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my name is arthur gribben and i own a 2009 buick lucerne cxl that has been in the family since new. my tire sensors are malfunctioning and the dealer tells me the problem is the chrome wheels have the chrome peeling off around the bead and I need to replace them.I know the car is old but i take good care of it and keep it clean. I do not think this should happen and would like some input on this condition and what to do about it. I work at ed rinke chevrolet/buick in center-line, Mi 48015 my e-mail is [protected]


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    TIME Traveler Dec 12, 2019

    I own a 2012 GMC Denali 1500, with a little over 36, 000 miles, Still has the Original Tires on it . I keep it maliciously in excellent shape . Never really out much in any bad weather . My Expensive chrome wheels ( which I paid allot for from GM ) are peeling off chrome like cheap paint on a old house .
    Took it in a while ago because of it and GM called it NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR . I've owned GM products all my life, this Denali has had to have the Front Trans Axle gears replaced, Dash Broad has cracked and the stability control senor has gone bad in 36, 000 miles . NEVER EVER WILL I BUY ANOTHER GM PRODUCE, They are Cheaply made and the CUSTOMER SERVICE SPENDS MORE TIME AND EFFORT getting out of fixing problems than fixing them . I have done extensive research & GM knew they had a Chrome issue with their Wheels but refused to fix or replace the wheels . Just look at the Stats and info on this GM site . They have over 1200 complaints and have resolved 4, a 1 star rating and 1 % customers problem fixed . JMO but never buy anything GM ever ! Buy a Toyota or Lexus or a Honda . They cost less to keep running, last many more yrs ! My next vehicle after buying GM for nearly 40 yrs WILL NOT BE A GM of any type !

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