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I took my family to the golden corral restaurant in Casa Grande, Az. on Florence Blvd on 3 Dec 06 and experienced the following.

(1) Hostile server who was very arrogant to my wife. This encounter resulted in a profanity exchange between another customer and the server. Incident reported to mgr.
(2) No cream or milk available for coffee.
(3) Many vegetable dishes cold and cheese sauce almost to a hardened consistency.
(4) Many tables left dirty for long periods of time with much debris left on the floor.
(5) Overall food bins close to empty and not refilled entire period we were there.
(6) Well done steak not available but told it would be in 10 minutes. went back 3 times over a 15 minute period and was told it was just given to another customer.
I had been a customer in Tucson for about 20 years and never had such a negative experience. my son just moved to casa grande so we decided to go to the one at that location. almost all our food was left over (6 adults and 2 infants) Don't think i will ever return.

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we had a table by the kithen door and as the waitress's went in and out of the kithen we could see in there the place was very we talked to the manager and he was rude and said well when you have 1500 people in one day eating you are going to have a mess and dirty kithen.there was food and garbage all over the floors.the manager did nothing about it.he went back to his table where him and his wife were having dinner to and my husband was very up-set about this and will not return to this made me and my husband sick.


On May 25, 2013 my husband and I decided on going to Golden Corral in Pelham, Alabama. We went to get omelets. After about 3 minutes, my husband told the male cook that his omelet was done enough for him. The cook said "man you should have told me this in the beginning". My husband said I'm looking at the omelet and I'm telling you it's done enough. The cook then snatched the plate from my husband, slammed the omelet on the plate and gave the plate back very angry saying here man. He gave me my plate back in the same manner. We walked away and my husband said that was crazy. The cook said "who you calling crazy". At that time words were exchanged between the cook and my husband. The cook took off his apron and proceeded from around his station threatening my husband with bodily harm. At that time we called for a manager. Needless to say we did not eat and was given a refund. I usually enjoy Golden Corral in Pelham; but this experience will prevent us from going to this Golden Corral again.
We go to Golden Corral at least 2 times a week but no more.

Apr 11, 2012 4:11 am

I reserved a room on saturday march 25th, 2012 We got there at 3: 30 the room was nor ready for decorating we were cleaning tables for cloths because ppl were coming at 4: 00 ppl were still in the room to make a long story short I said I was payinf for 15 ppl they said we had 40 guest we counted 27 adults and 6 kids .they told me I had to pay for all my guest which paid there own bills about 5 of us never ate because were were hosting manager came in and said ppl left without paying so we went to aye for the 15 they tried to make me pay for everyone whole had left the police were called I paid 15 ppl ans they put $ 60.00 one bills for gratuity were left I contacted everyone whole came they brung their rcpts come to find out I paid for more ppl thati didnt eat including me I was so pissed I didnt eat we left I will never eat at golden corral one nw expy in okc again and neither will alot of mytiny guest the service itself was horrible the staff was rude and even the police was one my side ando they owe me a refund of at least 7-8 buffets because thats about how many ppl who didnt eat and plate was paid for.

Jul 31, 2015 4:30 pm

If you find anything else to complain about please keep it to yourself. You are way too dramatic. Poor baby, he gave your well done steak to someone else (well done steaks are awful anyways). The food was probably really good but your taste is just awful.

Jul 05, 2012 1:33 am

The food Tasted extremely cheap and tasteless it was not kept warm. The wall I had the pleasure of sitting by was covered in something very sticky. And the bathrooms were dreadful!
Grossest place ever ! The place is falling apart and was clearly hit hard by the downfall of the economy ..

They need to change their slogan to quantity NOT quality ...

Nov 02, 2011 8:05 pm

The Golden Corral restaurant in Boynton Beach has become one of the sleaziest run dining experiences !

Aug 25, 2011 5:51 pm

I must warned the people of Orlando that my Golden Corral experience has been damage for life example 1.raw uncook foods 2.rude managment 3.dirty dishes it goes on. Families beware

Jan 02, 2015 7:48 am


Oct 14, 2014 1:13 pm

I went to Golden Corral in Freehold, NJ on Sunday, October 12, 2014 with my family. I witness a very rude and obnoxious manager or owner at this restaurant. He came over to a family of four that he saw on video that they were stealing a few cookies. What was rude about him is that he came to their table to accuse them of stealing with attitude for them to leave his restaurant now when they had paid $13.50 per person to eat there. I understand that stealing is not acceptable, but the way you speak and approach the situation as an owner of a restaurant was beyond acceptable. It only escalated the situation and the person said I am not leaving until I eat my food because I paid for it. Instead, he could have said "Sir, can you step out of the dining room so that I can discuss what I saw? The food is not free it was paid for. He called the state police and then the police said you are accusing this man over some cookies? I told the owner that he did not have to go this far to fight over food when it was already paid for and it is a buffet (all you can eat). The staff was friendly, but the way this owner acted I would not ever return to this Golden Corral. Also, I saw they throw in utensils in buckets which is not environmental friendly and is unhealthy because you can catch any disease by using these utensils. For the money they charge they should have the staff set utensils wrapped in napkin set at each table. It so sad that the owner or manager did not get training of how to handle situations like this. We are all humans and everyone makes mistakes. This owner needs to go and get replaced for someone who can troubleshoot situations like this.

May 27, 2007 12:00 am

Opelika, Alabama is the worst golden corral I have ever been in.

Jun 13, 2016 4:31 am
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pelham towed the cars of 35+ victims of snow storm @ $ 190.00 each for profit

Jun 13, 2016 4:31 am
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You'll be back. All you can eat buffets are your crack. I would love hear the other side of the story.

Jan 16, 2012 3:07 am
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I went to Golden Corral tonight and just got back (Raleigh NC 27616 on Capital Blv.) my waiter named Quintin was so rude my whole dinner was ruined! He first say's "Just to let you know we close at 9:30pm" it was only 8pm. Then takes away the steak sauce then slams it back down on the table when I told him that my family and I need that. Ok I'm pissed I tell the manager then she say's she's sorry for his behavior. Finally he starts telling other custmers "Oh she's complaining about her parents!" Screw that I'm calling cooperate!

Sep 29, 2011 7:13 pm

most of you would not consider this a valid complaint; but I find it rude, disgusting and disrespectful when people blow their noses in the dining room while others are eating - Golden Corral should make a rule prohibiting that -it may cost them some customers, but good riddance

May 15, 2011 5:30 am

my family and i ate at the monroeville pa golden corral and the service was awful. First problem was that they now seat you. We were seated in the coldest part of the place with our 12 day old newborn. The manager Steve seated us. We told him of the problem and he just walked away as if he didn't hear us. That was fine we just dealt with it. Later during the meal my 8 year old son and 4 year old son had to use the restroom. We were seated on the other side of the place so i got up and took them. They ran ahead of me so they entered the mens room. I stood outside the door and strange man walked in a few min behind them so i pushed the door open and checked on my kids. As i was doing so a customer walked over to me and told me that i can't hold the door open and move out of the way. He was very rude so i went round for round with him. He also called his wife over whom them started to say what she had to say. It stared a big scene. The manager came over and said "move out of the door way i will bring your kids out" i told him no! He said something smart so i cussed him out the then said leave my place i've called the cops. As all of this was going on I told them that I am only standing here for my kids safety, so many bad things happen to kids in public restrooms. I am very upset and i will be calling corporate monday morning and if that doesn't work than i will take it a step further. I am just a parent whom protects and watches my children at all times. For golden corral to be a family resturant they have no family bathrooms for family safety!

me and my famil drove to texakna 2 hours just becouse it was on tv that a seafood buffae, when we got there witch was 9 of us 2 cars gas so high, the only sea food was thin hard fry fish, a few bake fish and bait shrimp . the rest was as usely, as other witch taste bad not all that good, , , , o yea there was a boy grilled steaks a i if i could have on he gave a pice of fat, i ask him to give me a piece of meat not fat he go mad and cut all the fat and i sware it was no bigger than mu thumb .i got mad, and gave it back. he gave the man that was behind me a half of the hold steak, the guy said me got mad at you look .at the size he gave me it almost was half the size of his .plate no fat, , ill never go to a golden corral again .i have ben to other ones but this was just bad .3809 north kenwood or sowells my name is linda robinson i live daingerfield tex 75638 o yea this was 4 23 2011 easter, , the mananger was rude to i told him, about it and told me the rule was to give a little piece, i said will that was not even a bite size, , ill tell all my frends and family not to go, , , [email protected]

If your white you can not eat at this store...

we were the wrong color to eat there .This is at 74 th and Pen in oklahoma city.This happen on 04-14-2011 (and we are white)

Bloomington golden corral will not serve Beff steak the money is being spent on? this is in indiana

the golden corral is in need of new and my fiance ate there and it was Beef steak buffet
night. the mananger steven stewart stood behind the Black cook & server the 1 hour we was therew they
had one piece of steak cooking we seen 20 customers turned away saying come back 15 minutes
i got one piece 99%fat 99%grisle the manager doese not want to refund our money.?
bedford, IN is # 1 in the state wide hand carved steak 30-40 steaks no window to lean down to talk. its sad to be done like this.
also refused to refund $ now they mahe you get your own plates mabe on the brink
of going out of Business.i need to file a law suit what is my way to go. we seen high prices to.maybe paying
for senioner $ night it's all a ripp off./////

why doese goldrn coral not serve Beef steak. on the Buffet? i got one piece it was 99% fat&grissle Bloomington indiane
the mananger was standing behind the black man who cooks &serves it 20-30 customers were told come back 15 minutes
one piece was on the grill? they will not refund me and my wife our money then they lied said we sent a coment. i"ts sad
where doese the law come in ripped off indiana

Oct 26, 2010 11:29 am

I went to Golden Coral with my cousin who I hadn't seen in 20 plus years and her boyfriend who is disable. We are in line and she is in front of us. He has to go to the bathroom and basically he can not stand for long. So I had to go get a table for our party for him to be able to site when he gets back. The place was packed. We all three order our drinks and my cousin with cash in hand paids for our meal.

I am sitting at the table watching my cousin in the pay line and she is paying. A server comes over and ask how many is in my party. I tell him three then the next thing I know a police officer comes over and starts yelling at me, accusing me of, well i don't know what because he was yelling and being so rude. He was trying to be so authoritive about listen to what he had to say.

So I got up and went and talk to the manager and he said I skip the line. I told him I didn't and told him what happen but he was sure I skip the line.
the person I skip was my cousin.

Any we got our food and left . but before we left I observe the same officer with a meal ticket in his hand and a young black kid following him back to the counter. The next thing i see is what i think could have been his grand mother come running to the front where the kid and the officer was. Aruggument in suided.

My quesiton is are they prejudice like Denny's?
Looks like they were only picking on black people that day.

I am not like that I take people at face value.

Whats up? Anyone haad thaat experience?

Oct 05, 2010 10:40 pm

i agree golden corral is one of the worst restaurants with horrid management...stay away from this place, degenerates run it and work there

Mar 30, 2010 7:06 pm

@ helplessemployee...every state has a labor board you need to use it.

Mar 30, 2010 7:01 pm

I was in the Springfield, MA restaurant, brand new, and it was awful. The place was empty with tons of employees walking around being "busy". They kept staring at my plates as they piled up! I pushed the plates to the edge of the table hoping one of the employees would see the problem and they kept staring and walking past. Then one of the servers came over and asked my daughter if she wanted more water and only brought one cup seeing that both cups were empty. (The male employees should keep their minds over the waist)

Feb 28, 2010 1:05 am

I was in Golden Corral in Opelika Alabama in December 2009 and it was great. I recently went to the Golden Corral in Knoxville Tn and it was absolutly a horrible experience. How can such a great restaurant chain allow this to happen. If I had been a first time customer, I would never go back.

i am an employee at a golden coral and if you think you are being treated poorly as a customer you should hear this. I worked 10 hours one day and got paid for only 8, they clocked me out for a break I didnt take and clocked me out early. When I complained about it they offered to feed me for free. My boss wants me to work on christmas and as payment I can take my family in for free. Forget holiday pay, or overtime. I have to work with a rude, lazy, male who talks about sex all the time. Oh yeah my first day on the job he told me that he hires females on a "beer" scale. How many beers it would take for him to F**** here! The other day I hear him tell another employee to get his "black ### back his hole (meaning the meat room) where he belongs". And the list goes on, I am so frustrated however because I cant go to my boss and his boss because they are all the same. I was chewed out today becuz a white older lady who works there felt I wasnt being nice enough to her. My boss told me that I needed to be nicer...then walked away. When a very well respected older Native American male decided to leave golden coral, he gave his two weeks notice and was told that he didnt need to work it..then when he came to pick up his check the GM had called the police on him. To check to see if he had any outstanding warrents or to see if he was going to come in drunk or cause trouble. A few weeks later a white lady walked out in the middle of her shift, and came back the next day to pick up her coat that she had forgotten in her haste. I asked her what happened she said "F**** this place I am never coming back here this place can kiss my A**". Now she said this in the middle of the dinning room at the top of her lungs, surrounded by customers and the following week walked right in and picked up her check. Now she caused a bigger scene then the person that gave notice but yet no police were called. Why? Do you think race could play a part? As a minority I know it does? I feel very uncomfortable working there, but I am stuck becasue where I live a job is very hard to find. And I am scared to go up the chain because I dont know how they will react. I am after all just an employee and they are the bosses. Open door policy is listed on paper but when I complained about something my hours were cut, and now I am working 6 days a week and dont get close to 40 hours. Plus when i was put on the truck detail my pay rate was cut and when I complained about it I was told "well you'll just have to deal with it..I'll fix it later" I worked the truck today and nobody knows if it was fixed. I was asked to be taken off the truck but next week I am scheduled to work it again two day. So yeah Golden coral may treat their customers poorly but they treat their employees like modern day slaves.

Sep 02, 2008 3:19 pm

It's been 199 days and still no response from the golden coral people on my complaint agout a disposable plastic glove in the mashed potatoes at thier CROSS LANES store, Do they have too many costomers that one Family doesn't matter ? Watch out Golden Coral at Cross Lanes thier may be more dis-satisfied customers that don't complain and RYANS is not that far away.

Fred Landers
P.O.Box 156
Hansford, WV 25103
Ph. [protected] Thanks for not caring

Feb 15, 2008 9:56 pm

I'm waiting to see if anyone on any level at the Golden Corral chain offer's an appology or a "this will never happen again" or even "a go to hell" or just response to my complaint. We did nothing wrong, but does any one care. Fred Landers
P.O. Box 156
Hansford, WV 25103
Tel. # [protected]
E-Mail [email protected]
Cell [protected]

Feb 13, 2008 6:42 pm

My wife and I eat at the Golden Corral at Cross Lanes WV at least once a week we never had any problems, we love the food and the service, until this Saturday Feb.9,2008 at 5:30 PM My wife and I plus 3 of our friends Grand Children Andy (12), Eddie (8) and Antonio(4)were eating at the Golden Corral at Cross Lanes, WV when Andy was eating his mashed patatoes He found a desposable plastic glove in them (mashed patatoes) I brought this matter to the attention of the manager on duty and He and a few of his staff was standing near by They thought it was funny and made a few funny comments, but I didn't think it was funny at all,Andy didn't think it was funny either, He wouldn't finish his meal that he just started eating, and if this ever happens to us again I will contact the health dept. and see if they think this matter is funny and we all can have a big laugh together. I was very disapointed the way the manager handled this matter...

Freddie Landers
P.O. Box 156
Hansford, WV 25103
Tel. [protected]

Jan 11, 2008 6:25 pm

We have eaten at the Golden Corral in Fort Collins, Co
for several years and have always been satisfied with
the food and service we recieved, but now they have changed management and the last two times we have been there, the food has been in terrible shape. Tonight was the worst. A lot of the food was dried up in the pans and very unappitising. We have decided
that we will not return there to eat until some Major
changes are made. It was a great place to eat until they changed management.

Aug 17, 2007 8:42 am

Sounds exactly how the Parkersburg West Virgina golden corral is also rude discourtesy staff liars and management does nothing about it. Waitresses pose as managers and tell customers to leave the restaurant if they complain then if you contact corporate they say you never talked to the manager.


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