golden Corral quit doing all day discout for senior citizens especially if they are on a special budget? Why do they charge for their tea? Shoulf tea not be included with their meal? Please respond ...

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  • Ta
    Tammy Wright Oct 30, 2008

    If indeed all this took place WHILE you worked there why didnt you turn them in????

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  • Wine Is Good Jun 30, 2016

    That is what I want to know. If this was true, WHY would you not call the health department instead of jumping online?

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poor quality, bad attitude, no available food

I took my family to the golden corral restaurant in Casa Grande, Az. on Florence Blvd on 3 Dec 06 and...

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after eating at golden corral many times, I never will again

I hope this is the correct way to post a complaint. This is about the Golden Corral restaurant on 4145...