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aib bags

On October 23, 2009 my son was driving his 1997 Cavalier on the highway at 55mph when the passenger side airbag deployed. This cause damage to the dash and the windshield. We ended up having the car towed, could not see to drive with broken windshield. I called GM about the deployment, they wanted to inspect the vehicle. Cost of towing was 95.00, new windshield 325.00, estimate to fix dash and replace airbag is almost $2000.00. Took 4 days to get new windshield, meanwhile car was sitting in the rain with broken windshield. ( he waswithout a car for 7days) After getting the windshield replaced my son drives over 35 miles away to drop the car off at a GM dealership for the inspection. (another 5 days without a car) After the inspection I get a call from GM stating that the deploymment was caused by the sensor under the passenger seat getting wet, hello, of couse there was water in the car, 4 days of rain + broken windshield= WET! The car is also a convertible. At this time they offer to buy back the car for $1, 631.00 (less than the blue book value). My son decides this is the best option since he is now afraid to drive the car, drivers side could deploy at ant time. They didn't fix anything, just inspected it. We start the ball rolling with GM. Four days leter another call from GM, seems they just noticed that the car was purchased for $900.00 (my daughter-in-law gave my son an awesome deal on his first car, they're family) they "cannot pay more than the purchase price for the car so the offer is now $900.00. No compensation for the towing bill, the cost of the new windshield, or the cost of gas forpick up or delivery to the dealership, direct results of what they admitted was a defect in the sensor. My son has put over a thousand dollars into this car since the purchase, radiator, window motors, new tires, coil packs, thermostat, egr valve, plugs and other parts. This is their defect, my son could have lost his life andthey won't do anything if he doesn't accept their $900.00 offer. This family will never purchase another GM vehicle ever and the remaing ones we have will be sold. I will not do business with a company who has no regard for their customers. This experience has proven to me that GM does not stand behind their products nor do they care who gets hurt as a result of their neglegence.

  • An
    answeringyourquestions Oct 13, 2010

    If you knew the windshield was cracked, why didnt you have it replaced?? Sounds like someone had a problem and wants to blame it on someone else. Its a 1997, its an OLD car and it wasnt defective that something external (such as rain) caused this to happen. If the windshield wasnt leaking to begin with this wouldnt have happended. Next time youll fix your car and you might avoid the death of anyone else who drives it.. dont blame GM for your lack of maint. How could your son lose his life if the side airbag went out? Stop being melodramatic and stop [censor]in!!! You dont deserve compensation for something you couldve avoided... HAHA!

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never buy again

I have 05 montana, cluster went out and was replaced under warranty. I got the van back and kids wanted to watch movie. No sound came out of speakers and a code rse off showed up on radio. Called dealer back and cheduled an appointment to get it fixed. This went on for over a year and each time I was told they were in touch with gm tech support and they were close to fixing the problem. Over 25 trips to the dealer and no fix. Called customer support a couple months into it and was told that they called dealer and dealer was taking care of problem so my file was closed. The dealer stopped answering my calls cuz they finally closed the dealership. Called cust. Supprot again to see what to do and now that dealer is out of business I cant prove itwas gms fault. Called again and told them to research and if the dealer was in contact with tech support there should be recods and also since I contacted cust. Support before again records are there. Gmcalled back and told me they found records and to start things off I needed to pay for a diagnostic, so much to my dsigust I did. Customer support called me back and said district support taking over my file. They called me and said they are going to review my case and will call me back. Well they did and told me a new radio will cost me $550 plus dollars and as always told me "sorry for the inconvenience". Gm has us bail them out and says f u back? This must be true cuz I told them I wont ever buy another gm, nor will my 4 kids, my 2 sisters, 1 brother, parents close friends... And anyone else tired of gm not making right wrongs they caused. All for $550 dollars which is a lot for me but nothing to gm. They are willing to lose that many future sales for $550. Not too smart. I would not be pissed if th radio problem was my fault, but since it wasnt I am.

after srvice and tecnical competency

I had my Chev Lumina seviced resently and reqested they fix an alarm indicatating a problem with the engine. It is now aproxsemitly at the dealer for repairs 4 months. They orderd the parts incoretly, and have consulted their so called engineers.

My GM costemer complaint no is [protected]

Any assistance will be apreasiated, [protected]@Angloplat.com

I am astonished that GM absolute lack of intrest and competency.

The car is Austrialian made based on the Holden.

dangerous tire valve stems

Our leased 2007 Chevrolet Equinox includes a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with aluminum tire valve stems made in China via Dill. 3 have oxidized and crumbled in the past year. The CSR I spoke with at GM (Deloris x2677) never heard of this defect. However, the Ministry of Transportation has had "numerous complaints" and are investigating.

In the meantime, we have to drive our Equinox with little time-bombs on our tired. Any Grade 8 metal shop student knows that untreated aluminum oxidizes and becomes BRITTLE!

Why does GM continue to replace this defected part with the same defected part? Do customers have to crash and die first? Like the Ford/Bridgestone cover-up in the 90's?

poor quality

I puchased a 2004 hummer h2 brand new in september of 2004. The truck has been in the shop more than its been in my heated garage. The truck now has only 39000 miles on it and is only used by my wife to go to work and shopping, it has never been offroad or even driven down a dirt road. The problems stared with a water leak from a roof seam that the dealer was aware of when they sold it to us and never disclosed the defect. Since they took so long to fix it water entered the dash every time it was taken to the dealer and they left it outside in the rain.I finally took it to a private shop and they fixed the leak that the dealer failed to do on at least 6 attempts. The truck since then has had numerous electrical problems including speedometer failure, ignition switch failure, climate control system failure. We wanted to test the shifting into 4 hi lock before the warrenty is expired and sure enough the service 4 whell drive warning light appeared in the display. This truck has been a nightmare from day one I have lost thousands in wages by having to take the truck in for service because my wife cannot take time off from work. General motors and the now defunct hummer dealer are giving us the telephone game runaround hoping we will just stop calling. I never thought I would ever say this but I am done with buying GM. I will go with toyota on the next purchase looks like they will be around for a while to stand behind the products they sell.

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duramax diesel

i have a 2003 3500 with the duramax diesel. it started smoking out the tailpipe. took it to the dealership to...

gm sucks

So after going to look at a 2005 Infiniti g35 (which i should have bought) I go to look at the 2006 Pontiac GTO (which I did buy). Car had 32k minles on it and looked perfect. I bought it through a local GM certified dealership who told me the car tested perfect. I have had it 3 months now and it has been in the repair shop 2 times. First time they replaced the ignition (under warranty) because my key wouldn't turn over. Now the a/c is out (900 miles out of warranty) to the tune of about 1k in repair cost. Typical GM crap. Last GM product I ever buy from them. (fyi...the last GM i had i spent about 4k fixing it and sold it with less than 100k miles on it.) Ever wonder why your going under GM? Maybe it's because your cars are CRAP! I want my tax dollars back and hope you get shut down for good!

  • Wh
    white96 Jan 02, 2010

    DO NOT take a car loan out through GMAC. I am a parttime college student. If my payment is 2 days late, GMAC calls 3 times a day, every day. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING...GMAC will call you at work even though you constantly tell them not to. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM

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  • Db
    dblsecretprob Dec 21, 2014

    GM runs commercials every 10 minutes here in Detroit to get people to buy them but people here know better

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  • Ms
    msmaryjj Feb 26, 2015

    i am a owner of a 05 colbat, and had the ignition replace and been have issue every since, and now the key is stick in the ignition and cant get it out please sugget what to do i dont have the money to get it fix

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unable to get parts

We purchased 4-Chevy Dump Trucks, Model #C6500 in 2004. Needless to say we have to replace both gas tanks on all four dump trucks, it's a bad design and they are rusting out. We know we are not the only GM Chevy Dump Truck owners out there and we know other owners are having the same problem. But no GM dealer has these tanks and we use these dump trucks for everyday operations here at the Military Base. I need to have them switched out before winter as they are leaking and GM has no extras and/or does not have a build date for them? How are companies supposed to operate owning GM Products and not able to get parts for them?


My 2004 Chevy Colorado with only 31000 miles had an ABS sensor light come on and I took it to a service center. I was told that including labor this would cost about 600 dollars. A little later the mechanic called back and said that I also neede new brake hubs on the front because of a terrible design. This would cost another 600 dollars for a grand total of 1200 dollars. They checked the internet and no recalls were found. My question is why not. I also read many of the same complaints and as I would like to get some of my money back I also wonder about GM commitment to Safety. Whatever it takes for a recall shoul happen in this case.

  • Ri
    Rich Yanick Jan 03, 2011

    I have a chevy Colorodo as well. 2006 and it was under warranty when mine happened. First the left sensor was bad, then the right. They tried replacing only one. I say this b/c after further investigation, apparently when one goes you have to replace both b/c it throws the other sensor off. I do have a 2nd issue that is not covered. I just got my Truck back today. My heater only works on the highest setting. Another issue (check the web). Apparently they have a faulty wire harness that in some cases can catch the truck on fire. I had them save the harness and sure enough it is burnt on the end. No recall. I am trying to find out where to contact Gm to pressure them to pay for it. By the way I only have 39, 000 miles and the harness and resistor cost me 150.00.

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  • Ay
    ayoho Jan 13, 2011

    My 2004 Chevy Colorado with only 51000 miles had an ABS sensor light come on and I took it to a service center. if I sell my first born, then I can afford the repair bill with no promise that it will be fixed. But when I apply the brakes the brake peddle kicks back, and it takes almost both feet pushing down while the peddle kicks back trying to stop. And I have had other Colorado owners ask me if I have the problem we are talking about. Wow!

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  • Ta
    Tareytonman Jan 25, 2011

    ABS Sensor light on Colorado; I had this happen to me. As it turned out, the ABS sensor is located in the wheel bearing casting assembly. It was the wheel bearing that was going out...and it did, at 50K, and I was 800 miles away from home. This is a routine problem for all Chevy and GMC trucks according to my mechanic. Get them replaced promptly. My wheel fell off. Haven't had a problem since I replaced them with Timkin bearings. Cost should be approximately $335.00 per wheel. No cheap fix!

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terrible company

Missing fuel filter. Ordered chevy van new in 2004, 2500 series. The vehicle now has 54236 miles and my service tech was going to install a new fuel filter, but said the factory never installed one at the factory. Now it, s out of warrenty. This vehicle must of been on the line either friday afternoon or eary monday morn. The dealer has replaced 4 flex plates and finally a rebuilt tranny, and now thats acting up. Gm just sent a mailer telling me to come in and buy a new van.

  • Valerie Sep 24, 2008

    I bought a new 2007 Silverado LT Crew Cab. The Truck costs $35500.00 This truck was equipped with Bridgestone All Terrain tires (16") 4ply. I have experienced a vibration since the day I bought the vehicle. The dealership Anderson Cheverolet in Waynesville, NC has tried repeatedly to fix the vibration and been unsuccessful. They now tell me that the vibration is within normal specs.

    At 27000 miles the dealership said that the tires needed to be changed and they did this at the instruction of the factory rep in Atlanta, I later learned that the lying factory rep renigged on his promise to pay the dealership. Now, 14000 miles later, the tires are ruined again, the truck rides rougher and louder than ever and GM says tough luck you are out of your 36 mo. warranty.

    I tried to tell them to put higher load range tires on the truck and this would solve the problem when they replaced the tires the first time ans they would not and now they refuse to help at all. Now I am using a Lemon Law attorney and intend to make GM Buy The Truck Back

    So if you have a Chevy Crew cab make sure you make your dealership put load range D or E on your truck.

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  • Li
    liarliarpantsonfire2 Oct 14, 2009

    Don't see a date for the post so I don't know how old it is...Maybe you have found out by now that the fuel filter isn't "missing". Most of GM's later vehicles, including yours, do not have an external fuel filter. The filter is inside the fuel tank and is not considered a maintenance item.

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  • I agree Generl Motors is terrible!!! My moms bought a new sunfire in 2003 she has had very few problems until it was out of warranty.1st the front oil seals needed replaced due it leaking oil all the driveway.2nd last week about 7000 miles later the timing chain went out the GENERAL MOTORS JUNK ( 2.2 ecotec) which had 56k on it destroyed the heads valves pistons and pushrods all n all the dealership said 2760.00 to fix it I called General Motors representive to see if they could help out on repairs they declined to help our rep said that there was not enough maintence done thru the dealership to show that it had been properly maintained and that it was out of warranty. I wished now they would not have gotten bailed out and I will be getting rid of all my GM products and buying only foreign made vehicles from now on no more american big 3

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vibration in wheels/tires while driving

I own a 2008 Chevrolet Impala LT that I purchased in Feb 2009 ever since I have had this car I have experience wheels/tires vibration while driving. It has been back to the shop at the dealer three times for alignment on tires. This last time I was told that 3 tires and rim are out of round and that I will need to purchase new tires and rim. My car is still under warranty and the dealer/Chevrolet should replaced them at no charge to me. I am very dissatisfied and would never purchase another car from this dealer or a Chev. Impala.

  • I own a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix that I bougth 14 month ago from Bryner Chevrolet in Jenkintown Pennsylvania, find out that it is stange that this Dealership sold me this car without showed me the carfax during the deal process. I find out that this car becoming extremely dangerous to drive, the two hub bearing are getting very bad causing vibrations and bracking allmost impossible !! this car was repainted for sure, this was not on my expectation during the deal. I am a GM customer for over 8 years, I am a Bryner custumer over 8 years, this is my third car with them, I am extremely disatisfied with this Dealership, they do business with a loyal person same has buying a used car from " Jo Garage" ; Where is the Trust ?
    I ask you to please contact Bryner Chevrolet for a the Recall on my Pontiac and fixed the braking system.
    Thank you in advance, hopping hearing from you very soon.
    Meyer Yadan
    267 693 8383
    [email protected]

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I am writing in regards to repairs done to my vehicle and the money I was overcharged for these repairs.

I bought my vehicle in Canada but the repairs were done in the USA, and that is why I am writing to both of you.

I bought my 1998 GMC Jimmy in Canada on July 13, 2007 for $9000.00.

After driving it for some time there was found several things wrong with it. Wipers won’t start sometimes unless you physically pull on wipers to start them. Back window leaks going through car wash. Dome light stays on unless you use the Dome Override button. When you shut engine off radio stays on until you open door, this only works sometimes. Floor on front passenger side is wet because leak some where, still looking for. The warranty was only good for 1 month and so I am trying to live with these problems. This was very disappointing.

I had $912.26 worth of maintenance done to the vehicle on Aug 30, 2007 at the start of my vacation.

Middle of September I went to put the vehicle in 4HI but it would not go in and it never did after that, although it would go in 4LO. I did not need 4 X 4, so I was going to get it fixed after my vacation.

During my vacation if I was driving at highway speed there would be a whining noise and it felt as if something was trying to engage in the 4 wheel drive system. I would have to pull over to the side of the road and something would disengage and the noise would stop. Then I would continue on my way.

This condition started out to be once per week and increased to almost continual, and so I stopped at the nearest GMC dealer for repairs, which was the ANCIRA dealer in BOERNE, Texas. On Friday Oct 12, 2007, at noon. Near the end of the day I was told it probably needed a new 4X4 motor which engages the 4X4, it would cost about $450.00, and the front differential seals were leaking. It was Friday and the vehicle would not be ready until Monday. I told them to go ahead and fix it. So I found a place to stay for the weekend.

On Monday, October 15, 2007, after lunch I got a call from the dealer. I was told that they were still working on the diagnostics, they were talking to GMC technicians, this was not a regular problem ( which seemed strange ), that I would need a control module, and a 4X4 motor, and it would cost about $1100.00. I gave the OK to go ahead with the repairs. After the call my wife mentioned that the diagnosis seemed to be taking quite awhile.

On Tuesday, October 16, 2007, around 10:00 am I got a call from the dealer. I was told the control module was changed, that I would need a new encoder motor, which was now $750.00 instead of the $450.00, a new vacuum switch, and new seals for the front differential. I was told this would now be $2100.00. I was very upset, but I was on vacation, had to have it fixed, and the dealer was not any help in fixing the problem of the high price for the repairs. So I picked up the vehicle at the end of the day, paid $1996.91 for the repairs and the dealer was still no help with the high cost.

I finished my vacation and am now writing to you as I am very unhappy and disappointed with the way the problem was fixed and the over charge of the repairs. What I am upset about is the following:

- I paid $9100.00 for the vehicle, plus $912.26 in maintenance = $10012.26. Then I was charged $1996.91, or 20% more. This is unacceptable.

- The diagnostics took too long. Friday afternoon and Monday still doing diagnostics, way too long, and I should not be paying for extra time to diagnose a problem.

- Price for 4X4 motor went from $450.00 to $750.00, Was overcharged or price is covering other time or costs.

- I was told this was not a regular problem, and that they were talking to other GMC technicians. Seems like the dealer was not fully qualified to fix the problem, and I should not be overcharged for this either.

I have been a loyal GMC owner for most of the 31 years that I have owned and driven a vehicle, and hope to continue this tradition, with your assistance in correcting this problem.

To fix this problem I should be reimbursed $900.00 that I was overcharged from the original estimate, and that I feel was in excess of the proper time and repair of the vehicle.

  • Co
    corythecrow Aug 05, 2009

    And you wonder why they are on the verge of bankruptcy. If treat all people this way (over charging them) there is no way they are bankrupt.

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terrible service

I bought my pontiac vibe back in 2005. Since then, there were little problems here and there. Before the lease ended, the windshield was leaking during rainy days so I took it to the fix.

During the lease, they provided a courtesy car and the moment we took it there, they immediately called us the day after.

After the lease ended, there was no courtesy car. Worst of all, the problem of the transmission came up. First was the engine lights, it comes on whenever we drove to surrey & coquitlam. We took it there 3 times and they still couldn't find a problem with it. On top of that, they charged us $150 for resetting the lights!!! Crazy! Anyhow, now we took it there for the 4th time and they said to order a transmission. It sucks because there are no courtesy car, and COME ON! GETTING THE PARTS TO CANADA FROM US TAKES A WEEK?! A WEEK IS FOR INTERNATIONAL, NOT DOMESTIC! I've been waiting for my car for 9 days and no phone calls up to this point. I've called them and left a message. But they didn't even bother to call back!

GM US has been bankrupt, GM Canada might as well! With this poor service and expensive cars!

  • Le
    LeoF Jul 12, 2009

    the vibe is a toyota matrix so i guess even toyota has problems too...it is assembled at NUMMI in california which toyota mught shut down...one biggest plants in north america...i just sold a 2005 sunfire and car ran great...i love my new G5

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  • Ca
    Carol A Knudsen Jul 31, 2009

    We bought a new 2005 Buick LeSabre in Vernon BC. S ince the spring of 2006 we have replaced 3 times the Intermediate Shaft and once for the Power steering rack and it still clunked in the front end.Would this be classed as a LEMON?When we traded the Buick LeSabre to replace with 2009 Buick Lucerne was when the noise disapeared along with a large amount of money.When we traded it only had 57, 000 KM, if there hadn't been any problems we would never had traded for $14, 000 and paid $28, 000 difference.We feel it should have been offered a buyback considering the car was a lemon from day one.The only reason we bought another car from the dealer was that we wouldn't be able to deal with another company as they would also hear the clunking.When we made the trade and waiting for the paper work to go through my husband was speaking with the service manager and he told my husband that sometimes these problems can't be fixed. Do you feel that we have a chance to be reimbursed, possibly $14, 000 for our trade? thank you Carol Knudsen

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  • Ar
    Armand Oct 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In June 2009 I had to replace the rack and pinion steering on my 2006 Silverado weith only 50, 627 miles on it. GM would not do the work under warranty...cost $1, 290.23. Today I took the vehicle back to the dealer...leaking steering fluid. I have to replace the rack and pinion again, with only 70, 000 miles. The truck is never off-road and used in the city/normal highway driving. Again, GM won't honor the work they did last year. Apparently warranty on parts is only 1 year.

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2005 cavalier timing chain broke

To Who it May Concern, I am writing this complaint because I have no car now. My car has been in the...

poor workmanship/equipment

Very shoddy windshield. Purchased brand new 2009 Corvette, pebble cracked windshield, ordered replacement, arrived damaged, re-ordered another windshield, second one came in damaged. Called to report second damaged windshield and was told by the manufacturers sales rep that they are not producing winsdshields! What kind of company produces cars and not parts to replace their flawed lcraftmanship? Either General Motors/Chevrolet USA does not stand behind their product or does not know how to pack parts and ship it! I will not let this go unnoticed until someone who has any decency from that company can man up to their flawed product and make it right. This is being reported to the Consumer Affairs, Legal Advisory Washington DC and a letter to the US Senate, Congress and the President of the United States. There is no way that our president will support this bail-out if he knew what Chevrolet is doing to their customers.


I noticed a noise in the front end when 4 wheel drive was engaged on my 2005 Chevy Tahoe. When I took it to the dealership to have it checked, I learned that a bearing had failed, causing several others to fail. The repair cost over $800. I found several mentions on the Web of this same problem on Chevy Tahoes going back to 2003. I contacted GM because the vehicle has only 69, 000 miles on it, I bought it new, and have serviced it regularly. The dealer assured me there is nothing I could have done to prevent the problem. Despite the fact that I've purchased 9 new vehicles from GM in the last 30 years, GM denied my request for assistance since the vehicle is off warranty and there is no indication of a manufacturing problem. An arrogant position to take, especially for a company asking for a taxpayer bailout. I've bought my last GM product.

  • Pa
    Paula Lewis Feb 24, 2010

    Many, many problems with 2004 Chevy truck 4 wheel drive which, my truck has only been locked in 3-4 times to pull a boat out of the water.Now the air conditioning is messed up, dual control works sometimes. My Mother's is doing the same thing. Accauators (I Think is how you spell it) going out it what Carl Cannon said.I have put in a complaint with GM and no response.Help me please!!! Paula Lewis

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electrical system

Massive electrical problems. 1. While going 10 miles an hour, the speedometer jumps to 120mph then to 50mph...

defective part

I purchased a 2007 Chev. in Nov.2007. In Nov.2008 I tried to take my key out of the ignition and it would not release it. I've gone to several dealerships to get this matter corrected. I'm told I have to pay $349. to repair. I have not done so because I believe this is poor workmanship. I owned several toyotos for years. One I drove for 5yrs. and never had a problem. I've owned 2 chev. (American Made) and have had trouble with with them both within 2yrs of purchasing.
I believe that GM should stand behind their product, after all they say "They're built better in Texas".

  • St
    STEPHEN KLOSS Oct 28, 2009

    2005 canyon -ignition failure--43k mi. repair bill $275.00 gm.reply so sorry out of warranty.. YA THINK I W...OULD BUY GM AGAIN YOU CAN FLUSH THEM DOWN THE TOILET.GOT A 1960 AUSTIN HEALY NO PROBLEMS WITH THE KEY

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chevy s-10

Although John Boy Cheverolet has gone out of business, They failed to do the work that was under warranty and telling me that nothing was wrong and then when the warranty was over they find that my Brake drums are warped on the back. I had to get GM to make them put new rotors on the front because they simply wore out. I took it to a Chevy dealer and they told me it would cost about $600.00 dollars to get new drums and brake pads.
I feel like just because I am a women they thought I was stupid and they could get by with this. Well maybe they did, but this is why they are needing to be bailed out, because of customer dissatification. I have owned 4 new chevy's, but I will not buy another one. my money is on Honda or Toyota. Maybe if American companies would pay more attention to what their customers are saying they would need the help now.
Melissa Albright

faulty passlock system

I have a problem with my 2000 Chevy Impala, the dealership recently charged me $812.00 to replace cylinder and ignition switch and I’m not sure they done the work because I did not receive a new recoded key. Also was charged for replacing a faulty passlock module but no part was list on bill as order. I don’t know what to do about this crap

  • Th
    thomas Jan 26, 2009

    I own a 99 Chevy S-10 wiht the pass lock system. Over the last few years it's been nothing but trouble. I've been
    left stranded I don't know how many times. I'm extremely frusturated with this STANDARD feature and don't know what to do. Every time I've been stranded I take it to a mechanic or a dealership and they always tell me its not the pass lock it's somenthing else. I took my truck to a dealership in Las Vegas after I was stranded and they ended up replacing my fuel pump which costed me $900.00. A few months later I was left stranded again.
    I currently reside in North Dakota and it really sucks to get stranded when the temp. outside is -10 deg. Any way I was wondering if any one knew how to bypass the system. Of course the dealerships will say no their's not but their all greedy ### any way. I love how these automotive companies produce trash for people to buy but never admit to their errors. The passlock system unless its overhauled is garbage. I won't buy another GM vehicle with passlock untill I know it's either been removed or completely overhauled. But then again they would have to admit their was a problem in the first place. Thanks for reading ... One very ticked off customer.

    Dave M.

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