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bad service, stupid waitress, rude kept staring and getting in the way, makes dining experience terrible..

this is a golden corral on alafaya/colonial...the idiots that work at this palce are just bullies and treat customers like crap. Many people that work at golden corral seem to be very stupid, have the IQ of a donut, have no common sense, basic manners or service skills, are low class and rude... I went to eat there adn the stupid waitress, name was katelyn was just rude, stupid and kept staring at me and my party. she kind of wouldn't stop staring/annoying us or bothering. She was stupid and rude and made comments that made no sense. At one point I couldn't eat and was feeling nauseous because her constant staring and coming near the table was getting really irritating. Its' liek she wasn't leaving us alone...constnatly coming near the table for no reason and just giving me dirty looks, and trying to get in my space and botehr me and it worked...and it was intrusive and strange and kind of getting in our space and giving negative energy off. In the beginning I asked her for some things and she didn't bring them and forgot...and was careless and just didn't care at all. This idiotic [censored] was also giving rude looks, and I felt as if I was being bullied and throwing negative energy towards me as she came by most of the time...Ive been to golden corral many times and havent had a problem with this before...Finally she asked some stuipd question and I told her no, and then another table because it's liek I couldn't eat in peace...i was starting to get really sick of her annoying rudeness and constant bothering and staring...I litearlly could not eat or have a peaceful time. She seemed aggravated that I was still sitting there while she was trying to clean up...and was just being so pathetic and nasty...I moved to another table, and noticed that some other stupid employees working in the back were equally just rude or weird...a lot of low class idiots and ###s work at that place apparently...they seem to be rude to customers for no reason. When I moved to another table, there were two managers sitting on another table kind of across the room and one of the managers then began staring at me intently... like really? i just moved to get away from a stupid nasty stupid rude server and then this manager is staring at me was just a few minutes, but still it was strange and quite a strange stare...why stare for no reason?? i felt as if I did something wrong and was just getting this odd attention... maybe the manager was looking because I had moved, but the waitress's attitude was uncalled for... why are the idiots at this golden corral so unprofessional pathetic and rude??? why are they making customers dining experiences so bad?? I couldn't even eat there in peace I was literally being mistreated by some of the staff there ridiculously...
I've always hated golden corral, mostly for the crappy environment and bad atmosphere of crowds with stupid people, low quality food, and some of the bad staff, but ive never been there and literally felt sick to my stomach and my space invaded by rude servers who just couldn't control themselves from being [censored]es...
golden corral sucks now for many more reasons...sometimes you can't even eat at that palce without being bombarded with rudeness from the pathetic low class idiots that work at that terrible place...

  • Ji
    Jimmy BillyGoat Mar 25, 2016

    I find it humorous that a person who does not have a firm grasp on the basics of grammar calls others stupid. This complaint is one run-on sentence after another. The consistent misspelling of simple words is further proof of the limited intelligence of the author. This individual radiates the epitome of "low class".

    Thank you for the chuckle that this complaint has given me

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manager encourages bad behavior

Me and my family dined at the Golden Corral in Merriville, indiana on Fathers Day.I asked an employee i observed standing around since the last 30 min for a re-fill on my beverage.I was surprised when she ignored me, and appaulled when she blurted out "Im not gettng nobody nothing that aint tippin me!"

This was directed to another employee who i observed was on her lunch break wit a cast on her leg.So this worker looked at me then the rude employer and left her lunch to hop up to service me.I was furious and decided to call a manager the following day. Well no luck here either, This woman asked for the name of the person who was suppose to service my table so that she could repermand him and the rude employee.Totally ignoring the entirety of my complaint but making it all about why the woman didn't have to service me, forgetting the fact of the employees RUDENESS about the TIP.

hair in food

Sunday Feb. 26, 2012 my husband and I visited Golden Corral for dinner. As we sat and ate, I noticed a hair in and on my slice of pizza. I motioned the waitress to come forth and showed her the hair. She had the manager of the restaurant to assist us. The manager stated that the hair must have come from a customer because all of the staff in back have short hair. Then she apologized for the incident and offered a fresh pizza. I said no thank you I lost my appetite. She said that she understood. She then offered a free dine in coupon for our next visit, I said ok, but the hair is embedded in the pizza. meaning it had to have been cooked in. Manager still apologizing, but no refund was given. My husband and I walked out.

  • Oh
    OhWowReally Feb 29, 2012

    Let's recap. She apologized, offered to have a fresh pizza made for you, and offered a free coupon for next time. I'd say the manager did more than enough here.

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rude mamager

I was a regular three times a week customer, also bringing family/friends w/me. I will NOT be back to hamptons golden corral. The store its self has been in a disseray for a long time now, things now seem to be on a uphill slide getting new managers in, except for one. I have complained and others as well about the bakery women in the blue shirt. very loud and rude. You can hear her business thru the restaurant. She never smiles so unwilling to help, lets you know shes busy doing her work. I see cameras throughout the store, is there a reason no one else is seeing this??? I ask my server all the time why do they keep someone like that. The saying is true in bad apple spoils the whole bunch. I guess shes more important with her rudeness than the customers coming in and spending money! someone needs to paymore attention to camera tapes to see how customers are treated in there, then maybe they would see why their business is down!

injustice discrimination against me and my family

My name is dr. avram yushan I reside in eht nj 08234 this sat for my shabatt I went with my family (3 small kids and wife) to golden corral here in eht nj 08234 to enjoy a peaceful lunch in hopes to see my brother and his family (which lives at 40 miles away they agreed to meet me at the restaurant so I stayed in line for a good half hour with 3 small kids I arrived at the cashier and told her that my brother and his family is coming over and I would love to pay for them as well she agreed and mixed the drinks that I ordered my brother and his family arrived and was confronted be security of establishment (first time I see security at a buffet place) and he was refused to join me telling him that if he wants to join me and my family he would have to stay in line (for another half hour or more) I was shocked and asked the name of security and manager and we ended up eating at another place (even my kids 4 yrs old and 3 yrs old and I have one year old told me daddy we never go there again... its a shame this place refused my money (should have been over $80.00 from all 8 of us.

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stay away

I was unable to find any seafood bar at the local golden corral in clarksville tn on thursday july 29th at 6:00 pM. On Monday August First we tried again and we found it and at first we did not see anyone behind it and then we saw a Manager coxing a woman to man the bar. She acted reluctant. When I was looking to see what they had and aske what she had she pointed to a sign rather rudely. I said I want all three. She said and what sides? I didn't answer quickly enough for her so she asked the next person what they wanted. I said Well, I guess I will be writing you all up again.


At 2:04 i went into golden corral and paid for me and my 2 girls to have lunch, when a waitress came over i...

terrible food & service

We went to the golden corral for the seafood buffet on 02/25/2011 a friday night. There was no seafood to be had as the buffet was empty of dishes, food was cold and tasteless. Deserts were few and the one I had very dry and old tasting. Very disappointed in the service also. Staff didn't seem to have a clue to as what they were doing. It was overall terrible and I will never go there again.

how gross & unsanitary!

I recently visited your Hagerstown Golden Corral & the food was horrible. Plus to top it off the next day I ended up with a upset stomach. I said the chicken didn't taste quite right & when I talked to a heavyset big chest manager with dark hair he told me it was fine. When we went back up an employee told us the chicken was old & green but the manager told them it was fine & to just cook it. Something about their food cost issues so he wouldn't let them throw it away. Are you serious?! I was outraged about this. We then went to the salad bar & it was a filthy mess. The ladies were talking to each other & would not assist us at all. They kept just talking about how they needed raises. I just wanted some food replenished & I never got it. The final straws were my server on her cell phone & i couldn't get dirty plates picked up or a drink refill. I then talked to another manager who was a foreign man & he at least got those things taken care of for me. The other heavyset man was just standing up front by the register talking to the young girls. As we approached the dessert area we all just stood their & laughed. It looked like they just had a bus of children raid them. Since the restaurant wasn't that busy we knew this wasn't true. They had many signs up but not the item on the bar. When we asked someone there for help, a girl named Michelle she just replied I'm doing what I can. She never even asked what we wanted or filled anything. By then I just wanted a cup of coffee & a roll. Guess what. Server on her phone again & talking to a big bald male server just laughing & not taking care of us again. How ironic. A new store & you all are horrible. What a shame...

bad service, rude, makes customers leave so early

we always go to golden corral and the service is up and down. This time, however, it was ridiculous. We went at a certain time and they changed their closing time. Not only that, they said they would kick people out 15 minutes after they close, which was already an hour earlier. This was absurd, and we thought they'd at least let us stay 30 minutes after...but not at all. The managers run the place like a dictatorship, and very rude and crude towards customers. at 9:15, one manager was going around getting people out of the restaurant. I have never witnessed a restaurant, with such bad treatment and service to kick them out 15 mins after they close--generally places will let you stay at least an hour...30 minutes at the least...these people were rude, rushed us 9:15, told the people to put away all the food...they had no mercy and dont care about customers at all. I thought it was very rude bad kick people out who had barely been there an hour and were still eating. Not even an extra 15 minutes...nothing...ridiculous terrible service and does a restaurant like this run with such crappy management and treatment...they think this is ok to do to customers in this way...very surprising.. my friend actually thought and said "oh they'll let us stay longer, theyre just saying that" but that wasn't true at all- at 9:15 at this terrible location they will kick customers out rudely, and not care at all and think this is ok treatment...though they close at 9..awful place needs a change of management with at least normal humane professional people working there, not lunatics on powertrips who think this is how u run a restaurant.terrible place, think twice about going to a golden corral next time, their management is the worst, run by jerks...

  • Mo
    monicaray Oct 06, 2010

    yeah ive been to many golden corrals, and they will let you stay an hour after closing or at least 30 minutes...they have said "they wont kick you out dont worry", but kicking customers out 15 mins after closing is bad business and bad practices...if you agree with it, that's your problem and u are probably a low class idiot who condones bad treatment, but no restaurant functions in this way...there are thousands of restaurants out there thta do not kick patrons out 15 minutes after closing...guess the one sthat do are the ones with the good practices...i dont think so... 30 mins prior to closing isnt closing time, helpnu you are the idiot and once again no restaurant treats customers in this way...only really low people like yourself would agree to such rude treatment..if every restaurant kicked people out 15 mins after closing, they would be having problems.. its not ok to do that to customers by any means...30 minutes is generally the minimum, and restaurants that treat customers like that, have very bad business and management practices...

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  • Sh
    shawnpen Oct 06, 2010

    I have worked in restaurants before and we would never dare to that to a customer, that is so rude to do, and it is bad practice for sure. If we had done that, we would have lost good customers and the respect of people- the customer is always right and if they pay for their meal, especially at a buffet, they should have the right to at least an hour or sometime in the restaurant...this isn't right of them to do at all. Thats why you work in a place like thatwhen you do you respect that you are a restaurant, and people can come at all times, and kicking people out that early, is just selfish and really bad treatment for sure

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  • Me
    mel902 Oct 10, 2010

    dawn is a total whack...the customers didnt come right before closing time and no restaurant kicks people out 15 minutes after are totally wrong on this one...the fact that you condone kicking customers out 15 minutes after closing means that you are just trying to pick a fight...and be the low life that you are...thsi is not ok business practice at help cuz you need it badly... most restaurants never kick people out that early and if they are allowing people in they give them ample time to eat--THAT is how a restaurant would dawnisadfreak know anything abotu the real world since it sits on the internet writing comments on complaints board 24/7...dawniwhack is a total loser and jerk who sits here 24/7, voicing lame comments and picking fights with people for no reason cuz it has nothing better to do...

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rude manager

I visited the location above with my wife who is 35 weeks pregnant and my 3-year old. While getting our food, we accidentally dropped a serving utensil on the floor. We picked it up and no employees came about to offer to take the utensil, so we put it on the side of a table. Then the general manager Kane Wright came and scolded me for putting the utensil back with the food. He went on for a good 2-3 minutes in front of a crowd. Instead of offering to help or take the utensil away, he scolded me for something so minor. He finally walked away, shaking his head, and said "OUTRAGEOUS" several times. I was totally shocked, embarassed, and shakened by such incident. I walked away and 10 minutes later after the situaion eased, I asked for his name and card. He went off on me again. He told me to walk away because he didn't want to hear what I had to say. This is an outrageous incident out of nothing for several reasons.

  • Lu
    lunarpig1 May 15, 2010

    Stopped in for lunch, one cashier was behind counter, she was busy and very pleasant but rushed. While we were in line about 15 people came in and were backed up, I asked her didn't hey have anyone to help her...she said lunch on Fridays 5/14 was usually slow. A manager was talking with a couple of the waitresses, when she finished my wife and I asked her if she could possibly get some help for the cashier..she screamed at us don't yell at me I was going to get someone to help! I did tell the "main" manager about her and he said he would talk with her. Maybe yes, maybe no you never know anymore. Anyway it will be sometime before they get any of my money, we have a Ryan's and others so I have a choice and will exercise it. The food was good, our waitress was great and she was rewarded with a 40% tip. It was a pleasure to give it to her.

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  • An
    annas2007 Jun 25, 2010

    you should have told someone before you set it down. gross.

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During lunch at the Golden Corral, I received a phone call from my mother that she had just found out from my stepdad's doctor that he only had just a few months to live. My mom was upset, which made me upset..AND then the sad news was upsetting as well.

I was so upset by this unexpected news that I could not finish eating, although I had just started eating right before the phone call.

I asked the waitress if I could get a doggy bag for the food that was on my plate. She said it was against company policy. I explained what had just happened and she still said she could not give me a doggy bag. I asked to speak to the manager. The manager came to me to see what my complaint was. I told her that I was too upset to finish eating and that I really needed to leave but didn't want to just throw my food out. I had paid $10.00 for lunch. She said it was against company policy. She said that it was Buffet and I was not allowed to carry out food.

I even asked her to show me the company policy manual of where it states that a consumer cannot take their "original" plate of food home with them in a situation like I had. She would not show it to me.

By this time, I was really upset; I asked her what would happen if I got up, walked out with my biscuit in my hand and was eating it as I walked out the door.

She said "You would be stealing". I asked her "How would it be stealing when I have a receipt of where I had paid for the food". She said because it is posted that you Must eat in for buffet. I told her to just keep her biscuit and her doggy bag and that I would go to Ryans from now on.

I think this is very insensitive to consumers especially for the high price for lunch! I told a few people at Ryans about the incident a few weeks ago and they told me to make a complaint AND they also gave me a doggy bag for my leftovers!!

  • Jo
    john95 Oct 05, 2010

    they are terrible, about something liek that..their management is really bad. if you take an extra piece of bread out with you- they will try to stop you and claim that you're stealing..this is how bad this restaurant is-- it's a joke...really bad place...

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  • Vi
    vieira&thompson Feb 20, 2011

    please hear this your employe did not serve us steak because matter he did not serve ayone not even my fiance . he wanted a piece of steak didnt get mash pototes a glove what going on with the food industry these days . another report filed agiasnt your company franchize please we want our money back and a few dinners added buffets and this employe the cook who cooks and serves verysexual talking about woman. not very nice one piece of steak all was on the grill . please all were asking from steve stewert is we want our money back and a buffets ten for me and my finance i think it fair . this is a COMPLAINT A complaint . he works at the golden corral in onfraklin rd. in bloomington indiana sincerely diana thompson

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we recieved food poisoning and the resturant didn't care

On March second of this year we went to Golden Corral for dinner, we were all sick the next day all of us with symptoms of food poisoning. I went online and filed a complaint with their home office and I was told some one would get with me in a few days, it's almost a month later and still nothing. I went online line again and I have been totally ignored. I'm not looking for for any self gain here, I just want to know what they are going to do to prevent this from happening again.

  • Wine Is Good Jun 30, 2016

    There is nothing no one can do to prevent food poisoning. There is no way to prove you got food poisoning there.

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dinner for 2 not worth $24+tip

We come through the door, the wife and I, get charged $24.00 right off the top. You know boom? Straight out of our bank account in seconds.
The chicken, and the wife and I love chicken, was fried with old oil. The breading was grease soaked, bloody near the bone. I wasn't about to even try it.
The steak, which I had, and I like it rare, I had cut off a 1/2" thick by 6" long piece of fat, leaving a 1-1/2" x 6" tid bit that practically required a chainsaw to cut it, it was so tough.
My wife had to cover the little plate with our cornbread with a napkin, due to dust being stirred up, from a waitress sweeping up crumbs from an adjacent vacated table, just because shes allowed to do this.
When we sat down with our food, my disabled wife had to make 2 full trips to the other side of the building just to find dinner rolls. Besides being disabled, she has a gastric bypass, so she gets the stares, becuse she's forced to eat about 1/6th compared to the other 1 or 200 people there. So economicaly, its a waste for her to come there. Needless to say our food was cold by the time we got dinner rolls.
Has facility ever been in trouble with the law before. When it used to be located in another city recently, the answer is YES. If I'd mentioned these issues to management, would they heed...NO. Would I accept a free dinner if offered...NO. Will I take a refund if offered...YES. Will I ever come back or refer my friends? I think you know the answer to this.

  • Co
    codialexa11 Sep 29, 2011

    golden corral offers a bypass buffet if you didnt knw all you have to do is show them the card your dacter gives you after the procedure and they will give you a discounted price.

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line jumping and rude patrons

My family and I actually never made it inside the restaurant. We were in line and had been waiting about 30 minutes. The couple (man and women) directly in front of our group of 10 allowed 15 other people to add to them (cutting in Line) who continually entered the line in the 30 minutes. The fact than an off duty police officer is there to monitor the crowd should have been our first clue. Needless to say we were disgusted and decided to leave your establishment. This is the second time this has happened and I do not think we will be trying again. We called and spoke to the manager who was well aware of this being a problem but seemed unconcerned.

cooking with dirty hands

11/21/09 at the Golden Corral in Tallahassee Fl. Noticed the baker was not wearing gloves. He kept wiping the formed dough on his dirty apron. After while he reached up under his hat scratched his head pick up more of dough roll it around into a ball and place it on the tray. The manager talking on his cell phone was also talking and laughing with the baker as if nothing was wrong. That happened in the front area were everyone could see, what is going on in the area not in public view. The whole thing was sickening, left resturant immediately.

out of contrl server

Me and my husband went to golden corral in sherman texas where we always go we are on first name basis with...

awful quality food

WE ate at golden corral in erie pa. WE love golden corral, we traveled about 100 miles to eat there. They open at 11 we were there about 11;45. The food was still cold. the hamburger, with out a doubt was reheated from last night, and put on bread. The bourbon chicken was cold, as was the meat loaf.

The only hot stuff was the gravy. I complained to the waitress, but she said she would tell them. At 1130 the food was still luke warm. This was on the 22th of September. I STILL love it and would go there again.

  • Je
    jeffdharlan Sep 21, 2010

    Why in the hell would you travel 100 miles for Golden Corral????? After I read that sentence I stopped. You lost all credibility. Have some standards!

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  • Je
    jeffdharlan Sep 21, 2010

    See attached.

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bourbon street chicken

A friend and I had dinner at Golden Corral Restaurant on Carolina Avenue in Washington, NC last Monday evening. We had the buffet and chose the same vegetables. My Friend had baked chicken and I had Bourbon Street Chicken.

I awoke at 3:00 AM, feel quite nausiated. I three up three time in a 30 minte time span. I also had severe diahrearr at the same! I am sure it was the chicken that made me sick. I have eaten it before with no problem. This was a horrible experience.

  • Je
    J eddison Oct 27, 2008

    The B street chicken is cook by placing it cold from the walk in on the grill then adding the bourbon seasoing wich is red and dark in color... while cooking it some pecice take FOREVER to cook thourghly and then after that one cup of tariyaki is added...

    two things could have happened. not cooked all the way which is possible, but also if they did not have enough water in the steam table it would have cooled and gone bad, the temps are supposed to be checked every two hours, but alot of stores just skip that, all it takes is four hours @ under 140 to make ppl sick. I hope this experience does not turn you away from GC.

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  • Ki
    kimmie36695 May 10, 2010

    I had this same chicken just last week and it was AWESOME!!

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service/food quality

When I go out to eat at a buffet the only meat I want is turkey. The last few times I have been to thi...

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