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Globe Telecom - transfer location of broadband

Hi, your number is not working and your chat bot does not provide options as well. we live in the same address, just different units. please contact me asap. it will affect our work greatly as both me and my sister are working from home. a schedule would be nice and also a customer service representative to talk to. i havent had issues since installation last April. hope this goes smoothly as well.

Hi Minette, please use the GlobeOne app to make this request. You can also visit their globe store for this

Globe Telecom - My prepaid load is always deducted even without using my phone on call and internets

My prepaid load of my phone num [protected] is always lost
And I notice
The charges of per minutes call are more than the price as per ntc requires
Which is less than a peso per minute of call

Globe Telecom - Internet


Good day!

You are receiving this email as today marks my 4th day of having no internet connection. I contacted you on facebook and confirmed there will be a technician nov 21 with work order number [protected]. I received a notification today that you guys do not have an available technician tomorrow. I have shifted to work from home and also have online classes for my law school. I cannot be without an internet connection. I need your help to get this fixed the soonest possible time otherwise I may have to look for a different internet service provider immediately as I do not have any contract agreement with you guys anymore. Please refer to my account details below.

Account details
Account Name: Dayle Manlod
Account number : [protected]
Contact number : [protected]

Globe Telecom - We paid a service that was not yet delivered

We've been using Globe At HOME for almost 10 months now, actually my brother is the one who applied for it but i'm the one paying. I just want to report the thing happened to our last payment. We already paid the service that was not yet delivered to us, my brother received a call that we have to upgrade from 1899 to 2499 he agreed then because he has no choice. He agreed to avail 2499 with a condition that it will only be upgraded when the booster was delivered but how come till now there is no booster no upgrade of the Mbps but the payment we made last September 28 was already upgraded to 2499. Its been a week but still no update on the upgrade of our Internet. Kindly check this is our account number [protected].

Globe Telecom - Services - customer service personnel assigned in replying messages at globe one app

I want to complain on CSR's particularly assigned on replying messages. I have a complaint then which offcourse they should attend to, but instead of helping me, they blocked my messages. I am q client for 7 years running 8 who is consistently paying my monthly bills. How can this be solved? I have screenshots of my messages since the time they blocked it. Where should i report this incident? Hope you can help with my concern.

Globe Telecom - Internet connection

Account number [protected]
Internet connection was lost on September 22, 2020 at around 930 am. The customer service failed its promise to do an onsite visit within 24 hours. I could not escalate the problem anywhere from their site.

The more frustrating thing was the use of the pandemic excuse from their customer service. They were saying that they have limited manpower due to Covid. Globe is one of the biggest companies in the Philippines, and I doubt they could not do any adjustment if they wanted to. For instance, I know a lot of call center agents who were transfered to work from home. They cannot do the same to replace their very limited voice prompt? I am not even given an incident number.

Globe Telecom - Globe at home

Dear Globe Customer Service, I am writing again (my previous email to you last June bounced back) to complain about my erroneous billing and the termination of my Globe At Home account...

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Globe Telecom - Transfer of location

Nakakailang request na kame sainyu mula pa Aug. thru app, pero 1wk na wala pa din sagot. Tinawagan ku kayu, naset ung schedule pero gang ngaun wala pa din pumupunta. Jusko Globe, kayu na lang inaantay namen para makalipat na kame. Gawin nyu naman ng maayos trabaho nyu. Nagbabayad kame on time, di namen deserve ung gantong poor customer service nyu.

Globe Telecom - Poor internet connection, on-off connection every 15 minutes for 3 weeks now...

I just want to complain and seek help from designated authority about our Internet connection problem with Globe Innove as a service provider. Our internet connection is malfunctioning with on-off connection, (every 15 minutes the connection will cut off then after 15 minutes only then the connection will come back) since August 24. I already reported it for so many times but then the issue has not been resolved for now. We are updated in payment and we are paying 1899 monthly. I also found out that i am not the only one with the same problem, there's also couple of subscribers that have the same issue as me and i guess it's not on our device/wiring alone, there's really something going on with their system.
I hope you could help us out with this matter. Thank you.

Globe Telecom - gcash failed to send receipt for the money sent

Full name: Lean Rico Obal
GCash Mobile No.: [protected]
Bank account no.: [protected]
Bank Name: PNB
Customer Name: UP Law Devt Foundation Inc
Amount sent: Php1000.00
Transaction Date & Time: Aug. 29, 2020 at around 8:20 AM.

No email confirmation sent, no text message sent but account was debited. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a screenshot of the transaction believing that the receipt will be sent to my email outright. What I am asking is only the receipt of such transaction because it is my only proof of the payment I made. However, GCash is not attending to my concern and only ignores my emails and complaints.

Globe Telecom - GCASH - transferred payment not received

I have sent an amount of 1010 on August 26, 2020.I did not receive a text confirmation and the other party did not receive the Money. The amount has been debited real time. I tried to chat the Gcash support, sent an email but nobody attends to this concern and stays unresolved until now. There's nobody I can talk to with the customer service.
I have sent multiple emails to follow up but there was no response.
I want this to be resolved since I need Gcash.
This is not just for me but for other customers as well who are using Gcash.
Please help with this concern.
I've sent the details needed for resolution but it seems like nobody's willing to help.
Reference # for this case is : [protected]

Globe Telecom - Device was not received and we just got billed for it!

We order an additional line via online store of globe. It says it also has a freebie as part of their promo. The device was delivered but has no freebie, so we declined to receive the...

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Globe Telecom - Postpaid

This has been going on for almost a year already! Every month they keep on charging me for netflix that I haven't even subscribed because I dont have an account! Every month I always pay advance but they still keep disconnecting my line and what's frustrating is that all the agents are liars!!! They always say to wait 24hours for my line but still hasn't! This is so frustrating I have business and I can't even use my line! The agents are rude and unhelpful.

Globe Telecom - Globe at home plan 2499

Hi, My upgrade plan from Plan 1899 to Plan 2499 was processed on August 21. On August 21 around 9PM, my connection speed got faster. Download speed went from 30+Mbps to 50+Mbps and Upload...

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Globe Telecom - I am complaining about poor customer service and the service itself

Got an LOS light on my modem asking to get it fixed was advised to contact support to get it fixed. No one is answering but just automated voice prompt to do some troubleshooting steps. Got an appointment via email but there's no reference number or job order it says that they will gwmet in touch within 24 hrs. No one contacted. Land-line is not working it just works for the first 2 weeks of service but after that I can't make any outgoing calls even that it's part of my plan and I'm paying for it.

Globe Telecom - Invalid disconnection

GLOBE disconnected my internet service even if my due date is August 26, 2020. When I reached out to Customer Service, you insist that I pay for it. I was not able to WFH for 2 days already because...

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Globe Telecom - Poor assistance on how to get in touch

been trying to get through the forum upon registering no verification is mailed to me,
been trying to chat them on messenger no response years already
Cannot generate a bill that is needed to check about my charges hence no service and I have to pay a huge amount of charge
no way to call them through another service provider will I just wait until it amounts in hundreds of thousand then? very frustrating

they are having trouble also loading my information hence I understand the point but isn't there any leeway on this matter?

Globe Telecom - No internet connection

July 04, 2020 = ok naman connection namin tapos bigla nagkaroon ng mga matatalim na kidlat hanggang sa mawalan na kami ng connection. I called 211 asap & reported what happened then nagbigay sila job...

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Globe Telecom - Still no replies

I have listed problems on an irregular but frequent basis like this going back to march to the globe telecom messenger replies are very seldom and of no help.

Another fine globe day!! And still no replies!!! Home internet account [protected]

Why so slow again why do I have to pay for this nonservice? Why do you not respond to last request???

Reset modem, removed and replaced sim card

Globe Telecom - No internet connection bayan account [protected]

Its been a week now with no internet connection and everyday I call 211 but always machine or bot in the line I need to talk with a live agent, bot can't help especially their apps cause still I have bayan account, I tried to sent an email to [protected] Ph but I don't got any reply, I also tried to contact the globe technician directly but his relpy : "mag papakaraga pa ako nyan sir sayang ng gasolina". Isa lang po ang nakuha ko sa globe walang iba kundi yung bill. Bayan dsl account number [protected]

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