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Georgia Power / the power guys shooting the crap for two hours after I haven't had power for four days.

Caitlan 2017 on Sep 15, 2017
I haven't had power in four days now. Your crew over off old mill creek rd on this day 9/15/17 took an hour to eat. Drove down the road took five minutes to cut a tree and have now stood there by the Trucks for an hour talking. Not doing anything not fixing the power lines nothing. I have...

Georgia Power / Power outage

Anthony Payton on Sep 15, 2017
We live at 1428 Fern Dr Macon Ga 31210, your website said would have power back on at 10:00 9-14-17, still no power, your website is a joke and your customer service sucks, there is not even a power truck working in our neighborhood now, why do you lie on your website, I would never...

Georgia Power / Power outage

Svanzyl on Sep 14, 2017
I am aware of how difficult it has been to restore power after hurricane Irma, but we have been without power for 3 days now at college circle and the neighbors behind us have power already. The trees have been removed and we have received notices that it will be done each night saying it...

Georgia Power / Power Outage

JacqueKennedy on Sep 13, 2017
We are aware of the challenges and difficulties of restoring power to the millions affected in GA by Hurricane Irma. We are also concerned with a lack of effort to involve more assistance from MS Power and AL Power to restore power more quickly and efficiently. Thompson Mill Rd in...

Georgia Power / Power Outage

quiana baker on Sep 13, 2017
Yes I live at 109 Howard Drive East Brunswick Georgia 31520 I live in a community that is surrounded by elderly individuals and a lot of home have no family support yet we have no power and on a monthly basis the last two months my bill has almost exceeded $500 and it's day three of me...

Georgia Power / Timely Service/Quality of Service

Petalpink on Sep 12, 2017
We would like the CEO's and Management at Georgia Power to make every effort to treat "all" of their customers in a fair manner. When monies are due for payment of services, GA Power does not hesitate to disconnect your service for lack of payment. Therefore, a good business practice would...

Georgia Power / Website

Sheila Wilkey on Sep 12, 2017
During the aftermath of hurricane Irma I've been watching the website closely for updates on the outages, especially my home. Much to my surprise, today (9/12) the website is taken down for maintenance during regular business hours. To make matters worse the local offices are closed making...

Georgia Power / Electricity home

Anthony B Williams on Sep 12, 2017
Every time there's a power shortage this neighborhood over here a small black neighborhood in the Peters residence Clark Drive and Dale you never turn all lights and Power on to the last thing I'm loving complaint I'm going to take it to the Muse unless I power is turned on within 2 hour...

Georgia Power / over payments

warriorbride2017 on Sep 3, 2017
Hello My name is Deborah M Bergquist and I am not a happy Camper, Ga Power is taking advantage over me and are not willing to work with me I am on Disability and I can not pay Nothing until I get Money from SSDI each month. I am angry with them because they keep saying I have to pay over...

Georgia Power / account history

Adriane Destinord on Aug 16, 2017
I had a previous bill years back at a certain address and it's not showing up in the system. The lady told me that there was only one address listed on the account when I know for a fact that I had service at the other address. I have someone trying to repay me for that service that was in...

Georgia Power / nest thermostats

Bennie L on Aug 11, 2017
I turned in 2 Nest thermostats to agent Mrs Jones at the Forrest Park office for a refund. The thermostats were sent to Julie at Georgia Power Market Place. I contacted Julie several times about my thermostats and she said she would give me a call by this Wednesday ( yesterday). I left...

Georgia Power / monthly bill

Mitchum on Aug 10, 2017
I'll just get straight to it. Georgia power is price gouging in the worst way. I have barely moved my thermostat setting from the cooler months till now, the hotter months. My bill keeps going up. Every month for 3 months it has steadily increased. And everytime I call to speak to someone...

Georgia Power / gp contractor poor service

Debbie w. Erutere on Aug 2, 2017
On 7/27/17 I called GP about men's that was working in my yard. These people was contractors for GP. They stuck into the ground yellow and red flags.They also dug a hole in the ground, erupting my grass. After the work was done they didnot remove the flags. The hole that they dug, they...

Georgia Power / high power bill

Millie4898 on Jul 30, 2017
I have a power bill for $600.00 dollars for one months service. I called and spoke with a representative on 7/27/17 and was informed that the bill was correct and that there was nothing that could be done about it. I expressed to her that the bill was extremely high and out of the normal...

Georgia Power / sharon gant-wadley light bill

Sharon Gant-Wadley on Jul 25, 2017
On July 4, 2017 I was in a Domestic Case with my husband where I had to go get stitches in my arm and I had a black eye. I had reside in January 3, 2017 to take care of my husband. My husband SSI check is the only income we had. My husband moved out of my home June 1, 2017 . I had to get a...

Georgia Power / a power pole in our backyard

JHouse on Jul 23, 2017
7/23/2017 Dear Georgia Power Leadership Team, We are asking for your assistance in resolving a problem that we have been dealing with for over 5 years in the backyard of our home at 512 East Gwinnett Street. We simply want a pole removed from our property. We have been asking this for a...

Georgia Power / service disconnected

Peggy Brown Eighmie on Jul 21, 2017
On 27 June I made a request online to establish new power to the address to which I was moving to, on 30 June. When I moved the power was on. So for twenty plus days now I have gone about my business thinking that I had electrical service established at my new address. Yesterday, 20 July I...

Georgia Power / paying my bill on time and still been changed $150 deposit

FeFe2017 on Jul 20, 2017
This is Straight BS I have paid my bill fairly each and every month with this Company. They made me pay Deposit when I first had services with them stating that I was a new customer and need to have $150 because of some last customer issue that they who is here to help Fix income Disabled...

Georgia Power / cutting down my trees

Tricia Lewis on Jul 10, 2017
I spent $1000. on 15 pear trees that were planted on my own property. GA power cut down all of my trees, and workers were directed to poison the roots . I was told that the trees were not on the list of acceptable plants that could be planted near power lines. My family needs reimbursement...

Georgia Power / New service

Tobi Hill on Jul 3, 2017
I called the new service line today, received instructions to email my lease, ID card and SS card to get new service. I explained my lease provides 3 days to transfer service and that I have a child with medical requirements. The representative told me he could not tell me when service...

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