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Georgia Power / Electric

Aub38 on Jan 22, 2017
We are experiencing a power outage right now. There was a storm, a bit of wind and rain and then our power and most of the neighborhood's power is out. This occurs too regularly. A small thunderstorm should not take the power down so often. I have lived in other parts of the country with...

Georgia Power / Customer service

Sweetsashae on Jan 19, 2017
I just recently moved here from New York 3 months ago. I had to wait a close to a month before getting paid and as a result my bill fell past due. I made a payment of $130 and unfortunately the payment was returned. Then on January 19th my power was turned off. There was no disconnection...

Georgia Power / My billing statement

nchayla2010 on Jan 18, 2017
I relocated sept 2015. My social security stopped may 2016, I also work. I spoke with a ga power agent making a payment arrangement on my bill months later after ssi ended. My bill was high, I was trying to pay it down quickly as I could. Noticing later I was tagged with a deposit that I...

Georgia Power / Customer service to establish account and power to my house I just bought

TyKight on Dec 2, 2016
12/02/2016 no number atm since I'm a new customer. I called to establish account and upon purchasing the house I faxed the documents they said I needed to finish the process on 12/01/2016 1355pm. On 12/01/2016 my power was shutoff, because there was apparently no one associated with the...

Georgia Power / Service disconnected while on life support

Jackie3001 on Nov 8, 2016
Hello my Name is Jacqueline Morris and I have a six year old daughter who was born with a muscular dystrophy. My daughter is trach vent dependent. Along with her ventilator my daughter has a lot of medical equipment, such as a feeding machine, oxygen, a humidifier for her vent, etc. I lost...

Georgia Power / Georgia power driver

Tanyajacques on Sep 5, 2016
While driving down highway 21 I got cut off by a georgia power truck . While following behind him he continued to weave in and out of traffic while doing 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. It is very unprofessional and very unsafe. The truck number is 153860 and license plate is PIY5539. It would be greatly appreciated if this matter was addressed.

Georgia Power / Billing / added fees

kitkat711 on Aug 24, 2016
I live in a small ranch home in a shaded corner lot. During the summer days I keep the temp at 73-74 deg. I have had my home inspected for possible energy drainage & was told our home was solid. New energy efficient A/C system installed, and new roof put in when we bought the house 3yr...

Georgia Power / I am Sick and Tired of GA Power's Abuse of Power and their Tyranny

Atina1 on Mar 24, 2016
I feel exhausted, at times I feel like giving up. GA Power is forcing me to pay $313.00 dollars on April 1 and I explained that I can't pay that amount until April 8. I am tired of being forced to do business with certain companies. These companies monopolize our society and hurt the...

Georgia Power / Manager

Reviewer26418 on Feb 9, 2016
I called Georgia Power to waive a deposit of $150 from my bill as I was hit with other emergencies and was unable to pay my bill on time. The manager explained that discrepancies were because of past due amounts, although they were paid by due date. I explained to her I did not see thi...

Georgia Power / Fraudulent Collection Removal

Reviewer36427 on Feb 1, 2016
Hello, thank god I am no longer in an area GP is serving. With the help of the BBB I was promised that an fraudulent account collection would be removed from my credit. Now it is on my credit twice. Not sure anymore if they don't do it even on purpose to get back on me. I called...

Georgia Power / Overcharging utilities account

Reviewer47863 on Oct 5, 2015
Dear Sir/Madam: We are extremely unhappy with the extremely expensive monthly billing that Georgia Power is allowed to charge our account monthly! Since Georgia Power operates a monopolized corporation (which we thought was illegal in America), this company doesn't have anyone to...

Georgia Power / Made me pay on my ex's account.

vfjohnson2190 on Sep 15, 2015
July 2015 I went to get my power turned on at a new address. I was told that I had to pay a past due bill and $315 for a deposit. I paid $408 and the next day my power was on. When my first bill came (it was a week and a half late) i noticed that i was charged the deposit and the past due...

Georgia Power / Misleading customers

Renee Leininger on Sep 9, 2015
I have been a Georgia Power Customer for years.. I habve a two story home that is hard to cool in the summers without having a large electric bill. So about 7 yrs. ago I wnet on the flat bill plan.. Each year the pricerises.. So I received a letter in July that it was renewal time and that...

Georgia Power / Price Gouging from 2 bdrm to 1 bdrm higher bill

Reviewer15487 on Sep 3, 2015
I moved to a one bedroom apt from a two bedroom apt in same neighborhood and my first bill was over $500. I have not even lived here three months and I now have a bill of $935.00. I was told that in July 2014 satelite meters were installed and wonder if I am paying for the satelite or my...

Georgia Power / terrible service

chrisdrew2002 on Apr 16, 2015
They are constantly adding "fees" to our balance. I paid a $300 deposit to get service to begin with, I have good credit and I'm a veteran. I found out today they are adding another $35 deposit because its late!!! My power has never been cut off so why keep charging me??? My bill run...

Georgia Power / Service

Tymm on Feb 17, 2015
When the power goes off because of storms and we call for an estimated time of when the power will be back on, we always get the same message. That they are evaluating the situation and to call back later for an update on the estimated time. This went on for 7.5 hours until all of a sudden...

Georgia Power / Abuse of Poor/Disabled Disconnected with Oxygen Machine

exterran on Nov 28, 2012
A friend of mine takes care of his grandmother in Sumner, Georgia. His grandmother has a need for a 24/7 supply of oxygen provided by her electrically-powered oxygen machine. About a month ago, he called me frantic because Georgia Power would not do anything to assist them and demanded...

Georgia Power / property damage

rippedoffingeorgia on Sep 13, 2012
My neighbor had a problem with their electricity, seems trees got planted over their electrical lines and caused them to get broken under ground, so they came out, blocked off my driveway. put a backhoe on my driveway, BROKE MY DRIVEWAY, tore up MY lawn, ripped out MY cable, costing me 2...

Georgia Power Company / refusal of service

missyslove on Jun 21, 2012
My poor mother has been without any power for over a month now because they are holding her responsible for paying an outstanding bill that isn't even her account. And when my son moved in with her and leased the house in HIS name they refused him service as well using the "benefit of...

Georgia Power / Fees for a &returned check& that wasn't sent for payment

tuffbud on Apr 12, 2012
I used an access check drawn on my Capital One credit card to pay my power bill on April 5th 2012. The bill was due April 12th. On April 12th, I received two notices, both dated April 10, from Georgia Power. One related that the check had been returned unpaid and that my account was past...

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