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I took out a contract with Glocell when they had promotion in May advertising to get a cruise when you take out a 24 month contract with them .I registered for my cruise before the cut off date and then phoned TLC November.They then told me i need to send my booking to them with our id numbers and date which I would like to book which i indicated for 13-15 jan 2017 before the end of November 2016. I got an automatic email response saying that the booking will take 10 days to process. After that I heard nothing and started following up numerous times with phone calls and times with no feedback.After another attempt i got hold of a Gocell customer agent Tiro today and explained to him the situation he simply said he cant see me on the list and will phone me back by Cob today which he didnt. Im extremy dissapointed by the non existant customer service and would not have taken out this contract if i knew it will end up to this.


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    Loraine Jagessur Jan 03, 2017

    Disgusting service from both TLC and Glocell. Stop robbing people. Your business won't go far if it's based on innocent people's tears, frustration and loss of personal money. No communication and no customer services. Wasted hours and money on phone calls and just told lies all along. No straight answer received on advertised free cruise booking. Extremely stressed over the festive season and holidays. Not fair. Professional bodies should intervene and help us the customers who are actually victims of business fraud!

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    Francois-L Feb 07, 2017

    I went through the same thing - took out the Wifi contract in order to get the MSC cruise and when wanting to register they advised we were too late.
    Giving up on the cruise situation eventually I am now sitting with another frustration where they incorrectly debited over R2000 from my bank account and now fighting for them to credit back the amount which they admitted they incorrectly debited from my account.

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