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Complaints & Reviews

kroger payment processing

You all made the choice to make life uncomfortable mainly for the older individuals that walk-in and pay...

lights disconnected

My name is Sharon Mims. My account # is [protected]. On 01/14/2020, I had a VERY bad experience with Georgia Power and I have NEVER had an issue like this before. So, in early December, I met with an Action Pact employee that conducted my assistance process - once completed he stated that I would receive a $400.00 voucher towards my lights. Then, he sent the pledge in to Georgia Power. On December 29, I called to follow up on the pledge and an representative stated that my account is showing an $400 pledge and that I would need to pay the balance. I stated okay thank you I will set that up at a later date. Then, on December 31, 2019 - I called Georgia Power again and asked the representative to let me know how much I would need to pay to keep my lights on along with the $400 pledge. The representative stated that I would need to pay $142.25 and my account would not be in danger of being disconnected. I then asked her to explain my bill to me as she stated that it was behind three months and I wasn't understanding that because I pay every month and I know that if your three months behind it will get disconnected anyways. So she did and the conclusion was to pay the $142.25 by January 10, 2020 and my lights would be fine. Around January 06, 2020 I called Georgia Power and after the representative answered and verified my information, I verified with her that a pledge was on my account for $400.00 - she stated yes she does see that pledge on my account. Then I asked her if the $142.25 is all I need to pay to keep my lights from being disconnected. As she looked over my account, she stated yes as long as it's paid on or before January 10. I stated okay thank you. On January 10, 2020, I made an online payment to Georgia Power in the amount of $142.25 (I printed my receipt and received my email stating that payment was made in this amount).
Well GUESS WHAT...after making that payment and thinking that my lights are okay. On January 14, 2020 - I go home for my lunch break and MY LIGHTS ARE OFF!!! At 12:15pm I immediately contact Georgia Power to see what was going on. The representative let me know that because of non-payment my lights were disconnected. I explained to her that I have made the $142.25 payment on the 10th and I had a pledge of $400.00 for assistance from and agency. As she looked at my account she saw that the pledge was paid BUT only for $350.00. So my lights were disconnected over $50.00 that I knew nothing about. Then I let the representative know that as long as I have been a Georgia Power customer and being this is not my fault - my lights get disconnected for $50.00 and I don't receive any notification of this. She stated that it's not Georgia Power's fault either and Georgia Power does not call and give notifications. I stated WOW...and let her know that I have been calling to follow up with this since I received the pledge. She stated that she has an option of paying $281.93 today, or on the 21st or either go on Pre-pay to guarantee services to be reconnected. I let her know that I cannot pay it today and do not want to go on Pre-pay, however I can pay it on the 21st. She stated that she would notate this arrangement on my account. I then asked her to allow me to speak with a Supervisor - she stated that one was not available but she would email one to contact me. I let her know okay. She also stated that she has sent an notification to the technician to restore my service. I stated okay thank you. At 1:11pm on January 14, 2020 I called Georgia Power back and let the rep know that my lights have not been restored as of yet and asked if I can contact the technician or if she can provide me with an accurate time of restoration. She stated no that she could not do that but services will be restored today. I stated okay thank you. At 3:07pm on January 14, 2020 - I calledGeorgia Power back and let them know that my lights have not been restored as of yet and I have four children and food in the refrigerator that I do not want to spoil - because I don't receive food stamps and jump up and go back to the grocery store. She stated that my food shouldn's spoil within those short hours and they will be restored today - I also asked her to speak with a Supervisor and she stated that she would email one to contact me. I waited and waited... At 4:41pm, I called Georgia Power again checking on the status of my restoration, the rep basically stated the same thing as the others. I asked her what time does the office close, she stated 7:00pm but the technician will work until 9:00pm. I stated okay. So, my husband came home from work around 6:15pm and called Georgia Power to check the status of our lights being reconnected, the rep. looked over our account and stated that she does see where service is disconnected and stated that they will be restored today and he let them know that the previous rep. stated that the office close at 7:00pm and we are needing electricity. She stated that the 7:00pm was not true and that the technician could work up to midnight as long as all orders are complete. He thanked her. At 10:30pm, STILL NO LIGHTS!!! I called Georgia Power back and let the representative know that I have been on the phone back and forth since 12:15pm up until now with Georgia Power and everyone is giving me the run around, I asked her to please tell me the truth -Are my services going to get reconnected tonight or no. As she looked over my account she stated that the order says today the 14th so yes ma'am they will be reconnected. I stated if she could have a Supervisor to contact me that would be great. AS MY FOOD IS SPOILING THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT...WE STILL HAD NO LIGHTS, PHONES WERE DEAD, AND NO HOT WATER WITH FOUR KIDS ALL NIGHT LONG!!! On
January 15, 2020 at 8:11am, I called Georgia Power again and after she verified my account, I let her know my situation and what happened. And as she looked at my account, she stated that it shows that the technician restored services around 6:00pm. I let her know that it was no way because we were home the entire time and saw no one in our yard... so she stated that she can only go by what was reported. So I stated okay, I will need a Supervisor to contact me and I will need to know how to file an complaint. She stated that she would email an Supervisor to contact me and that the only way to file a complaint is through a Supervisor. I stated okay...I guess that will not happen because no one has returned my call as of yet. The rep. stated that someone should contact me by Friday... I AM WAITING FOR THE PHONE CALL!!! Then the rep provided me with the breaker box instructions to get my lights back on, which was to go the breaker box inside the home and cut it off them go outside to the breaker and cut the main switch on and then go back inside the home and cut it back on. I did and I have LIGHTS!!! Then I let her know that if they were restored around 6:00pm - why didn't the other representatives let us know to do this to have light - I am completely confused on that unless the technician put 6:00 on the order but really did not connect them at that time. Also, no one let us know that we had to complete this step for services to be restored - they just let us keep calling and calling wasting our minutes...My point is LOOK WHAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH -- NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS AT ALL ESPECIALLY WITH CHILDREN!!!Something needs to be done about this...

payment extension for my bill

Hello my name is Sharon and I had a car accident on November 12, 2019. I was arrested on the scene and the other driver was at fault. Due to me going to jail for 4 days I lost my job. I didn't get to see a doctor after putting in 2 request on 2 different days. I made a payment on November 15, 2019 for $280 and some cents at Walmart. My balance left was $194 and some cents and I made arrangements for 12/18/19 to pay $345 because I thought they would had made a decision for my unemployment but I'm still waiting on a decision. I have to go to physical therapy 2 times a week for my back, neck and head. I don't want my lights and heat cut off because off me not paying my bill today. I just need another extension to see if I can get an agency to help pay my bill. Can you please give me another extension? I don't want my lights and heat to get cut off because my children and I don't have any where to stay. I just need more time. My name is Sharon Gant-Wadley and my address is 2740 landing loop Dr Augusta ga 30904. My phone number is [protected]

electric bill

Georgia Power did not process my check payment on my due date 10/21/19 and I sent it via my bank on 10/8/19. That is plenty of time to process it. When they did not process my check by 10/21/19, I went and scheduled a payment online which processed on 10/22/19. I was also told by customer service I had a 1 week grace period so according to that I was on time because it was their fault they did not process my first payment in the first place. That week I receive a delinquent notification that I did not pay my bill and a $30 charge, which made absolutely zero sense. I now owe them $30 for their mistake. I am appalled by the customer service and that these people are still in business. The service is atrocious.

  • Na
    Nancy Bryson Nov 17, 2019

    A very similar incident with Georgia Power happened to me in the exact same time frame (late September, early October of 2019). I made an online payment of my electric bill, received a notification from Georgia Power thanking me for my payment, and a couple weeks thereafter a letter stating that my payment didn't go through and I owe them $30 for being delinquent. There was plenty of money in my bank account to cover the bill, a fact that was verified by a customer service rep for my bank. The problem is with Georgia Power, specifically with their online payment screen. I am hoping to have a face-to-face conversation with a Georgia Power employee, presenting my "evidence", to get this resolved. Very frustrating. And along the way I wasted time with two meaningless, contradictory on-line "chats" with Georgia Power.

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electrical service

My residential block needs serious renovations. I've lived here for over 3 years now and have had an...

Georgia Power Company

revenue protection

I moved 8nto a house 8n the middle of a foreclosure situation and I tried getting the power on they quoted me a 150$ deposit I payed it and still me and my children had no power still have no power it's been a week and it's cold I called they said the revenue protection department had a case on the property from previous owner and 900.00 had the be payed that has nothing to do with me and why are they keeping my money for a service never povided

destruction / theft of property

there is a 50 yard right of way through my property and you cut down trees off of that for no reason! Then my tree stand came up missing. I contacted the home office and was supposed to receive a call from your contractor but never did.
Plus the rubbish is left where it fell no clean up. This is a total disgrace to your company.
I will publish the video to social media!

georgia power overcharging me

Hello, my name is Sharon Gant-Wadley. I just paid $480 on my light bill because the total was $678.29. This is including my deposit $150 plus one time charge of $30 plus another $30 for a return check. My townhouse is a 2 bedroom and it's total electric. My bill should be $198 but it's $278 and that's and extra $80 on there. I keep my thermostat on 78 and it's been $251 one month and higher. I am a single mother who is going through a domestic violence divorce. I can't afford to keep paying a high bill like this . I'm just starting back getting my life together and going to therapy for my PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, a victim of domestic violence and I'm just trying to see why my bill is high every month. I moved in August 2, 2019. I need someone to check my meter and I need more time to pay on my light bill. My address is 2740 landing loop dr.augusta ga 30904

flat bill rate

In June 2019, I was offered the Flat Bill Rate and was advised I could transfer the service when I moved to my new location. My lease ended 8/31/2019, in which I had to move due to the owner moving back into the home. I dont feel I should have to pay the $242.09 flat bill rate that I am being charged when I was given misinformation initially regarding the program. I assume this was a sale that employees are encourged to offer for an incentive or bonus based on how many people they can have sign up. I have been customer of this complay all of my life and honestly have never had an issue. We as consumers have no other options. I spoke to an "supervisor" Ms Robinson ext 31289 today whom was very rude and condescending when I asked if she could add upd the numbers she was giving me she said "can you?" I have been in the customer service industry for well over 20 years and would have never replied to a customer that way when I was a representative. I hope additional training will be provided.

I can be reached at [protected]


Shalanda Dixon
Acct# [protected]

starting new residential service

I moved to a new address that Georgia Power services, upon calling Ga Power to set up new service, I was advised that I had an account that was $ 1000.00, and my deposit because of that would be $305.00. I explained I never had Ga power service and the information had to be incorrect but furthermore I'd like too go ahead and pay the deposit and get service ASAP, being I have children at the home without any power and it's warm and dark, it was asked I submit verification of identifying who I am, so I sent the rental agreement and my drivers licensee and explained I would not send my social security info via text or email bc that's not secure and that was the bottom line, I then was told that my power service would be delayed because I didn't send my social security card and there is not a location I can personally take that document to for verification so I'm still here without power.

pricing issue

I have been receiving very high power bills. Last month it was 287 dollars and this month it was 307 dollar...

billing department reps

I called into to figure out why my power was going to be disconnected when I had proof of all payments of bills. The 1st rep was "looking into it" (mark ext 803). He put me on hold for over 30 minutes. When he got back on the phone, he then disconnected me. When I called back in for him, he went on break at this time.

So when I was obviously upset and speaking to the current "supervisor", he tried to argue with me that he wouldn't have just disconnected me and gone on break. He then proceeded to also hang up on me. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Especially with something as important as my power about to get cut off.

I then tried calling back, and I guess they recognized my number and refused to answer multiple calls. I had to then use my cell phone to call in so they wouldn't recognize me, so I could get my issue resolved.

deposit and change from prepay to regular service

Never had electric service in my name only prepaid. When I called to switch from prepaid to monthly Georgia...

power keeping going out every time there is a slight rain showers

When rains starts the power will go off and back on and off and back and off and back on and then off for...

customer service

I am trying to get service turned on. I went out looking for a location that I've used in past years only to find out the company chose to close all branches to save money. Then they are asking for all these documents to be sent in for verification and it takes for ever for that to be done. This is totally ridiculous. If you going to take jobs and go to a online establishment, you still gotta be able to give the same or better customer service. I have always brought my information into a office they check the names and the call a truck to click a button and now I'm being told it takes 3 dam days. UNACCEPTABLE to the fullest. Hire more people or open the stores back. I can't believe this mess. Do a better job Georgia Power and get things done accurately, quickly, and efficiently.

power outage frequently

In last two months, we have had power outages many times. Every single rain will cause power outage. The problem is it is on and off many times in a few minutes. Georgia Power customer service could not provide proper answer what has been happened.
We have been living in Medlock Bridge subdevision over ten years. We have never had this situation before.

landscape damage at utility pole

From Paul Kayhart, 522 Ponce de Leon Manor NE. Atlanta GA 30307. Work done at GA power utility pool sometime...

Georgia Power

New service/ deposit

Hello my name is Sharon Gant-Wadley, I currently just move to 2740 Landing Loop Dr. Augusta, Ga. 30904. I...

Georgia Power Company

residential power outage

I have a live power line in my yard and no power for 12 hours. Contacting Georgia power was met with rude impatient operators. In an attempt to find if I need to make over night arrangements I was answered with "I can't tell you what to do" and they would not give me any idea when service will be restored. It doesn't cost extra for employees to be professional, especially when paying $400 a month for a service that is not being provided. Rudeness aside-take an educated guess on the work load and staffing and update you customers so they can be comfortable and make arrangements to do so. The attached picture shows the line from the pole I. My yard.

residential power outage

power outage

Power at this address went out about 10:30 last night. According to the outage map to he restored by 1:45. At...

indiscriminate cutting trees in our backyard

We will never forget the morning of July 10, 2019. As we were busy in packing for the Italy tour, a big tool truck pulled over to the front of our home. A man knocked the door to claim that Georgia Power has ordered them to cut all trees in our backyard. This was a really big surprise. Initially we even suspected it was a hoax. How can Georgia Power do such thing without talking to us in advance? No phone calls, no letters, no emails, no any kind of communication on this action have been received from Georgia Power.
Since day 1 we know the trees in our backyard cannot exceed 15 ft tall because the yard is under power lines. We carefully chose the trees to obey the law. They include 2 apple trees, 4 peach trees, 3 cherry trees, 2 persimmon trees, 5 pear trees, 14 crepe myrtle trees, and a line of shrubbery. These trees except crepe myrtle have no potential to grow exceeding 15 feet and in fact, they are well below 15 feet after 10 to 12 years. As to the crepe myrtle trees, we cut them below 10 feet every year. A lot of time and effort have been spent to nurture these trees and they are in good shape. We love and enjoy the backyard very much.
We told the tree guys that the trees will never exceed the 15 feet limit but they insisted to cut all trees down to the ground. Since we were in hurry to go, we agreed to cut the trees except the fruit trees. In return, they promised to spare the persimmon and apple trees. When we left home, they had already parked the big truck on the driveway and started to smash the crepe myrtle trees.
Seventeen days later when we came back from the trip, we could not believe our eyes. Sadly, all trees in the backyard including the persimmon and apple trees and even the shrub were cut down to the ground. The used-to-be envied backyard is gone. Years of work is gone. The yard looks deserted. In addition, the fence near the trees is broken. The driveway also gets new cracks and is stained with smashed flowers and leaves (btw: the driveway was just professionally washed on 6/17/2019).
About this ordeal, we, as the property owners, have questions for Georgia Power:
1. Why do you not communicate with us in advance?
2. Why do you cut the trees that can never grow taller than 15 feet? Which law permits you to do so?
3. Why do you break your promise not to cut the fruit trees?
4. Do you have obligation for damaged property?

  • Updated by Wenqing Cao · Aug 02, 2019

    Wish Georgia Power solving this issue ASAP

power line on fire

GA Power was notified serval times by 911 and the fire department that a power line and tree was on fire when...

tree trimming for power lines

Georgia power employees came to my private property to trim trees on my property. They mutilated to fruit trees that were decades old and would never grow any taller or reach the light lines. They left the cut branches in the treetops. They branches that fell to the ground were thrown in my pond. They left a mess between my two yards making it impossible to walk around the road side of the pond. Also, several of my trimming tools I had out near the location went missing. I am very angry about this and your tree trimmers should have at least minimal knowledge of tree growth. My oldest fig tree, which was about 15ft high and was bearing ripe fruit, now has browning leaves and the fruit has withered. I have spent the last week cleaning up your employees mess after having to buy new trimming tools to do so. Do Better!

tree trimming for power lines
tree trimming for power lines
tree trimming for power lines
tree trimming for power lines
tree trimming for power lines
tree trimming for power lines

power box buzzing loud on utility pole

I've called and made complaints over the phone before. There is a power box or the box that all the utility...

Georgia Power Company


I have been paying my prepay electric service for a while now using the same checking account. I have never been fee'd for insufficient funds. My payment was recently rejected due to a typo. I could understand if they didn't ask you to confirm. However, I would have not made the same mistake twice. Bill matrix is a paid 3rd party and ga power offers an option checking account free. It's funny I can no longer use this option bc of a technical error. Seems to me bill matrix made this mistake so that I have to pay the processing fee. I also had to pay a returned check fee when it wasn't returned. I feel ripped off and a call could have been made to me as well as a letter of a mistake was made. There's something fishy about this and I will be contacting my lawyer.

my yard

I live at 634 Dogwood Drive and several months ago the power company needed to install new poles on my property. They removed a gate and fence to do this and have not put my gate or fence back up. This gate and fence was keeping people from driving through my property! My fencing and poles are still here but not my gate. They also destroyed the street with their equipment. I want my gate and fence restored to what it was before they did their work. I've given Georgia Power enough time now to do this and No one has taken care of this. Please let me know when this work will be completed. You can call me at+[protected]. My yard looks like crap and now have people driving through it again.


One of your drivers, driving a van almost ran me off the road and hit my car with tag number RME6980 at 5:29. Please tell this person that being impatient isn't the way to go because if he or she would have hit me it would have been his fault. I suffer from anxiety and PTSD please inform him of people with issues like mine don't need scares like that. Thank you.

customer service

The person I spoke to make several factual errors and not only refused to admit her errors when asked she yelled at me on the phone and got angry.
Horrible customer service!!
Second complaint, I paid a bill via electronic payment, called back to make sure it was paid and service was turn off anyway due to their technical error. The incredibly rude customer service representative told me they had no control over the amount of power I used and I would have to make a deposit equal to my average usage. The previous months bill was $15, but because the workers used $200 and $450 dollars worth of service when I first had the power turned on she threatened to charge me a $450 deposit. She acted as if she was doing me a favor to only charge me a $150!!
wow!! I can see why their overall rating is only 2 stars!!

poles left in my neighborhood for months after the storm.

Corbin Ave Macon Ga. During our last storm poles were snapped and replaced. The cut down poles were left in the ditches. Thanks for all Ga. Power did. One set is at 644 Corbin Ave Macon Ga 31204. Another set is at 728 Corbin Ave. Macon Ga 31204. This is just off Riverside Drive. I would like to thank you for taking care of this eyesore. Also, thanks for the great work the power company employees did during this storm and many others.

cutting our lights off - error on georgia power

On 12/26 we woke up to our lights being cut off around 9:30AM- I contact GP to find out why and it was an...

residential service

We experience a partial power outage at our home on November 11, 2018. GA Power responded that evening and duagnosed that we were only getting 120 volts of power which indicated a problem with the underground power line running from the transformer across the street into our home. They installed a temporary transformer outside our home that has been sitting on my patio behind the house. Since Nov 11th GA Power has been out at least 4 times. They sent a crew who attempted to figure out where the line was broken. That crew scheduled another crew to dig up the sidewalk across the street to fix the break. That did not fix the problem. The next visit the crew determined the entire underground power cable to our home would need replacing. They scheduled that work to be done and over a week ago all the utilities have been marked out for the underground cabling work that will need to be completed. We have called GA Power three times in the last week attempting to get an answer on when the work will be done and we get no answers just the typical run around. When we ask to speak to a supervisor same thing. In the meantime our light blink, our electricity surges, causing televisions and other sensitive electronics to turn off and on, which is harmful and potentially damaging.
GA Power is part of The Soutern Company, a very well respected and reputable public company. However, they obviously have no competition because if they did they would be losing my business and I'm sure many others if this is an example of the way they conduct business.

Fraudulent Ga Power and other utility services being used

I am reporting the address of 7883 Taylor's Down Way in Riverdale Georgia for the illegal useage of all utilities from Georgia power, gas and water as well being used at this address on the behalf of taxpayers. The people there Paul Lemon and Erica Moody have been tampering with the meters and all meters on the whole street in the neighborhood for moneteray gains. This has to stop.

Fraudulent Ga Power and other utility services being used
Fraudulent Ga Power and other utility services being used

over charging customers for late payments

I pay my Georgia Power bill every 30th of the month. This is the date I get paid from my job. I received a notice, since I pay my bill late every month I will have to pay a deposit of $150.00. I made that payment along with the late charge fee every month. 3 months has gone by and I have gotten another letter stating they will be charging another $150.00. Once I spoke with someone, I was told they can continue to charge me $150.00. This seems completely unethical to continue to charge a customer over and over again a deposit of $150 a long with still charging a monthly late fee. That's being charged double for the same issue. I do understand I have been paying late and therefore understand I have to pay a late fee, but I do not expect to be taken advantage of as a customer. I have been with Ga Power for over a decade and this is completely unacceptable. I will speaking with my attorney to look further into this. My account is under telephone number [protected]. I can be reached at [protected]

back yard light

The owner of this resident is Mary Calhoun/Stacey Calhoun. This is the 3 time we are requesting a light for...

customer service

Date: October 2, 2018
Address: 197 Bond Street, Royston, GA

I recently purchased a home in Royston, Georgia; transitioning from out of state. I activated my service via online but realized that I included a meter that was not part of my property. I called Customer service to correct the error and spoke with Maurice. He was extremly rude and downright nasty. The effective date of my service was 10/1/18. However, Maurice informed me that I would be billed before that date. As that did not make any sense and I tried to explain, he was extremely unprofessional and didn't seem to care. I had to remind him that I was the customer. Also, I asked to be transferred after my call to share my feedback, he lied to me and indicated I would receive a call within 30 mins which of course, I did not.

I'm from NY and usually they say New Yorkers are rude but I've never encountered any service provider in NY as rude as this representative.

use and damage to my private property.

[protected] My wife returned home (3164 Habersham Rd) to find several Quanta Services trucks and workman replacing a pole located in a strip of land that I believe belongs to my neighbor. Pole described as "rotten" and service performed by a subcontractor. Used my driveway and front yard to access the pole. My yard was seeded 7 days previously and has been watered x 2 daily. The need to replace the pole had to be known to GP weeks ago and I would have postponed the expensive seeding to allow the work to be accomplished but I received no such notification.

Can GP traverse a private home property without permission? If so is the practice not to forewarn the occupant? It remains to be seen if the crushed grass will recover (mats were placed to protect). There are denuded areas that obviously need to be reseeded and tire marks along the driveway where mats were not placed and the grass has been scrapped off.

Robert Powers

tree trimming on henderson avenue athens, ga 10/02/2018, 09:30 am

Today, Townsend is trimming our street's trees. Every year, I have a direct discussion with their staff as to...

Georgia Power Company

pre pay

I started the prepay around the first of August, a meter change was completed. Five weeks later my power get...

billing/deposit not credited to account

From 12/01/17 to 9/25/18 I have been over billed for a 1 brm only me using Power and never home but my power...

prepaid electric service

Recently I started over back in January after being homeless with my kids. I had delinquent account so I had...