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Georgia Power - tree trimming on henderson avenue athens, ga 10/02/2018, 09:30 am

Today, Townsend is trimming our street's trees. Every year, I have a direct discussion with their staff as to how much needs to be trimmed. There is a magnificent ash tree on my property. If you know...

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Georgia Power - pre pay

I started the prepay around the first of August, a meter change was completed. Five weeks later my power gets turned off and I'm told that when the meter was brought out it wasn't charging me the...

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Georgia Power - billing/deposit not credited to account

From 12/01/17 to 9/25/18 I have been over billed for a 1 brm only me using Power and never home but my power bill average is $96 dollars per month and had to pay a $250 Deposit when svc wa...

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Georgia Power - prepaid electric service

Recently I started over back in January after being homeless with my kids. I had delinquent account so I had to use pre pay and its a rip off. Now all of my arrear balances are paid and I still have...

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Georgia Power - power usage on july and august bill

I noticed that my power usage on my August and September bill was the same as last year and June. However, I went on a trip and did not use much power in July and had a roof replacement in August ...

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Georgia Power - my power was turned off on their mistake here it is 5 hours later and still no power

Someone called and I texted like they were made have not power disconnected and put a pin on my account I sent in my driver's license and social security card to prove it was me to have it turned...

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Georgia Power - billing

Twice this year have not received a paper bill (despite NOT having signed up for paperless billing), and as such received a disconnect notice. Paid this both times (several hundred dollars each time), and spent maybe 2-3 hours on the phone arguing it. With regard to the most recent phone call (on Tuesday, August 29, 2018, at 7:03pm EDT), after holding over thirty minutes for a supervisor, was told the supervisor would call me the next day. No return call whatsoever (big surprise). Just called and discussed with them again. Paid a total of $600+ in the past two days to bring the bill current, causing unnecessary financial and emotional stress (I pay my bills on time). I MUST have a paper bill. I have been given the next date that the bill will (supposedly) be delivered, and I will be watching. I shouldn't have to keep tabs on an organization like this. Unprofessional and pathetic.

I don't expect anything to happen, but they should be investigated for fraud. Paperless billing saves companies millions, and some automatically sign you up when you pay online. They told me they don't do this, but it has happened TWICE this year, without my signing up for it. Not to mention the wasted time and frustration. Enough!

***PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT*** These are screenshots showing email receipts when I have paid, and they are marked from "Paperless Support" in EVERY instance!!

Georgia Power - account billing/deposit

Representative/Supervisor Informed me back in June of 2017 That A Credit would be place on my account after billing me for a final bill after I had service disconnected. Just spoked to a...

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Georgia Power - electricity

I've had problems with Georgia power for years but right now I'm concerned from December of 2011 through June of 2013 I've argued with Georgia power and with the help of the commission over public utilities and the governor's protection office Georgia Power was forced to remove Two Poles out of my yard that did belong to them but instead of crediting me for the two years that only credit make 6 months second problem I moved in my house in April of 2011 but I was getting charged rates dating back to 2010 I was not in the house I was on Lawrenceville Highway and 3rd I lost my lights in March of 2015 and was without lights until August of 2017 for Bill I can prove I did not owe code enforcement gave me a ticket in 2016 for no power but with my documentation that I brought to court the citation was dismissed Georgia Power was proven to be in the wrong being without lights I suffered a loss of Revenue since I'm disabled and work from home and as well medical issues that arose do the time I was without lights there is a dispute on the old account Georgia Power has been taking 25% out of prepaid payments for an old bill I can prove I do not know in fact Georgia Power owes me money and refuses to resolve the dispute

Update by Ldt4082
Aug 16, 2018

I have never minded pain a Georgia power bill because I like the power but for the customer service rudeness and arguing and causing the stress with excessive fees and deposits between 2012 through 2017 old disputed account could not be resolved Georgia Power refuses Georgia Power sent my account to collections I fax paperwork they took it out of Collections and send it back to Georgia power as a dispute and it has not been resolved yet

Georgia Power - electric

After going without power for 2 years and 5 months I suffered a great loss of Revenue as well as medical issues arising from me being a disabled female and from working from home Revenue has been lost causing my credit to be diminished Georgia Power refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing even though it can be proven that there was I'm still struggling to try and get a handle of my credit as well as my bills and it is gotten to be ridiculous no resolution has come yet for damage caused by Georgia Power

Georgia Power - electricity bills

I moved to my house in April of 2011 but after realizing and finding out that I was getting rates dated back to 2010 I continue to try to speak with Georgia power to correct the mistake because I was not in my house in 2010 it's been a number of issues that have come up and with the excessive fees and deposits added on to my account I found myself financially in a hole and when I got my lights shut off and it March of 2000 15 I showed bills to even code enforcement when I received a citation that got dismissed showing that I did not owe the money that you are the power was asking for and now my credit is ruined behind those two years and 5 months I want without lights and my home and during the two years and 5 months I experienced medical issues during the 2 years and 5 months I want without lights since I am disabled and after numerous conversations and train attempting to get things corrected and rectified no one attempted to help and my credit was affected by the excessive issues caused from Georgia Power

Georgia Power - charged a flat bill fees for service transfer after being uninformed by representative

Previously I was leaving at spring valley Apt for two years and I got Georgia power service after my first year of using the service I then became qualify for flat bill or budget bill, after I signed up for budget bill online I called customer service to find out which service will actually benefit me better per my conversation with the agent I decided to switch to flat bill, I had my service for a year now and everything was great until I moved to my new house and the day my service was supposed to be transfer from the apt to my new house I called Georgia power to confirmed my service is transferred to my new home while I was at work, at the end of the phone call I asked the lady is everything transferred over including flat bill she said no, flat bill Cannot be transfer I had a long conversation about it with her regarding when I had signed up for that service a year ago there was no policy online when I log on to my online stated that service cannot be transfer to a new address, I was disappointed that I'm starting all over as a new customer, I've been living at my new house since June 29th 2018, I've checked my mailbox everyday I never got a Georgia power bill and when I logged on to my online account no bill was listed there, until July 20th I log on online and see a bill for $448 with 3 days past due I've called Georgia power customer service to find out if they tried to bill me for the previous tenant that stayed at my new house, they guy told me since my flat bill agreement ended before 12 month I'm being charged the remain balance for the last month, I asked to speak with a manager he refused and he kept telling he is going to have a manager call me back I was on the train I told him I'm going to call back to speak with one this is urgent. I called back and spoke with William he was so disrespectful and rude I had to keep going back and forth with him for 35 minutes before he finally put a manager on the phone, he told me I was not important he have other customers to talk to. I need the $360 flat bill fees to be remove from my account as a courtesy for me be uninformed by the representative who talk me to switching from budget bill to flat bill. I need the second representative William to be retrained on how to treat customers good and be professional.

Georgia Power - dangerous condition!!

A storm knocked a tree down which in turn tore down the power line and damaged the pole. A lineman repaired and anchored the power line back to the pole but informed us that the pole was split...

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Georgia Power - electricity

I have been a customer since 1996 which is when I moved to Georgia. Up until now I have been a satisfied customer. Within the last 45 days the electricity service have delivered a power outage at least 6 times to my residence and surrounding neighborhood. This is entirely unacceptable customer service being offered to consumers. Regular power outages appears to have become a pattern. Electricity is not a cheap product that I'm paying for monthly. However, this pattern practiced is jeopardizing my safety. For instance, arriving home after midnight and garage remote is not working because their is a power outage in the community. This "darkness" is happening on a regular bases which have produced fear, and anxiety attacks.

Thus far Georgia Power's answer to this problem is " we are sorry for any inconvenience ". Georgia Power and it's outages haven't offered the customer a reason for this on going problem. If the electric grid is unable to accommodate a growing population, then talk with elected officials about putting a hold on handing out Building Permits. Because, as of today,
no one is looking out for current customers.

Georgia Power - outages

We have underground power lines in my subdivision, yet we have numerous outages . I have lost food twice in my freezer in the garage due to these outages and should not have to risk my insurance increasing because of your inability to keep my power on. My bill is paid on time each month and this is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention my home not being secured because the backup battery only lasts for two hours. Who will be liable if my home is not secured during one of these outages??

I here you and sympathize with you but Georgia Power doesn’t. care. The areas are over populated and elected officials like commissioners for your district is doing nothing to put a Hold on issuing Building Permits. With every new apartment building and new homes being built in your community the Electrical Grid will function at low capacity. Organize...

Georgia Power - driver ran us of the road

We were leaving the tanger outlet mall locust grove today 5/31/18 around 2:15pm Ga power truck tag #px3900 not positive about last numbers. We were turning left and the Georgia power truck was to the...

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Georgia Power - tree trimming not done despite damage to power lines

Months ago I requested that branches overhanging power lines to my property at 624 E. Park Lane in Savannah, GA be removed because they threaten to take the lines down whenever there is any wind. Three days ago, a different branch from this tree fell on a completely calm day, landing on a neighbor's car. This has made me even more concerned about the branches that overhang the power line connecting our property to the power grid! However, I have never been contacted about the scheduled date for the removal of these dangerous branches.

I worked in Iowa for Alliant Energy (Tech/Electrical foreman) for about 30 years and we had blizzards, ice storms, floods, high winds and tornados and even accidents and failures but since retiring and moving to Oglethorpe Ga we have suffered through more outages than the entire time I lived in Iowa. I know most of the outages occur because of poor street and road tree trimming. And this can be fixed if people cared and wasn't so lazy. I have a portable generator and can get by but it seems to be getting worst to the point that I'm considering on buying a standby generator. I've already lost a $1000 dollar server and all the info it contained due to brown out, surges and outages. I could replace the server but all the years of info, music, software, pictures and movies are irreparable. Something have to give you guys have to do better. I clearly sympathize with Dawn above.

Georgia Power - clearing land on my private property

Hello I would like to file a complaint with a tree cutting service I'm assuming they are contracted out with you guys for clearing land for Georgia Power underneath power lines. My address is 2038...

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Georgia Power - vehicle truck

While driving home from work, a georgia power service truck nearly tan me off the road. My lane was merging with the left lane, & i had my turn signal on, but this driver kept speeding in front of me. Once I got behind him, i took a picture of the license plate & company's logo. Company drivers should learn how to respect other drivers on the road.

Georgia Power - switching service in my name

It is absolutely rediculous that the documents I have sent have not gone through, my power could get cut off at any moment and your customer service representatives have been nothing but given me an unhelpful "sorry" I sent in clear documents and was told they were not clear enough and I sent I a fax and was told they did not receive it and could not track it despite having a confirmation of it being sent and received. This is unacceptable. If this power company did not have a monopoly on the power market and gave people a choice about the company They has, ga power would not be a service I would use and would not recommend. It should not be this hard to set my service up and this process one of the most stressful things I have ever had to deal with after being happy with my new apartment it is disappointing to have to be worried about having power because of the incompetence of the employees here.

Same thing happened to me by them. It's more common than people think.

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